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You said you don't want to read about Cardi B or Offset in 2019, but we're still in 2018. Cuban Doll, an Instagram model who was linked to Cardi's promiscuous husband, Offset, has been cleared of gun charges following an arrest earlier this month.

According to The Blast, the L.A. District Attorney declined to press charges against the 20-year-old rapper who was detained by cops during a traffic stop while she was out partying with rapper Kodak Black in Hollywood earlier this month.

Police searched the Doll's purse and found a loaded handgun. She was arrested and the rest of her crew, including Kodak, were let go.

The L.A. District Attorney's Office declined to press charges because the gun wasn't registered to the Doll or anyone else in the car. Since the weapon was recovered in a shared vehicle, it would be difficult to prove the gun was hers.

Cuban Doll is best known as one of the rapper's two mistresses whose names turned up in leaked text messages that showed Offset attempted to arrange a threesome with her and IG model, Summer Bunni, while Cardi was pregnant with her daughter, Kulture Kiari, over the summer.

Offset and Cardi reunited in Puerto Rico where they were seen riding a Jet Ski together over the Christmas holiday.

Cardi's fans are not convinced that the break up wasn't a PR stunt.

Photos by Prince Williams/ATLPics.Net, Instagram.com

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    She took the wrap simple ????? I can see how that convo went isnt kodak already put on bond? He cant get another charge

    He either paid her and those attorney fees.

    Seen this scenario too many times

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