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Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport finally came clean about why he hates LeBron James' guts. The 47-year-old father-of-2 said he's no longer a LeBron fan after the NBA superstar dissed his two sons, Julian and Maceo several years ago.

"When they ran into LeBron, he dissed my kids," Rapaport said on The Breakfast Club on Tuesday. "He gave 'em the f--kin' Heisman and turned his back to them."

Rapaport says his sons Julian, 17, and Maceo, 15, were 10 and 8 when they were dissed by the Cavaliers star at an event.

Michael Rapaport & sons

"Out of all the athletes, out of all the celebrities, out of all the rappers I've ever met -- especially with my kids -- that was the only motherf--ker that ever did that," said Rapaport. "I was like, 'Hell f--kin' no'… don't play me and my kids.'"

Rapaport thinks LeBron held a grudge against him after their mutual friends had a bad falling out.

Things weren't always frosty between them. Rapaport, who is a sideline reporter for the Big 3 basketball league, recalls a 19-year-old LeBron telling him he was a fan.

"At 19 he came up to me... Yeah, and then things went a little sour and ever since then, I've just stopped becoming a fan," Rapaport said during an interview on Fox 5.

Michael Rappaport, DeShawn Stevenson

The sports fanatic who is promoting his book, "This Book Has Balls: Sports Rants from the MVP of Talking Trash," says LeBron will always be #2 to a certain legend.

"Obviously, he's the best player in the league. He's one of the best ever. He's arguably, you know, Michael Jordan-ish. But in this book, I articulate 23, not 22, 23 reasons why Lebron James will never, never-ever be like Mike."

Rapaport and his sons' mom, Nichole Beattie, divorced in 2007. He and his life partner, Kebe Dunn, have no kids together.

Michael Rappaport & Kebe Dunn



A Shit Talking Extravaganza!!! #ThisBookHasBalls is OUT

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  • MookieFly

    This feels like some white privilege ish. Bron don't love those hoes and shouldn't have to. This same mentality got hangry YTs out here burning jerseys

  • shay2shaymd

    Not everything is a race issue

  • country57

    Oh please!! He holding a grudge to sell books.

  • Precious Henry

    Tamar+Vince= Divorce.....

  • Marlika

    Phuck this loud mouth cracka and his ugly ass kids!! Clear folks is always crying about something and playing victim!!

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    ROFL ??? I'm scrolling down looking at the comments and bam I see Sandra face going in on another post .... Educate your readers Sandra.... I feel ya... Irritable bowel syndrome .... Quiet as it's kept the folks need to know... ?? chile this site here ?

  • shelly

    White man privilege. This is really a stupid story and Michael sounds like a bitch. Move on .

  • i troll it like i see it

    Who gives a rats ass. He needs to grow up.

  • Yoni7

    *rolls eyes*

  • Coy little wink

    Errybody running off at the mouth to sell their books now huh?

    Auntie really trolling LeBron with that pic cause his hairline ?

  • i troll it like i see it

    This man has a problem with everybody...


    Why he won't marry the sister tho???

  • 1BlueStar

    I still don't completely get what he says Labron did to his kids...

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    This Michael guy is funny AF. He's always angry.

  • Coy little wink

    I read it and said the same thing...its missing the what when and why

  • Marlika

    He really does.

  • Ni Ni

    He b!tch about as much as Tyrese. He's going to end up saying something that's going to be taken out of context if he doesn't tone it down a notch.

  • JV

    If we're comparing LeBron to Jordan, Mr. Rapaport, then at least he didn't punch somebody in the face! (Or punch multiple people in the face, lol). If the worst he did was not want to be bothered, let's not go comparing him to Jordan and his storied history, ok?

    Anyway, Rapaport was pretty good on Atypical. Would recommend that show.

  • Ni Ni

    Ikr, he's always getting himself worked up about something lol.

  • Ni Ni

    She's in the post now or from yesterday? i did see her giving some folks the biz.

  • Rayne

    He's alright with me until he does the ultimate. (U already know) ? It's gonna happen.

