Tyrese and daughter Shayla

Tyrese Gibson's ex-wife is accusing him of violating a temporary restraining order that prevents him from going near or contacting their 10-year-old daughter Shayla Gibson.

Norma Gibson filed a police report after the singer hired a plane to fly a banner over Shayla's elementary school.

Tyrese was hit with a restraining order last month after Norma accused the 'Fast & Furious' star of violently beating Shayla.

Tyrese has been testing the law by sending gifts, flowers, a teddy bear and personal notes to his daughter's school.

The hunky actor allegedly went one step further by hiring a plane carrying a banner, which read "No matter what, Daddy loves you Shayla", over her school in California on Monday.

Norma's lawyer Aleen Laura Khanjian tells TMZ she believes the gestures are a form of witness intimidation. She believes Tyrese is trying to influence his daughter to speak highly of him when the Department of Children and Family Services interviews her about allegations that he spanked her so hard she couldn't sit down.

Norma has requested a permanent restraining order against Tyrese, prohibiting him from spanking Shayla and she also wants full physical and legal custody of their daughter.

She claimed Tyrese "beat" Shayla between 12 and 16 times in the past, and she fears Tyrese will fly Shayla to Dubai where he has extensive spiritual and business connections.

Tyrese, 38, issued a statement, in which he suggested Norma was jealous of his new wife, Samantha Lee, whom he married on Valentine's Day.

"Norma I know you can see this, I'm sorry I got re-married, he wrote. "I was hoping by now you got over what we used to be... Being bitter, resentful and just felt (flat) out mean will (sic) has never been good for our daughter... But I see the attacks just won't stop so I believe this too will pass and God and the courts will reveal the truth."

Tyrese knows how important a daddy is to little girls. He seems determined to always be there for his daughter.

In a poignant post on Instagram in early October, Tyrese spoke directly to Shayla in the caption under an image of Shayla sleeping in his arms.

"One day we're going to sit down over tea and laugh about how they tried to turn us on each-other and what they didn't know is that it only solidified our lifetime #DaddyDaughterBond that will never ever ever be broken," he wrote.

  • LithiumHaitianFlower

    He a sociopath

  • Ni Ni

    Smh, Tyrese is a nut. Sounds like he needs to be in rehab or on medication.


    Somebody bring this man a mirror so he can be just as self absorbed with himself as he always is. :( SMH!

  • MoniquetheGeek

    Can we get a medical minute on Tyrese's condition, whatever mental illness he suffers from?

  • hotntot95

    HoL uP......???? ...a banner??
    It's actually stalkerish, crazy, and sweet at the same time.. ...he needs meds..

  • Elevated Soul

    I don't know what to say about Tyrese because he just seem so extra but I also detect a narcissist at work too.

  • lovelygamour

    8 more yrs. They need to figure it out and leave it alone. If the daughter has to leave his life she is going to think he replaced her with his white kid. So work some agreement out. They have been fighting for so long they dont know what to do.
    On another note im tired of seeing tyrese on the black blogs.

  • Faithz

    Tyrese..Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

  • thrift.store.jungle

    i cannot stand a man-child. did cry-rese lack a strong male influence in the home during his formative years? he is so emotional. i bet he moans while washing his bald head. he still online seeking male attention by picking on more successful folks like the rock and ginuwine and tank?

    best of luck to his child. how embarrassing this must be for her.

  • IamAllnatural

    He sounds desperate as if he is guilty of harming his daughter. If he did nothing wrong, he wouldn’t go to these lengths to get his daughter’s attention and he wouldn’t be worried about her telling the truth. I never liked this burnt gecko anyway because he has too much attitude.

  • lovelygamour

    Maybe he just misses his kid.

  • SweetTEE

    We are witnessing yet another case of a mental breakdown...Kanye style. This Honey is going through it in all areas of his life and if he had any sense, he would fall back and get his mind right.

  • Bonita

    I think he suffers from a little bit of everything.

  • hotntot95

    Yeah I kinda agree...he was desperate to hire a plane...he must love her to do something so outrageous...too bad it's a stalker move...? poor tink

  • Desiree Edwards

    Tyrese, tyrese, tyrese--you need to chill. This is only making you look crazier!

