Sheriff: No Familial DNA to Confirm Identity of Missing Hart Girl

Hart Tribe

Hannah Hart, one of 6 adopted children who perished when a lesbian couple committed murder-suicide earlier this year, may never be officially identified. Hannah is pictured far left with her siblings and parents.

Authorities say Jennifer Hart, center, was drunk when she got behind the wheel of her SUV and drove the family off a cliff near Westport, Calif. on or before March 26.

Searchers recovered the bodies of Jennifer and Sarah Hart and three of their adopted children, 19-year-old Markis Hart, 14-year-old Jeremiah Hart and 14-year-old Abigail Hart.

Two more bodies later washed up onshore. One of the remains was identified as 12-year-old Cierra Hart, pictured 3rd from left. But a skeletal female foot found inside a child’s sneaker may never be positively identified as 16-year-old Hannah Hart due to a lack of familial DNA.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in an email to CrimeOnline Thursday that the familial DNA they have is not sufficient to make a positive ID on the foot.

“The DNA work is still pending as we are in search of a better comparison sample for identification purposes,” Captain Gregory L. Van Patten wrote. Patten did not respond to a follow-up email from CrimeOnline.

According to CrimeOnline, the sheriff’s office has stopped releasing information on the Hart family investigation.

The news media has buried the Hart family story and shifted their focus to the separation of immigrant families at the border.

Devonte Hart, 15, (pictured 3rd from right) and Hannah Hart, 16, are still considered missing.

Devonte gained Internet fame when he was photographed embraced a Seattle cop and crying.

Child Protective Services of Washington state confirmed launching an investigation into complaints that the couple was abusing and starving their six adopted children.

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    RIP babies *sads* I would say something about the parents but I am keeping today positive. Happy Friday lovely rose garden!!

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    This is not the way to start a weekend..

    Good-morning to all Roses and Thorns..

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    I will say it. .. Those cave demons burning in hell … #Blewp

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  • NeverSurprised

    “According to CrimeOnline, the sheriff’s office has stopped releasing information on the Hart family investigation.”

    And the silence of black democrat leaders is deafening.

    SHAME on you, Maxine Waters
    SHAME on you, Elijah Cummings
    SHAME on you, ALL members of the
    Congressional Black Caucus
    and yes,

    And SHAME ON YOU, BARACK OBAMA as you flutter over to Beverly Hills to raise millions for the white-ruled DNC, SHAME on you for continuing to elevate the image of GAYS above the lives of black children. You know your $150mil Netflix deal would be immediately squashed if you ever criticized these gay murderers of black children, so you remain silent. SHAME ON YOUR GREEDY ASS.

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    Ion wanna seevthis all weekend. It’s hurtful ?

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    Forreal!! Death on the new post. I can’t!

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    damn….my heart breaks every time I read a article on this situation….so sad so many beautiful babies had to die at the hands of a drunk, stupid, careless, ignorant devil!!! My God take those babies souls to heaven.

    damn…. I’m gonna need some happy posts today….

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  • the guest

    You know your $150mil Netflix deal would be immediately squashed if you ever criticized these gay murderers of black children, so you remain silent. SHAME ON YOUR GREEDY ASS.


    Harsh sad truth.

  • Guest

    Thank you for the update. I need them to find all these babies. I stopped looking for updates because the more I kept reading the more depressed and emotional I was getting.

  • Kemi

    This is too much emotionally. Hope they are recovered.

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  • hi-liter

    The news media has buried the Hart family story and shifted their focus to the separation of immigrant families at the border
    Really Sandra? I mean, these two stories are so different. I don’t want to continue to hear about how this woman committed suicide and selfishly took those children with her. This isn’t really news, shit we know what happened, why continue to talk about it. Immigration is an on going issue.

  • hi-liter

    SO, let me get this straight, you think Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, and any other Democrat should stop criticizing what is happening in the WH to turn all their time and attention towards a lesbian couple who adopted ALL these damn children probably JUST to get money from the government, and then just because she is unhappy with her life, turn around and murder them? Chile BYE…Yall got shit all messed up. We all ready know what happened to them, SHE KILLED THEM. What else should all these people you mentioned be doing about THIS PARTICULAR situation?

