Desiigner is facing a defamation lawsuit after accusing an Instagram businesswoman of conducting "college scams" on social media. The one-hit rapper is being sued for writing an Instagram post accusing Jessica Brown of scamming his sister.

Brown claims she helped the "Panda" rapper's sister, Siera Selby, land a place in prestigious HBCU Howard University in Washington, D.C. through her company College Gurl, which educates students on how to pay for their higher education.

Brown also allegedly arranged for Siera to have access to a storage unit while at the school, but the youngster ended up dropping out, leaving some of her belongings behind in the locker.

Brown reportedly reached out to Siera to return her items, but Siera told her she no longer wanted them. Later, Brown was put on blast by Siera's famous big brother, reports

In a since-deleted post on Instagram last August, Desiigner is accused of telling his 1.7 million followers:

"This girl is a fraud. Tried to scam me into paying for my sister to get into Howard University and now she is trying to hold my sisters [sic] belongings. Please stay away from her and her college scams!!"

He also tagged Brown's company profile in the post, and now she is suing the 20-year-old Brooklyn native, real name Sidney Royel Selby III, for defamation and invasion of privacy. It's unclear how much she is seeking in damages.

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    Everything does not equal lawsuit. Y'all need to have several seats!!

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    morning roses, folk still tryna get a dolla

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    What a caring Big Brother.

  • mona q

    Everything is not meant to be posted online. His intent was to damage her reputation. If you say something about someone that isn't true and they have a business, then you should be prepared to be sued for defamation/libel. Especially if what you are saying directly relates to how they conduct their business. This woman can prove her case being that the young lady dropped out of college for whatever reason and she tried to give her the items she left. He deleted his statements from the internet for a reason...because somebody told him he could be sued. The damage was already done if the statements were up for any amount of time. I will also say that it is very upsetting to see a black person tearing down another black person who has a company that could help thousands of black kids.

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    He's only 20? Wow! #hardknocklife

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    That's sounds scammish to me.... How did she get her in by educating her on how to pay tuition? She's a middleman and they often aren't needed and don't do much...just insert themselves to get money from folks who don't know how to go straight to the source.

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    post on Instagram last August

    Talk about OLD NEWS!
    Be a fence March 1, 2018! Folks got bills due. WHO thinking about and bringing up this boy and 7 months ago posts, tho'?

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    SAY THAT! Somebody tried this shat with me and my daughter a few years ago before she went off to school. Had a seminar on the sh!t and everything. The only reason I went was because I was letting my daughter find her way/have a say/learn the ins and outs of preparing for a higher education. Somebody contacted her and she set the appointment. I went. No questions asked. Then these folks got to talking about "pay us and we'll do xyz....." SKEEERRRRTTT! Say what nah? Uh no thanks. Out of courtesy I came to see what this was about. However, everything they spoke about, I ALREADY KNEW! Thanks, but no thanks. Don't call us, we'll call you. Bye, Scam!

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    Money hungry and greedy people refuse to realize that. Ill gotten gains never prosper.

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    Ummm couldn’t she get that help from her school counselor. Blah I don’t care.

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    Exactly! They'll talk you into essentially paying them to do something you can do for yourself. Scam!

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    I don't know who none of these new fangled rappers are....

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    I'm not knocking her hustle but who really needs this lady to help them get into college. Isn't that what your school counselor is for? Suing sounds like a waste of time.

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    Desiigner should have deleted this picture...

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    Hate you ?????

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    Siera’s famous big brother.......yeah thats a FAARRRR reach Sandy....this fool had 1 song out 2 years ago...then vanished......and I HATE that he makes that ugly ass face in all his pics...NO BUENO

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    I love the song Panda....Thats all I got

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    Ok he wrote it and posted it somewhere. I was wondering how he communicates because I couldn't understand anything he's ever said in interviews.

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    Whatever the damages are that she seeks, I’m almost willing to bet he doesn’t have it...

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