  • NicoleZee

    Tyrese is mentally ill and needs help. The sad part is he probably will not get help and he found another woman to put up with is mess. Unless you're a psychiatrist, there is NOTHING you can do to help a mentally ill person. People like him are toxic and they won't stop until they are put down or end up in some mental facility or prison or the thought or prison scares them off. His wife is dumb as f*ck to marry an unstable person like him. I guess desperation and loneliness leads people to make horrible relationship decisions. My advice from personal experience: If you are dating someone and discover that they have serious mental health issues, run like hell never look back!!!

  • IamAllnatural

    Yeah that’s probably true, but he’s violating the judge’s order which could make it worse for him.

  • NicoleZee

    No, that's not love sweetheart, it's sick and it's called stalking and it's illegal. What he is doing is no different that what these sick men do when a woman doesn't want them anymore. Most men who are controlling and possessive are mentally ill. If he has been legally required not to contact his child, then that is exactly what he needs to abide by unless he wants to end up in jail. I've been stalked and it is horrible. It's like waiting to die and not knowing when it will happen. That's how stalkers try to control your life. But I'm strong and I'll be damned if anyone harms me or my child or my mom. I'd be on death row!! I've already written up my last meal just in case......lemon pepper wings and fries from J.R. Crickets!!! LOL!

  • hottlanta

    Hellooooo my overseas brides. See why he had to go overseas to get you. it was because we didn't want him.

  • MsPam

    RIP Robert “ Benson” Guillaume ??

  • morenYAHdelsur

    They’re so petty. BOTH of them.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    Wow. He sounds mean (and crazy).
    He's also in denial regarding Norma being jealous of new-new (IMO). I know from experience that once you manage to disentangle yourself from a cray mf and you're fortunate enough that he has actually moved on to the next chick, all you feel is a sense of relief. unfortunately for Norma, she still has to find a way to co-parent with this hateful dude. you can tell he's emotionally fragile right now 'cause he seems to be mad at the world. mad at Norma for NOT wanting or caring about his azz, mad at Dwayne for not doing Furious #68, and mad at the world for not caring about or caring to honor his new Jewish wife as a "Black Queen" ...FOH TGirl!

  • T3

    Awwww. Bummer! #RIP

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    yeah, that move is eerily similar to what an abusive man does to show his victim how 'sorry' he is...
    and don't think he's not aware of how he will be regarded by the public. these types of controlling men can mask their need to control as just being 'attentive' and 'caring' ...he's all smiles and hugs in public, then get home and slap your earrings clean off your head for saying thank you to the doorman!

  • Alicia.Ashe


  • the guest

    I think his behavior is bad modeling of what a man's love is. He doesn't realize he's modeling "obsession to be mistaken for love" for his young daughter who can grow up and find obsessive men attractive because of this.

    Love is also respect of boundaries.

    Courts do not like to restrain parents from children so he must've beaten his daughter to warrant the order. He acts like he owes his little girl an apology.

    I believe in parents apologizing for their wrongs and the hurt they cause their children. That's how children learn empathy, how to apologize, and standards.

  • Long Locs

    LOVE this comment (minus the Tyrese.. part) ?

  • dontgetblocked

    Private matters should stay private.



  • TheOwley

    You hit on all cylinders. Dude is very angry at everything and he will eventually pop. Unfortunately family court won't intervene until he burns his own daughter as is the case with many children custodial issues. He wrote two books and now I'm curious about what's in them.

  • the guest

    The problem with men today is that they believe they can separate child from mother who carried, labored, birthed them. Tyrese has to right his wrongs against his child's mother.

    It is so admirable when men honor that respecting and honoring their children's mother is an integral part of loving their children.

    Instead of chartering planes, he should be going to therapy on his own, appealing to his child's mother in a respectful manner for them to attend co-parenting therapy together, and he should be focused on earning her trust. That is the proper path to his child's heart not undermining her mother and court with stalking.

    Instead he insults and embarrasses her and slanders her as scorned. Sad that he married that new wife simply to spite his unresolved issues with his child's mother.

  • ZZZ

    I think he started his melt down after Paul Walker died in that horrific car accident 4 years ago.

  • klwbaby

    I don't doubt that he loves his daughter but he is exhibiting behavior that a will have a judge granting him supervised visitation only.

  • freelancepimp .

    So what if she is not telling trutch?

