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A social media blogger who garnered over 1 million followers on Instagram decided to take his entrepreneurial game to the next level by launching a website. The only problem was the domain name he wanted was already taken.

As a student at Iowa State University in 2015, Rossi Lorathio Adams operated a wildly popular Instagram account, State Snaps, that garnered over 1.5 million followers.

The account showcased party pictures of scantily-dressed female students drinking and having wholesome clean fun. The State Snaps account had its own catchphrase: "Do it for State!"

The account was so popular that Iowa State University officials objected to the content.

When Adams graduated in 2017, he decided to take his success as a popular Instagram blogger to the next level by launching his own website.

Unfortunately the domain name was already taken by another entrepreneur who was smart enough to register it first.

Adams contacted the domain owner through the website's registrar,, and offered cash to turn over the rights. But the domain owner, identified only as E.D. in court records, refused to give Adams the domain.

Over the next two years, Adams, 26, made other efforts to convince E.D. to give him the domain name. He balked when E.D. offered to turn over the domain name for $20,000.

Police say Adams decided to get aggressive with E.D. and tracked him to his home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Adams had no trouble finding the address because E.D. listed his address publicly on, rather than hide his address behind a proxy.

Court records show Adams showed up at the house wearing a State Snaps t-shirt. When E.D.'s brother answered the front door, Adams took an aggressive stance and punched his fist into his other hand.

"I'm here for the name. Whatever it takes," Adams said. I'm not leaving without it."

Police say Adams left without the domain name.

A month later, Adams tried again - this time he hired muscle - his cousin, Sherman Hopkins, Jr., a felon who was living at a homeless shelter.

Police say Hopkins broke into E.D.'s home, forced his way into E.D.'s upstairs bedroom, there was a tussle for the gun, and shots were fired.

E.D. was hit in the leg but he managed to wrestle the gun away from the intruder and shot him multiple times in the chest.

Hopkins survived his injuries, and Adams was in custody a month later.

Last week a jury found Adams guilty on all counts related to the incident. He now faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine if convicted. is still active online, and someone is posting wholesome, clean pictures and videos of Iowa State girls gone wild.

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  • Coy little wink

    You big dummy. Never heard of duress or coercion I guess...

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    You fawking do it for the state?

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    In the words of Fred G. Sanford....Big Dummy

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    This is a new level of stupid.

  • Guest

    He's really going to be doing it for the STATE. The State Pen!

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    Off topic did y’all see what Russell Wilson said about future and Ciara .. Chile he said Ciara and baby future dont need those Minuscule child payments he can use them for all his other babies

  • ATL White Guy

    Now he can do it IN State!

  • SoulfulLove

    Now he #doinit4stateprison

  • Yoni7

    Adams had no trouble finding the address because E.D. listed his address publicly

  • bemetoo

    He gone be very popular in the State Penitentiary

  • Guest

    He a fuc boi, what did anyone expect him to say.

  • Cliffpetty

    Doit4state? That's it! I promise somebody going to get that butt in the pin and make him yell "Doit4state!" My God....

  • Yoni7

    Adams took an aggressive stance and punched his fist into his other hand.

  • Cliffpetty

    Ha...when I got remarried my ex wanted me to reduce child support payments because he didn't think I needed them anymore!

  • Yoni7

    someone is posting wholesome, clean pictures and videos of Iowa State girls gone wild.

  • MsVAllDay

    Do it for the state just took on a whole new meaning! ninja plz. Hire a creative to come up with a new name that makes sense.

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  • Kanyade
  • Kanyade
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    He needs to stop talking so much...smh

    Imma start calling him Malik

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    He up there looking like Malik from the game

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    That dam e-thugging ain’t no joke! ?

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    They got be on molly...something.

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    Russell is a real man and we love our husband. (Just don’t tell mine) ?

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    Lol that man is pussy whip

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    Do it for State!

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    Wholesome and scantily-dressed female

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    Folks is crazy as fawk out here .... stealing and trying to force someone to give over their name ...... Reminds me of that demon pyschopath bytch ..... who is getting that azz handed smh ...... quit trying to take someone shyt .... for popularity periodt!!!! Sick of the theives

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    LOLOLOLOLOL rofl !!!!!!

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    Where he say that at? Are you sure...

    Either way where is the lie???

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    E-thugs still getting they azz handed .... periodt .... Shout out to da trolls still getting locked up

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    What a complete dumbass.

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    Now you will never get the name sir.. You snooze you lose.. So much entitlement in the world

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    I would say something but I’m going to be quiet

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    i would still want whats due... i'll tuck that away for a rainy day or college for my kid

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    I saw this "article" I don't think it's real. I can't see Russell speaking on this. But it was an entertaining read. Future just had his 50-11th kid, so money is about to get cut and stretched out even more over 2 more kids. I sure hope all his BMs are stacking some of the money that they are getting from him, cause once his entertainment career is over, how are they going to be paid?

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    He should get an extra 10 years just for the sheer stupidity and epic failure of this plot!! How you get shot with your own gun tho??? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    I wonder if in someway HE could've been charged for murder if his cousin would've passed away from being shot for a crime that he "hired" his cousin to do.