  • D-MoneyfromMaine

    While I agree that this is a tragic, sad, situation…it does not and should not matter that the parents were gay. Heterosexual parents, couple, and people murder and rape children everyday! At an increased rate even. So yes attention should be brought to the subject at large, but this should be a Bi-PARTISAN issue. Why are you only calling out democratic leaders? Since all lives should be valued regardless of race and gender, where are the conservative voices on this issue? Oh yeah they are to busy pushing their false narrative and propaganda, pretending to be so caring about children/ pro-life…..while at the same time blocking laws preventing the victims of child sex abuse to seek justice and identify their predators; tearing down laws to provide adequate healthcare as children are disproportionately affected; pushing laws and funding that render education separate and unequal; openly support known pedophiles such as Ray Moore; blocking policies such as paid family leave(one of the few developed countries with no federal policy in place) of working mothers during the most vulnerable and potentially mortal time of a baby’s life; the whole Catholic church abuse scandal…I could go on. And oh yeah Barack OBAMA is not the current president, and when he was your conservative friends did everything in their power to oppose ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he tried to do regardless of the implications and who it may effect. But they are the party of family, personal liberty, and America first….LMAO.

  • NeverSurprised

    When did I say they should turn ALL of their attention to this matter? NO BLACK LEADER HAS EVER SAID ONE WORD ABOUT IT, yet they never shut up about the illegals. Those illegals are NOT their constituents — BLACKS ARE. They are elected to protect the rights of AMERICAN CITIZENS, so forgive me for assuming black children should be included in that equation.

    The fact that you are making EXCUSES for their silence is the reason blacks remain subjugated — because powerful black officials who SHOULD be standing up for them are not. And you have the audacity to speak in defense of these feckless politicians.

    Assuming you have the intellectual capacity to do so, I ask that you expand your vision. This is ONE case. But the number of white gays adopting black children was increased exponentially in recent years. WHO KNOWS HOW MANY OTHER BLACK CHILDREN ARE BEING ABUSED IN THOSE HOMES?

    Those women got away with starvation and abuse for years BECAUSE they were gay, and because no one cared enough to protect those black children BEFORE they were killed. How many more WHITE GAY adoptive parents are enjoying the same level of immunity? THAT is the question black leaders would ask IF they cared. But they know people like YOU will never demand that they care about their OWN people, so they do nothing.

  • hi-liter

    I’m not reading all this shit because you still ain’t saying nothing.

  • Lil Cali

    Thanks Sandra for referencing one of the companies my hubby works for “ Crime Online.” Awesome.

  • NeverSurprised

    That old progressive trIck of trying to divert attention whenever anyone shines a light on the predatory, abusive behavior of gays won’t work with me, hun. Nice try though.

    Yes, there is abuse by straight adoptive parents, but complaints about them are not IGNORED FOR YEARS as was the case here.


    You want to talk about child predators? Fine. Gay men have been engaged in that behavior for centuries, which is why they were kept AWAY from children. Now white gays are adopting young black boys at a rate faster than any other group of adoptive parents, so they have easy in-home access to their victims. NO ONE dares question their motives for fear of being called “homophobic”.

    But thanks to a new CONSERVATIVE administration, over the next few years we will see more cases brought on the state level questioning adoption policies that fail to adequately investigate GAY homes before placing children there. And in about 5 to 10 years, all of the homo-friendly damage done by Obama will be OVERTURNED by our solidly conservative Supreme Court.

    I am angry about what happened to these children, but I am elated about the conservative turn this nation has taken. As you libs know all too well, we are winning on EVERY front ( must be pretty scary for you dems) Soon, we will have a SOLIDLY CONSERVATIVE SUPREME COURT THAT WILL OBLITERATE OBAMA’S GAY AGENDA that has done so much damage to our children. And nothing could make me happier.

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    I’m not surprised. A short attention span is one of the results of our failed public school system.

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    Long winded comments equal BS.

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    I just keep thinking about that pic of the boy hugging the police officer and crying… :(

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    Congrats to your husband. CO is a great blog.

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    My heart goes out to those children. I know they were so terrified riding in that car. May God be with them. This story makes me so ?

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    It saddens me to… but I pray and think she put Ambien in some of the food they ate. The one who was driving so the kids hopefully were sleep through the ordeal!

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    Just f-in sadd… Ugh

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    Sandra you right about this story being buried. I would definitely want to know about updates for this story.

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    I hope so! Lord, for their sake. This is so heartbreaking!

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  • Black4life

    This story is goes a lot deeper than the public realizes. Devonte and another child body were not found in the vehicle. The Hart women were involved in Satanic rituals and pedo activities in the Oregon woods. The media is not telling the truth about these children. They were abused and molested but nobody is talking.

