Actresses Lupita Nyong'o, left, and Janelle Monáe took their relationship public this week. The couple's touchy feely display of affection raised eyebrows at a Met Gala after party on Monday.

According to, "In a video posted [on] Instagram Live Janelle can be seen in the background standing close to Lupita gently caressing her face while Danai Gurira stands next to them oblivious."

We've known for years that Janelle prefers her back rubs with soft hands. In fact, your auntie told you way back in the day that the pop singer-turned-actress was a card carrying member of the LGBT tribe.

But the reports were dismissed as speculation - until Janelle, 33, confirmed the rumors by coming out as "queer" and "Pansexual" last year.

"Being a queer black woman in America, someone who has been in relationships with both men and women - I consider myself to be a free-(love proponent)" she said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "But then later I read about pansexuality and was like, 'Oh, these are things that I identify with too.' I'm open to learning more about who I am."

Lupita, 36, has long been rumored to go both ways. She reportedly dated 41-year-old Black Panther co-star Danai Gurira off and on. The two actresses were inseparable until Janelle stepped into the picture.

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  • iWasteTime

    When did Janelle and Tessa break up?
    I heart me some Tessa Thompson!

  • CardiB’sAbs

    I adore Tessa!

  • Fire & Ice

    Janell is so beautiful?

  • Dollface

    Cut it out San - Janelle has a whole boyfriend. Never been girlfriends with Tessa or Lupita. They're actually just really great friends.

  • ShWa

    Need more receipts....

  • MJF

    Lesbians and transgenders are taking over the world huh? Can we get a post about this fool Kevin forcing Wendy Williams to pay his legal bill? So not only is he fighting for spousal support, he now wants her to foot his legal bill. LADIES BEWARE OF BUMS!

  • T Willis

    Pansexual. Doesn’t that mean non-monogomous? I was hoping things would last with Tessa. They looked good together.

  • Junkanoo

    For real or is Sandra being messy. They would make a sexy couple . They look so good together , cheers ladys if this is true.

  • T Willis

    Lol can that logic be applied to Jesse Williams’s soon to be ex wife? In addition to receiving $100k a month (I think lol) she wants Jesse to pay her legal bills. Can we call her a bum too?

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    In fact, your auntie told you way back in the day that the pop singer-turned-actress was a card carrying member of the LGBT tribe.
    Sandy do you regret not accepting her invite? She has grown over the years

  • jwoo250

    Nothing to see here folks. Just a slow news day!!

  • AphroKween

    I'll take "messy" alex!!

  • Coy little wink

    Should I care? I don't...

  • Junkanoo

    Damn .....this actually made me smile ....

  • Yoni7

    Pansexual. Doesn’t that mean non-monogomous?

  • AphroKween

    Aww........glad I was able to put a smile on your face.

  • datjerk

    that video floating around told us that much

  • Topic Influencer

    Does TESSA know about this shit?

  • AphroKween


  • MJF

    LOL wait wait let me think about that haha. Nah but for real, she's a bum too. She needs to go work, any one seeking 5 figures for child support is bitter.

  • Topic Influencer

    Tessa is everything. Love her

  • jujumanji

    Tessa was hanging out with both of them that night but yeah ok. ? That video looks like Janelle grabbed her face to say something in her ear cause the music was too loud. Not convinced they're a couple nor that Danai and Lupita were a couple.

  • currvalicious

    Nope, I'm not buying this.

  • iWasteTime


  • Lisa Left Eye

    Stop lying sandra

  • Victorious82

    Tessa, Janelle, and Lupe were at the MET together...I guess it’s a group session.

  • Trace da Ace

    Oh well...if they are in fact an item...good for them....thats all I got...I'm going to go get me some chicken gorditas from the mexican spot....bbl

  • Yoni7

    What comes in a gordita? Mexican food seems like it's somewhat all the same fillings with different names. LOL

  • MJF


  • xenaD

    I head straight for Mexican food wen in need of a laxative

  • T Willis


  • xenaD

    I’m sure he meant the idea of those girls together made him smile. Lol

  • BythegraceofGodIcanexplain

    I keep rewinding that part crying laughing on Thor when she fell over from being lit..Me crazy

  • Shenanigans1

    Lmaoooo are you a friend zone listener?

