Jeffrey Epstein's death was announced on 4chan at least 30 minutes before his death was reported in the news. Epstein, 66, was found unresponsive after he hanged himself with a bedsheet in his jail cell in Lower Manhattan on August 10.

An anonymous 4chan user posted medical information about Epstein that only an emergency responder or hospital medical personnel would have known.

4chan is a message board populated by hackers, racists, and anti-establishment rebels.

About 40 minutes before Epstein's death was reported publicly, a 4chan user posted: "dont ask me how I know, but Epstein died an hour ago from hanging, cardiac arrest. Screencap this."

Other 4chan users expressed their doubts and pressed the anonymous user for more details.

The user then wrote:

"worked asystole arrest for 40 minutes, als intubated in the field/epi/2 liters NS infused. Telemetry advised bicarb and D50 in field. Pt. Transported to Lower Manhattan ER and worked for 20 minutes and called.
Hospital administrator was alerted, preparing statements."

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Translated into layman's language, this means: Epstein was in full cardiac arrest, no heartbeat (asystole), no respirations. Paramedics worked for 40 minutes to restore a heartbeat. He was intubated (tube inserted down throat to provide oxygen). Given epinephrine to increase cardiac output and 2 liters of normal saline intravenously. A telemetry doctor advised paramedics to administer bicarbonate to reverse the acidic effects of cardiac arrest. 50% dextrose water was administered intravenously. He was transported to the hospital where doctors worked for another 20 minutes to resuscitate him before calling his time of death.

The New York City Fire Department studied the reports written by first responders who arrived at the scene, but none of their notes matched the details written in the post on 4chan.

FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer told BuzzFeed News the FDNY's Office of Healthcare Compliance conducted the review. "It doesn't match our medical records."

Oren Barzilay, the president of the union for EMT workers Local 2507 in New York, told BuzzFeed, "our members do not release this type of confidential information, this looks like a 3rd party info.” Barzilay also told BuzzFeed News the union would investigate the potential breach of confidentiality "if such a claim came forward."

The news that someone posted Epstein's death first on 4chan fueled conspiracy theories, but the death of a federal judge who was overseeing Epstein's case sent the conspiracies into overdrive.

Manhattan-based U.S. District Court Judge Robert Sweet passed away Sunday at age 96. He died of natural causes, but his connection to Epstein added a new twist to an already complex case.

Epstein was arrested in July and charged with trafficking minors across state lines. He faced life in prison if convicted on all charges.

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    Sandra Mae, don't report this!! Them people gone get you!!

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    The Murders are investigating the Murder.
    This shit cray!

  • oshh16

    The judge was 96 wow.....blessed to have lived such a long life and was still working.

  • Gloria

    Honestly, I’m happy this is all coming to light. More people are waking up because of the turn of events regarding Epstein. So many have laughed off the idea that the global elite ran an international child sex trafficking ring years ago. And now here we are....

  • Kimberly

    96 and still sitting on the bench? My goodness...

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    Yeah, I was going to say omg what is going on a judge died? Then I read 96 and I calmed down

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  • SpiceGirl
  • Let them eat cake

    ok Epstein was definitely killed....and the judge...hmm well he was 96 so he really could have died of natural causes but the timing is crazy. Otherwise, i would have thought he'd been murdered too.

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    Too late! ??

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    of course any and everything closely related to Epstein is up for debate on conspiracy,etc.

  • Ms.Devereaux

    Well I care because I feel like he was going to tell and he was going to bring a lot of more sick bastards down with him and now all the other ppl involved will get off FREE not my idea of justice all those ppl needed to go done as well and now with his death VICTIMS as most likely not even going to come forward

  • Coy little wink

    Hackers do what they do....hack.
    Old people die.

    Next conspiracy...

    * cracks knuckles

  • Hazel

    Very concerning that someone with such hateful ideology would be in a position of trust to save lives (or not save lives of those they disdain).


    Lol Auntie ?

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    Chile all I got from this is these old azz Judges .... 96 years old still a judge ....

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    Benedict Donald has been putting in work for a change.

