OJ Simpson

Disgraced NFL legend O.J. Simpson was kicked out of a Las Vegas hotel bar for drunken and unruly behavior. The 70-year-old ex convict had been partying at several bars in Las Vegas when he ended up at Clique, a bar in the Cosmopolitan hotel, according to published reports.

Hotel security kicked Simpson out of the bar after he became disorderly and started breaking drink glasses, according to hotel staff.

An amused patron posted cell phone photos of Orenthal walking through a casino accompanied by two musclebound men. Simpson seemed to be enjoying the attention his presence attracted.

The Daily Mail describes Clique as an “elaborately appointed bar – where cocktails cost $25-30 and a bottle of Louis Roederer Cristal champagne $975.”

Simpson was reportedly polite to the security team when they told him he was banned from ever setting foot on the property again.

Simpson has been seen partying at dozens of bars since his release from prison where he served 9 years for armed robbery.

He has also hosted pool parties at his $1.8 million rented mansion in Vegas.

Last month, he posed with bikini-clad models for an Instagram shot.


OJ Simpson

  • thrift.store.jungle

    this fool has laid up w-white women so long that he truly believes he is invincible. didn’t he JUST get out of prison…

    be well, orenthal.

  • SweetTEE

    This NEEGUS. Im already sick of you lol. SICCUD.

  • Quitedeliteful

    I see Orenthal still stuck on stupid…

  • You Could Never

    Where there be free OJ uproar when he carries his DUMB ass back to prison?

  • Marlika

    His black ass just does not understand the magnitude of hate white people still have for him. Whatever happens to him he deserves. Black ass ain’t been out for 5 mins and already doing the most. ?????

  • Malcom Flex

    No coon like an old coon cooning.

  • VM

    He thinks he’s untouchable all over again and doing that same behavior that got him locked up in Las Vegas. What is it going to take for him to get it?

  • VM

    He should be worn out from all that cooning.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Ion know but OJ lookinf damn good… Aging well … Time to sit down doe

  • millz
  • SaltineCrackers

    Where is Arnell?! Girl, please come getcho Daddy. Please.

  • Malcom Flex

    It’s too late this time you watch what’s gonna happen to his elderly, white folks murdering azz.

  • Malcom Flex

    But he’s gonna find out the hard way, watch how this ends up.

  • KA

    So, did O.J. see what had happened to Meek???

  • VM

    Some of them whites are carrying that not guilty verdict like its day one.

  • Luv Pitties

    I need to see him on the coon train video they should add him

  • Rachel

    Life in prison. That’s what they white folks are aiming for next. He is bound to f$$$ up again.

  • stevetheque

    Do you Juice!!

  • VM

    ?? With a karl kani outfit on.

  • dontgetblocked

    Dis niqqua still hasn’t learnt!!

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Leave O.J. the hell alone. How many ppl do this?

  • i troll it like i see it

    Have fun but not excessively, he should not be acting a fool to the point where they had to put his old ass out the bar. I will not be shocked if he ends up back in prison.

  • free

    Everybody is trying to get O.J. busted back to prison; dude should not be in bars. Stupid azz.

  • Li

    Get OJ out of Vegas now!!!! He’s going to cause himself to go back to jail.

  • Li

    If you’re on parole, I don’t think you can be in bars and drinking; right?

  • hottlanta

    Yall know somebody called George Zimmerman to track him down the same way he tracked Trayvon.

  • http://www.missjhaneuniverse.com Monday

    I remember the first few seasons when Keeping Up with the Kardashians started how the family were PUSHING “uncle OJ” (showing videos, referring to his name the time) and last week Jennifer Lawrence asked Kim K W if they spoke to OJ or went to see him…. Kim replied “only once” very quietly and the look she gave Jennifer as if “don’t go there”…

    How things have changed….

  • gntory

    This fool is headed right back to the chain gang!!!!

  • BloodBlood

    Turn up O.J!!!!

  • Noirluv45

    Some folks never learn. He didn’t learn when he KNEW they were after him for Nicole and Ron’s deaths. He went and got himself into trouble, now he’s at it again. It’s only a matter of time before he’s back, and people will be salivating.

  • Noirluv45

    Good question.

  • Noirluv45

    Chile, a lot of people do this, but he knows he has a target on his back and they are looking for any infraction, no matter how small, to get him locked up again. He’s gotta be cool and not call attention to himself. I cannot believe he’s out there cutting up.

  • Noirluv45

    You know!?

  • DeeFromLA

    Has he even been out 30 days? Already in some shit. Go sit down somewhere and chill

  • http://bettybooplover.tumblr.com/ Berry Melon

    Wow that was fast… He needs to learn to contain his anger – he’s like a switch.

  • LordeAmbler

    Ron Goldman daddy is boiling right now.

  • IamAllnatural

    So OJ wants to go back to prison for the rest of his life! He needs to go sat down somewhere.

