A Caucasian senior citizen claims Wendy Williams is racist and ageist after her tickets were taken away and given to young Black women before a taping last month.

Diane Stevens, who frequents talk shows in her spare time, told Page Six that on Feb. 14 she and two friends were turned away as they arrived at 6:30a.m. to see a taping of the "Wendy Williams Show."

The 60-year-old from The Bronx said she and her friends took a bus and two trains to make it on time for the taping.

"So because we have canes they let us sit down inside the audience holding [area]. Then the audience coordinator comes on the headset and she looks at us and says into the headset, I am taking the tickets from the older people,'" she alleged.

Stevens claims the audience coordinator took their tickets and escorted them out of the building.

"It was so humiliating," she told Page Six.

Stevens, who is white, said the tickets were handed to three young Black women waiting in line, and she believes the decision to take her tickets was motivated by ageism - because she was old - and racism.

A spokesperson for Wendy Williams' production company denied the allegations.

"We have the best audience in daytime and we provide a welcoming, fun environment for all of Wendy’s co-hosts [as Williams refers to her audience]."

On Tuesday, Wendy shocked her audience by telling them she has been living in a sober house drug treatment home in the Queens area.

Every morning around 7 a.m. Wendy is picked up from the Pure Recovery Network sober house apartments and driven to the studio to tape her show.

Afterwards, she is driven back to the apartments on Pearson Street, where she lives with "smelly boys" who hog the TV and have become like family to her.

Sometimes she is driven to the sober home by her husband, Kevin Hunter, who is reportedly expecting a child with his longtime girlfriend, masseuse Sharina Hudson, 33.

Photos by BACKGRID

  • Yoni7

    Go TO HELL YT WOMAN! And take the rest of'em witcha! My goodness!

  • Yoni7

    her husband, Kevin Hunter, who is reportedly expecting a child with his longtime girlfriend, masseuse Sharina Hudson, 33.
    Oh, that's her job now, a masseuse? I'm in the wrong business. I swear!

  • Renee26

    She's giving him happy endings ?

  • Banka

    This photo of Wendy is down right horrible, on sooooo many levels !!!!

  • Renee26

    Oh well you and your red hat crew been getting special privileges for y'all whole lives. Find something else to do than worry about young celebrities and their goings on

  • jazmine

    Sophia Petrillo need to shit her old ass up.

  • EasyBreezy

    You got the shade in, Auntie. Congrats!

    Sometimes she is driven to the sober home by her husband, Kevin Hunter, who is reportedly expecting a child with his longtime girlfriend, masseuse Sharina Hudson, 33.

  • Coy little wink

    Wendy is about her do re mi she not divorcing she would have to legally break bread with Kevin and Sharina. Plus he's a street dude he gets money too.

    How yo money doing Wendy ?

  • LexGirl

    But wasn't Wendy in rehab at that time? So how can she accuse WENDY of being racist & having her tickets taken away? Things that make you go Hmmm! They been doing this ish to black & brown ppl! #nosympathy

  • http://realitytea.com Goddess

    That doesn't sound credible.
    And I am telling you. I'm not going. I'm going to stay.


  • Guest

    Oh please, in my Momma's voice "Give me a D*mn Break"

  • SpiceGirl

    She mad or naw? lmbo........................

  • Meme

    Poor Wendy she's really being put through the ringer, talk about kicking a man when he's down, she is actually a broken woman, but to be honest i am very surprised if her son would tolerate the father misbehaving in certain ways, i know he cant get involved in everything because of that love and or respect he'll have for both parents, however, i'll be surprised if he doesn't interject whilst his mum is getting beats or re the money for the mistress situation because thats his inheritance his daddy is playing with

  • Renee26

    The truth is comical

  • Renee26

    Hey... I like Sophia. She was funny as hail!!

  • SunRiseBlossom

    Wait a minute now... leave Sophia out of this... that is my girl! Lol...

  • Yardgirl

    Then the audience coordinator comes on the headset and she looks at us and says into the headset, I am taking the tickets from the older people,'" she alleged.
    LIES!!! They do stack the audience with younger people (all shows do) but I am pretty sure they would not be stupid enough to do this bold faced act!!

    I went to a taping of Maury in the Fall and front center row was stacked with millenials. That is there target audience, young college aged people who love the foolishness. I only went because my sister wanted to go and it was fun!!

  • xenaD

    There was a photo floating around last night of Kevin and that so called girl(pregnant mistress) ? and this woman is running around claiming racism... girl bye

  • Blue

    All I care about from this is what flavor Snapple is in that bag. I'm thirsty.

