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One of America's richest men is headed for the cleaners. Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa Trump are headed for a nasty divorce, according to the NY Post's Page Six.

Multiple sources tell Page Six that the Trumps are struggling through marital problems and are heading for divorce court after 13 years of marriage.

While they have not legally separated yet (for the sake of their 5 children), the couple is said to be living separate lives.

The 40-year-old avid hunter is frequently away from home on business or off on an African safari to hunt big game.

Donald Trump Jr

In February, Vanessa had a health scare when an envelope containing white powder was delivered to her New York apartment. Everyone in the apartment was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

“It was terrifying for Vanessa, who is naturally worried for the safety of her children," said a source.

Last year, Don Jr. asked to have his 24-hour Secret Service detail removed, saying he wanted more privacy, after two Secret Service agents took selfies with 8-year-old Spencer who was asleep in the back seat of a car.

Spencer woke up and freaked out when he saw the agents taking pictures of him.

“Vanessa is by nature a very low-key person, and she is uncomfortable with the attention her family is getting now the Trumps are on the world stage," a source told the Post.

Meanwhile, a separate source close to the couple insisted the rumors of a divorce are premature.

“Donald Jr. and Vanessa have been dealing with some issues, but they are not yet at the stage of filing for divorce. They are trying to deal with this privately," said a source.

“Don is still living at home, is a good dad and is super involved in his kids' lives. He has always traveled for work, so his current schedule is not something out of the ordinary. He has a busy travel schedule now as he always does.”

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  • The Dutchess

    He ain't the only Trump headed for divorce ?

  • Coy little wink

    * crickets

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  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    How tf she could stomach that pussyfaced soft bitch boi in the first place is beyond me

  • millz
  • shun king

    it is not the time and place for this she need to chill until after the reelection

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    Them whores are trynna jump ship while it's slowly sinking. Nuh uh hoes, we will remember You omarosa sarah melania ivanka hell tiffany's ass. We ain't gonna forget you holding them white men's hand while they destroy the country. Ole step ford wives asses

  • stav

    I'm certain no one here cares!

  • Vonn

    Just like his lying ass good for nothing pappy.

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  • shun king

    could you tell me one thing Trump has done thats detrimental to America?

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  • Roderick2011

    Are you blind and deaf?
    He's divided this country more than anyone else in recent history and he's made being a racist acceptable.

  • Roderick2011

    I call him the Chinless Wonder.
    She tolerated his a$$ because his daddy was rich.
    Well now that it's not so much fun being related to Daddy Trump she's jumping ship.

  • Kayke

    Preemptive strike. Divorce and give her all the assets so when/if he is indicted, those assets can't be frozen or taken because they'll be vanessa's.

  • We Can Do This

    Acceptable again!

  • Roderick2011

    You're correct because Jr. is definitely going to jail.
    Mueller has the evidence.

  • kimberly

    Lol well In Melania defense she don’t be trying to hold his hand

  • Cannelle
  • hi-liter

    Good for his turkey chin arse.

  • Kayke

    Precisely. Divorces typically don't happen during office or before reelection so obviously something is more pressing.

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  • Rayne

    Good. Maybe this will inspire melo to divorce donna. ????

  • i troll it like i see it

    I got a feeling all the Trump wives are leaving after this presidential term is up. They are probably only staying for appearances. We know Melania can't want to get the f*ck out of there, she signed up to be a kept woman not this sh*t.

  • KarmaBackAround

    She getting out now before hubby is move nessa

  • Logan Roberts

    Don probably sent that envelop to Vanessa. Away from home alot=mistress.

  • Lady_Elle

    Great points!

  • shun king

    folks didnt turn racist just because trump in office...i guess you dont remember the Uproar started when Barry Obama wanted to put gays in the bathroom like little girls that is what divided the USA

  • MoniquetheGeek

    Why? papa trump already on marriage #3. jr's divorce ain't going to tear the trump cult apart.

  • teather

    Got that right. It's in her best interest for those kids to distance herself from him now, before they deal with his incarceration. Conjugal visits unnecessary. She probably tried to convince him to ease up on the "taking over the world" agenda. But, greed is a mfer.

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    Oh lord, more drama. The whole family should do a reality show.

  • Kemi

    Don’t wish divorce or broken family unit on anyone. But this trumplizard had this coming. His venomous daddy is such an example of not holding marital values/family values sacred.

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Can’t stand none of em

  • dontgetblocked

    They'll be fine either way. We're the ones who have to get up everyday and hustle for a living.

  • Jethro

    They already are.

  • Jethro

    It's never the time or place for anything with you reich wingers.

  • Evillene

    "One of America’s richest men is headed for the cleaners."

    You lost me right there.

  • Allihave2say

    They will move most of the assets and money to her in the divorce and it will be untouchable as a result.

  • Allihave2say

    Great minds think alike. I just wrote the exact same thing above.

  • SandraRose

    You're so young. Please Google the term "take him to the cleaners".

