Antifa domestic terrorists

The Democrat-funded terror organization Antifa is officially classified as "domestic terrorists" by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

The black-clad Antifa activists are often compared to the Ku Klux Klan: both groups wear masks or hoods to conceal their identities and both groups were created by the Democratic Party.

Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials that the so-called anti-fascists "anarchist extremists" was becoming increasingly violent at peaceful protests. obtained formally classified documents that show the FBI and DHS listed Antifa as "domestic terrorists" in 2016.

Antifa is a well-funded organization that travels from state to state disrupting peaceful protests by attacking right-wing demonstrators with baseball bats, sticks, chains, bricks and balloons filled with urine and feces.

The violent group assaulted peaceful right-wing protesters at a rally in Berkeley, California last week, prompting House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to call for their prosecution.

Pelosi said Antifa doesn't represent Democrats -- despite wealthy Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, donating millions to fund Antifa's illegal activities.

In May, Clinton donated $800,000 to her newly formed political action committee (PAC) to "fund a number of established 'resistance' groups that can quickly counter President Trump with direct action and protests."

The mainstream media (except CNN) is backing away from Antifa after 10 reporters were assaulted over the past several weeks.

CNN justified the group's antics with a friendly op-ed piece titled "Antifa: Peace Through Violence".

After much criticism and public condemnation, CNN changed the title of the article, but the Antifa fluff piece remains on the website.

  • WutizaGRANNY!
  • Phillybruh
  • rachel

    OK... what next will George Soros fund? BLM was not effective in achieving Soros' objective. Antifa is now a "domestic terrorist" group... What will be his next move?

  • Renee26

    I got my tix!

  • Roderick2011

    Do tell us what George Soros' objective is.

    He's like this omnipotent figure to the Right who doesn't control crap.

  • Roderick2011

    Troll bait post.

  • Solstice
  • Solstice


  • Phillybruh

    Me too..taking my boys it will be their first concert.

  • TheOwley

    Terrorists and destroyers are terrorists and destroyers. It matters not what they call themselves. Unfortunately things will get worse before they get better. I just hope one way travel to Mars will be available by then.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Anybody with any awareness already knows that most KKK members today vote Republican and not Democrat. And we all know why.

  • Mo Mobetta

    Actually no...

  • Blah Blahhhhh

    KKK needs that same label

  • OP2

    They have that label already.

  • Larry Thomas

    SandraRose I am sure that you you feel you are demonstrating clear objectivity, but as far as I am concern you are a mindless automaton with your hate and envy of everything black. but again I am sure you hate yourself as well always wishing 'schadenfreude'.

  • hottlanta

    I can't tell difference between those guys and ISIS. They have the same clothes designer

  • Sonny Johnson

    We cant always turn the other cheek

  • OP2

    Sandra is right. It is a fact that the triple K's, J1m Cr0ws aka southern sl@ve patrollers of the freed Blacks were all Southern Democrats.

    The switch in parties came during the 60's or the Civil Rights Movement. They disagreed with allowing school & equal rights and a number of them left the party to join the side that fought hard against them to free the slaves. However, others stayed and used it as a strategy to empower their political career. -don't be fooled, they are on both sides.

    Pay close attention and you will really see why Black folks are more dysfunctional & worse off under with a devilish liberal mentality. Yet, the dems keep peddling that BS empty feel-good words) about hope during each election stage to secure their gov't jobs. -and folks still fall for it. Wake Up!!

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    You make it sound like these so-called conservatives & Republicans love black people. You need to wake up. Have a good day.

  • K_LE

    Don't try to insult our intelligence by suggesting that the conservative democratic party of the past is the same as the liberal democratic party of today. The KKK was created by people who think like you. I may not agree with all of Antifa's methods, but at least they're fighting for what's right. Can you say the same about the Alt-right and their supporters?

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Thank you. There's a reason why all these KKK groups (as well as alt-right and white nationalist groups) came out in favor for Trump & the Republicans, instead of Hillary Clinton.

  • MocaPretty

    WTF kind of BS is this? Sorry we dont believe you...U need more people. This story sounds like some trailer park spawned bullsh1t

  • K_LE

    Exactly, because they're all cut from the same racist cloth.