  • stav

    Lebron doesn't owe him or his kids anything, because they're white he was suppose to kiss their butts, pose for pics, provide a couple of free jersey's I guess? Michael just because you want to identify as being so down with black culture, and now date a black woman, doesn't mean anyone black owes you anything, toughen up you don't get carte blanche cause you think you're down!

  • Rayne

    I always thought he would marry black, seeing as tho he uses our culture for EVERYTHING it's worth. I almost thought he was light skinned a long time ago lol

  • MissHarlem
  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    not surewhen it was... it's at the bottom of my screen ?

  • Simone

    OMG for Gods sake Lebron was young did the top just say 19?...sheesh! Can't a brother get a pass for being young. Hell I've act like that before and I am not famous...LOL
    People always in their feeling SMH!

  • imright

    7 years ago ?!?! and hes still mad about it ?? ? get a grip Michael

  • Ni Ni

    Ok I'm in there now on my work pc. She posted today too lol.

  • Toody Young

    Right I had a huge ego @ 19. You couldn't tell me anything. Yeah he need to let that go.


    Well he married and had children with the white...woman but the sister is just a long term companion smh ?????

  • Seek Truth Speak Truth

    What I took away was that Lebron didn’t acknowledge his white privilege.

  • We Can Do This

    Some people want ownership of these dominating black athletes.

    And don't you dare not sign their kids autograph books.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    ? chile....

  • Karen Brady

    Rapaport thinks LeBron held a grudge against him after their mutual friends had a bad falling out. Sounds girlie.

  • Look@m3


  • You Could Never

    Sorry I still like Michael. Still like Bron too. Misunderstandin.

  • Look@m3

    He said something about Lebron gave his kids the Heisman move when they ran up to him.....I was still confused I'm sure that didn't help.

  • Seek Truth Speak Truth

    Push through Bron Bron. Can’t please them all.

  • Rayne


  • Look@m3

    Yup, he the King and mike just doing a lil lame PR for his book. Nothing anybody else is doing but its a lil tacky! I think he can still roll thru at the BBQ.

  • hottlanta

    Still laughing at the write up describing the 2nd wife his life partner. I guess the first wife was a test run. This guy is a clown. Lebron in trying to be Lebron on his own terms not Mike terms. Get your panties out your azz your white privilege is showing when you/yours not acknowledge you go bonkers.

  • Pnthr

    Lebron is a jerk that pretends he is a nice guy. That's why I like Kobe over him, he has never denied or hid the fact that he an arshole. Lebron is a master of controlling his image. I'd hate Lebron too if he did that to kids but especially MY kids.

  • Faux Gibbler

    He ever think maybe Labron was trying to enjoy the moment?
    What does he mean his kids gave him the heisman?

  • Pnthr

    When he was 19 he spoke to him nicely. When he dissed Mike's kids it was 7 years ago so no he wasn't 19.

  • Pnthr

    He is married to her

  • You Could Never

    Michael dont bother me none. Without him the story of ATCQ (tribe called quest) may not have been made.

    And hell Mike loves all the stuff I do. Basketball, hip hop, and black people lol.

  • kgirl33


  • You Could Never


    This shit still makes me weep. Tiki torch carrying not shit white ass loser lives.

  • Nophace

    He's saying LeBron gave his kids the Heisman....Look up the Heisman Pose and you'll understand what he meant.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    I been a fan of Mike since Higher Learning. It probably was a misunderstanding but I think he is right about Lebron never being on MJ status. He's too Hollywood and he did destroy the league in a sense. Mike is right ever player after him is now on this superteam Big 3 ish when before players got by on their own merit...

  • free

    ohhhh the heisman move, like pushing them away? google the trophy. it's a stiff arm. anywho, anything juicier to discuss today?

  • Dowoop

    On whose part - Rapaport or Lebron's. Just curious on your point of view?

  • Dowoop

    NOBODY bitches as much as Tyrese. I couldnt even read the posts about him, im so sick of his antics.


