Rap mogul Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, The Ludacris Foundation, and John Casablancas partner to host the 1st Annual #ME event to bring youth empowerment event to young girls in Atlanta.

The #ME event will be held in Atlanta on Sunday, March 25 at 7 p.m.

JC Penny, the retail sponsor, is providing clothes for each of the girls so that they can rock the runway with their own personal style. Key topics include: Branding One’s Self, Creating Your Own Personal Style, and Discovering the You Inside of You.

“We want to highlight the importance of leadership, education, self-discovery, and self-love," said Ludacris. "It is so important that we all, especially young ladies, dare to dream and manifest those dreams in ways that move our families, communities, society and the world forward."

The #ME event is a private event and is not open to the public. It will be moderated by Roberta Shields, Luda's mom and President of The Ludacris Foundation, and Jennifer Durazzo, Executive Director of Operations for the John Casablancas Agency.

The #ME event will serve over 50 teenage girls who have already registered to attend.

This will be an experience full of glitz, glamour, fun, introspection and visioning for girls to learn about themselves, as well as, to learn communication skills, interview techniques, makeup/beauty tips and more. Additionally, the closing fashion show will be emceed by a special surprise guest.
About The Ludacris Foundation

The Ludacris Foundation was officially established in December of 2001 to sustain Ludacris’ commitment to make a difference in the lives of youth and families. The organization was created to help young people achieve their dreams through the encouragement of ‘Principles of Leadership and Success’.

"At The Ludacris Foundation our mission is to help youth. We aim to show young people that they are the builders of their future,” said Roberta Shields.

About John Casablancas Modeling Centers

The renowned John Casablancas Modeling Centers was founded over 30 years ago to develop the undisputed path for people seeking to improve their self-image and learn what it takes to enter the entertainment business.

Source: Barry L. Florence
Principal, BDC Entertainment

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

  • Trey


  • SpillyNillie

    This is nice. I hope the attendees have fun and learn as much as they can about self love, sisterhood, and community.

  • MsPam

    Great cause, but still don’t like Luda! #notsorry#

  • Yoni7

    What type?

  • angrysolo

    don’t care don’t care
    luda could have every bit of me

  • You Could Never

    This dude does A LOT. And I love him for it. Just dont like him at times. Eh.

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Quitedeliteful

    I like this and I like Luda for giving back in a meaningful way. He doesn't just talk a good game and then just give out a couple of turkeys...

  • Kim’s Original Face

    Love how Luda gives back...just love!




    Nice but I wish it was open to the public....

  • NeverSurprised

    This is the same man who went into court, lied about his income, then ended up taking a BABY away from her mother, all so he could avoid paying child support. THIS is the man who supposedly cares so much about the plight of women? Give me a break.

  • joel adams

    Not feeling this AT ALL. he should've let his wife do this. #ME??? I'm all for girl/women empowerment...but c'mon Luda...riding coat tails on a movement that shook the industry for a lil bit seems a bit....expected. Most of his tracklist ain't really supporting hoz...i mean womem

  • Alicia.Ashe


  • Dreadboi

    What's sad is in this day and age of empowering girls to reach for the stars and dream to be whatever your hearts desire is,that society fails to also promote and provide resources for the millions of little boys growing up with dreams and aspirations(sic) of becoming something other then rappers,ball players etc.

    Society wonders why boys grow up to become what they are and attribute it to fathers not being in the homes but alot of it comes from lack of motivation when it comes to doing good in educational settings due to the concentration of one on one help fostered on the girls then boys,lack of social education when it comes to how to speak carry oneself in social settings,and how to manage emotional issues from anger to depression..

    While there is nothing wrong with empower young girls to dream big wish celebs and male power shakers and movers in our community start addressing the problems young males of all races face because you can't advance a cause or community when only half is being helped..

  • Kimberly King

    We definitely need more programs to empower and influence young black boys. We have more than enough for the girls. As a teacher, I have boys who come from broken homes, some who are homeless, and who've been abused. You'd think his wife would do this... All these boys have to look up to is bum ass athletes who show off the badly shaped beastiality babes they're humping. I had an 11th grader say "white girls are better." I asked him how does he know since he's never been with one. This ninja said "shit they killing the game on IG." Black men, FATHER YOUR CHILDREN! And to my fellow black women, please stop letting losers impregnate you. These young black boys are so lost.

  • KHJ2016

    His wife could have pulled this together. She must have something to contribute, so I am unsure why she isn't the one organizing this event.

  • Fire & Ice

    Yawn!! Most of these men have done nothing but exploit women, with their lyrics and videos, now they're jumping on the band wagon.

  • MistaO

    All this woman, female crap is starting to get redundant and tiresome. More than this boys need affirmation as well. Again, all this female empowerment stuff is hella tired at this point...????

  • ThaGuru

    I agree. More for the men ESP. As a black men you should be developing programs to help black males stay away from the school to prison pipeline. I just never liked him anyways esp after taking his break baby away from the mom


    boys and men ain't worth shit in this country.. young boys don't need uplifting? most of these boys don't even have fathers. at least a young mother has a woman in the house..