  • CardiB’sAbs


  • ATL White Guy

    They all gorgeous women. Let them live their lives. Though this does make my mind wander.....

  • MsSapphire9800
  • BythegraceofGodIcanexplain

    Me neither see nothing wrong. I just can tell Janelle went through something though and I hope I'm wrong.

  • Kanyade
  • Shaylove1975

    When did Tessa Thompson an Jenelle break up?

  • Kanyade

    Loved her in Thor Ragnorak. LOVED the film. She was awesome.

  • iWasteTime

    I am!! I love me some Dustin!

  • BythegraceofGodIcanexplain

    Yeah, but I hate when they get into their personal lives . She's a great actress, we should leave at that.

  • Junkanoo

    Well both ... I'll take messy Alex was funny ......Yes the two of them together is hot .

  • RaginBee

    Well they are cute together lol where Tessa at tho??

  • Guest

    Lol! Are you having one of them days today?

  • HoneyHitchcock

    Janelle can make anybody look good.

  • Coy little wink

    Yes...its my Friday in 1 hour I'm out this bish ????

  • Bashi22

    Janelle man with dread is always in the background watching she was never with Tessa Thompson it's an agenda scam paid for play.


    Cute ?

  • Junkanoo

    She is fine no question

  • IyanlaVanzantoftheInterWebs

    Red lips ALWAYS looks good on Ms Janelle!

  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    Awwwww cute couple if true

  • Latisaj

    Well what happened to Tessa Thompson??

  • Calikush

    ??I guess she kicked Tessa to the curb! These industry folks love recycling each other! The industry( music business and Hollywood) ain’t nothing but a big pot of scumbalaya! ?

  • Renee26

    Both beautiful ladies... If they are together cute... If not that coulda just been her talking into her ear over the loud music

  • K’man

    Wasn’t she with someone else? Like is why she released some some last year. M But that’s right Janelle be out and proud. Why can Missy, Brat or Latifah take a page from her book.

  • Parent

    Like how women dude when they tipsy in the club. But being extra touchy cus the liquor taking over.

  • Shenanigans1

    Me too! He is my best friend in my head.

  • Queen B

    Do u really need Da Brat or Latifah to yell they're gay? ? I mean c'mon

  • IamAllnatural

    Two naturally beautiful black women. Who really cares...?????

  • chris

    No one was calling her a bum or a leech that only applies to men.

  • Guest

    Girl Tessa is with Dev Hynes she haven’t been around Janelle since forever

  • hi-liter

    Janelle out here scissoring her ass off ????....she was jes wit Tessa Thompson last summer. Janelle a power top I see.

  • Logan Roberts


  • Logan Roberts


  • Skin Deep Beauty

    I believe they are JUST friends!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    I believe they are JUST friends!

  • T Willis

    Why is it only applicable to men?

  • Dontgetdraggedhoe??

    Too much beauty in one pic. Love me some lupi and janae

  • Li-Wright

    We don't know if she and Lupita are a couple. This could be a good friendship. Lupita is Kenyan and that country has anti-gay laws. Plus Lupita had a rapper boyfriend, and was with an African producer some months back. Maybe she's "fluid" bi-sexual. Until she comes out, I'm holding judgment.

  • Y’all Jealous Cuz I’m Prudy

    Me too! Sometimes you go out with your homegirl just for fun. Nothing more than that.

  • chris

    Women only want the benefits of equality. ?????

    Guarantee 90% of the comments telling her to "secure the bag" and "as the wife she earned it too" .

  • Reenaface

    Ugh! I'm sorry but that's way too many people around in such a tight space. Give me at least fifty feet.

