Kodak Black is the latest rapper to glorify the prison culture under the pretense of taking a stand against racial injustice in the prison system.

Kodak Black, 20, posed for photos, wearing a prison issued orange jumpsuit backstage at his Homecoming Concert at Watsco Center in Coral Gables, Florida on Friday. Rap mogul Jeezy was among the rappers welcoming him home.

The concert was Black’s first show since his release from prison, where he served a brief stint for possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, drug possession, and resisting arrest.

Rapper J. Cole also incorporated the orange jumpsuit into his concerts. But unlike Black, Cole doesn’t have a criminal record as long as your arm.

It’s just a matter of time before misguided youths begin wearing prison issue uniforms as a fashion statement.

Photos by JLN Photography/WENN.com

  • Harley

    This kid is a VILE creature who has no respect for women of color. Jeezy damn I have love for you but you lost all respect associating with this animal

  • Lisa daniels

    Jeezy looking good. That’s all I got.

  • sealsaa

    Looking like a burnt Lisa Simpson.

  • Yardgirl

    That self hating fool can kick rocks in flip flops! Tuh!!

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    Wait..this is him at the concert? Not him leaving Prison? He came out on stage flanked by prison guards? in cuffs? in an orange jumpsuit? Are you serious?????

  • Soda

    The guards look like actors, their uniforms don’t even match.

  • Alegria ICAF

    LMAO at him “taking a stand against racial injustice” when he’s racist against dark skin black women. How do say you care about racial injustice when you ridicule and mistreat the most authentic of black people (dark skin black women)? How do you care about racial injustice when you obviously (and have even said) hate your own dark skin? So glad I never had children because the next generation is lost.

  • Wreckognize Game

    I guess Orange is the old Kodak Black. He looks like the crazy ?character from that show.

  • Yardgirl

    Cosign ALL OF THIS!!^^^^

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    SMH you black folks I swear. In general, Y’all still patting guys on the back and high fivin’ when they come home from prison, but graduating from college and nobody even flinches.

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller


  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    They take the jumpsuits from inmates when they leave prison . They may let you leave with sweatpants, tshirts, khakis but I have never heard of them letting you leave in a jumpsuit . I don’t even know why they would want too glorify this …. Kodak black is just not anyone that someone should aspire to be .

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    He look like a special kind of slow.

  • shun king

    i snuck one out in dekalb county used to cut the grass in my yard in it …threw it away thought it was bad karma should have kept it

  • Lady Elle

    What and who is a Kodak Black?

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    I think it’s bad Ju Ju ..,,

  • Teddysgirl

    My sentiments, exactly!

  • Mika

    I just want to slap that dumb smile off his face. Nothing to be proud of thug. He didn’t do anything special like fighting for justice.

  • nick c

    His music is hot you need to check it out

  • nick c

    I love Kodak music hopefully he can get back in the studio yall be tripping for real. Tunnel Vision, Too Many Years my jams from him.

  • nick c

    His music is inspiring have you seen the Tunnel Vision video? Have you listen to Too Many Years? Come on now everyone contributes differently.

  • BlackFeeMale

    Man f both of these cats. Im sick of our people glorifying this bullshit. I got close ones doin stints right now. Folks b out here doin double digits and aint even glorifying this chit. ?????

  • Yetunde

    I don’t like this Kodak person, I haven’t heard any of his music and I don’t care to. From the day he implied that dark skinned women looked lower class or dirty, I have no time for him. I’m not surprised that he’s glorifying being a criminal, he’s lost and misguided.

  • Nessa

    I truly hope people don’t start wearing prison suits as fashionable attire..

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    You are very naughty Shun king or thrifty ….. ?

  • Coy little wink

    Orange looks really good on ninjas…thats all I got

  • NeverSurprised

    ??? *dead*

  • Karen Brady


  • unknown user

    His hands are resting on his belly. Leave that purple drink alone sir

  • Hmmm~?

    Look at his feet. Why do all the bums have feet like that?

  • Youngblood

    that lil boy is so ugly

  • country57

    This ignorant boy stood on national tv and said he did not like black women. Nobody is tripping. Master P spoke true knowledge on this dummy.

  • thaye


  • pure_rachet

    LMAO he hates black women. Look at that rather than a damn “video” wtf? How is his music inspiring? All he wants to do is leave the penitentiary. He contributes $hit.,

  • pure_rachet

    Jail has a special kinda smell so anyone who wants to wear that $hit again is dumb.

  • Shanese

    He looks like the troll that lives under a bridge. I don’t think anyone cares about his opinion on dark skin women, or women period lol. None of us are looking at him, he might as well go for men

  • nick c

    He likes white women over black ones so what? That’s just about every black man admittedly or not.

  • Adewole Aderotoye

    That’s true Yetunde.

  • pure_rachet

    He’s disgusting

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso


  • Reina1718

    Who & who? ???????

  • pure_rachet

    What Vanilla?


    I am Sure they are going to take this guy serious.

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    I CANT FAthom the smell….