  • Blue


  • Yardgirl

    Looks like Lemon Tea. I am a Kiwi Strawberry lover but don't have it much due to the calories/sugar.

  • Blue

    I feel you. I try to stick with diet one but I'll go in on that regular mango one every now and then.

  • Yardgirl

    Yumm mango is my second fav!! The diet does not do it for me but yes a much better choice.

  • Pamela

    Ooh please!

  • Bossy704

    I pray that Wendy utilize some oil sheen and a hair brush before her lunch outing today. She looks like no one cares about her.

  • Rere

    Oh well! We black women get disrespected everyday, have a tall glass of STFU?

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    I believe it. It is amazing the lack of tact & maturity that you encounter when dealing with these types of Direct Service people in the entertainment industry.
    I believe it.

  • Sassie

    Oh trust that wig is gonna be fried dyed and laid to the side by the time she goes to tape....

  • Diva_woman

    I watched the clip of Wendy revealing "her truth", but I'm still confused on what the truth was. Is she living in a sober house because she relapsed or is she saying she's living in a sober house to relate to people currently struggling with addiction? This is really sad that she's going through this and the world is watching while this woman is looking crazy and looks like her husband is taking full advantage of her.

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs
  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    That mango is DELICIOUS ?

  • KcoolMuziq
  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    Lmao at “shit her old ass up” ???

  • jazmine

    Its something she would do tho lol. remember she staged that strike at that burger shop she worked at

  • WinterIsComing


  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    My girl too!

  • Alextra Ballard

    Relapse...she had gotten byke on that blow,that nose candy. Her favorite choice of drug

  • Ghost

    I love the fruit punch flavor ?

  • WutizstillHERE!

    UHHH..WHET? Wendy has more white PEPO in her audience than black..
    Hey SandyPants @sandrarose.com You see that picture of Kevin out on a Sidecation with the Mistress? https://media3.giphy.com/media/3Hw9ggazsWYtC8YzJW/giphy.gif https://media3.giphy.com/media/3Hw9ggazsWYtC8YzJW/giphy.gif

  • EasyBreezy

    Kelly & Ryan are down the street...

  • KcoolMuziq

    Anjelica Huston(whom I worked with in this exact movie 'The Adam's Family') as Morticia Addams smelled divine and was so gracious. It was fun times.

  • SummerBaby


  • chaisun

    White People want to be oppressed so badly. ?????Which one is it lady. Racism or ageism. We all know Wendy loves her some white wemenz. I tell y’all what. Let’s break even, let’s subject you all to the exact same generational things. We are going tinstet from the very beginning and keep things going but steady pretend like everything is all good. Then we’ll let y’all use that black people are being mean to me card.

  • http://batman-news.com Roderick2011


  • WutizstillHERE!

    really wow!

  • Hazel

    She's entitled to select her audience as she chooses. Ask Trump...does anyone believe that he doesn't choose the only black people at his rallies to place behind the podium.

  • bella28498 .

    I don’t believe the old woman. White people will lie especially if they feel some privilege was given to anyone black.

  • Hazel

    I hope you're being facetious LOL

  • TRUTHbeabsolute

    I don't know what it is about Wendy.......but I LOVE ME SOME WENDY! F--- the haters! GO WENDY!!!!!!!!

  • Renee26

    Ok! At 6am there were plenty of options

  • MsSapphire9800

    ***A Caucasian senior citizen *** REALLY...she is only 60 yrs old...no full retirement benefits...still have to pay for medicare....partial AARP benefits...no free coffee at McDonalds..Hardee..etc...they mad bcause they went to bed sat 6 pm and got up at 3 am and travel into the city to see Wendy only to be sent back home. Poor Cane Gang.

  • cherrypie

    ?? I saw it on another site. SMH. He was up there looking like a fat ass smoked sausage ???

  • Allergic2dumbstuff

    I'm here only for the wig comments.??

  • Luv Pitties

    MZT just released a story that the side chick keeps giving Kevin ultimatums to leave his wife but he claims they need her money and plus he pays all the bills. Also when he and Wendy take a vacation the side chick comes too but stays in a different hotel ?

  • Kayke

    So what did Wendy do? The person who allegedly took her ticket was most likely white.

  • EasyBreezy


  • EasyBreezy

    Chile... this YT lady cut in front of me in a food line and the sistah-chef saw it. When the YT woman got up to the grill, the sistah-chef looked past that YT woman and asked ME what I wanted. Loved it! I was going to do the same thing, but the sistah-chef beat me to it. Privilege did not have its benefits in this situation.