  • OP2

    I do not. But, you need to wake up to see NEITHER side loves nor care about black people. Both are playing black folks to the middle of the field to be corralled & controlled like cattle. The goal is to cause chaos or confusion to avoid be obvious.

    Ask yourself, how did Black folks come to hate themselves & their own more than any ethnic group out their. The envy, jealousy and need to belittle each other is unreal. Simply programmed to run around & act like they are each other's enemy.

    Which group encourages dysfunctional behaviors and make excuses for wilding out and behaving oneself in all types of negative statistics (Black genoc1de, unwanted or fatherless babies, higher STDs/HIV rates and behaving ones way into jails & prisons where they are further assaulted, violated & emasculated)???

    -your favorite party also love Black people so much that they not only steered them to impoverished, crime-infested environment with failing schools which sets them up with low self-esteem, low expectations...but also wrote the 3-Strike laws to house them when they become adults aka modern-day slavery. ijs.

    Think & do your own research on history and make the connections for self instead of getting played.

  • Solstice

    Lmao ??

  • Karla E

    As harsh as this may sound, I feel that black people who want to ignore why Antifa even exists should be put back on the cotton fields, in the plantation homes as slaves (maids), stripped of your dignity and treated like the dogs that the KKK feel you are. It's one thing to not be aware but to be aware and still act brand new, you're deserving of whatever comes your way. No one wants violence but I'll be damned if I'm just going to allow someone to kill me just because of the color of my skin.

  • HalleMerry

    $30 on Groupon!!! I'm here 4 her and my cheap seats!!!

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  • HalleMerry

    Go away Troll

  • Elevated Soul

    I'm glad ANTIFA has finally been labeled a terrorist group because that is exactly what they are.They beat up Trump supporters just because we support him.I even had to check a fool once,roasted that bish to the white meat too.

    Most Alt-Left zombies have no clue about ANTIFA.Most have no idea how BLM has been used by white liberals, to villify the black race because most are too lazy to do the research as well having been brainwashed to not use their own mind.

    ANTIFA is funded by a white man who has mega hate for America.He is paying these anarchists to bring more division.White liberal buddies of Obama such as Bill Ayers and others hijacked, BLM and the original mission for it was lost once it became a tool, for liberal establishment.

  • Elevated Soul

    Why do ANTIFA exist?

  • Faux Gibbler

    Shut the phuck up.

  • Faux Gibbler

    But you keep coming back so it's all good.

  • Elevated Soul


    Robert Byrd was a K?K Grand Dragon Wizard.He was a Democrat and died not that long which, mean he was a Democrat of today.Black Democrats need to move beyond "identity politics"...You need to think deeper if you can.

    ANTIFA is not fighting for anything except that Soros money...ANTIFA are a group of thugs bashing citizens over the head and attacking police because someone doesn't agree with them.Who da hellz do you fools, think you are to shut down someone else's free speech just because are so intolerant?

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Not making excuses for him, but Robert Byrd was in the KKK back in the 1940's... like 70 years ago.
    Nice try though, with your alternative facts. smh

  • Karla E

    Why do KKK exist?

  • Karla E

    I was being facetious and no, I won't go away.

  • Karla E

    ? you'd like that.

  • Guess Who

    Hmmmm....yet the KKK has been around for decades and is not considered domestic terrorists?

  • Ryan
  • Ryan

    I knew your racist white azz would get on here spewing your ignorance. Like clockwork.

  • Elevated Soul

    The KKK exist because it's a hate group that has centuries of hate, as well as murder a part of their history especially toward Black people, but the KKK was created by Democrats/Dixiecrats.

    This is beyond your tit for tat tactics because you STILL have NOT addressed what I asked but I did. I do not ignore what the KKK stand for but unlike you I also don't ignore what ANTIFA stand for either.

    Bottom line is that you ALT LEFT zombies are COMPLETE HYPOCRITES that think it's okay to go around physically attacking people who support President Trump and that is WRONG....Free speech should apply to all,not just you left wing nuts throwing tantrums because President Trump was elected.

