Bobby V

Singer Bobby V has a new girlfriend. But others are saying "she" is really a Shim. Your auntie analyzed the photos for signs of masculinity. I saw none. But people will talk.

If you recall, Bobby, 37, was publicly humiliated when a transsexual sex worker uploaded a video of him running from his apartment.

The sex worker claimed Bobby contacted him through for sexual favors but the "Slow Down" singer failed to pay for services rendered.

The sordid accusation nearly ended Bobby's career as a R&B singer. But I'm told he is in high demand for nightclub gigs at $5,000 a pop.

Check out the photos of Bobby V's new boo below.


Bobby V


Bobby V


Bobby V


Bobby V

  • Bossy704

    It's hard to say with the fake parts, but she is beautiful.

  • Karen Brady

    Either way ewww.

  • KA

    Guess his engagement to his baby’s mother didn’t survive the trans tryst huh?

  • PhillyFacts

    She may be a paid beard to deflect from his real beau?????

  • SaltineCrackers

    Oh God, here we go again...

  • You Could Never

    The sordid accusation nearly ended Bobby’s career as a R&B singer.

    Ma'am. His whet?

  • bhavana

    Why do people take selfies in their bathroom? I never understood this fad.

  • You Could Never

    Someone hmu when her or her frens show up to say she is a FEE-MALE.


    Shout out to Lil Kim's ORIGINAL face! (NO SHADE - I LUH HER)

  • Anunnaki

    Desperate much, if i know a man has been with another man, sexually, no way I would be up under him, cause he will repeat his fetish....some women are desperate I swear.

  • bemetoo

    It's ok he like chicks with dicks

  • Tink Tink

    Sandra be throwing the sarcastic shade, lol

  • Anunnaki

    Ill wait to see who has that answer

  • Quitedeliteful

    Maybe the lighting is better *shrugs*...

  • Tink Tink

    Imagine just getting paid to pretend to be his girlfriend and not having to do anything but take pics here and there with him. Sounds like a great dream job to me :)

  • KA



    Cuz they're narcissists. They catch their reflection in the mirror and think they gotta share it with the world.

  • Django the God

    They're s*** don't stink.

  • Anunnaki

    I guess, just ain't for me, ***shrugs***

  • Django the God

    Too young for all that.

  • Django the God

    What's he frisking for in this video?

  • Luv Pitties

    She was so pretty back then , it makes me sad to see her now

  • The Chosen One

    Fake booty and breasts. She is trying too hard. That a$$ is misshapenwd and breasts look hard.

  • dontgetblocked

    Let the mixed chick or dick deal with that.

  • Real Name

    Yeah she was a beautiful woman. I just asked who was this ???& deleted it once I saw your comment???

  • Renee26

    Hmmm the jaw line in that first pic of her by herself, fake boobs, bad BBL, and angled poses it’s possible that she’s a transgender .... or just the basic Instagram “model”

  • Renee26

    You with the beard life today! ???

  • Renee26

    The lighting is the best on my iPhone... you know they take raggedy pictures lol
    I take mine with the door as my background... no toilet, tub, sink, mirrors, or towels are in the shot though

  • Guest©


  • Tink Tink

    People be saying its the hoes that's winning. Its not, its the beards. I never thought about it until today. I mean you aint even got to really touch the fvcka, just a kiss here and there during a photo-op. I'm about to hit up The Brandista and see if there is a real niche for that in the entertainment industry, start me a up a small agency, and BOOM!!! Tink Tink and company about to move on up!!!!

  • starbright9449


  • shun king

    thats how them chicks catch Aids right there and why its rampant in Atlanta ..The women dont care as long as you got some money and/or fame they will open

  • Renee26

    I’m DYING!!! ????

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    That's a woman, all right. 100%

  • Tee Bullock

    I fell out laughing!

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    A guy with (more) money will take her from him. When I see all these SM pics, I just think of it as the women advertising for their next benefactor. Aint never seen Bobby cuddled up with no female ever, real or pretend, but now....

  • Lorenzo Chaps


  • Jackie Christie

    I am so sick of these build-a-Body build-a-whores.

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    I cant get passed how great she used to look. Skin was flawless!! You can tell that she would have aged beautifully!

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    My hubby gone be mad if he reads this but chit girl i will be your first employee. Dont play!! I might even fugg around and let the nicca grab a lil piece of titty or ass in public for the right price. That's it tho. What you do for a living? Well Monday thru Friday im in finance but I "beard" on the weekends. YESSS!!!

  • Alicia.Ashe

    Who isn’t this man????

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    I wonder how all these build a bodies gonna look in 10-20 years when they money run out and that skin starts to droop. Im glad the lordt blessed me with natural curves and a fat ass cuz all these fake body parts look crazy asf. Like aint curves supposed to be soft and sensual. These bitches curves be takin hard rights looking all aggressive. Asses be looking strong as chit too. Like geez!!!! This new found fascination with ass and wigs got people thinking everybody fake. I hate when people ask me if my ass is real. Yes my ass is real as if its only possible to have a fat ass if its store bought. Same thing with my hair yessss bish my hair is real damn!!! Chit is getting out of hand!!

  • Evillene

    I usually avoid sordid gossip and lurid speculation about the sex lives of others...but that could totally be a dude. All that silicone??!! How can we ever know for sure???

  • Layah Jhene

    SMH some of these women got extremely low self esteem. Dude been running up in Trannies for years and you still woman enough to try him anyway. Then be hollering when they catch AIDS

  • Queen B

    These hoez are hell or mayb she doesn't read the blogs smh

  • IamAllnatural

    I wonder if she gets depressed when she sees her old cute pics or does she really thinks she looks good now!?

