Kim Kardashian leaving an event at The Grove

Fashionistas slammed Kim Kardashian for ripping off designers for her Kids Supply clothing line. Critics are outraged that Kids Supply carries several pieces which look very similar to designs by Commes des Garcons and Vetements.

Kids Supply admits their designs are near replicas of Commes des Garcons and Vetements, but KS say their designs are not direct rip-offs because they pay "homage" to the well-known design houses.

The fashion faux pas was first noticed by Instagram blogger Diet Prada, which posts images of designer knockoffs.

"Just when we thought you may have rocked the glitter better than Bey, you had to go and rip an extremely limited edition @commedesgarcons x Kosho & Co souvenir jacket for your @thekidssupply line AND that one-of-a-kind custom sequin @vetements_official dress made specially for North. Great message for the little ones!"

Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian


  • Soda

    Honestly, what mother and daughter would wear those Reynolds Wrap dresses?

  • Blue


  • Blue

    I'm here for the comments.

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    That aluminium foil dress is atrocious ?

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    I'm lost... With this ...?

  • MissHarlem
  • tintin

    Pay homage!!! I guess all those ppl that illegally copy other artists music and then get sued were paying homage too. Oh puleez Mrs West get your own ideas for once

  • 5000BlinK

    Thought Halloween was over... Why you posting costumes.... Its Christmas...where the giveaways!!!

  • 5000BlinK

    Everybody else steal..... why people get mad when chick up top steal???

  • Ms.Vanilla

    I like my sistah girl Kimmie..

  • 5000BlinK

    I like her Brother Khole...... He my faveeeeeeeeee

  • L.T.L. Since 2007

    Why is this news? Isn't the whole klan known for "borrowing" from others, and flipping it as their own?

    I challenge anyone to note one original idea that came out of this coven that actually took off. ORIGINAL, not inspired by or paying homage to.

    Fukking thieves.......

  • L.T.L. Since 2007
  • Desiree Edwards

    lololol--but sequines are a big trend!!!

  • Youngblood

    that lil gurl look a hot mess in that outfit and she seems like a lil brat


    If your a parent and your dressing your child like any of the Kardashians buying their brands supporting their products... Uhmmm They are not the problem... You are!

  • missarewa

    people have way too much time

  • Clopretty

    Well first of all its ugly sooooo who cares!! Everyone yelling ohhhh their piece is the original half of designers get their ideas from things people have already done and things they've seen!

  • Anunnaki

    Just ignat...lmaooi


    Lmaoo When the public is so dumb that they think that people who have never been original are going to start now... Everything they do has already been done they just get more media coverage... And people love non black women who copy...

  • Kayke

    Sequins is a trend every January... Happy New Year.

  • 5000BlinK

    I try....

  • Ms.Vanilla


  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    KIM look a mess

  • jazmine

    Dubya duck game was so proper

  • MistaO

    The problem here?

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    why dress your kid in adult clothing? You simply got an adult dress in a child's size. Tacky.

  • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD

    Well she looks a hot azz mess and so does North. That baby cant even see all that shiny shyt in her face! #girlbye These heffas have never done anything original in thier lives. Faces, bodies, nothing is original about the Kardashians.. why start now?

  • darealwifey

    Big fashion lines take "inspiration" from smaller lines all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've seen "edgy" smaller lines ripped off. Nobody was designing "hobo" clothes before Kanye, but you see those types of clothes everywhere now.

  • Shawty

    Ok that's a little too much. Kids can not rock the same things as adults. Especially if body parts are being exposed.

  • Reina1718

    They are the copy cat queens

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_

    i wish y'all let kids be kids .. the hell. smh.

  • Vegas1989

    I agree with you on that. They stole the idea from Build-A-Bear to Build-Their-Body...SAD..LOL

  • isaiit

    No they are thieves and culture vultures

  • Vegas1989

    I know girls who tries to be like them. SMH they are old trying to be like them...SAD...They be wearing padded butts to get attention....SAD....And they are too old for that nonsense. I wish I could video tape them. But I don't work there no more...Hot mess. Very High School

  • SDot

    Im not a kk fan but whats the big deal. She birth this child, and is raising her. If you dont like how she dress her kid, buy North's clothes.

    SOmetimes yall need to worry about more important things

  • Karen Brady


  • Karen Brady


  • Karen Brady


  • Karen Brady

    reynolds wrap... teeee heeeeee

  • LeXx

    Ummmm this post is abt her ripping designer's off not how she dresses her kid ?

  • TheOwley

    What's the fuss? We know she ripped Frederick's of Hollywood for this look on her kid. She wants your kids to look the same. And look at clueless daddy in the back who said his kid will never be exploited.

  • Shawty


  • Shawty

    cracking up

  • Shawty


  • Just this one time

    LOL, Oh my that's a good one. This is what I read the comments for!

  • SDot

    Ummmm how u gonna tell me wtf to write? Did u read the article?

    Also I can say/type what I want. If u don’t get it move on.


  • LeXx

    Godly reading and reading comprehending is FUNDAMENTAL..... Where in my comment did i EVER tell u what to write? Also its obvious u didnt read or comprehend the article bc it clearly states she copying other designer clothing... This had absolutely nothing to do with her dressing or how she dress her kid....

  • SDot

    Oh I see u wanna be teacher, I’m always right type of troll.

    Guess what. U blocked. Still not changing shyt.

  • LeXx

    Sis are u OK????? They make pills for yr type of crazy... Or maybe this is Tyrese ?

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    I'd expect nothing less from her, the whole clan.

  • Monday

    She copied black culture from get go and no one said anything... I guess now folks are waking up... Nothing new here... We are talking about the Kardashians right??

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    That one bored family.. They have nothing left to do but make sure they stay in front of the camera...Go to Armenia..BYE!

  • starbright9449


  • unknown user

    Kim... I actually like you so im not going to inquire about why you look so gaunt now days. Hows Kanye?

  • kekeb

    Culture Vulture copy cat clan

  • kekeb

    Omg exactly!!!!!!

  • kekeb

    Not These?! ???????

  • kekeb

    Same thing I said

  • kekeb

    True. Still at right

  • kekeb

    Not padded butts?!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious!!! What city is this in??!!

  • kekeb

    And u know I actually tried to come up with something. I got nothing but NORTH AND SAINT, but more than likely that was Kanye's brainchild

  • Truth

    I don't care what y'all talking about if she gets that little girl out of prison she can be black if she wants to.No black person did nothing everyone just talked as usual.Leavr her alone she birthed black babies and she will make sure they are rich !Don't hate !

  • Applebum

    Kids Supply line? No more of their stupid kkk initials that they’ve used on all of their crappy products. They probably think they’ll sell more if they don’t have the kkk brand on it. Lol. I’ve never and never will I buy anything from that family. Even if their items were free I wouldn’t take them.

  • Lady Elle

    Not surprised...this isn't the first or last time they have stole somebody else's idea.

  • sunni_daze

    But the dress is ugly and looks uncomfortable and shaped poorly, who wants their babies in that mess.

  • Daryl Campbell

    Wow, She looks horrible and her toes are hideous.

  • Berry Melon

    What was she thinking? Halloween's long gone. Kim must have been watching too many sci-fi movies.