  • Renee26

    I’m don’t think it was wrong for him to still give the child tokens of love while he can’t physically be around her. To call it intimidating is a stretch and makes her seem very bitter. This whole ordeal is hurting both him and the child so it’s a good thing that he’s reassuring her that he is thinking of her and loves her... ain’t no telling if the mother is speaking negatively about him to the child or in her presence. Let the child tell the truth and if he did go overboard in his spanking then he can take parenting classes just like the average Joe.

  • Tink Tink

    Damn bruh, you not making it look good for yourself. Your ex won't even have to do much to paint you as cray cray for the courts (besides a few snaps of your IG/FB posts), you doing it all yourself. I pray you get it together.

  • Renee26

    Supervised is better than none at all ... ion like the dude but he is a parent and should get a chance to go through the process of repairing whatever is broken in the relationship with his daughter.

  • Renee26

    Right... the baby should speak truthfully in court about what happens when she’s with him

  • Chocolate

    He is such a drama queen.
    Benefit of the doubt for there being 2 sides to the story, but that banner only served him, and more than likely embarrassed his daughter.

    He talks way too much, takes time to address the wrong shit, and seems so insecure which is a shame because this man is fine and can sing.

    Tyrese? Get off social media, enjoy your wife, make amends with your child's mother, make your money, and try being discrete for once.

    This man is so blessed but seems like he is his own worst enemy...always making matters worse.

  • KA

    Hate when people put kids in the middle grown folks business.

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • MRiGOThim

    I have come to the conclusion that this ninja is krazy...

  • Kirenee

    Practicing Petty Parents ?

  • Kirenee

    His daughter did talk to the judge and it was apparently very convincing.

  • RealATLPeach36

    I do not know what’s going on with this situation, but what I do feel is Tyreese is TOUCHED (MILDLY RETARDED). This man was just begging the Rock to come onboard for a movie so they can make money. SO WHY pay money to agitate your nutty ex. I think both of them are TOUCHED

  • Hummingbird_225

    Yep you’re right. My kids father goes months without picking up the phone but he’s super dad to his GIRLFRIENDS kids. No I don’t block him he has full reign to be an ACTIVE parent but he just doesn’t. I commend Tyrese for being consistent in trying to be in his daughters life. Wish I had just a little bit of that in my sprem donor.

  • Bossy704

    I would have probably believed him more if he wasn't acting like a textbook abuser trying to buy back his victims trust. Personal notes to her school? Flowers, A banner? Sounds like a guilty conscious. Very creepy father daughter dynamic. He seems controlling and manipulative. And childish.

  • SG

    He annoys me to no end! Childish, manipulative, self righteous creep.

  • SG

    LOL im weak every time I read Cryrese! His whining azz

  • KA

    Norma won’t let him see his daughter or have any contact with her. I just personally think that’s so wrong. Would it be better if he let her think that what her mother is doing is ok, and that he doesn’t want to see her? If someone was keeping me from my child, I’d be reaching out any way I can too.

  • IamAllnatural

    Actually the judge issued a court order to not have contact with his daughter.

  • imright

    Cryrese is getting weird ?

  • KA

    After she accused him of abuse and requested temporary full custody and the restraining order. The judge gave her everything she asked for. All it takes is an accusation these days.

  • Luv Pitties

    I'm still mad that he keeps referring to Kim Kardashians little cousin as a damn Black Queen

  • R in NYC

    This man needs help. Sandra please don't praise him. What he is doing is psychological abuse and manipulation.
    He needs to grow the hell up.

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    I’m not saying Tyrese is guilty or not, but I will say these are the same tactics an abuser will use to manipulate thier victims! Try to buy back there love and trust with extravagant gestures and gifts. I know y’all saw what’s Love got to do with it. For now, Tyrese needs to abide by what the court has placed in order. This doesn’t look good for him....he has completely fell off of his rocker... where is TARAJI. And I thought his wife was a licensed psychologist?!

  • lovelygamour

    No. They are divorce(which is better than never married). They really dont have to consider each other. They each gave the other the gift of a daughter. Tyrese doesnt have to keep her happy. He can raise his own child if something happened to norma. This is why people shouldnt have kids with just anybody.
    Their daughter is old enough to have a relationship with both.

  • KHJ2016

    She accused him of being abusive to her back when she was pregnant and the paramedics were called. The police was involved and everything.That was all over the internet when that happened.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    You’re so reasonable for this. He annoys tf out of me, but you’re right.

