Shannade and Shannon Clermont

One of Kanye West’s favorite models Shannade Clermont was arrested and charged with allegedly stealing a dead man’s debit card and identity.

The former Bad Girl‘s star, who was featured alongside her twin sister Shannon, in Kanye’s famous Yeezy season 6 promotional images, has been accused of racking up $20,000 worth of unauthorized charges on a man’s debit card after he died in his home following a prostitution date with her.

Officials say, in 2017, Clermont stole the debit card “of a man she had visited for a prostitution date and who was found dead in his apartment the next morning from a drug overdose.”

According to The Blast, a coroner’s report determined the unnamed John died of a cocaine and fentanyl overdose.

Investigators say the 24 year old Instagram model was spotted by a doorman as she arrived at the apartment building with the victim hours before he was found dead.

Investigators recovered the man’s iPhone which contained text messages linked to Clermont’s cell phone.

Numerous text messages show Clermont reportedly agreeing to meet the man at his apartment to provide sex services in exchange for $400.

Officials claim Clermont went on a spending spree with the man’s debit card, charging over $20,000 to pay her rent, phone bill, and plane tickets.

Additionally Clermont is accused of making online purchases of clothing and other accessories worth thousands of dollars.

She has been slapped with three federal criminal charges, including wire fraud, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft for taking the debit card information.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman insists Clermont will feel “the full force of the law” when he is done with her.

“As alleged, Shannade Clermont … lived up to her reality series reputation,” Berman said. “Clermont’s new reality is federal prosecution for her alleged nefarious conduct.”

Clermont was released on $100,000 bond late Wednesday, according to The Blast. She was seen leaving the courthouse with her twin sister Shannon.

The U.S. Attorney tells The Blast Clermont’s bond was co-signed by two “financially responsible persons” including her twin sister.

She must submit to random drug testing and drug addiction treatment, pretrial supervision, and surrender her passport.

Additionally she must refrain from “possession of personally identifiable information,” and She is also not allowed to possess a firearm.

Shannade Clermont