Ga Tech arrested

A male-to-trans was among three people arrested during violent protests on Georgia Tech's West campus in Midtown Atlanta on Monday night. Several hundred students attended a peaceful vigil for 21- year-old Scout Schultz, a 4th year computer engineering student who was gunned down by a campus police officer late Saturday.

Police say about 50 people left the vigil and began marching toward the campus police station, shouting anti-police slogans.

One officer was injured and a police cruiser was set on fire by a flare during the violence.

Police arrested three people identified as Jacob Wilson, pictured left, Cassandra Monden, center, and Vincent Castillenti.

The Fulton County Sheriff's office identified Monden as a biological male named Andrew Xavier Monden. He was charged with a felony count of interference with government property, and inciting to riot.

Monden is seen in cell phone videos being chased and tackled to the street by cops, as other protesters shout "Don't touch her!" (watch video below).

Schultz was president of Georgia Tech's Pride Alliance, which organized last night's vigil.

Schultz, who was born a male, suffered from depression, Gender Dysphoria, and other mental illnesses. He identified as bisexual, non-binary and intersex and referred to himself in the third person as "them", "their" and "they," according to his mother Lynne.

3 suicide notes were recovered from his dorm room after the shooting.

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    Just saw there was a 7.4 (I think) earthquake on Mexico smh

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    SMR: 3 suicide notes were recovered from his dorm room after the shooting.

    So each one of his personalities wrote a suicide note?

    That's nice.

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    There was a 3.6 earthquake in LA last night.

    The eclipse ain't through with us yet.

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    Sandra says YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!

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    I believe Sandra's article said, he often referred to himself as "them" and "they." So....

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    But he shouted, "Shoot me," instead of "Shoot us!"

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    Because other blogs reported "a black woman" was arrested last night. I wanted to correct their mistake. It may not be important to you, but it's important to this black blog owner.

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    Earthquakes happen everyday in California.

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    Men are so quick to replace real women with these female impersonators who can suck the skin off a grape.

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    I would have never guessed the one in the middle was a male. These transgenders are getting good man. smh

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    Gunned down?
    He was shot because he refused to comply with a demand to drop his weapon!
    It is most sad that this young man was in a state of depression.
    So... he used the police officer as a weapon to kill himself. :-(

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    Thanks Sandra. I'm tired of mtts being counted as women when their rates of crime match men's ( because they are men) crime rates for women will continue to go up as they are counted as us and we will see things like a raise in "females raping females" ( this will be a mtt for using his peen to rape a woman as most of them don't get surgery)

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    I heard on WSB-TV that Cassandra's name is Andrew. Can anybody make sense if this?

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    This has to be the most pointless piece of writing I've read in a while.

    "Trans woman arrested at protest."

    How about you follow it up with some equally interesting pieces like,

    "White man gets speeding ticket."
    "Asshole writes shitty transphobic piece."


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