    SMH sayin why a grown azz man in his feelings, he need to get over it!

  • Look@m3

    Besides the man was 19 years old and this was 7 years ago...I'm sure this is for his book!

  • Look@m3

    Foreal...I keep checking back and nothing juicy!

  • Quitedeliteful

    I never heard this!!! This has me CRYIN at work!!!!!! I watched this 3xs!!!!!!

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    I agree. Plus it's even longer than that because if Lebron was 19 and he's 31 now.... that's 12 years ago.

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    I think Lebron walked off and left them standing there.

  • dontgetblocked

    I used to like Lebron but lately he's turned into a big jerk

  • MistaO

    Dude sounds like soooo mamy chicks I know! Too many dudes stay in their emotions and carry grudges like wounded broads. Come on man!!!

  • Mrs. ??????????

    Even after all these years, Michael is still salty...Sounds like he should've moved on by now, I'm sure LeBron doesn't care....

  • Antonia Simms

    But LeBron has never settled a sexual-assault civil suit. But that seems to be okay. Certainly makes for a stand-up guy, doesn’t it?

  • mona q

    F*ck this dude...seriously. Michael Jordan has done the same so to say that is one of the reasons you aren't a fan is dumb. My husband played at a charity event with MJ and my husband wanted our 3 year old son to get a photo with him (and we did) but MJ was dry and could not be bothered. When the white kids came up for pics, he was ALL about it...so...yeah...these athletes have their days...some good and some bad...but that's a dumb reason and I hate Michael Rappaport anyway.

  • mona q


  • mona q

    What are you basing this opinion on? As far as I can tell, he and Kobe have the same demeanor on the court. Lebron started his career as a teen and has always been a stand up guy despite having to grow up fast and in the public eye...he acted nothing like Kobe and had none of the social issues that MANY of Kobe's teammates said he had...and his family life off the court has been without any sex scandals.or break babies..I swear the reasons people hate on Lebron make no sense at all...Lebron is clearly a nice guy...Lebron is clearly a leader...I'm basing this on countless after game interviews I've watched of him NOT disparaging people...countless charities he's created and donated to...countless times he promoted others on his Facebook page....how he always shows respect to his wife and children as far as I can see...only a leader will see a leader in another person I guess...

  • shell

    what was he supposed to do....fall to his knees and kiss their feet...FOH...I cant stand his ass....Hes one of the main advocates for the gentrification of Brooklyn...Trying to get all the black people out...Hes a joke

  • Renee26

    He's petty....that man doesn't have to sign every autograph or take every picture rather a person is a famous fan or not....he acts like his kids were entitled to get special attention

  • jazmine

    its LeBron.

  • Ni Ni


  • http://ivyleaguelove.tumblr.com/ Applebootay

    Oh so he trying to sell his book. Got it. NEXT>

  • Lady_Elle

    Lebron could give a HOO-HA about this man....
    He dissed you and your kids?
    What did he do so God awful you still holding a grudge?
    Move on and teach your kids to do the same!
    You trying to push a book... good luck! I'm not buying...

  • Pnthr

    You haven't looked hard enough because he HAS had those things and done those things! I do not have to justify to YOU why I dislike him and think he is a jerk. Go ask him for a photo or autograph and tell me how he treats you. He wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire. I'm legit tired of this argument that just because Lebron hasn't robbed a liquor store that he's a saint. He has a good PR team that spin his image favorably. Ask Stephen A. Smith.

    The personal dig at the end wasn't necessary but quite amusing considering you probably make $7.99 an hour. Such a leader that he had to tag-team on another man's team. Such a leader that Kyrie left him. Bye bird. Only thing you leading is the midnight shift at Wendy's.

  • Pnthr

    Where did you see me say that, dummy? You think black men being falsely accused of sex crimes is okay? Somehow funny? Something to be used against them forever? Then you'll be on the next story supporting Kaepernick with your hypocritical fake woke selves! How many black men are sitting in prison right now for crimes they didn't commit and because they don't have Kobe money to get out? The only thing he was guilty of is cheating, of which Lebron has done PLENTY of too! Now careful what you say because he can easily be accused of the same.