  • Mrs.Meenie

    Satan must be proud…OJ been acquitted of double murder, spent 8 years in prison and still acting a damn fool

  • nick c

    Hover hands lol

  • Missy

    Awkward as s pic…him w/the pank toes.??

  • Wreckognize Game

    OJ will be the next person accused of groping or raping some random woman. He will be put in jail until another trial. He is an idiot

  • TheWildChild
  • Mec-One

    He got banned for a couple of broke glass ……. they didn’t want him there period …… smh

  • Daryl Campbell

    I sincerely hope and pray that the juice won’t find himself in another situation where these vile Caucasians set him up again.

  • Malcom Flex


  • XoXo

    He set himself up.

  • Trey

    And why is that?

  • free

    dude got the entire white race against him. i guess he can’t leave the country so he better go get a house in the hood until his probation is over.

  • Dowoop

    OJ looking to get sent back to prison? When will people learn? If your ass is on probation the best thing to do is stay your ass at home if you dont need to be outside.

  • Keepin’IT100

    Fake news!! Oj isn’t gonna risk going back

  • Jen_no_juice

    He’s the black George Zimmerman. Just live your life low key Juice. Cause you still a n*gga

  • Ghost

    He is a narcissist and sociopath! BIG TIME psychological issues…OJ is no fool..he knows whats at risk. I believe he did this on purpose to get attention. He can’t believe he is OLD news…nobody’s checking for OJ too many other things going on n the world…so what does he do…throw glasses in a high in bar to get attention and be in the news again…look at the smile on his face..I don’t know how his release is going to end..I hope for the best..

  • James Hudson

    Givem Hell O.J.!!

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    How can THIS be put on white people?! I knew someone in here would try though.

    I’m black, but I also take responsibility for my actions. This man has had ALL the opportunities, many of which some white people don’t even get. He has squandered them because of his pride and narcissism.

    He got off the murder charge which put a target on his back, still acted up and even taunted the judicial system and public with his book. Continued acting up and got sent to prison. Now he’s what, 70 years old?A Stop acting like you’re 20. Go and enjoy yourself but ACT LIKE YOU HAVE SOME SENSE!

  • AndSo

    He a murderer. Everyone with any sense know that.

  • ShWa

    He will land his old azz back in jail, and idgaf……

  • Noirluv45

    He sure does, and that’s why he’s so dumb. Ha, OJ, a house in the hood? Never, but that’s probably what he needs to do because I suspect he’s going to eventually go back to the big house.

  • Liah

    Its irrelevant….(Yawning) He dosnt belong to us…#NEXT

  • Gamer?? Chick

    70 yrs old and at a bar… If you don’t ge sit your old tail down someplace in your basement and sip on some Yak peacefully!

  • Mec-One

    How’s that saying go again …….. “if it doesn’t fit …… ” something something

  • Daryl Campbell

    The first sentence of your third paragraph sums up my statement. A target by whom? Who or what segment of people still to this day feel the CJS let them down a system that has never been fair or equal to people of color. You state you’re black, but I question your “BLACKNESS”

  • Daryl Campbell

    I’ll be the first to admit OJ has an Ego, but all and still he was a black figure I looked up to in the seventies. He won in a unfair, unjust, slanted system that was created to keep us at a 3/5 disenfranchised State, and those forked tongue criminals won’t stop til they feel he has been punished enough. You realize this the United snakes of America?

  • AndSo

    You crazy if you think OJ ain’t guilty. Sad.

  • MsVAllDay


  • Mec-One

    Nevermind what I think ….. we both know for a fact that he was acquitted of that so there’s no moving the goal posts round here brehs

  • Karen Brady

    Told ya’ll when he got out.. And Orenthal James shows his ass in 5. ..4…3..2..

  • Karen Brady


  • Karen Brady

    lol. different day. same coon.

  • Karen Brady


  • Karen Brady

    Why am I a day late? Ya’ll are killing me… lmao

  • Karen Brady

    Okay this got the loudest and biggest laugh out of me. I can’t with you people.

  • Yashara Bat Orion

    Is something happens to his ass this time, no one is gonna care!

  • AndSo

    Still don’t mean that he’s not a murderer. Just because I’m black don’t mean that I’m gonna stand up for someone that evil. You shouldn’t either.

  • wiseone

    This has to be the dumbest man on the planet. I predict his dumb azz will soon be back behind bars in the near future. Instead of keeping a low profile he is showing his stupid azz in public.

  • Doink_Ahanahue

    My point was, he was able to beat the system initially, but instead of living a happy life, his arrogance allowed him to think he could keep doing wrong and getting off. That is not a set up by anyone but himself

  • Daryl Campbell

    How did everyone involved in that Las Vegas fiasco get less time than OJ even a black dude with a gun? How???

  • VM

    ?? I was out done all day, you people had me rolling.