  • ? Kari ?????????

    Remember when people use to say Ciara was manly??

  • Platoon


  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    Lls I hear that.

  • ShadesofEMPRESS


  • hottlanta

    Home Depot Aisle 2.

  • MistaO

    Men that have a modicum of sense know to avoid any female who posts pics like these. Very little value in a female with this kind of mindset.

  • Ebony N’ Sweet

    The fake Boobs and ass is probably why people think it could be a man.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Looks like a build a body shim...IT REALLY DOES!

  • Yup, I said it

    Judging by that bottleof VAGISIL by the tub in that last pic I'm confident that is an au natural woman with an au natural smelling vag.

  • hottlanta

    I was looking at it trying to see was it KY Jelly next to the candle

  • hottlanta

    Look at the series Botch and it will scare you straight. The be in there with fallen faces, fallen breasts and fallen azzes.

  • abby500

    She's on the come up and he needs a beard.





  • Daryl Campbell

    She probably uses the strap on at his demand..

  • Pebbles

    We knew she was a woman....

  • LisaNovaè

    That last photo???? Put your thumb over that bun and tell me shim not clockable ?!!! Sidney star out here voluptuous soft face and is very pretty but once shim opens its mouth you can tell that’s a mannn babbyyy!! If women would stop “enhancing” there body parts for vanity purposes rocking pounds of makeup weave men do to transform into a woman....ppl would be able to see the difference clearly....but unfortunately these days many women are sooooo artificial it’s almost a thin line between what’s real and what’s fraudulent! A man could never duplicate a natural woman but a made up build a body woman yes!

  • JustB

    Idk the verdict... but I do know the placement of those implants is all wrong... no women wants her breast under her neck...js

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    I can not stand those little ole corner’s not even in the corner, why though? And women should pay attentions to the details....move the summer eves body wash off to the sides, not in the view of the photo

  • Keepin’IT100

    That part of the agenda!!

  • Keepin’IT100

    No!! It uses his dong!!

  • Jussjess25


  • Prettybrowneyes

    Almost ended his career? Didn't know it had been resurrected ???

  • BeUtFullSoul

    Well , I guess we have ANOTHER ONE that wants to be ig "famous", we see what her ASSets are...what ELSE does she do?

  • Judas & GOD

    Bobby who? I don't know him

  • Guess Who


  • SDot

    Altered body...Yes it's a shim.....

  • Sarah7

    I don't know if it's a man or a woman. But what I'm really trying to figure out is what he/she wants with Bobby Valentino.

  • Daryl Campbell

    Ha,You are definitely keeping it 100!!

  • Indies beauty

    Good for her. But issa no for me.

  • Rayne

    Yea that's man!

  • VM

    She bends over to the front and touch them toes. Lol.

  • SweetTEE


  • SweetTEE

    Or bends him over.

  • VM

    ?? Savage.

  • Birdman24

    If that is a man damn it I am going to be in trouble one day......

  • Rayne

    Sure are. It's getting harder.

  • Tink Tink

    First, I'm male, second, me and my my wife will be the first clients whether she likes it or not #FamilyHustle....but don't worry, I think Trey Songz or Odell Beckham gonna really need a beard soon, so I got you.

  • Shawty

    I'm sure that little table has to be moved every time that door opens...silly place to put it. And for some reason people posting selfies don't tend to look at the background they in not understanding that everyone else does.

  • Shawty

    Glad I'm happily attached. Dating in this day and time is crazy. It makes me think of Forest is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get. The unclockable is real! I can't tell who from who now a days. Trickery at it's best! Unfortunately I can't tell WHAT it is! Down right scary!

  • Bam Bam Li

    It has too many fake bits, tis a man's!!! ?_?

  • mocha brown

    Issa Man baby!

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    Oh no I dont let any body touch my hair except my mom, sister or my stylist. NOPE!!! Well my husband too if you know what i mean LOLOL but I will literally part my hair with my fingers so they see its all mine. At first I liked the reactions but now I'm tied. I'm not gonna lie tho during the time i was pregnant with my last I used a more expensive prenatal vitamin and my hair grew a good 8-9 inches. Deep condition weekly and It just keeps growing and I get a trim once a month. My mid section was also still flabby after a couple months so I used a waist shaper while I was working out and it really helped with the additional weight around my midsection. Shit this body took hard work at the gym after my babies not surgery.

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    hahahahha big lots furniture... I hate those pointless tables too!
    I thought it was nair??

  • Desiree

    *Puts thumb over bun* LMAO

  • hottlanta

    Betta ask somebody. I don't have time to prove what is real and what isn't. If you don't believe it that is your problem not mine's.

  • Chocolate

    Ok, so let's say it's not a man.
    Then it's a woman who is ok with him liking not just trannies, but hooker trannies.
    Not just being ok with it, but flaunting it...
    And do they include black trannies in the HIV rate as black women? This would answer a lot bc that ratio is high asl.

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    I could be wrong, but I "think" that's a woman. The forehead, eyebrow area, and jawline don't look masculine. The body def looks fake but look at Blac Chyna and Kim K's bodies, along with soooo many other females on IG. I think it's a woman with lots of fake bits.

  • Gone Too Far


  • laidbackgal4real

    Looks like a woman to me !

  • MRiGOThim

    the last 2 pics she looks a lil hard in the face & of the body is fake & those tits are too high up :P

  • SouthernGirlAZWorld

    No ma’am it’s Vagisil coochie wash. I know it when I see it.... I use it during that time ?