  • Pnthr

    Idc. Lebron.

  • colejk

    Rapaport sounds extremely entitled, assuming Lebron was supposed to fawn over his kids. Now I know why his obsessed ass often crosses the line when criticizing him. His little white male/celebrity privilege feelings got hurt!

    Maybe Lebron just said hi, kept it cute & continued on his way. If their mutual friends had a bad falling out, I'd don't blame Lebron for being distant. The company people keep says A LOT!

  • Meme

    Probably something the kids would rather forget. They probably cringing at how much of a bytch their daddy is

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    Kobe’s character over LeBron really??!! Kobe raped a woman and went to trial, Kobe is the one of the most un liked players in the NBA. But if that’s your standard it’s pretty low

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    Mike on court is great mike off court cares only about that mighty dollar no role model at all!!!!

  • mona q

    Uh. Yeah. Just as I thought. Ok #Hater I’m also professional so I make a very good salary ....not that it matters. But of course insecure people like you base worth and value on how much money one makes and how others make you feel. Good day. Hope you do something about that case of bitterness you have

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    Ok, so what were the circumstances? How did the kids act? Was he in the middle of something and rudely interrupted? Was it even like he says it was?

    Even so, you are a MAN and wayyyyy too old to hold a grudge because a celebrity didn't cater to your children. He's using too much energy on LeBron with soooo many other players, issues and topics to discuss in the NBA. Sounds like he has Low T (testosterone) .lolol

  • Antonia Simms

    You’ve gone way off the rails here. Sounds like I hit a nerve. Calm down. Breathe in...exhale....breathe in....exhale. Kobe settled. Innocent people don’t settle. Obviously, there’s truth in the settlement. Sexual assaulters SHOULD have to live with it forever. Their victims certainly do. You sound like Kobe calling out Shaq because he, Kobe, got caught cheating. I see why you’re such a fan. For the record, I don’t condone false accusations against anyone for any crime. When I said “stand-up guy,” I wasn’t referencing being a “stand-up comedian.” My bad for thinking you wouldn’t know the difference, hence your rant about ‘being funny.’ ? And, yes, I do support Colin’s stance against police brutality. You and your “woke” self doesn’t? Calling me a “dummy” doesn’t offend me as I always have to consider the source. Have a good day.

  • Pnthr

    You didn't hit anything. I just think you're incredibly dumb. You know zero about the case. I suggest you do your research instead of vilifying a black man and accusing him of being guilty without a shred of evidence. The lying broad who accused him wanted to settle through a civil lawsuit. That screams MONEY GRAB or are you too obtuse to get that? If he really raped her she would want him in prison. Her friends and her own family didn't believe her and she had plans to do the same to Eminem when he came to town.

    Wow! You are stupid. I did not correlate "stand up" with comedy. I said you think its funny by mentioning it as if it was some sort of JOKE when black men are CONSTANTLY falsely accused of rape. Do you not know the historical context? Your stupidity is too much. You should be ashamed and what's even funnier if you ACTUALLY think you are smart! Moron go back to your minimum wage job.

  • Pnthr

    Says the Lebron James groupie. Bye bird brain.

  • Pnthr

    Read my other responses dummy. Why can't you broads read in context? I said Kobe is honest about being a jerk. Not that his character was somehow "better". I'd rather honesty than someone who pretends for the cameras then is a jerk when they go off. Secondly, stupid, he did not rape her. It's a pity how black women not only support but continue this lie knowing the historical ramifications of white women falsely accusing black men of rape. Stfu. And you probably have 3 kids by 3 men and currently dating a bum that drives your car all day. It doesn't get lower than that.

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    Is this Trump?? Lol

  • Antonia Simms

    You assume an awful lot, which is an argument killer. What I get is that if it was purely a “money grab” why did he so easily opt to give her money to grab? Why pay a liar? Obviously, there was truth to the accusation and he needed it to go away. You should get your emotional outbursts in check so as to have cogent arguments rather than going on these rants and name calling. Makes you appear unhinged and irrational, like you’re coming apart at the seams. Perhaps you should temporarily refrain from making social media comments.

