Tiffany Pollard

Rihanna tapped her friend Tiffany "I Love New York" Pollard to promote her Fenty Beauty products for holiday gift giving.

Tiffany, who had a lot of work done over the years, appears in a video promoting the brand's line of makeup products for ideal Christmas gift giving ideas.

Wearing a curly wig and heavy makeup, Pollard, 36, says, "I'm the original H.B.I.C., and THIS is the holiday gift guide, you guys!"

Pollard chooses a Fenty Beauty foundation for women who were not fortunate enough to be born with Pollard's natural beauty and flawless skin.

"It's holiday time, y'all," she says. "Listen, we 'bout to bring in the New Year and we are not accepting no greasy, no ashy, nor no ugly bitches!"

She adds: "The only way to remedy that is if you pick up this Pro Filt'R Foundation. You're gonna look flawless; you're going to be killing the 'Gram, Facebook, Twitter, I don't care where you live at, how you make your money!"

The following are the products Pollard pitched for the Fenty Beauty Holiday Guide.

  • Pro Filt'r foundation: $32
  • Killawatt Foil palette: $54
  • Stunna Lip Paint: $24
  • Frost Hunny eye & lip: three piece set: $39
  • Snow Nights three lipstick set: $36
  • Diamond Bomb all-over, diamond veil: $38
  • Kabuki brush: $34
  • Gloss Bomb in "FU$$Y" $18


      i love new york! pun intended. this is a cute video and i’ve never seen anyone wear fenty products and not have a beautiful glow. may have to purchase a few products.

      happy holidays roses.

    • SweetTEE

      Get that check Hun!!

    • Kim’s Original Face

      Pollard chooses a Fenty Beauty foundation for women who were fortunate enough to not be born with Pollard's “natural” beauty and flawless skin

      Fixed that for you aunty.
      I love fenty products.
      New York is a vh1 legend that is all

    • HeyGirlHey

      Where you live New york. Not were..but continue on.

    • Yardgirl

      I have always liked New York!! Get it girl!! I use the Fenty Gloss Bomb and it is great. For eye pallet though I use HUDA warm brown, theeeee best for my skin tone.

    • Shira Harding-James

      Yes she picked the perfect personality!
      I love New York!

    • ShadesofEMPRESS

      Love some New York.

    • jeniefrumdabloc™
    • Judge Mental Will

      36???? I thought she was pushing 50! Damn! Thank you God for not aging me.

    • Jay

      Yess Miss New York!!! Get them coins. Still dont know why she doesn't have her own show

    • Marya

      Rihanna is a top 5 female singer of this generation.

    • Fire & Ice

      I'm glad Rihanna's tapping black women to promote her products. Get ya coins Tiff ?

    • Navybeans95

      Great choice RIRI..??

    • SandraRose

      "Where you live New york. Not were..but continue on."

      The 'Y' is always capitalized in "New York." But carry on.


      ????? mess auntie, but you right ?????

    • the guest

      Rihanna is wonderful. Look how beautifully black women can be marketed when the brand owner cares to market black women beautifully.

      I am not a daily make up wearer but I do like Fenty Beauty and Pat McGrath cosmetics.

    • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD

      Sandra for the point!!!

    • KcoolMuziq

      Tiffany(whom I sat behind at Real(Ahmad Givens) from vh1's "Real Chance Of Love" reality show funeral) Is actually very beautiful in person and she took his death hard..

    • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

      Rihanna has done so much to represent every type of women i best never hear yall shade her in favor of yall fake empowered cheating camel taking back fave.

      Love me some new york, i worked for her mother for a few months and although she was a pickle tiff was always awesome.

      Im buying all that ish

    • Rayne

      Tiffany was funny lol. I’m supporting Rihanna because if I can buy nars, ester lauder, mac and chanel I certainly can slide some coins her way. Ion know how my makeup shelves gon handle it tho ?