  • Notatall

    Where's the straight jacket?

  • Malai

    LMAO ??

  • Diva4lyfe

    Ok it's official he coo coo

  • Layah Jhene

    Dude acting like a obsessed stalker. I hope the Ex wife is documenting all his crazy mess for court.

  • Letbyegones

    He definitely seems like the crazy type. All that relationship advice when his life is a mess. I do hope that it gets better

  • Lady_Elle

    I applaud him for letting his daughter know that he loves her!
    This is some B.S.
    Plenty of parents discipline their kids sometimes harshly.
    You don't remove a parent from the child without some history of abuse!
    The child's mother is on a MISSION.
    I believe this man loves his child.
    this is a method of destroying a relationship between a father & daughter.

  • Coco

    On the day she’s supposed testify against him? ?

  • MS.BEE


  • Chuck

    This black, gay fag hates black women, including his black daughter.. why the pluck are you bitches taking up for his black, corny ass when he lets you know frequently how he hates you? Weak bihs

  • Cali

    but he’s super dad to his GIRLFRIENDS kids. No I don’t block him he has full reign to be an ACTIVE parent but he just doesn’t.

    You're a dumb a s s and a WEAK and pathetic parent. WHY would mother allow father who clearly doesn't LOVE his children (nor their mother ) be allowed to display this? Tie your tubes pls we don't need more black fatherless killers on the loose.

  • Blunted25

    That was totally calculated. A day before the baby is supposed to testify? Alright.....

  • Lisa Lisa 901

    Tyrese crazy AF

  • Zarah

    That mentally unstable narcissist is clearly trying to manipulate his child.....gifts the day before court with a restraining order in place are actions of a scared very desperate person. Innocent people simply wait for their day in court knowing their name would be cleared. Sad, because he clearly loves his kid but looking guilty as charged.

  • Nonya Bizness

    SMMFH. What she's doing is keeping the door open for her children's father to have a relationship with them IF he chooses to. She can't MAKE him do s hit. He's a grown man with free will to make his own choices.She can't stop him from playing SuperDad to some kids that aren't his. When her children are old enough, they won't resent HER for keeping him away from them. They'll realize the door was always open and he CHOSE not to walk through it. He's not the first and won't be the last to ignore his kids and take care of someone else's. It happens every day, and she is doing nothing wrong. It's not an easy road to walk, with your kids wondering why their dad won't come around, but she seems to be handling much better than you are.

  • MistaO

    Classic case of parental alienation, on the mothers part. Many females engage in this behavior to get back at, attempt to control, or just otherwise damage the reputation of the childs Father.

    Ty walked right into her trap by disciplining his daughter. If you have a child with a conniving, underhanded female, you have to know this is one of their 1st tactics. Sometimes you may have to let the child act up in these cases, as the mother probably put the child up to it to set the Father up. Happens everyday.

  • Seek Truth Speak Truth

    Grow up baby boy ??

  • Shay

    he is such an attention seeker.....reads girl to me!#sensitive#bleedEveryMonth#GrowUp#

  • Shawty

    I absolutely love seeing a black man fight for a chance to be in his daughter's life. I see the other comments but I don't agree. I think it's cute that he's making sure she knows he loves her by any means necessary. Some kids don't know their dads at all. Girls having their daddies in their life is important. That's the very first man we love and he sets a precedence on how men treat us in the future.

  • Alicia.Ashe

    He’s a nut job with obsessive behavior. This clown needs therapy and a good beating. Where is his lawyer? Someone to advise him? This isn’t good.

  • free

    i'mma have to roll with this. having a blended family, i know all too well how this goes.

  • free

    yeah, when i heard about that "beating", i yawned.

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    Im sorry, why can't he just be a father attempting to make amends with his daughter, why does it have to be all Shakespearean tragic? I don't care for some of the things Tyresse does or says, but i am not on this he beat his daughter bandwagon just yet. I believe this baby may have gotten a spacken, which she may not have been accustomed to. I believe being a child she told her mother and the dramatics ensued.

  • Miss Thang

    I can't believe he is posting these things on freaking Instagram. I am so heated. He's not even respecting his daughter's right to PRIVACY. WTF is wrong with him??? GROW UP, Tyrese! If you LOVE your kids, they will know, no matter how the mother tries to poison their minds against you. But, you know what, if you ain't shit, kids can tell that too. So just STFU and SHOW your love by DOING the right thing by your daughter! Hint: That doesn't include violating her privacy by posting personal shit on social media.