  • Pnthr

    What am I assuming? I've actually researched the case so I know you clearly have NOT and are assuming!! You sure are dumb. He was in the middle of an NBA season and wanted to move on with his life, dummy. Why go to trial when SHE requested to settle? Seriously how dumb are you? His lawyers advised him of what was best. There was never confirmation of any payment and even if there were it happens when celebrities are involved. That is not indication of GUILT. Why would a raped woman take money? WHY? Why not make Kobe an example and go to trial? She even refused to testify because his lawyers would have poked holes throughout all her lies. You fool.

    Your refusal to look at this objectively, logically and rationally shows how you already have your mind made up and should NEVER serve on a jury. You're no better than a white supremacist. Your idiocy is infuriating. I'm sure you flip burgers for a living considering how stupid you are. Your frontal lobe is clearly damaged or never fully formed because you have poor cognitive skills, problem solving skills and judgment.

  • Pnthr

    Go find your father. I know you don't know him.

  • http://bettybooplover.tumblr.com/ Berry Melon

    Stars don't like being bothered. I read this story about Countess years ago and she did the exact same thing. You got these people taking their kids up to people to take photos, or bother them and they may not be in the right mood, so what do they expect? They don't care, if they are kids, it's not "their" kids, so you are bound to get a rude response.

  • Electricbird83

    So a 40 year old in his feelings over how a 19 year reacted to him?? Really? U couldn’t find any other way to sell your little book?

  • http://ebonynsweet.com Ebony N’ Sweet

    These white dudes think that Black athletes are their slaves and gotta be like Santa clauses with their spawn. Lebron dont' have to do a thing for this man's kids. F*CK him. And i'm not even a Lebron fan lol

  • Antonia Simms

    And your cognitive dissonance is obvious. There really is something wrong with you. I don’t know if you’re off your meds or what, but there’s a serious disconnect here. I honestly feel sorry for you. Since I do have knowledge of the case, I can attest to what you’re saying as pure bullshit and is revisionist history. You’re unstable. Please get help. For me, this ends here. I will not respond again. I’ll close with a very useful adage, “Never argue with a fool because from a distance, you can’t tell who’s who.

  • Pnthr

    ???? THIS coming from the faux woke negro woman who supports Kaepernick yet also supports perpetuating the myth of the black man raping the white woman? Post the truth, you can't because you are WRONG and you KNOW IT! You are typical bitter angry black woman. You only hate him because his wife isn't black. Maybe if you weren't an overweight, combative, guttersnipe a black man would want you. I'm sure you have a ton of fatherless children and I HOPE one of those little niglets gets falsely accused of rape and spends the rest of his miserable life behind bars.

    Yes, I agree so I should stop arguing with you, fool.

  • Pnthr

    Hey dumbass I hope you saw that new article Sandra posted about your idol Lebron cheating on his wife! I'm sure you're devastated!!

  • Pnthr

    Hey dummy I hope you saw that new article Sandra posted about your idol Lebron cheating on his wife! I'm sure you're devastated!!

  • Pnthr

    Hey groupie I hope you saw that new article Sandra posted about your idol Lebron cheating on his wife! I'm sure you're devastated!!

  • Antonia Simms

    Get back at me when LeBron rapes a woman and provides a subsequent payout like Kobe did. ?

  • Pnthr

    ???? Not guilty boo. Real victims don't ask for payouts.

  • Antonia Simms

    And Innocent people don’t give payouts.

  • Pnthr

    -bitter, lonely and single

  • Antonia Simms

    Why are you putting your Mammy’s business on blast like that? That’s not very nice. ?

  • Pnthr

    Lmfao my mother has been married to my father for 30 years. Meanwhile yours still hasn't returned from the corner store. ?

  • Obama wants civil war

    Never heard of him