Cardi B drew a crowd as she entered the Queens Supreme Court on Tuesday, June 25. The Bronx native plead not guilty to 14 misdemeanor assault charges related to a brawl at a New York strip club.

Cardi B was dressed to impress for her arraignment wearing a double-breasted blue and pink color blocked pantsuit. She accessorized her outfit with a neon pink Birkin bag,

The "Ring" rapper waved her long, manicured acrylic nails at her two dozen fans who mingled in with the paparazzi and television cameras outside the court. "We love you girl! Stay strong," they shouted.

Cardi is accused of hurling champagne bottles and chairs at 2 bartender sisters Rachel Wattley, 21, and Sarah Wattley, 23, who were on duty at Angels strip club in Flushing in August 2018.

The dispute was over rumors that one of the sisters carried on an affair with Offset behind Cardi's back.

Hopefully Cardi didn't see the paparazzi photos taken at a West Hollywood nightclub last night that shows Offset leaving through the back door of the club with several groupies wearing revealing outfits.

As she stood before the judge, Cardi nervously swept her hair extensions out of her face. She swallowed hard when the judge told her she faces two felony charges of attempted assault in addition to the 14 misdemeanor charges.

Her voice cracked when the judge asked her how she plead to the charges. "Not guilty, sir, honor," she told Queens Supreme Court Justice Joseph Zayas while she clasped her hands behind her back and swayed slightly. Cardi seemed to be terrified of her fate with the additional felony charges.

Afterwards, her lawyer Drew Finley told reporters Cardi was a "kind human being."

"I know Cardi on a personal level, I know Cardi as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister," said attorney Finley.

"It'll ultimately be a positive outcome in favor of Cardi," he said optimistically.

Cardi faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Photos by David Dee Delgado/Getty Images, TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images

  • tintin

    She always is dressed so well when going to court. Her stylist does a phenomenal job

  • Let them eat cake

    We all know she won't go to prison lol

  • SandraRose

    Famous last words.

  • Kim’s Original Face

    I love that midnight blue wig

    Umm Cardi! Please approach the mike. You out here making a fool and catching charges over a no good asssss fool!

  • Rayscoty

    "I know Cardi on a personal level, I know Cardi as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister,"

    He forgot stripper , no talent and annoying...

  • Curvy Divas

    Cardi is real confident but once the witness and victims take the stand it will be another story. Remy Ma and Lil Kim thought they would get off and we all know how that went.

  • Renee26

    "Not guilty, sir, honor," ???

    Still had those titties out. I see a pink lapel not a pink blouse which would have been more suitable. I guess only common folk have to abide by courthouse rules.

    In my city they'd send you away and act like you didn't show and put out a bench warrant for failure to appear

  • Cali

    Now that is a color I can rock with, love that dark Navy blue hair ???? she looks amazing with the matching suit.

  • Li-Wright

    But her boobs were still popping out and visible to the judge.....who's going to make the decision.

  • Li-Wright

    And some judges/courts will send you back to dress more appropriately.

  • Li-Wright

    Cardi's attorney fees must be through the roof. No wonder she's concerned about cancelling concerts. Between the lawyer fees and her mom's mortgage, she needs all the money she can get.

  • Ni Ni

    Yep, only us lowly commoners have to abide by the rules. She would've been kicked out of my courtroom if i was on the bench. ?

  • SkittlesDUH

    I am high-key tired of this bihh no lie but she looks great right here ?, like she should always wear this color hair and maybe this will calm her ass down if she does get off with no jail time...

    I have no comments on the case other than that baby needs her mama but she should be getting some form of serious discipline idk what tho.. but she definitely shouldn't be fighting side chicks no woman should unless she personally disrespect u to your face but ye- *trails off*

  • Spring

    Two dozen tho auntie ?

  • Prince Jarmajesty II

    She's done for not copping a plea when she had the chance

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    This would be both a sad and needed lesson. Celebs are not above the law. They can't go around perpetrating the concept of gulity until proven RICH. I would hate if she'd have to do time but I would understand it.

  • SandraRose

    I was being generous. I only counted 10 fans. ?

  • 100milesperhour

    Is there an agreement w/Cardi & her husband that he doesn't come w/her to court? Ironic this is all about him & he's never there. But let her be on stage shaking azz & he's right there.