  • Karla E

    No one is having tantrums. President Trump sticks his foot in his own mouth. His party can't stand him. He is a egomaniac who boasts about things he hasn't done. Refuse to acknowledge half of you as it is because you might want to stop kissing his ass. You know so much about KKK and you can admit nothing good comes from it. You nim wits focus on only the negative side of Anifta because that's all they talk about and all the while they do many positive things. They were the ones who protected those people in the church. The Neo nazi and white traditionalists were on their way to the church. You think they were going there to talk nicely about fried chicken and potato salad for dinner together??

  • Ryan

    One of the racist P.O.S. caught on tape viciously beating the black man in Charlottesville has been arrested and is getting extradited to Virginia. And I seriously doubt he's a Democrat.

  • dontgetblocked

    It's about time. They're just as bad as the white racists groups.

  • dontgetblocked

    He was born in 1917 and died in 2010. He was old, so of course it was the 40s. Despite his racist past, old Hillary called him her mentor. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES TO MAKE!

  • Elevated Soul

    You been listening to too much fake news.....

    I don't relate to zombies like you, because repeat what you heard instead of what you know.Get like me, and turn off that programming and do your own research without the partisan voices.....

    Actually his party really can stand him, that's why he was elected.(MAO)!....The problem President Trump has is with the establishment on both sides of the aisle. People on the left think there is no establishment on the left but smart people know better.

    Of course you refuse to acknowlededge most of what I wrote, because like most Alt-Left zombies you can't handle the truth.

    There is no positive side to ANTIFA just like there is no positive side to the KKK.. Only a fool would believe it is....

    Nuff said....

  • Elevated Soul

    Speak that!..

  • Calikush

    ?????? Well said! ?

  • Morethana?

    Shut the f ?!!

  • Morethana?

    You go away you are a fake black person that's trying to divide black people even more just because you want to prove a point that there might be good racist white people out there!

  • samuel severino

    Thank you. It is about time they get classified that way.

  • Morethana?

    You want to believe so much that these white racist actually give a damn about you I love white people but I don't give a damn about the racist and you're trying so bad to find some good in them# trump

  • samuel severino

    Be careful before you put money on that bet. Most of these protestors are paid on both sides by George Soros. Would not be surprised one bit if it was actually a Democrat.

    Fun fact - at one point 95% of the KKK were federal agents paid to stir up trouble and cause division

  • samuel severino

    Very stupid post. One of the dumbest i have read on this site and that is saying something. I promise you have not fully looked into who funds Antifa and why they are doing so.

  • Deetruth

    Very true I wish most people would understand that and not allow those people to reverse the progress we mad we all have to love each other . Stop allowing the divide and conquer to work.

  • samuel severino

    Wrong. His party freaking loves him. They go nuts at all of his speeches. The corrupt Elites do not like him because their gravy train and corruption will end if they do not stop Trump. Try doing some actual research instead of just relying on CNN

  • samuel severino

    Why? Because he is telling the truth and you can't stand it?

  • samuel severino


  • Morethana?

    The very effing opposite and you know that!! Yall brainwashes can't brainwash me.everybody and they mama know Democrats are not the same as they were back in the past yes it's Prejudice on both sides but come on the Republicans are so blunt with it it's not funny

  • Ryan

    Stop embarrassing yourself.

  • Ryan

    And the circle of jerks is now complete.

  • Ryan

    "Fun fact - at one point 95% of the KKK were federal agents paid to stir up trouble and cause division"

    Name your "fun fact" source.

  • Morethana?

    I've seen plenty of whites act ghetto and trashy as well very rude and not good to get along the racist ones I stay in Texas and I grew up in that area where there was nothing but White's I went to school with nothing but whites and I would know how they truly act and yes we need to work on Chicago and every other city that blacks kill blacks but whites kill whites more than any other Race 2

  • Ryan

    I see what you're saying, but it's a very juvenile way of thinking. Try preaching that love, peace and rainbows sh|t on alt right sites and see how it's received.

  • Allihave2say

    Every group is The Black Panthers or Antifa is a terrorist organization but the KKK is just all American? Even tho American citizens are terrified of the KKK who is known for burning crosses, lynching, rapes, murders, drug dealing, making terrorist threats, serial killing and so on. Really?

    And Sandra I'm beginning to have some serious concerns about the concept and intended audience of this blog.

  • chris

    What do you expect them to do? Arrest themselves?

  • Elevated Soul

    You want so badly to believe that you are so much different than racist white people,right?