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    ???? I know right. Dumb & Dumber....lmao

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    This has got to be one of the dummest stories I have ever read.

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    They both super thirsty...

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    They're going to put that pretty face and mouf to werk in prison. Threw it all away for nothing.

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    Just when I think I have heard it all.

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    So dumb I couldn't read the whole thing. NEXT.

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    E-pimping ain't easy. ?

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    Isn't that your cousin?
    He was adopted

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    Dumb MF. You could've added ONE or two letters, re-branded, and nobody would've given a f*ck. "WEdoItforthestate Idoitforthestate"
    Now, you've got to register, "ImGOINGtoTheState!"

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    Same here!

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    Its one of those click the link & enjoy. Word gets around. My question is all that for some half naked, sexy momma with the Payless going out business stilletos (sp). He is stuck on stupid.

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    Im cracking up at how dumb this is! smh he did all that just to STILL not get the name lmao

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    JESUS be a fence......

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    Stealing a website name? This generation has no brains at all!

  • Gamer?? Chick
  • jwoo250

    That's why I paid extra to hide my address. I remember when I first registered a website and was shocked to see they had all my info available. I have also tried to get domain names and they were taken already and you have to pay a fee to get the name. I even have a couple under my name that I sell to people as well.

    This story is wild as heck. This generation is dangerous and the need for attention and fame has become a trend.

  • MJF

    Common-sense really isn't common. How can we petition to change a word? SMFH

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    Welp. He got the name. It's not the name he wanted but he definitely got a new name. Drum roll please...the new name is Betsy in cellblock 3333.

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    Me too and me 3.

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    a damn shame. ruined his life over a domain name.

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  • Solstice

    LOLOLOL!!! ???

  • Solstice


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    We need more than a fence...

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    We need that wall....

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    I sweatergawd, I hate 90s babies. Their mothers may not have smoked crack, but they are still crack babies.

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    I was going to type this very thing!!!! WTH??? This guy swapped his freedom for a dayum domain name? I-diiiiii-oooooot!

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    I can't even pretend to understand this generation of young people. They seem to be devoid of all rational thought.

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    LLLOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!! Take the L son!! Ironically though this is gonna get him even more followers

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    Some people have book sense but no damn common sense. A College graduate robbing people for a domain he will be in jail for the next 20 years...boy get that tution money back.

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    they about to have fun with his pretty ass in jail..long hair too...

  • the guest

    The domain owner is an idiot to list his name and address publicly with the domain. A domain owner, location, and registering company should always be private.

    The IG blog owner should have bought that domain when his IG blog hit 100 followers. Not good business foresight to let his IG hit even 1,000 let alone 1 million and not buy the domain.

  • ?? Kari ?????????

    For all the website names he could if had, he wanted someone else’s!?

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    So now he's going to sit his dumb ass in jail for nearly 20 years behind a damn domain name that he contemplated over for 2 years????? Mental health is real ya'll. His ass could've came up with 50-11 domain names by then. Damn!

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    Wait...wait...wait...what happened?! Whew, that wore me out! Just ridiculous!

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    My thought too lol. Just ridiculous!

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    It became more than logic...more like control and power. But he lost. I feel bad he allowed his homeless cousin to get shot. The cousin was a horrible gangsta, but I'm glad he didn't kill the guy in his home.

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    His braids must be so tight, they are cutting off the oxygen to his brain.

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    Dream big or go to jail!! ?

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    These rap songs got everybody thinking they got the mind and means to be about that life. It is so sad. Why would you say "Hey you know what?? I think this (insert above story) is a fantastic idea and will certainly work so perfectly seamless that I will get what I want??"

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    I been trying to connect a domain to another website for hours now and dammit I understand the frustration lol

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    If this child had a brain he'd be dangerous! He could have registered doit4state dot org for $14.99 or dot me for $2.99! There is a long list of available domain extensions for doit4state. I just checked! Lock his a## up and throw away the key!

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    Long hair don't care. Lol.

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    This is some real DUMB ? !!!!

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    Seems like he developed some kind of obsession. He’s sick alright.

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    ??????? wth? This DUMMY!

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    This dumbass really cudnt come up with another name?

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    Not all of us. I think it’s more of a “millennial” thing.

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    ? I miss this show!!

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    There are so many layers of stupidity to this story. He'll have twenty years to think about how many other domain names he could have used.

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    What in the Lifetime Movie Network is this mess?!?

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    Welp, he will be "Doing it" in jail..

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    Lol I read an article

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    You can't make this stuff up :P

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    BATTY BOI???

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    Just dumb

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    This goofy looney tune deserves to be and spend his life in prison. This is when social media gives you a little life and you sadly feel on top of the world.





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    This was my daughter's SHOW!

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    Over a domain name!? What is the world coming to?

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    STUPID Ty Dolla $ looking mofo

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  • Guess Who this a serious post?

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    da hell??? all this for a domain name?? these mo fo's are stupid as for real....

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    IKR! He needs to be committed.

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    he probably couldve took him to court, dragged it out, and got him to settle. anyway, i hate these type of domain snatchers. its not like registering apple. this guy had to have seen his instagram account and swiped the domain. then to post his content on it is interfering with a business. the guy shouldve sued.

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