  • Christian Johnston

    When there’s ONE lone person claiming some shit you can’t fimd reported anywhere else, it’s bullshit.

  • Lisa Seay

    Lupita always looks like she has someone enraptured. We've all thought at some point she was with Michael B. Jordan, Chadwick, Brad Pitt, and the list goes on. She just has that aura.

  • blackicebell

    yep.. I always believed she's really with Nate Wonder. I seen dude with her since 2008.

  • Malificent

    What a waste of 2 beautiful women... ah well more men for me!

  • Zeta Aggie

    They sure would make a pretty baby!

  • suganspice68

    I hope that Lupita ain’t gay

  • Stan4NoOne
  • NicolaLoves


  • LA


  • Steven A ButlerJr

    A different generation.

  • Catloaf

    What about Janelle and Tessa?

  • I Run New York

    She's raising his kids. What's Kevin's side baby having ass doing?

  • Mwatuangi

    No. Polysexual is non-monogamous. Pansexual just means you have no gender or sexual preference when it comes to who you're attracted to.

  • MNjumpoffacliff

    Some folks are just good friends

  • Ihatemoney

    Her touch was so kind and sensual ???...reminds me of a Haitian Goddess I knew.

  • Renee

    Naw, 1 man for sure!

  • K’man

    That’s true, but with it being more accepted now I think they would get more love from the people

  • Mo Laughz

    Um who DIDN'T think Janelle Monae was dykin??? I don't know why she even bothered announcing it.

  • K’man

    Lmao!! No but with this generation of be yourself out and proud. You would think they would come out

  • Mo Laughz

    Yeah she did have Brad a bit starry eyed back in the day.

  • limdog

    Just waiting for the post from that one jerk out there demanding a sex tape.

  • Scar~casm

    I mean I'll do anything for 5 bucks, what's your e-mail?

  • Scar~casm

    Trial and error, the scientific method, duh

  • davine puddin

    I dont like these two together. I think monae should be with a non celeb. And lupta the jury is still out on her. Maybe a mexican Male actor will suit lupta

  • Zeta Aggie

    Good question!


    Isn't she from Mexico or something?


    When she started didn't she want everyone to focus on her art... Thats why she wore the butler suits.

  • Li-Wright

    Lupita was born in Mexico to Kenyan parents.

  • the guest


  • Queen B

    They owe no one an explanation ppl have a right to privacy!!

  • Jordan’s Memory

    Awww how cute! I love a good Lesbo story. Janelle knocking down all the woman in the industry. wasn't she just dating that girl from that movie Deadpool who professed her love for Janelle? I think that's the movie.

  • Jordan’s Memory

    Or its possible just need to find some sperm and use BOTH of their eggs and do invitro on whoever decides to carry the baby.

  • Jordan’s Memory

    That guy on love and hip hop used the term Fluid . what does that mean?

  • Jordan’s Memory

    Chile my friend would not be rubbing her hands down my face all gentle and sensual trying to talk to me over loud music. lol If they NOT together Janelle trying to hit.

  • anonymousbrunette

    You are literally deciding to change people's sexual orientation with your nonsense. Sit down

  • Renee26


  • Renee26

    Even worse if they're high

  • Sinny


  • Gina7169

    I think it was Tessa Thompson, who was in Creed, Thor: Ragnarock, Dear White People (the movie), etc.

  • AG

    Lupita is just a flirt. She’s touchy, feely with everyone it seems.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    I don't believe this. It just looks like two really good friends

  • witness2what

    THIS IS FAKE NEWS. Shes with Tessa Thompson.

  • braudiz

    So, what? Are you going to judge ONCE she comes out? Why are you judging at all...?

  • Zee Brown

    Can you please not use heteronormative language like “off the market”? She’s said repeatedly that she’s not labeling her relationship with Tessa, meaning they could be polyamorous.

    Furthermore, appropriation of “tribe” is problematic af. Please stop.

  • Skylar Stevens

    They never confirmed any type of 'relationship', people ASSUMED they were dating from an interview with Tessa. In fact, Tessa has linked to be dating a music producer in Janelle's camp.

