Scout Schultz

A peaceful vigil for a troubled Georgia Tech student turned violent on Monday night.

Several hundred students and alumni gathered to attend a vigil for Scout Schultz on the Tech campus in downtown Atlanta at 8 p.m. Monday.

Schultz, 21, was shot and killed by a campus police officer late Saturday after repeated warnings to drop a small knife he was carrying.

THe 4th year engineering student was president of the Gay Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech. The vigil was organized by the Gay Pride Alliance.

About 50 students broke away from the vigil and began marching toward the campus police station, shouting anti-police slogans.

“I was marching with them until they got in front of the police station and then all hell broke loose," Chad Miller, a Tech alumnus, told the AJC.

Three people were arrested and charged with inciting a riot and battery of an officer, according to the AJC.

2 police officers were injured during the skirmish. The 2 officers were treated at Grady Memorial Hospital and discharged, a Tech spokeswoman told the

Mingling among the students were members of Antifa. Rumors are swirling that more Antifa thugs are being bused to Atlanta today to confront police on the Georgia Tech campus.

Around 9:30 p.m., Ga Tech sent a tweet advising students to shelter in place. “Stay inside due to violent protests on campus,” Georgia Tech officials tweeted.

Schultz, who was born a male, suffered from the mental disorder Gender Dysphoria. He identified as bisexual, non-binary and intersex and referred to himself in the third person as "them", "their" and "they," according to his mother Lynne.

3 suicide notes were found in Schultz's dorm room after he called police to report "a person with a knife and a gun."

Cell phone video shows Schultz advancing slowly on the officers and shouting "Shoot me!"

The officers warned him to drop his knife before a shot rang out and he fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

Schultz's parents say the officers should have used non-lethal force to subdue their son.

They hired an attorney who held a news briefing on Monday. Attorney L Chris Stewart said Schultz was armed with a small box cutter with the blade retracted. He asked whether officers received training on dealing with mentally ill students

The family released a statement on Monday night calling for calm.

“We ask that those who wish to protest Scout's death do so peacefully. Answering violence with violence is not the answer. Our goal is to work diligently to make positive change at Georgia Tech in an effort to ensure a safer campus for all students,” the statement said.

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  • shun king

    i thought gays were peaceful people

  • RaginB

    Dude had THREE suicide notes&he asked to be killed...why are they protesting??

  • Intellectual by Nature!

    So, when a person of color dies, the first question asked is "what did they do to make this happen?" yet people are protesting someone who had a weapon and possible suicide notes?? Wow.

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    Lord...smh Folks care about this and they protest and burn shit up, but this kid had a death wish and walked up to some cops with a weapon. But when it comes to an unarmed black man, it's ok to kill him. This shit right here is dumb and so are the ppl that are out there protesting. Cops killing our men and boys because they are black...but that's ok. FOH.

  • Vonn

    Arrest & prosecute them all.

  • NicoleZee

    Who set the car on fire and for what??? It is sad what happened to that young lady/man, but one of this foolishness will bring them back. He/she was mentally is from what I read, but the police did not have to kill them. They could have shot him/her in the leg or something. I read that there were four cops and the victim had a knife, the f*ck??? If that is the case, why kill the person even if they wanted to die??? Georgia Tech is about to get sued and if I was a student there, I would transfer just in case they go bankrupt like Toys "R" Us is about to!! SMDH!!! Online classes suited me much better, ain't nobody got time for this mess!!!