Georgie firefighters hailed as heroes

A Georgia firefighter is being hailed as a hero after he caught a child who was thrown "like a football" from a burning building in Decatur, Georgia, a city northeast of Atlanta.

The fire occurred on January 3 at the Avondale Forest Apartments in DeKalb County. The DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department uploaded the video of the rescue to on Sunday (watch video below).

The video shows Cpt. Scott Stroup reaching out and catching a limp girl who was thrown from the 2nd floor of the roaring inferno by her father.

Stroup is seen running with the unconscious child when he suddenly slipped on a piece of equipment and fell to the ground.

Fox 5 Atlanta news described Stroup as "collapsing to his knees" after he slipped and fell.

“We were catching babies like a football, literally,” Capt. Eric Jackson told reporters. “There were adults that were on the balcony that were dropping their babies right into our arms. We had a couple firefighters catching babies, so it was just really incredible.”

The blaze displaced about 80 people from their apartments. The DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department say they rescued 12 people, including eight children.

The Avondale Forest Apartments has been the site of numerous fires in the past.


  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    I was overjoyed when I saw this man catch that baby . Chile ..... Bless him... ???

  • shay2shaymd

    This video made me cry.. WOW

  • Bonsai

    It sounds like the baby was screaming and once the fire fighter slipped and fell that’s when the screaming stopped. God bless the fire fighter but I think the baby was knocked unconscious when he slipped and fell on top of her.

  • xenaD

    Oh my... that’s incredible

  • Kanyade

    bless them.

  • BingBangBoom

    That's why I don't do apartments. Ummm No not me sir.

  • You Could Never

    I saw this. Listen. Those firefighters the real MVP. While folks run away from a burning building they run into one. Selfless. I salute them.

  • kekeb

    If I was rich, I'd buy the family a house, and give the firefighters enough to sit down for a while LOL. Glad everyone is ok

  • kekeb

    That's all some people can afford though

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    had tears man ... appreciative as hell... Firefighters don't get enough shine .... but I see em ... some of the best Hero's with low pay... we got to make some changes with that... people who save should be paid thee damn most... ?

  • You Could Never

    THIS. All of it.

  • the guest

    This was painful to watch. So happy the babies were rescued.

  • Ruth

    You do know houses go on fire all the time.

  • Renee26

    Awesome display of them doing their job...they are everyday heros

  • Dowoop

    Better than being burned alive.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    God Bless Heros that Risk their Lives daily!

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Your post is about to make me tear up.

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    God is so good!!!

  • Kita Williams

    watch the show 9--1 with Angela Bassett. it literally highlights everyone from the dispatchers to the police to the firefighters and shows the emotions that they go through before, during, and after. it's emotional. all the craziness in the media about police we forget that someone is on the phone with those ppl while they scream, terrified they may die while on the phone. the firefighters knowing the building may collapse or they may lose their own lives but they still push through. selflessness!

  • Look@m3

    Lord this is rough to watch!

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Never heard of that show... I will check it out ! Thanks

  • Kayke

    I watch this several times and cried. Omg. Just omg.

  • Kayke

    I think that was more vasovagal syncope.

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    That's all there is in some places i.e NYC

  • Chocolate Bliss

    Heart in my throat! I almost choked on the food I was eating because this had my throat tight with emotion. Thank YAHWEH they were saved!!!

  • Allihave2say

    He fell but HE NEVER LET GO!!!
    Each time I see this I get tears of joy, excitement and pain for all of them. How amazing is it to be so brave as to risk your own life everyday to save the lives of strangers?


  • Wayup!

    I was all in my feeling.. Watching this..I can't stand to hear women scream..?

  • ?Royalty?

    I thought it was a firewoman, not a man. ?

  • RealATLPeach36

    I think it’s a man AND if so I want to role play. I jump out the window and he catches me and we make love on the floor. Ooohhh the window is fake, I’ll jump off my table it’s rather high?????

  • RealATLPeach36

    Exactly so he can catch me 5’9 152 yelp oh yes!!!!

  • Upside Junta

    Just googled it. I learned something new today ?

  • BingBangBoom

    Yes that is true.