  • EasyBreezy

    I tried to attach the link featuring the damning picture, but that was a no-go. Lord, I hope that was taking months or years ago. What disrespect!

  • EasyBreezy

    ...about free tix to a private show where possessing a tix does NOT guarantee you entrance. Have several seats YT lad;y.

  • OvertheMississippi

    Ask (Past, Present &) Future and the "phat" woman.

  • Marlika

    This bish lying. ? Wendy’s audiences is mixed. She need to find something else to do in her spare time instead of going to talk shows.?

  • EasyBreezy

    You know Auntie and her shade! I am here for every bit of it, though.

  • Strappyheels

    Oh boo hoo

  • Alextra Ballard

    White laydee welcome to our Wurl...where the majority of black folks encounter racism all day,everyday. Gone Somewhere.

  • MJF

    Lol. What is the issue here?

  • Alextra Ballard

    Chiiile nut’n....white folks

  • MJF


  • Blue


  • Kayke

    Word! I see she conveniently left that part out.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    so it was the audience coordinator, NOT Wendy herself... this lady needs to accept that the bouncer decided she didn't make the cut for the the 'club' that day, LOL!!!!!

  • bella28498 .

    This is the end game for white folk. They know their time is up in a few.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1lo6u-UIbo Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!
  • NewNew
  • Ni Ni

    The side chick needs to hush and get that money while she can.

  • Carla
  • shauna

    The actual original headline from the NY Post clearly states she leveled the claim against the show, not Wendy herself. Sandra just trying to stir up mess.

    Just like she did some months back when Ms Tina was talking about taking Solange to therapy and giving her extra attention when Beyonce was starting to get a name for herself when they were kids and the spotlight was beginning to shine on her. The way Sandra omitted key things from the original article you would have thought Ms Tina was a monster for trying to help her kids deal with the coming changes.

  • Brooklyn23

    Im lost don't you have to have tickets to be there? So how was it their tickets were given to women that (I would think would have their own) have their own tickets?

  • none yubiz

    It don't even gotta be a privilege.If they WITNESS you get any damn thing over THEM..it's gonna be a problem!

  • BeUtFullSoul

    this GIF!!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... THEturn UP of his lips is epic LOL!

  • Yoni7

    It's a peach tea. LOL

  • Yoni7

    I said peach tea. Could be lemon. I just know it's tea. LOL I use to be a KS lover but it started not tasting the same some years back.

  • GrapeCrush


  • bella28498 .

    That’s privilege. White people think they are suppose to be first with everything. No matter how big or small they want to cash in on their privilege.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    She seems content with that as long as she getting the perk$

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Wigs are the new hats. Folk just throwing 'em on their heads no matter what they look like! THROW THE ENTIRE COLLECTION AWAY!

  • Yardgirl


  • Kimberly King

    Tell that old crow to hush ! White people complain about everything.

  • Alextra Ballard

    Speaking of Windy everytime I look at her so-call "sober house" I am flabbegasted...I guess it's not the outside that counts but wut goes on in the inside what actually matta. Chiiile I was wonderin how can one kick a cocaine habit inside when it looks like a crack den on the outside. Ijs

  • Alextra Ballard

    I betchu she one of them old entitled white woman. Folks just owe her. Ion care how early she got up,how many modes of transportation she had to take,that still doesn't mean she was guaranteed entrance tew the show. I bet she was not the only one who didn't git in that particular day.

  • Banka


  • TheOwley

    She needs to be rescued from her spouse.

  • Sha

    I right with you, how you doingggggg.

  • Sha

    Of course he does. Believe me and you.

  • SunRiseBlossom

    Yep! Lol...


    Keep ur head up Wendy..

  • Logan Roberts

    Well next time go to the Ellen Degeneres show Ms. Diane ?

  • KGingi

    How can anybody be racist towards a white person? I mean it can happen but trying to make it something is like wishing for a unicorn to prance across the street.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    I don't know if I believe this

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  • nyla00

    Last month? Who knew Wendy was taping last month? I’ve been to her show. It’s taped a day in advance. And their are folks from all walks of life waiting in the unkempt guest area for entrance.

  • http://dateme-meetup.site/cjEnGRyBKPkds Jodi Martin Lanctot
  • Babe Miller

    Yo look like yo knows a lot about prancing!

  • Babe Miller

    Are yo darker than a paper bag?

  • Babe Miller

    Your lying

  • Babe Miller

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  • Babe Miller

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  • KGingi

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