    • Renee26

      Tiffany is soooo nasal and fake...her and her ugly momma irk my nerves. They are the epitome of bougie

    • Renee26


    • jeniefrumdabloc™
    • HeyGirlHey

      True, but at least I know how to use the word.

    • Readytochokemothernatureout

      Proud of Rihanna ????

    • FukkFolks2018

      I'm sorry.

    • FukkFolks2018

      "Fa la la la la la...pick dis shit up"?

      All of her shows and Flavor of Love's are I want to say Tubi. Maybe Crackle. My daughter has become addicted to them tho. Lmao?

      You are still a trip Tiff.

    • Shamwow

      Yasssss!!!! Us supporting Us! Keep it going!! Keep up the good work!! I love how NY just owns HBIC ?? I hope she trademarked it.

    • Marya

      It’s almost not fair for women of color to have such beautiful features, I’m so jealous.

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      New York still crazy as hell too. How can you not laugh when she's on any show? Give it up Deelishes you look like a man.

    • stav

      Hysterical !

    • Sushi

      Bougie, and uncouth, out of all people .....

    • IamAllnatural


    • Whirl


    • IamAllnatural

      New York looks better now than before, but I don’t believe she’s only 36 years old.

    • missmiami305

      Tiffany looks AMAZING???

    • Renee26

      Uncouth...that's how you know it's all a charade. You can't pretend to be top notch high class and get nasty like she has in the past. She's pretty, wears a lot of make-up and she's edgy so I can see why RiRi hired her... But she still gets on my nerves

    • Allergic2dumbstuff

      Not here for the OG HBIC, but the wig looks good on her. Yo, Nene, this is how ya do it.

    • Sade

      She looks really good

    • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

      This is a good look!
      Yaaass, NewYork, flawless!??
      Yaasss, Rihanna, Young Boss Chick!??
      ?? ??

    • Sushi

      True, no shade, but her asstitude, is butt ugly....

    • ClaireHuxtable

      NY looks good...softer.

    • ClaireHuxtable

      She was 36, 36 years ago...

    • ClaireHuxtable

      He seemed like an all around good guy.

    • dontgetblocked

      She's aging hard. RiRi this is not the move for your line.

    • Skin Deep Beauty

      It surely da FAWK is NOT!!!

    • Skin Deep Beauty

      Sure was!!

    • Panther Charleston

      You know y'all done covered Ms. York from the east to the west. Now, let's bat our lashes to Rose's fabulous shady azz writing. I ain't got no time to do a decent rhetorical analysis, but all Sandy's backhanded appeals and downright hating logos is hilarious.

    • Mona Lisa

      This is the best I have ever seen her look. Is this a wig or crochet braids? I need to find one like this.

    • Panther Charleston

      Btw, Pollard looking 70s disco good. Glitter glam, ma, glitter glam.

    • Skin Deep Beauty

      It's a NO FOR ME. I REFUSE TO act like it's ok that we are represented by such ratchedness!! Sick of this mess!!

    • Fated4greatness

      Go Tiffany! Represent Upstate New York!

    • Dollface

      This must be the affordable line of products

    • Coy little wink

      I like that necklace where can I get one in silver...

    • Vonn

      Not a fan of this gal. I'm happy that RiRi's line is successful.

    • Coy little wink

      Tell Mary J too...and mama combs...

    • tia

      New York looks really matronly here. I like it and she looks damn good!! She is a real live character. Good for her!

    • abby500

      How random

    • 8532233

      I "like" both ladies... But Rihanna's line must be on the decline, to stoop this low...Dolla Dolla bills y'all.... I'll Say!

    • morenYAHdelsur

      I weirdly adore this nut ?

      OT: y’all saw what Offset Daddy had to say?

    • imright

      i like Tiffany & im happy for her? bad gal is a goodt look ?

    • imright

      yessss hes on social media complaining about Cardi being on social media? make it make sense

    • Harley

      These birds are coming up boy! Where is the class? I wish society would stop praising trash

    • Faithz

      Make them coins Girls.

    • morenYAHdelsur

      LOL! Right!

