Michael Beasley, Fatima Smith

Fatima Smith, mother of Los Angeles Lakers forward Michael Beasley, died of cancer on Sunday. Beasley, 29, shared a photo of his mom on Instagram.com on Sunday. He captioned the image "Mommy" alongside an angel emoji.

Beasley, who was born and raised in Prince George's County, took a week off to be with his ailing mom at her Maryland home. She requested to attend the Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards game on Dec, 16, according to a team spokesperson.

Smith and her son watched the first half of the game from a luxury suite. Beasley briefly rejoined his teammates on the bench for about 10 minutes before returning to be with his mom in the 2nd half.

John Wall led the Wizards past the Lakers 128-110. After the game, Beasley's teammates showed their support for him and his ailing mom.

"It's happy to have our brother back, see a smile on his face," said LeBron James. "The game of basketball's done so much for him and for him to be able to get away from whatever situation he's in, I know it's a bright spot for him. I just try to give him respect. I'm ready for him when he comes back, that's for sure, but it's all family time."

Kyle Kuzma said, "I couldn’t imagine going through it especially with the relationship I have with my mother. I know he has the same. We’re all here for him, giving him a helping hand for whatever he has. It was just great to see him.”

Smith, a single mom of four, worked multiple jobs -- sometimes 2 jobs in one day -- to support Beasley and his siblings. Beasley later told Sports Illustrated he didn't have a father figure growing up.

After he got a speeding ticket, Smith confiscated his 2003 Chevy Tahoe for two weeks and ordered him to write a note of apology to her.

The Kansas State University standout was the #2 pick for the Miami Heat in the 2008 NBA draft. He purchased a home for his mom and assisting her with opening a hair salon.

Beasley played for 7 NBA teams and a stint overseas before the Lakers signed him for the 2018-19 season.

He missed 10 games for "personal reasons" to be by his mother's side.

"We take our jobs very serious but we know that there's always real life happening and that's always the most important thing," Lakers head coach Luke Walton told the Los Angeles Times.

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

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    So sad so young... RIP Queen

    Prayers for the family ?

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    Oh no sorry for his loss. Prayers for the Family

    Marry Christmas to everyone!!! Be safe!

  • Faithz

    Prayers for him and Family, Just came from a Sisters Funeral it was hard, and still hard.

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    May his mother rest in peace.

  • Truth Or Die

    Cancer has recently surpassed heart disease as the number #1 killer in the U.S. (#3 is the medical system itself!). Your chances of being diagnosed with cancer in your life time is approximately 1 out of 2. One hundred years ago it was about 3 out of every 100 and two hundred years ago and further it was a very rare disease and in some parts of the world practically non-existent. The average cost in care and treatment for one person can easily run into 6 figures. Cancer is not a natural disease, it's a manufactured BUSINESS.

  • tintin

    Very sad, look how young she looks
    Cancer is scary ..sometimes i fear i will hear that I have it. My mom , sisters and brothers are heavy cigarette smokers and i really wish they would stop i beg them to. All we can do is pray when the Lord calls, nothing we can do about it

  • MissMaryMack410

    Very beautiful & youthful looking woman. I?? for this young man and his family regarding their loss.?

  • Ni Ni

    He missed 10 games for "personal reasons" to be by his mother's side
    Someone finally gets it, money ain't everything. I get so sick of these "the show must go on folks." Glad he sacrificed for her like she sacrificed for him.

    Sad but heartwarming story. Mom was a beautiful lady. May she rest in peace, and i believe the young man will be able to get back into it knowing that he was there when it mattered and not having to deal with regret. ?

  • Anji

    A peaceful rest for this young woman. I have cancer. It doesn't have me. Cherish each day...good and bad. It's called Life...and it's beautiful. Blessed Season Garden!

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    Omg. I'm so sorry for her fam.?

    Take your rest Fatima Smith. I'm sure you have cancer absolute hell

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    RIP....such a beautiful woman. My prayers go out to the family and friends.

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    Sad! Rest In Paradise

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    Awe I’m so sorry to hear this. Especially during the holidays ?

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    Wow... Wasnt expecting this. Know him since he was about 10... Dated his dad. In leu of her death I'ma keep their story clean sans his claim of not having a father figure! Smh

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    Having a father and a father figure are not the same.

