Clermont twins

A former Kanye West model flaunted her extravagant lifestyle on social media, financed by a dead man’s debit and credit cards.

According to The Blast, Shannade Clermont, 24, arranged for a hookup with an unnamed John for $400 worth of prostitution services in 2017. Hours later, the man was found dead of a drug overdose in his luxury apartment.

Surveillance video from the apartment building shows Clermont entering and exiting the building.

Police say Clermont and her twin sister, Shannon, both former stars of the Bad Girls Club reality TV show, went on a shopping spree. They racked up up over $20,000 in charges on the dead man’s credit and debit cards between Feb. 2017 and May 2017.

The retail and online purchases included:

  • March 13 — Two airline tickets purchased through travel site in amount of $324.36
  • March 15 — Two payments of $324.36 to another airline
  • March 25 — $552.10 to a retail store
  • March 29 — $447.83 to a retail store
  • March 29 — $125.27 to pay a phone bill
  • March 31 — $1,441.30 to a rent management company
  • March 31 – April 3, Over $500 in payments to an online retail store
  • April 3, $969.47 to a retail store
  • April 4 – April 5, Retail purchases in amounts of $2005.80 / $4,255.80 / $4,172.12
  • April 5 — Attempted airline purchase in amount of $315.92

Clermont was arrested and released on bond on Wednesday. Her sister signed her bond. The twins appeared in ads for Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6.

Prosecutors plan to use social media posts from the sisters’ Clermont Twins account which shows them rocking expensive clothing, shoes and handbags.