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    White substance delivered, secret service eliminated, always away on some trip...Hmmmmm a setup for the kill... She better sit her arse down somewhere.


    I can honestly say I didn't see this coming...... I really dislike hunters. Especially people who go to Africa just to hunt...

  • ImWoke

    He’s so consumed with his father and his issues that he’s neglected his own family.

  • hottlanta

    Please he ain't hunting elephants he is hunting for another wife like his dad.

  • gvah_styles_you

    #pardonme....."reelection"?'s just an election, where one can be re-elected to a 2nd term in Office. #NOT #MUSTbeaTRUMPuniversityALUMNI ...well-TRUMP has already proven that intellectual prowess is one thing he does not OWN, nor was it par for the course for ANY of his minions. #YOUwillNEVEReraseOBAMA #WHITEcantCANThideBLACK #ITwillALWAYSbleedTHROUGH

  • Kayke

    Really? cause last I checked police aren't beating and shooting "gays" and going unpunished..... But tell me again how sexual preference and a Bill that only one state passed and then repealed has brought Yt supremacy back to the forefront. Sounds very interesting.

  • Evillene

    Thank you, I've been told I look 20 years younger than my true age.

    But no, Auntie. It was the "one of America's richest men..." part. We don't even know Drumpf Sr's true net worth, and Jr only gets 1/4 of that. After impeachment Twitler's net worth will be zero -- and 1/4 of zero is zero. Miss Thing is getting out just in time.

  • zero options

    You lost me at "Twitler"

  • SandraRose

    Trump Jr. is a business owner who also runs his father's companies. He probably stacks more Benjamins than his father. The last time I checked, Trump Sr. lost $400 million of his net worth over the past year.

  • the guest

    Nothing can convince me that she was ever attracted to him. She married for prestige, image, and security and that remains her priority, hence the divorce.

  • Malcom Flex

    Marrying up. More bw need to look at it like that. Her kids will want for nothing.

  • shun king

    that obama bill allowed gays in highschool to go in the womens restroom...cops been shooting folks and going unpunished way before trump got in office...

  • shun king

    how about this kim jong un want a peace treaty with america once that is done trump will be a shoe in for reelection

  • Joi Calloway

    Like father like son, on to wife #2!????????

  • suganspice68

    I am not surprised!

  • suganspice68

    Donald Trump Jr and Eric are ugly men with horse teeth and funny shapes

  • mark1984

    its not hunting standing around shooting animals in a state park

  • Rhondalousey

    I hope the african safari hunts back. Thats not fair, leave those beautiful creatures alone.

  • free

    both she and melania seemed loyal til this presidential shyt. they digging too deep on the trump men now. the difference is the shyt is no longer hush hush in central park circles. the entire world is gonna hear their secrets. DJ must have a prostitute too.

  • Stacey J

    Well she's 40...that's about the shelf life for a Trump wife.

  • Kim’s Original Face

    Take him to the cleaner sis!

  • Quitedeliteful

    One of America's men is headed for the cleaners
    It's cheaper to keep her...

  • BeUtFullSoul

    And I care because ???...oh NO, actually I DON'T...Good day Roses :)

  • Tausha T. W.

    This story matters. The Secret Service grossly disrespected the president's grandchild. That tells me they don't care about the president. They won't take a bullet for him even though that is in their job description.

  • TawnyDelux

    happy friday jr....thats all i got


    How many times has his father been divorced? that's their way

  • Mrs. Joyce

    Yep, but Black women are called gold diggers when they marry up.

  • Marlika

    This whole family deserves any and everything bad thing that happens to them!

  • Guess Who

    Nah nah nah....Let's be honest.

    He caught her being azz pounded by some studly black man whom she previously paid for services whilst attending a "mandingo party". She had dude dress up as Kilmonger. He screamed out racial epithets and went on long tangents about cultural appropriation and white privilege as he tore her sphincter loose from her body.

    She liked it, Donnie Jr. watched it all - like the cuckold he is - with baited breath.

    This is where it took a turn for the worst. When he tried to lowkey lick Dontrez's buttcheck, he got his neck and head rocked hence humiliating and hurting Donnie. THAT is why he wants a divorce.

    He didn't get to play in any butt pirate games.

    Ok, I'm clowning....but it sounds totally plausible.

  • ShWa

    She found out the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.....

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    I bet their balls smell too yuck

  • Trace da Ace

    hmmmm.....something in the milk ain't clean.....she probably found out some shit that she can't shake....and is about to clean his ass out on the $$$.....none of them Dumps are worth a shit....

  • Roxie Moxie

    They look like brothers.

  • Roxie Moxie


  • Roxie Moxie

    Do you really think any President thus far is "for the people"? None of them ever will be so our debating about the issue is moot. Presidents are selected, not elected. The "elections" are just a figment of our imagination which gives us the illusion of free choice. It's the ultimate chess game.

  • the guest

    Exactly. And now she is divorcing up.

  • the guest

    Trump men married women loyal to security not the man. The only woman who married a Trump man for love is Trump Sr.'s first wife Ivana.