  • Black4life

    One of the Hart women was supposedly spotted in San Diego, after this so-called tragedy. No information on any funerals for the children no interviews with family. Something ain’t right.

  • Fuk.U.Fuk.Him.Fuk.Her.Fuk.Yal

    Child protective services should be sued….

  • ImWoke

    Definitely not hard to believe. I look at the picture above and always notice how tightly Devonte was clutching his fist. Although he was smiling he definitely had some anger pinned up inside

  • D-MoneyfromMaine

    So your think by overturning so-called gay legislation that child abuse and murder will magically stop? lolol…again, I am not condoning anything that happened in this case, but to imply that child abuse is mostly committed by gays is some Pat Robertson Infowars Alex Jones B.S. Most is committed by HETEROSEXUAL MALES. Period. There are plenty of cases where CPS ignore child abuse and this is no different. I can recall 5011 cases of missing, abused, or exploited children where absolutely nothing was done. This is not a gay/straight adopted/biological issue.

  • D-MoneyfromMaine

    My general point is to conflate homosexuality with pedophilia is unfair, dangerous, and irresponsible. Not agreeing with their lifestyle is one thing, pedophilia and pushing stereotypes is another.

  • Strappyheels

    None of this story adds up at all!!!

  • TransMichelle

    Our people aren’t respected and neither are our children. I saw the picture of Charlize Theron with that little black boy dressing him up like a girl. They get kids from Haiti for sex slaves they caught a white women with about thirty of those children. It’s so much that go on in the black community we don’t respect ourselves and the outside world don’t respect us either. Those poor children.

  • TransMichelle

    Odamba never cared about black people. He used us.

  • TransMichelle


  • TransMichelle

    Amen truthful post

  • Black4life
  • Black4life
  • Jamal Warner

    We are living in a system of racism white supremacy. If we are anything it is the result of racism white supremacy. It sounds like you are blaming victims for being victims. If someone mistreats someone it’s not their fault. It is the fault of the abusers. It says a lot about the abuser. Go figure!

  • ImWoke

    It sure does

  • TransMichelle

    Stop with the white supremacy act. The only white supremacy is in our people’s inability to clean themselves up. Mental slaves is worse than being a physical slave.Excuses, excuses, excuses. The victim mentality is played out. And yes it can be someone’s fault for being mistreated if they just stay there and take it.

  • Daiseymae

    The children should have never been in those crazy ladie’s custody in the first place. They system failed them from the beginning.

  • Jamal Warner

    How is it someone’s fault for being mistreated? Explain. Was it the Jews fault in Germany? Secondly, are you saying systemic racism does not exist and millions of people are making it up? Further, I suspect you may not be non-white. Go figure!

  • cleopatra04

    They are teenagers and look how small they are. The system has yet again failed our children.

  • Disgustd

    They know those hoes killed the two who snitched and their bodies are yet to be found. Can’t tell me that it’s a coincidence that the last 2 to tell on them in Washington are the 2 that still haven’t been positively identified? BS.

  • Disgustd

    White mental Illness and sociopathy. That’s all it boils down to. It’s like trying to have an intelligent and logical conversation with the crazy person on the subway. Cannot EVER work or be fruitful.

  • Disgustd

    I believe it. This is a news article with the aunt who had taken them in soon after their biological mother lost custody. It is heartbreaking. You will never convince me that they wouldn’t have just issued a warning to a white family if they had of broken rules about not having contact with the mother.

  • Disgustd

    Ugh. Franklin Scandal. This is a dirty, dirty secret of the US. There are tens of thousands of young black girls, women and boys that go missing each year and most of them are not dead. Pedo & sex rings are pervasive in the US and we are disproportionately targeted, as with everything else sick & depraved in the country.

  • Disgustd

    It looks like he’s about to choke him out. With a sick, perverse smile while he does it. But this is the same demographic who came up with necrophilia, scat-eating & animal brothels so should we really be all that surprised. I often wonder do they just do the sickest ish imaginable b/c they don’t feel alive otherwise? Like the walking dead. Literally.

  • Disgustd

    “Shelton said, his voice agitated. “We have been disappointed by so many relatives before, that act like kids are the property of the parents, and they’ll say what they need to say just to get the kids back to the parent …” If that ain’t the musings and mindset of a white slave owner I don’t know what is? Like, how dare a nigra actually think they have rights of ownership to their own pickaninnies?!

  • Disgustd

    So I wonder what causes all the spree killing white inbreds engage in at public schools? Genetic predisposition to mass murder perhaps?

  • free

    wow, what was REALLY going on?