  • Miss Thang

    Good luck with that. It only makes things worse for you in court.

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    I don't know what he did, but disciplining a child is what is missing in society today. All these overly entitled and disrespectful children. Everything doesn't have to be physical, but a good spanking when needed never hurt anyone (past the moment). I am a father of a boy and a girl and would fight to the death for either one or both of them. In a situation like this I wouldn't let anyone completely keep me away either. Children need both parents and being bitter (if that's the case) and vindictive only hurts everyone!

  • Anevay

    I wonder how his daughter feels....that is who matters the most in this situation- until she speaks up there is no way to tell whether this is positive or negative.

  • IamAllnatural

    After all that you end up in jail, then what’s next?

  • Shawty

    I agree. But as parents you damned if you do, damned if you don't. As her dad, is it wrong to discipline her if it's warranted? It's been plenty of days I got spanked and found it difficult / uncomfortable to sit. That's what discipline is. That sore a$$ teaches not to do it again. Not sure the dynamics but spankings helped us all become better people by learning what is acceptable and what is deemed not so acceptable. More kids need the smack downs we were given back in the day. Just a thought. (no judgement zone)

  • Miss Thang

    LMAO at "burnt gecko" XD

  • Guess Who

    My goodness his mental health is on a steady decline..but it's not moving faster than his need to be thirsty, whiny bytch.

  • Miss Thang

    I agree 100%

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


  • Kayke

    Witness intimidation though?
    If he has always had a relationship with his child, I doubt any father would just stop interacting because "the law" says.....he's allowed no contact at all.... that's not right. I don't see anything wrong with him letting his daughter know she's still loved by him, even though he is not allowed to interact with her. Just in case its not told to her that Daddy is away because we are MAKING him stay away

  • Kayke

    So he's an abuser that only acts out once every 7 years?

  • Faux Gibbler

    I think she means that she is afraid that the gifts sway the child from testifying- its a classic what abusers do and how many get away with it for so long.

  • Kayke

    What do loving dads who are forciblly separated from their daughters do? What's their "classic" move. I'm willing to bet his daughter doesn't know his absence is not of his own will.
    I'd fight that keeping the child away is just as much witness intimidation because that too coerces her testimony. Trying to keep the child mad at Daddy in order to get the testimony Mommy wants is wrong.....and if his interaction with his daughter makes her want Daddy around...then this is a case of apologies, not family court. I'll never be convinced child abuse starts at 9 years old from a parent whose had access since birth.

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    And all you’re doing is proving the court system correct.....so then what? Now you’re in jail and when you get out still won’t be able to see your kids.

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    Exactly....people do not think

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    The only reason it’s wrong is because he isn’t supposed to do it legally. If it wasn’t for that, I would think it’s sweet. But you know you’re not supposed so why do it?

  • Renee26

    Yeah I agree.... I wouldn't have reported the violation though (for the child)

  • Layah Jhene

    Thats you!!! But I wouldn't. Because I wouldn't put myself in this predicament to lose my kid. I'm not flying planes over my kid's private schools and sending notes, bears and flowers. FOH

  • KHJ2016

    No, there were a couple of incidents. You can do a search and you'll see...he was on the run and the police were looking for him. She left him and probably because he put his hands on her before, she jumped when she found out that he spanked his child. If your ex abused you, then you found out he spanked your daughter, you might react the same way.

  • Miss Thang

    The appropriate thing for Tyrese to do is to stay his black ass away from her and respect the court order. After all, she is the one complaining about abuse. The courts are not stupid. Hopefully a guardian will be appointed and will be able to see through whatever bullshit the parents are doing and instead find the best solution for the child. Tyrese probably would have only had to take parenting classes but now he has violated a restraining order, and if I was the child's Guardian Ad Litem I would think he has a major screw loose for violating a court order of protection. I would fight for him to get a psych evaluation after pulling this crazy stunt.

  • Arrissasso

    This picture looks creepy to me, his eyes are cold, and it’s a stabbing gaze not a loving one like a father would have if his child were close. And she’s too old to be sleeping with him.

  • Hummingbird_225

    I guess. That’s your opinion. Have a great life ?