Rapper Future disputed a woman's claim that he banned plus size women from entering a Miami nightclub where he performed this week. The woman claims Future gave the orders: "no fatties in the club."

Canadian plus size model and "body activist" who goes by the username @Nao_Seych took to Twitter to complain that she was denied entry to Story Nightclub in Miami to attend a Future concert because she was plus size.


Rapper Future denied the allegations in an Instagram comment under a post.

"This is a fake story.. take this down fool! Never promote false info," he wrote on Instagram.

In a follow-up post, Nao uploaded a video explaining what happened:

"So just got news that this is true, that Future said, 'no fatties in the club' - and he has all rights to do so," she said in the video.

Apparently, Nao herself wasn't denied entry to the club. Someone else was allegedly banned from the club for being plus size. That person told Nao who posted the allegations on social media.

Someone posted a text exchange alleging the club promoter was at fault, not Future (see below).

As I told you earlier, some nightclub owners low key discriminate against plus sized women because they fear too many plus size women in a nightclub will drive customers away.

Rappers rarely have control over who club owners let into their clubs.

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    I'm distracted by the tarantula eye lashes...that should be the reason she was denied entry...

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    Club promoters can go to Hades. Race, color, size, gender...TOO GOTDAMN MUCH! If you have well-dressed PAYING patrons, why discriminate?

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    Yeah that's on the promoter/club, Future wouldnt have any input on the door

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  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
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    I cannot stand Future but..........No offense I don’t believe this because the promoter usually make those rules. Also If you want rappers get in shape cus we all know we barely see them with fat women.

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    She's just attaching his name to it because she knows it will get more attention then if she just said the promoter or the club denied them entry, which is most likely what happened.

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  • Yup, I said it

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    Hell I was at a club in Los Angeles and they wouldnt let my friend in cause she pulled up in UGGS... LOL and she was skinny and super cute...

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    1.) She is pretty
    2.) She’s rocking the sh*t out of that hair color ! Damn ! I like it.
    3.) “No fatties in the club” made me chuckle for about 2 minutes straight.
    4.) Girl f*ck future ! The preferences or opinions of a ninja with a busload of kids by a busload of women would never matter to me. Because apparently he doesn’t even have a legit preference. Shooting up any club he can get in. Good day

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    People cannot stop eating to the point where they are going to kill them selves this is outrageous!!!

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    so she is just taking up space. did someone say this to her directly or did she just grab it from social media. anyway, I am tired of the uk drama patrol.

    with that being written; entertainers can tell promoters who to let in and who not. if you get paid appearances fees you need to show that you bring in who they want. some people bring in liqour sales, merch sales, club dues, and the like. so maybe too many chubbies was going to future club dates and he wanted to curb it. -- what i have a problem with is the way she presented this information. if tubbies cant come in then they need to know but she is just clickbaiting with half-info.

    if i was subscribed to her I would unfollow. she doesnt care about the body posistive community. it seems that none of them do. storytime that.

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    not fair. just because someone is big or really big doesnt mean they smell.

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  • Guest©

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    Hypothetically speaking, how would you feel if you couldn't get into a club because you were too small? I recall Monique going in on "skinny bitches" some years ago, lol. Personally it can be annoying when ppl comment on my lack of weight, smh. I'm not even skinny.

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    Maybe she's bowlegged ?

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    I don't go to clubs either ..... Lol!!!!!! But techinically to answer your question ..... I would politely take my azz somewhere else and turn up ... no biggie ...... when folks don't like ya ..... exit stage left ..... and go to places that appreciate ya ......

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