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    The amount of energy and resources being put into the death of this POS is astounding. Put a period behind and it keep it moving, this satanic demon is no longer here. Nothing but distraction from the real issues at hand.

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    Oh well...

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    Wow the judge too huh?

  • GAPeach

    Sounds like he knew someone that worked in the hospital to me. It happens. I dated a guy years ago, and he was an EMT. He was called to try to revive Luther Vandross. Obviously they couldn't. They were under strict rules not to tell anyone. He called and told me though, because he was upset. I called my mama and told her too (I wasn't under any such agreement). I didn't tell anybody else though.

  • DroneRivers

    Stopping this case *dead* in its tracks, huh

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    they know how to kill someone. Dats fo sho.

  • nickster

    I am over the Epstein news which has become a distraction. Anyway on a side note, Judge Sweet passed away on March 25, 2019 and not this past Sunday, please double check the timeline and your source. Thanks.

  • Trace da Ace

    oh well....white folk problems...moving on-->

  • kboogie

    Shame on anybody that believes this devil ? is really dead.... With the kind of money he has it would be amazing that he took his life..... What he did take was a flight ?? (private) away from this country..... A place where he can enjoy the sick demented way of life he is accustomed to.... I do believe the judge is dead.... But "pediphile poppy" is on the run...... ?....I need to see the autopsy live to believe it.... With his face showing as they donate his organs

  • N1ne X

    FAKE NEWS!!! The Judge died 3/25/19. Sandra Rose put that part in there to make her story more interesting. He wasn’t even part of this new case

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    Ain't no way in hell that dude should have still been an active judge... Smh..

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    Ok so I go on vacation and come back to a completely new website?!?! ION like it but..I digress. Mawnin Roses!!

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    According to NYT article, Judge Sweet died in March 2019, he presided over Harvey Weinstein and Epstein.

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    Right. People will believe anything they see and hear on the tell-lie-vision.

  • Alextra Ballard

    The medical examiner said Epsteins autopsy will be delayed,pending further information....wdf? pending further info about what? Ither the Pedophile hung himself or he was kilt. The M.E.knows exactly how Epstein died. One thing I dew know is Epstein had tew die...his powerfu co conspirators were not gonna allow him tew testify

  • WhoKnew

    In other perv alert news: RRah Kelly supposedly met with Tom Mesereau (MJ's) former attorney. It is believed that he wants Mesereau to head his new legal team because right now he knows the only light of day he will ever see on the outside is in da yard.

    Conspiracy theorist unite. That fool got money hidden in the couch cushions and maybe some coochie cushions too cuz ain't no way you are able to sustain a legal team and hire a top-notch defense attorney if you ain't got no coins left. Uh uh. No way.

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    Logs out before these folks come here and haul us all in.

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    I don't understand black folks infatuation with this case.

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    We knew this clown wasn’t broke

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    The makeover looks nice Auntie ?? It’s going to take some getting used to though

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    I dont think it has anything to do with a person's skin color.

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    I would hide money too if I had crooks and leeches around me too. I don't condone anything R. Kelly has done, but if he is going to pay, his enablers and all those parents need to be sharing a cell with him. He needs to tell the truth and shame the devil. Maybe he has and no is listening. Rich folk hide money all the time

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    Dare I mention the Franklin Cover up and the Mena Arkansas Scandal. The Bible speaks about wickedness in high places.

  • Latifah_theHealer

    Definitely a distraction...

  • Latifah_theHealer

    Nah, he was hand picked because he's on the other side of life. They knew they could take him out and blame natural causes. The crazy part is he didnt seem to see it coming.

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    Xactly. This is about a cover up from the upper echelons of power. No matter the party affiliations, we talking much higher than even Republican/Democratic.

    This is a scandal that reaches worldwide from former and current Presidents to royalty.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Is that really his body??

