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DeKalb County Police

A second grade teacher was arrested after she jumped in the middle of a fist fight and punched out a student at a DeKalb County high school.

DeKalb County School District police arrested Tomica Owens on Friday after she punched a student in the head during a fight involving one of her teenage family members at McNair High School on Thursday.

Owens was charged with criminal trespassing and assault. She is still in jail without bond.

The fisticuffs happened on Thursday after one of her teen family members called her cell phone, saying he needed help fighting another student.

Owens and her adult daughter arrived at the school and fought with the other student outside the gym at McNair.

Owens' daughter was not arrested. Her name is being withheld by Channel 2 Actions News because she was not charged with a crime.

The DeKalb County School District placed Owens on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of an investigation.

"All reports of employee misconduct are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly to ensure student and staff safety," the school district said in a statement to Channel 2's Michael Seiden.