Usher Dennis Byron Laura Helm

More details have emerged about Usher’s Georgia accuser, Laura Helm, that may jeopardize her $20 million lawsuit against R&B crooner Usher.

Helm, 32, sued Usher for allegedly infecting her with the herpes virus. In her legal documents, filed in Fulton County, Georgia, Helm insisted Usher did not wear a condom during a sexual encounter in her hometown of New Orleans in April.

But that’s not what she told her former publicist, Dennis Byron — just 2 days before she filed her lawsuit against Usher.

Gossip webloid TMZ obtained a recording of Helm telling Byron that Usher did wear a condom during their sexual romp in New Orleans earlier this year.

According to TMZ, Helm said Usher had always worn a condom when they had sex, so she wasn’t concerned about being exposed to the herpes virus. Helm is heard on the audio tape saying, “That’s why they make protection, for people who have STDs.”

But Helm’s attorney, Lisa West, tells TMZ that Helm lied to Byron about Usher not using condoms because she thought Byron would try and sell the information to the blogs.

West claims Helm was trying to stop Byron from shopping a story that Usher had an extramarital affair.

West says Helm “didn’t want to be exploited and, in her attempt to deter Byron from doing so, she told him (inaccurately) that she never had protected sex with Usher and that she did not have herpes.”

Usher Dennis Byron Laura Helm

Helm also accused Byron of stalking and extorting her in a restraining order filed 2 weeks ago.

But on Friday, magistrate Tamika Hrobowski-Houston threw out the restraining order for lack of evidence.

During the nearly 3 hour hearing, West accused Byron of selling information to a certain Atlanta blogger.

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    What she said is now a lie…because they settled the case out of court. LOL

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    her brother-in-law TI “martin luther the kang” harris

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    Okay? Is it written incorrectly or are we not following ole girl’s line of reasoning if she did or didn’t use protection?

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    Condoms do not protect against Herpes…If you don’t want someone to sell your info to the blogs, shut your mouth…

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    This bitch is just lying ? period and need to go somewhere. ??

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    Basically she’s saying she lied to her former publicist (Dennis Byron) to throw him off because she didn’t want him shopping the story around to the press. But supposedly what she filed in the lawsuit is the actual truth, and Usher actually didn’t use protection.

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    It was awful. Horrible writing, unfocused storyline. It seemed to be conceived more as a vehicle to showcase Demetria’s voice (which is fantastic) than it was a story about Bobbie Kris’s life.

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    The statement regarding her saying he always wore a condom so she never worried about catching herpes says to me she knew about it the whole time he had it and chose to sleep with him anyway. Now she is just mad because she actually caught it. So this entire lawsuit is bs.

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    I remember the first important case I got was the state of Georgia was Michael Vick’s herpes case. It was so much pressure, I was not ready for Primetime! Lawyers, News, who I can’t talk to, which way to go out the building etc. They continuously bug me to tell them info. they knew I could not tell. Condoms doesn’t stop Herpes and little do people know more people have herpes than you realize. A lot of people still don’t even know they have it yet, they have not a clue. Plus it’s’s non-reportable.

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