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    He was a devoted and loving son to her. Rip and God bless their family.

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    Exactly Sandra! They should just keep it positive and move on or shut up. People are always waiting until the worst moments to talk slick. Smh.

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    Beautifully written!

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    The money is in keeping people as sick as possible for as long as possible.

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    The women can't even die without the side piece trying to throw jabs.

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    Profit is in the treatment...never the cure...the food and everything else helps in keeping the business of “cancer” alive...smh

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    ???????? continue being strong!!! ?F!&$ CANCER!!!


    Lol ? well dayum

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    You are messy. That lil piece of info wasn’t even necessary.

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    Absolutely! Many blessings to you, Anji!!

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  • Anji


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    Wow. Really...why the f**k you wanna leave a comment then.. just so you could say you dated his dad ??? Go on the f**k ahead with you’re dried up menopausal vagina having a**.

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    Thank you.. attention looking b**ch.

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    Hello! Thank you Sandra

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    My condolences to him and the rest of her family. Losing a parent is hard.

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    Sorry for your loss, Faithz.

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    Thank you for your restraint. I’m sure you would want the same for yourself and your family, if a similar situation occurred.

    I hope it was autocorrect and not you trying to be fancy and ratchet at the same time..”in lieu of” means in place of and “sans” means without.

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    Thanks for your Kindness!
    Happy Holidays!

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    Rest In Peace Queen.

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    Too soon.

    Whipsers Lip Alley in 4 weeks.

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    Well, she should've encouraged "dad" to be with and take care of his kids, then.

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  • Skin Deep Beauty

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  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Y'all don't know WTF YALL TALKING ABOUT!!!

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    Nothing side piece here TROLLOP... THATS YOUR JOB!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Your MOTHER!!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    True that!!! I never said it was!!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    This negative blog wreaks and drip sarcasm and messiness... Child BYE!

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    LMAO.. unlike like some my love . I'm never afraid to say I'm from the "hood"... with a Phd in molecular biology researching at Columbia Medical.
    My legs open up every single night for my HUSBAND OF 14yrs.
    And oh I'm 40 and stunning.
    GO GET YOU're LIFE THIRST BUCKET. Tryna get noticed off of a deceased woman. Pathetic much

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    Beautiful sister. R.I.P
    Wow. She did a great job raising him to take control of his life and be successful. Being a single mom is a thankless job and has it's rewards. I'm glad she got the chance to see it before her transition.

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    Merry Christmas!

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    Well, I’m going to pray for you tonight. I will ask God to give you peace, serenity, and many blessings

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    You're correct! The cost of treatment has left some people's life savings completely depleted.

    And yes, Food, water and everyday products (lotions, deodorants, hair color ect) are all aiding in making and keeping people sick.

    Make us sick, and put us on a life time of medication, which continues to, pad the pockets of these pharmaceutical companies. Everybody wins but us.

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    Toodles Poodle ???

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    You should change your handle to Soul Deep Ugly... Your comments are not becoming of a mature adult. #DoBetter

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    @nini great post.. survivors guilt is hard. Its very comforting to know that you were on good terms with a person when they died.

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    RIP! ?? Cancer sucks

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    Sending luv & hugs your way.

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    Thanks for your Kindness ?

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    Rest Queen. And he is a gorgeous man.

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    That's rough.

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    Sending love to him and his extended family. What a tragic event for a young man. I know many can understand his pain.

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    You’re pathetic.. Bitches like yourself will never prosper. This man was raised by a single mother because his deadbeat “father” was too busy chasing bitches like yourself. The dick that you sucked is a deadbeat dad, who lied to you about his relationship with his kids. GTFOH with that BS and stay in your place. Besides, there’s a reason that loser is your ex.

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    These comments went sour fast.. smh. Praying for his family, death is hard all around but the holidays is especially hard. Dont know about you’ll but it seems that more people died in 2018 than any other year so sad....

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    My deepest heartfelt condolences to him and his family.

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    Me and her share a baby father (her oldest son) and I didn't know until she was gone. Sad.

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    Her first child's father is also my first child's baby father. I so get what you're saying and I'll leave it at that too.