    The only difference is that you have no power but your mindsets are the same...

    I gives less than a double d@mn for ignorant Black demoncrats that think you define BLACKNESS. It's past time that you Alt- Left zombies let that racism crutch go,that white liberals have pacified you with.

    There are no excuses in anything I wrote but your problem is that "you didn't like what was written,so you resorted to the usual race card, which also minimizes REAL racism...

    Move on sweetie..You're not on my elevated level.My comments are for "truth seekers and truth tellers"....

  • Elevated Soul

    Speak that and BTW I am female....Peace.

  • Elevated Soul

    "The white liberal differs from the white
    conservative only in one way. The liberal is more deceitful than the
    conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative.
    Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the
    art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor, and by winning the
    friendship and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use
    the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political football game. Politically
    the American Negro is nothing but a football, and the white liberals
    control this mentally dead ball. Through tricks of tokenism and false
    promises, and they have the willing cooperation of Negro leaders. These
    leaders sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition
    and token gains"

    MALCOLM X ( from his speech called, God’s Judgment
    of White America)

  • Antonia Simms

    Who have they killed?

  • wiseone

    How do you classify the KKK, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists?

  • wiseone

    Who funds the KKK?

  • deadellamore

    You trying it and failed! I guess Trump and his racist followers are considered All American, right? GTFOH #RESIST #NOTMYPRESIDENT #IMPEACH

  • Guess Who


  • K_LE

    That's right, intelligence. I wouldn't expect you to know what it is, because you clearly have none. Your free speech means nothing to me when it involves hate against innocent people based on race, gender, sexuality or any other sort of individuality. I've seen your past posts, and you've proven yourself time and time again to be nothing more than an ignorant, racist, uneducated troll, you know, the typical Trump supporter. Keep your unwarranted opinions away from me, and when you see my comments, do your best to keep scrolling.

  • Arama

    How many people have Antifa lynched, hung terrorized and murdered over the last hundred years? How about the KKK? There is no moral equalization between the two. Anti fascists stand against wrong. KKK racists are wrong.

  • Lucy

    But the KKK is!

  • KA

    The KKK is considered a domestic terrorist is the Nation of Islam. So there ya go. ?

  • OP2

    Every ethnic group is known to have their trash or gutter birds on the heirarchy. That's a given. Similar to Black folks who refuse to associate with lowlives or troublemakers when possible. Individuals in other groups thingk the same way and may not socialize or get alone because they do not have much in common 'other than a skin color.'

    Like minds & behavior vs "quality of character" are often the deciding factor of individuals for family or group association. Those are the types of low class whites who will not hesitate to hook up & spit about babies by thugs or tyrones because they are similar bottom-feeding characters with issues and no real goals in life.

    Not diverting from the issues that plagues Black folks which range from mass-incarceration, black genoc1de, higher STDs/HIV than any other group due to dysfunctional behavior perpetuated by street hype and self esteem-issues. -sad to see Black folks duking it out as if they were each others enemy. -then, wonder why they don't have the respect of others or shunned by other minority groups who act better. ijs

  • ? King Kari ?????????

    Hillarys mentor and friend was Robert Byrd kkk.

  • WillyWonker

    You know what's crazy people don't do their research to actually see that Hilary is a kkk supporter, anti LGBT... They turn the tv on see something positive shes doing only for her campaign run and omg it's true Hillary loves us black folks, but not realizing that she spent her whole life condemning us... smh We were screwed either way in that election...

  • wiseone

    The Nation of Islam has never harmed us in the USA - can't say the same for the KKK.

  • the guest

    The Clintons like black votes, black cultural capital, hot sauce and soul food but not black people.

  • The Last Word

    She's obviously being paid by the RNC or a similar organization to cause blacks to dislike Democrats, thereby suppressing black voter turnout.

  • The Last Word

    Fun fact -- the Right hires posters like you to spew bullshit in hopes of formenting doubt.

  • Jussjess25

    Ok so what do these people have to do with black folks? Lemme just ask now, before they rap us up in this bullshit ?


    The only person who was supporting Lgbtqnlpmnozq was obama'.


    I wonder how Democrats will find a way to drag black people in the Antifa people covering their faces harassing people movement...

  • SandraRose

    Thanks for reading, Larry Lar. ?