  • GrandHustleGirl1

    Lawyer probably told him to not show his face. Would change how people view the case maybe. Or...perhaps he didnt care. Doubt he wanted to come anyway. But what do I know. Hehehe

  • missmiami305

    This isn’t looking good. Maybe Cardi should return that 100k chain she purchased for Kulture and hold off on the 400k Bday party as well. We all know she doesn’t have that kind of money to simply throw away.

  • dontgetblocked

    Remy Ma part 2. Why are these women are out here fighting and acting a fool when they have babies at home? She's going to get some jail time. Nikki was smart by sitting back and letting Cardi self-destruct.

  • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD

    I hate the way she says that baby's name..."Kushur" I saw a video where she was calling her name and the baby was just ignoring her if this bish don't learn how to say my name Imma ignore her azz for the rest of my life.

  • Kimberly King

    That's a bad suit ! Love that outfit, the nails and handbag. I even like the hair color. She slayed me right here.

    Cardi, chile.... girl ..... no man is worth going to jail for. No ma'am. Husband or not. Especially a ninja like Offset gremlin looking ass!

  • Yup, I said it

    Oh she finally humbled herself and stopped acting like she was on the catwalk when she would go to court. She is dress rather conservatively and had her tongue in her mouth. That means she finally is getting it.

  • Moon Lee


  • Yup, I said it

    He got his own court problems hes dealing with. Those charges where he slapped that mans phone,out his hand is a felony I believe because the I phone was over $1000.

  • missmiami305


  • Vegas1989

    It's not throwback Thursday but I'm going to put on some Akon "I'm Locked up" on the Spotify....I'm locked up...they won't let me out. I'm locked up...they won't let me out...Let me see who is all left in this office....LOL...They have 11 more minutes and it's on and popping....LOL...let me start stretching my legs...LOL

  • Cali

    She should have put the tits away, she was perfect in the all white ensemble she wore during her first visit I believe.

  • KarmaBackAround

    Off topic but this Blue hair color ?..anddd im gettin natural hair vibes

  • Alextra Ballard

    Cardi B stylist never disappoints when it comes to dressing her for court appearances

  • Alextra Ballard

    Lol at gremlin

  • Alextra Ballard

    CDFU????????giiirrrrllll please stop....I was dyin.....Kulture was lookin at her like a damn fool. I watch it everyday for a laugh. She can’t even pronounce her own baby’s name. Kulture was givin major side eye?

  • Gloria

    Wow, the prosecutors are truly sick.
    They offered her 2 misdemeanors with discharge meaning that they’ll disappear after a certain amount of time and she’ll pay a fine or whatever. Of course she said no to the plea deal. So they came back with FELONY indictments to punish her for not accepting their deal, even though they were basically willing to drop the whole thing if she plead guilty anyway.

    This system and the level of legal extortion tactics should really be disturbing to everyone, regardless of how they feel about Cardi B.

  • MRiGOThim

    Always disappoints...she keeps her tits out lmao well maybe that'll help her case who knows :P

  • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD

    I watch it every time it shows up on my feed. That baby looking off like Who TF she talkin' to?!?! Who TF is Kushur?!?! My dedee call me KuLture!!!

  • tia

    Young, dumb and full of cum and hard headed . But hey, I've been there too; but not to this extreme. She looks good here ( she dresses for the most part modest-nice style) and hope this works out for her.

  • Tlowe89

    Agreed. I do love her hair but a natural color for court would’ve been better

  • Applebum

    I want to see if this girl truly is untouchable. I don’t think she’s going to do time. She’s an industry cash cow and they’re not done milking her yet.

  • LA

    I freakin love The Desus and Mero show... Omg I be howlin' at tbey silly azzez. ???

  • OvertheMississippi

    They settled outta court last week. All dude wanted was an iPhone XZY!!! ?????

  • Alextra Ballard

    Lmaoooo yep....Kujo! kujo! Even I was lookin around for Kujo. Um like is she tryna say Kulture?

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    FLUSH the TOILET ON UPCHUCK! This Lil Thing is what it is!

  • Jussjess25

    I truly hope this chick goes to jail. What she did to those girls was unspeakable. She had them jumped and attacked by everyone in the club. Then the chicks were fired from their jobs smh she deserves whats coming to her.

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Jussjess25

    Exactly !!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Jay Z Gone BUY HER OUT!