  • Skylar Stevens

    Tessa has been rumored to be dating a music producer in Janelle's camp. So nah, ya wrong.

  • Skylar Stevens

    From what I've heard, Tessa has been rumored to be dating a music producer.

  • Sassie

    Including Harvey Weinstein....yuck

  • LuisJr.

    Curious on how "off the market" is a heteronormative term?

  • mmmdot

    Enough is enough, this isn’t freaking Tumblr. The word “heteronormative” is a thought stopping political cliche that has been spread far and wide on social media while not actually serving any purpose in intelligent everyday conversation. Only around 5% of people identify as being part of the gay community. That 95% of people ARE “HETERO”. Stop asking the world to pretend that men and women who have romantic and sexual relationships with each other aren’t the norm because they CLEARLY are. Grow up.

  • mmmdot


  • mmmdot

    And Tessa has ALSO been “rumored” to be dating Janelle Monae so how do you know you’re even right??

  • mmmdot

    Janelle Monae is dating Tessa Thompson. Enough is enough with these low tier black blogs trying to start a bunch of tacky rumors calling her lesbian & running their mouths about her sex life when she has NEVER led with her sexuality in the first place. What is it because she has short hair that you thought it was a good idea to call her a lesbian?

  • Diogo Hohenheim

    do you know bissexuals and polyamorous people exists, right?

  • bamboodread

    A waste how?

  • bamboodread


  • bamboodread

    You must be a showbiz insider

  • Bashi22


  • bamboodread

    So why speak as if you know stuff?

  • bamboodread

    I bet they look good on you too! :)

  • Bashi22

    I can tell you anything I want it’s a blog. You sound offended like it’s your life. She’s does have a man ?

  • bamboodread

    I actually could not care less about the lives of any celebrities including hers, I am just morbidly fascinated when people talk as if they know these folks intimately

  • Bashi22

    Ol Ase’

  • Bebobboop

    You know how we will who Janelle Monae is actually dating. She will tell us. Queer, pan and bi girls can hang out with other women and it doesn't mean they are dating. Janelle kept her truth private for so long because of the BS and backlash she fear would happen. Let's respect her now that she is out and not make assumptions. I am sure anyone male, female or non-binary she is with is damn lucky and fine AF but I don't got to go making assumptions.

  • okiseethisthatdumbshit

    As soon as Lupita get some good long thick throbbing warm Mandingo piping...this relationship a wrap

  • TeeWee30

    I had no idea that any of them were gay or bi! Mind blown.

  • Crystal Walker

    Le sigh.. men. *eye roll*

  • Djelari Ghana

    disgusting. not watching any more of her stuff.

  • brittani colbert

    well they were created to pleasure men ask yourself why?

  • donna

    I knew about Janelle, but not , Lapita. Wow!

  • sjames

    plus the only relationship Janelle ever confirmed is with Tessa. and since Tessa has a pic of Lupita on her page i'm sure she wouldn't be posting her girlfriend's side piece on the gram

  • sjames

    Tessa gave a whole interview about Janelle lol

  • derpherpes

    hey mayb dont refer to POC as being on a market, off the market? fcking hell. cmon. srsly terribly phrased. vulgar and gross

  • Monique A. Williams

    Clearly, you didn't read her NY Times piece.

  • mmmdot

    Look, Idgaf about the Tumblr LGBT sexual rabbit hole. I said what I said. Blogs are trying to start a rumor that she’s a lesbian. Just b/c they called her bi on this particular blog doesn’t mean they’re not trying to paint her as gay in general, probably to force this publicly sexually reserved black woman to lead with her sexuality in some form - something she’s DELIBERATELY refrained from doing. That’s the real problem, not whether she might be “bi”. ? Furthermore, most people aren’t in “polyamorous” relationships. Unless I hear these women talking about doing something like that, I will never be suggesting or mentioning it. Okay? Have a good one.