  • currvalicious

    Blessings to Luther. I loved that man's talent. I agree w/you. My old bestie's aunt was a nurse at Columbia Presbyterian. And she told the family there was a time when they brought in Whitney Houston. She was in bad shape, she had to be resuscitated. They worked on her & brought her back. They all had to sign NDA's & given stern warnings to keep their mouth's shut. And this was years before her death. That's how we knew (unfortunately) her days would be numbered; it was only a matter of time if she hadn't sought the help she so desperately needed. Damn, as soon as I started typing about Luther, his song came on the radio! "If This World Were Mine". Rest Easy to both Luther & Whitney.

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    Welcome back!

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    Same thing I BELEIVE!! THEY FOUND A HOMELESS man with his features which isn't hard to duplicate .. and pulled a Houdini on they azz

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    See, now you have that song playing in my head.

    He said he was already upset about him dying, but he said they rushed them in the room, and were making them sign papers. I think it's wrong to post something like that on the website before his family was informed though. Like I said, I only told my mama LOL!

    Fun fact: I used to work with Bobby's sister Elizabeth. Mannnnn, that woman was cool as hell! The brother Tommy would come up there to eat lunch with her a lot too.

  • Lame Ass LA

    The judge Robert Sweet passed away in March...SANDRA why are u posting misinformation and fake news!!!!

  • Lame Ass LA

    And dont forget....Chris Tucker flew on his private jet as well!!!!

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    EVERYONE with COMMON SENSE knows the FBI and the gov Know he was killed and anyone associated with the release of the names...
    I mean come on...I don't need to watch back to back episodes of CSI to get it!!!!?

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    That is a fun fact. Was this in GA?? BTW, I'm originally a GA peach myself (Sav'h)....

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    Right. Still talm bout he can't read. He can't write and he don't know how to count or hide money. Yeah, in another life but right now miss us with dat bullshyt.

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    I guess rich people do.

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    They will never show the body.

    We will never know the truth.

    They will never release the names.

    Parents, never let anyone call you overprotective.

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    Weinstein and Epstein.

    And he just coincidently died.

    How convenient.

    These people are insane and dangerous.

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    He's supposedly dead, so can we please focus on the rest of his pedophile circle. Thanks management.

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    A deceased homeless bum replaced him


    he was murdered


    he is chillin' in Israel (no extradition treaty with U.S.)

    as we type

    However, special ops mission all the way.

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    Expect lots of people associated with JE to die. NYPD cops are killing themselves right and left so a correctional officer is not farfetched.

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    They do. There's a loophole unfortunately to almost everything.

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    Hey Cotton ???

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    umm, that's how people like sandra are taught to lie with totally legal bs. They write independent statements and hope people connect them with the rest of the article. Her defense in court..'I didn't say anything about this judge and THIS past did. AND he did pass away on Sunday..24th of march is on a Sunday." I chuckle every time I pass thru to see the bs and people who claim to be woke. Fashion, gossip then hit em wit the bs when their guard is down.

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    Hence a divorce and they issues with the adopted child.

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    Ding ding ding.
    We want Bill Gates, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Tom Hanks, The Rock, Prince Andrew, Don Cheadle, Bette Midler and many many many more to come to the front of the congregation to explain why they have been to Pedophile Island so many times.

  • samuel severino


    He was a CIA agent. They fronted him millions to get pedo dirt on extremely famous people, athletes and politicians to use as blackmail against them later.

    Doesn’t matter because they got over a million documented pages of evidence from Epstein and they released 2000 pages on Friday. Killing Epstein did no good because they already got the evidence from him.

  • samuel severino

    He will NEVER get out. Trump has already made it clear repeatedly. No justice for pedophiles. They deserve swift trials and executions.

    Why do you think he re-enacted the death penalty? Why do you think so many politicians started protesting it? They don’t want themselves OR their friends getting executed while having their families dragged through the mud and embarrassed. Logical thinking always wins out.

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    I just wanted to see if anyone other than a black man was going to get punished for his metoo crime.

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    In march...MARCH...b4 Epstein was even locked up

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    The latest:

    Jeffrey Epstein's Neck Broken In Multiple Places, Autopsy Says (Report)

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    I can't see the infatuation with having sex with a child. I enjoy sex just as much as the next guy, but with a kid just makes me want to puke. It's a sickness in the head.