    I hope she goes to jail and the Illuminati doesn't give her a pass.

  • the guest


  • Joy King

    Cardi looks beautiful. She always gives I’m a Rich B$tch vibe when she shows up for court. For all the people wishing jail on this woman, don’t be mad when she becomes a bigger icon than Tupac because that’s what will happen if you get your wish.

  • the guest

    I don't want Cardi to go to prison.

    The club fired those sisters on principle. They made a choice to mess with a married bar customer and they chose to run the risk of an angry wife coming down to the club. They deserved to be fired for fraternizing.

    They're hoes who were playing hoe games then turned around played victim when their hoe games caught up with them. Sue civilly yes. But press criminal charges? And they know they instigated the drama with their hoe games. Real punk move. That's why they are blackballed.

    That's all I have to say on this.

  • Leggs1018

    Nothing but apathy for this simpleton...oh how soon we all as an AA community forget all the racist comments this stripper made on SM before her first visit to a dentist and oral surgeon came to be. She is as clueless and insubstantial as her lyrics!
    Hopefully while behind bars she can get some education and learn how to speak and enunciate her words instead of coming off as an illiterate excuse for what serves as entertainment these days!

  • MrsSpice1

    Ummmmm!!! UpSET KNEW better then to entertain them birds!!! And Cardi KNEW better as a celebrity NOT to fight with them birds over her adulterous industry husband!!! They didn’t deserve to get jumped or fired over that bs.....why beat up the broad thAt owe YOU nothing!?!! Not even respect ?deal with that fact first and secondly its the husband that owe U respect not some sideheauxz!!! They all hoodratz and they deserve what they get.

  • MrsSpice1

    LMAOOOO back to sleep u go ....are u that stupid DUMB and delusional to think this culture vulture bird will ever compete with PAC? A REAL G and A truly gifted artist not some fkn manufactured make believe bs of a fkn gimmick...gtfoh! And stop smokin that k2 laced with bathsalt bs..this generation is mad goofy!

  • R Smith

    LOL..."dressed to impress"...hahahaha

  • morenYAHdelsur

    I was with you until you brought up Pac LOL ?????

  • Karen Brady

    your pic is lovely.

  • Leggs1018

    Thank you! I live in an age where my soon to be hubby and I dated and there were nothing but landlines and fighting sleep to just be able to hear the other one speak knowing good and well your 7am professor was not to be messed with!
    Who would guess I’m closer to 40? #80sbaby

  • Karen Brady

    Haha.. I hear you and I'm of the same era...You look great sis!

  • KLo

    she looks a little like Ciara in this pic . both are beautiful women

  • kboogie

    Thank u.... I always say... These women don't owe u any loyalty.... Stop going after them.. ..they are not ur friends.... Ur cheating significant other is the culprit... They know this... Real talk... But they still want to be dog walked by these ?trainers..... ?

  • Reina1718

    So what is he?

  • Reina1718

    They nvr go after the man bcuz its “expected” of them...

  • Reina1718

    ? she gotta be as smart as him 1st

  • Reina1718


  • Reina1718

    A smart man! Well spoken as a child!! This bird from the hood could never ??

  • Reina1718

    & fired

  • Reina1718

    & she is a great advocate for ratchetness.. this is what they want our youth to follow.. trashy ho life while the white kids prosper...

  • missmiami305
  • Logan Roberts

    ?Lock the town idiot up. Thanks management.

  • Let them eat cake

    both are wrong

  • Trace da Ace

    cute wig....thats all I got.

  • CoTToNCaNDie SWeeTAsGolD
  • ViolettaBliss

    She is a ratchet mess. Going on about drugging and robbing men, throwing bottles and chairs at a strip club rather than being angry at her man for cheating . Now her lawyers are trying to convince the judge that she is a nice person? Hope her lawyers have a better line of defense than that.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    JUSSIE DONE FUXED UP PAID JUSTICE!!! Not one ounce of pitty do I have for this punta!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    And give me the key to hold!

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Jay gone pay for her Justice!

  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Skin Deep Beauty


  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Dressed up garbage can!

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Big ones!

  • Leggs1018

    #StayWoke ??

  • Lynette Collins

    Arrogance.... they offered her a plea deal that even I would've copped to with NO JAIL TIME.... assuming she's guilty of course... she could've at least covered up her breasts

  • kboogie