Bankroll Fresh

2 years after rapper Bankroll Fresh was gunned down outside an Atlanta recording studio, someone shot up the home of the slain rapper’s mother in downtown Atlanta late Monday night.

Investigators tell Channel 2 Action News that the late rapper’s mother was not injured.

Her niece suffered a graze wound to the shoulder from a bullet that passed through a bedroom window in the house on Smith Street.

Police say the shooter fired more than a dozen rounds at the house from a semi-automatic assault rifle.

“It’s really a senseless act,” Atlanta police Capt. Andrew Senzer told Channel 2 Action News. “A complete disregard for human life.”

Bankroll, whose government name is Trentavious White, was affiliated with College Park rapper 2 Chainz, who was himself the victim of an armed robbery on the west coast several years ago.

Bankroll was 28 when he died. His murder remains unsolved.