      That son of his needs some accountability! Blaming Cardi for things that his son caused ?????

    • LYRICS

      I've ALWAYS liked this bish!!?? Even after FOL, she stayed "quiet", yet "loud" and we never really "forgot" about "Ms. New York" EVER!! SEEEE, who knew she even knew RIRI! LOL! Like how she moves, always have!

    • Sha

      Nice come up, but what about class, so not classy at all.

    • SpiceGirl

      Ummm Robin...I could have done thisthat for you. Pff at Tif <----lmbo

    • free

      she has a nene nose.

    • Jordan’s Memory

      Can you imagine her on the home shopping network, those white folks mouth would hit the floor! lmao I thought it was funny but I can only deal with this chick in very small doses.

    • free

      oh wow! offset's paw sounds surprisingly literate. notice takeoff keeps his sh*t 100, quavo does his thing, and offset's parents seem legit decent. however, offset is a druggie felon who fake married a ghetto stripper (for the benefit of the label) and the train done went off the rails. i get the impression he has teavana that he is gonna spill if that hoe keeps fugging with his son's ablum.

    • Guest

      Love her! The OG of reality television!

    • Guest

      She sure does.


      Yes, she was always made for TV!

    • Trace da Ace

      yeah....I got some Fenty Beauty lip gloss for $20 at the mall....its nice and all..but $20??

    • morenYAHdelsur

      Yea Pops seems a tad bit reasonable, as far as denouncing their behavior. I need him to keep it a buck when it comes to his son though, because all of this is his son’s doing.

      Yes he definitely has some major tea that he’s holding back on LOL.

      TBH the baby’s pic was released as soon as they announced their break up, so I believe him about releasing the photo out of spite...BUT it’s her kid! LOL

    • supastar

      I like Fenty!

    • ohdearme

      Nothing says empowering women more than calling them bytches:

      "It's holiday time, y'all," she says. "Listen, we 'bout to bring in the New Year and we are not accepting no greasy, no ashy, nor no ugly bitches!"

      Just wow, I can't applaud this at all.

    • Allergic2dumbstuff

      The truth you speak!! ??

    • MsVAllDay


    • Decked Out

      Tiffany, who had a lot of work done over the years*Wearing a curly wig and heavy makeup, Pollard, 36
      Could SandraRose have been "Kinder" or is it just how she describes Women of Color. Lawd Have Mercy. It's the Season of Peace.

    • SandraRose

      But. Did I lie?

    • Decked Out

      No, but c'mon can you give her a BREAK? You don't describe the Hoe-Dashians like that or other Lighter/White hues.

    • Guess Who


    • Guess Who

      This fugly clone of Janice the Muppet is promoting Fenty?


      The same chick that slobbed down Flava Flav and was on an episode of Botched?

      The one who has a mother who looks like a Piranha?

      Well alrighty then!

    • SingleGalCrazyWorld

      The line is cool but if you have dry skin dont use the will make you look like you ready for the casket...

    • supastar

      I love the foundation. it works good on my skin

    • free

      The one who has a mother who looks like a Piranha?
      i'm dead. revive me quickly!

    • Zeta Phi Beta 1920


    • Renee Bee

      Well go off then, New York!

    • Desi


    • Desi


    • MsChocCookie

      Yes, come through, she did her thing!

    • Toni Wiggins-Sorzano

      Tiffany looks good

    • disqus_FW7pCIigCY it..RHIANNA is smart...put your makeup on everyday women and show how good you can look wearing her products...why hire a super model to wear your product!

    • Applebootay

      Awww...that's good news.

    • Applebootay

      And she looked as if she was wearing 2 1/2 curly wigs.

    • T.N.T.

      girl SHUTUP. Stop hating

    • T.N.T.

      Damn you really care what white people think, huh?

    • T.N.T.

      -jealous hater

    • T.N.T.

      Well Tiff is still getting her coins while you watch her?

    • Judge Mental Will

      mother fcker

    • disqus_JojeXSOVIf

      mzfuturelcsw already