BFFs Blac Chyna, left, and Amber Rose were spotted arriving at the launch of Amber's new line, Simply Be. The pair looked sultry in their form-fitting outfits as they celebrate at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood.

Chyna's teenage boyfriend, rapper YBN Almighty Jay, claims they broke up. It should be noted that reality TV people often "break up" or "file for divorce" or "cheat on their partner" whenever they need press to promote their latest ventures.

Photos by 42 / BACKGRID | Maciel/BACKGRID

  • Renee26

    Is that one of the outfits?? Ion know Ion know

  • RespectSelf

    Chyna really be making money moves.... I guess I hope it works out for them.

  • Nikkiknows

    Chyna is looking slimmer...looks good.

  • Coy little wink


  • hi-liter

    Has Angela joined K. Michelle in her quest for a normal size azz?

  • Dun Dilly

    THOT gear?

  • SpillyNillie

    Chyna and Amber both look good here.

  • Trace da Ace

    well for once...they BOTH look cute...Chyna must got a new make up person...cause her face is looking better as far as the makeup is concerned...and didnt Amber get a tit reduction?? They still look big AF to me.....

  • Owww76

    2 Thots of Fun on the stroll. Waste of space and time!

  • supastar

    they on the prowl!

  • Karen Brady

    Amber needs a stylist.. she always looks so basic to me. Chyna slimming down.

  • tintin

    Yes Chyna looks smaller. She looks nice

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    I aint gonna lie I miss seeing these Heauxs together...this shit warms my heart..

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Child Bye with these two!

  • Kimberly King

    Chyna can do no wrong in my eyes. BAE AF. I just wish she would do what K. Michelle did and get rid of that faux ass. My heart can’t take it anymore!

  • Carrington

    What's a good name for two women with a line, who've both lost their men to Kardashian's? On another note - Chyna looks great. Looks like she got that jello removed from her ass.

  • FukkFolks2018

    They look pretty. I love you Angela! Keep doing you sis.

  • FukkFolks2018

    When she was posting them...her workout vids were ridculous. Keyshia Kaoir puts in that work in the gym too.

  • BingBangBoom

    I wonder if Chyna regrets putting those holes in her face.
    Also what does she do beside get her nails done, shop, take pictures in her back yard and lay up with men? #fashionova

  • WutizstillHERE!

    They left out the last word of that line..Simply Be..Heauxs.. A line for thots trots side pieces and gold diggers.. it includes on the tag of each outfit the number to Dr. Hotel for the butt injections..a turkey baster and ready to use condoms already pin pricked for convenience...

  • AListDiva29

    BC's on her last minute of fame and is going start acting desperate soon! I believe PMK has been trying to get her blackballed in Hollyweird so they can claim she's unstable and get custody of Dream. Amber is likable sometimes, but she's going be harder to shove out of the spotlight!

  • Latisaj

    Don't forget the cotton balls and crazy glue.

  • Dahl

    Chyna looks like she’s been dumped, she seems de-pressed...

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    BC's make-up looks better than what I've seen on her in a long time. AR's tidday's look the same.

  • Simone

    All I know is Tiny, Chyna and Khloe always know how to put on a good face after they've been cheated on...well in Chyna case after she does something reckless.
    * They don't give two fuks about what anyone thinks.

  • Trace da Ace

    aint it!!! I said that same thing down

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    "new line" of what? antibiotics?

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Scented itch cream

  • E-VannaRootsAllEvil

    Maybe she will depress out the limelight and give us a break

  • Vegas1989

    I Swear...If I see one more Blonde, Off Grey, Beige Wig I think I'm going to be screaming and just yanking it off peeps head. I'm so tired seeing this trend. Then I'm going to email my Dr. and tell her what I did and they are going to tell me to just check myself in at Module 5.......LOL

  • Panther Charleston

    Yep, BC does look depressed. But AR cheesing hard. She got that "I got my girl back" glow.

  • SweetTEE

    Damn right.

  • SweetTEE

    waab.. It's funny cause its true.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Chyna aka Dolly Parton

  • morenYAHdelsur

    In Jesus name ??

  • Kayke


  • Kayke

    She did.... they use to be trip H’s for Holy Hell those are Huge.

  • ibedatchick

    Correction...Amber Rose has collaborated with the British Fashion house, Simply Be.... It's not HER line, she did a capsule collection with them. And all she did was "edit" items they already sold. Giving her more credit than is due

  • Victorious82

    Angela’s make up is cakey

  • Logan Roberts

    Oh look, two garden tools ?

  • Jussjess25

    Hate you! ??

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Who buying this Frederick of HollyHood trash cloth?

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    And Marylin Monroe CRIED???

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    They look Tired AND RAN THROUGH?

  • Solstice

    Hollered then fell all the way out!! ????

  • Jennifer

    Amber looks like she's taking Chyna to the biggest trick in town! And she can't wait to get paid! But Chyna doesn't wanna go.

  • Tiff J

    LOL Looks like the scene from Player's Club when ole girl was scared to dance at Jr's party.

  • NIA

    She still BLACK no matter what HAIR,COLOR …. fake and BAPHOMETS ….

  • Tasha Nicole

    Amber Rose used to be a bad one, she fell off so hard.
    Black Chyna looks good until she turns around

  • Reina1718

    Old hoes lol.

  • SummerBaby

    It should be noted that reality TV people often “break up” or “file for divorce” or “cheat on their partner” whenever they need press to promote their latest ventures.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


  • Candance

    Chyna looks wore out! She needs a nap!

  • Sofiyah Balthazar


  • IChosetheBrownDollbaby

    Chyna's hair and makeup look good.

  • Guess Who

    So sad when 30 and 40 something year olds won't do different shyt....

  • Jennifer

    LOL! Exactly!!!!!


    SHe looks nice for once but why are we looking at these former strippers???

  • flamingoshake

    Thank you. I was wondering how she was just going to use an active brand's name. Love SimplyBe!