Martin Shkreli

Jokester Martin Shkreli is back behind bars after a federal judge revoked his $5 million bond for threatening Hillary Clinton. Brooklyn Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked Shkreli's bond during a hearing in the federal courthouse on Wednesday.

The judge cited a post Shkreli wrote offering to pay someone $5,000 for a strand of Clinton's hair. The judge said putting a bounty on Clinton's hair could "cause a reasonable person to have concern."

Hillary Clinton

The ex-presidential candidate is in the midst of a book signing tour to promote her new book, titled What Happened.

The so-called "Pharma Bro" was convicted in August on multiple charges of securities fraud after he received widespread criticism for raising the price of HIV medication to $750 per pill. He was allowed to remain free on $5 million bond which he paid in August.

Shkreli apologized in a letter to the court on Wednesday, saying he was simply joking.

But the judge said even if Shkreli himself is harmless, his online followers might take him seriously and act on his offer.

"The fact that he continues to remains unaware of the inappropriateness of his actions or words demonstrate to me he may well be an ongoing danger or risk to the community," she said.

The judge's decision to revoke Shkreli's bond sent gasps through the courtroom.

"He is soliciting an assault on another person in exchange for $5,000," Matsumoto said.

Ben Brafman, Shkeli's lawyer, begged the judge to give him a few days to show he could straighten up. But the judge declined.

Brafman then asked the judge to give his 34-year-old client a less harsh punishment, such as banning him from using social media.

But the judge noted that Shkreli never retracted his offer for a lock of Clinton's hair. Matsumoto also said Brafman could have prevented his client from being reckless on social media earlier.

Shkreli looked dumbstruck when two deputy U.S. marshals ordered him to stand and escorted him out of the courtroom.

He was transported to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, where he will stay until his sentencing on Jan. 16, 2018.

  • Anika Kelly

    Oh so HE a "jokester" but anyone who says anything negative about President Cheetos is a "threat"...plz. He arse should have gotten arrested.

  • Renee26

    Lol I feel no sympathy for him because he's greedy and needed to be behind bars for raising that drug price....the air could come from a brush not necessarily an assault but ok whatever. He wanted to make a voodoo doll I get it

  • sunni_daze

    Welp. When Karma comes to serve. He's been a pos.

  • klwbaby

    Good, that azzhole got what he deserved. Have fun in prison honey boo-boo.

  • MythCalledLove

    He just seems to think he can do what he wants. Cutting up while out on that much bond yeah entitlement issues. He probably thought no one was paying attention. Dumb ass

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Spoiled rich kid. With all money he has, he could be living the life most people only dream of. But he cant seem to stay out of trouble, or out of jail.


  • You Could Never

    What the hell happened to the once in a lifetime Wu-Tang album this fool had in his possession? All I care about.

  • You Could Never


    MARTIN. WHERE IS IT? Who copped it?

    "On September 6, 2017, Shkreli put the album up for auction via eBay"

    Someone find Martin when he gets out and beat the "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" album out his ass.

  • Nina Ross

    He better hope Hillary doesn't have him 'suicided' while he's in there

  • Scromes1212

    Smh can't leave well enough alone lol but he is a smart dude , I'll give him that. He will do a couple months and be right back doing this silly stuff.

  • Junkanoo

    Nothing ever gets addressed in America ,how can the Clinton Foundation along with other charities not be under investigation for stealing donations to rebuild Haiti,only six homes were built from all those global donations no one is being held to account. Not even the media is asking what happened to funds meant to rebuild, the people of Haiti after the devestation of Matthew last year said they didnt want the Clinton Foundation to come and help,this woman is a demon .

  • bemetoo

    good for the jackass

  • the guest

    He's going to jail because of Clinton power not because what he did justifies it. He is an ass and incredibly arrogant nevertheless he is in jail today because of Clinton power.

  • Antonia Simms

    Nah, he's going to jail for soliciting assault, or worse. Nothing to do with Clinton's power, but everything to do with his arrogance compounded by stupidity. #slammingthecelldoor

  • IAmLegend

    He messed with the wrong one. Hillary don't play that!

  • Roderick2011

    Hillary is a former First Lady, former 2-term U.S. Senator and former Secretary of State.

    I am pretty sure he was charged with threatening a federal official.

  • Roderick2011

    Like Seth Rich, right troll?
    GFY with your Alex Jones conspiracy theories.

  • dontgetblocked

    This arrogant white devil created his own problems. Some time in jail will whip him into shape or not?

  • Mrs.Meenie

    Just another rich arrogant prick, he should have been sent to jail a long time ago for raising those meds so high! The devil is hard at work I tell ya!

  • bemetoo

    What's Clinton power?

  • SoChlo

    Too bad that power couldn't win her the election.



  • Mrs. S. Kidd

    It is not the U.S.'s job to police a NON-PROFIT organization in a completely different country lol And to add to that, it is the Haitian government's job to have stricter requirements for NGOs to operate in their country.

    And before you try it, I'm Haitian-American lol Instead of being mad at the Clinton's, I choose to hold the Haitian government accountable for being dysfunctional and allowing anybody in the country to operate. The Clinton Foundation is the *least* of the Haitians's a whole lot of mess down there that has yet to be addressed.

  • indano

    Play to much....Judge wiped that smirk off his smug face.

  • Junkanoo

    You sound like an idiot if their commiting crimes internationally their doing it in America .

  • teather

    They need to go on and kick this guy to the curb. He's a fraud and a con man. He embarrassed those who were tricked by his folly. If her were black, he'd be dead.

  • Mrs. S. Kidd

    You had no valid come back or argument so you resorted to name calling like a child. I dislike people like you who think that Haiti has no agency or government. Haiti doesn't need your input. Go sit your ass down somewhere and pick up a history book... ya big dummy lol

  • Jay

    He's selling it on ebay. Last I heard...that was last week.

  • SandraRose

    eBay will probably cancel the listing since the seller is in jail.

  • Neia

    Finally got his ass. GOOD! All that shit he talked and did. Don't drop the soap beeeeeeeeeeeeeeyotch