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Former NFL running back Cedric Benson was killed in a motorcycle crash in West Austin, Texas on Saturday. Benson, 36, and a female passenger in her 30s were killed when his motorcycle hit a minivan and crashed. The accident occurred at 10 p.m. Saturday night, hours after he posted a photo to his Instagram stories that shows his prized BMW motorcycle, along with the caption "My Saturday night."

The former Texas University standout and his passenger were both pronounced dead at the scene. It isn't clear if they were wearing helmets when they died.

Benson was a first round draft pick in the 2005 NFL draft. He was selected by the Chicago Bears and played with the team in Super Bowl XLI.

He also played for the Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers. He retired from the NFL in 2012 after fracturing his foot.

In January of last year, Benson posted a meme that shows a photo from his Texas Longhorns glory days. The meme reads "Legends never die."

  • abby500

    Sad. He was quite handsome and seemed like a productive guy from his IG posts.

  • CookieMobster

    Sad. I don't understand why folks be racing around on these motorcycles all reckless and stuff.

  • Wreckognize Game

    RIP Mr. Benson and to your lady passenger.

  • Yardgirl

    Awww RIP sir and madam. There is no helmet law in my state and they zip around fast and crazy ?

  • Renee26

    Sad... Motorcycle accidents are scary. I have a friend who drinks and rides. He laid his sports bike down a couple of times and just bought a new Harley... Can't tell that fool nothing so I just pray for him.

    RIP to both victims

  • Parent


    Knew quite a few people who died from bike accidents. Got on a motorcycle once in my teens and I was like oh nah

  • Wreckognize Game

    I’m so scared of motorcycles. I had a bf that felt some kinda because I didn’t trust him to ride with him. Bruh, you fell on the bike 2 weeks after you got it. Uh no.??I won’t be riding with your wobbly azz. ?

  • KarmaBackAround

    Im so terrified of motorcycles..i dont even like driving behind one... r.i.p young man n young lady smh

  • KarmaBackAround

    Second that! I got on one once n was like never again!

  • MistaO


  • imright

    its crazy im so afraid of motorcycles !!! and damn near my entire family rides ??????

  • SpiceGirl

    RIP to him and Who Dey!!!

  • Carrington

    The probability of death in a motorcycle accident is multiplied times 10. I can't do it. I bought Joey a scooter and decided to ride it to the store one day (3 miles away) by the first mile and a half, I pulled over and called Joey and told him to come meet me and bring me my car. Those cars zipping past my a$$ were giving me vertigo and I was riding with fear and tremblin'.

  • tintin

    My husband loves his motorcycle and what makes it worse is he is into the stunts and tricks. I've had to go to the hospital at least 4 times because he's dropped, watched as he has cuts and dents on his legs and arms , broken bones you name it. My biggest fear is that call that he's dead. I beg him to get rid of it, he refuses. He says if he dies, let it be dying at something he loves.

  • Carrington

    It's hard to try to stop people from riding bikes and, the reality of that is, if he's been hurt that many times and keeps going back - he likely won't give it up. All you can do is stay prayed up and have enough insurance set-up to keep the family from having any financial issues and pay for college, etc. in the event something unfortunate happens.

    I know it's easier to say than it is to do, but that's the reality of your situation. I KNOW that has to be effed up to be worried the whole time he's gone on that thing.

    My dad owned night clubs my whole life and he had a lung transplant 20 years before he died two years ago. My mom STAYED on my phone arguing with me about the fact that he was still sitting at that bar every day, even after the last club stopped making money. He was paying bartenders, janitors, etc and for his mooching assed friends to come sit at the bar and drink for free.

    I kept trying to convince her that what was gonna happen was gonna happen and all she could do was live life and give it to God. He was 76 years old, the majority of his "crew" was dead already... he was sick... if he wanted to spend whatever time he had left sitting at that bar, let him. If he drops dead at that bar, let him drop dead doing something that he WANTED to do.

    He has never been the type to sit at home watching the news and reading the paper. Let him live his days out doing what he loves. That club wasn't open because he wanted to make money. That club was open because he loved PEOPLE... even if he had to feed them and give them free drinks. He just wanted to be around a bunch of people. He's not like me and my mom who couldn't care less about being around folk...

    I still don't think she ever truly embraced the idea of letting it go and accepting that God's will is what it is...

    I hope you find peace.

  • Parent

    Chile, I was having a panic attack on that thang. Not for me. Go with your instinct!

  • Coy little wink

    Chile. Me too. Got on dude's bike this fool was going super fast on the highway. All I could do was hold tight close my eyes and pray. Never again...

  • MsSapphire9800

    I am so confuse.....("Austin police responded to the crash at the 5600 block of Mt. Bonnell Rd. around 10:20 p.m. Police say a mini-van was trying to cross the intersection when it ran into a motorcycle. Benson and a woman were pronounced dead at the scene.") According to this post he hit the van...but some news outlets are saying the van hit him and other are saying the he hit the van.

  • $203947312

    The first time I rode a motorcycle, I was in an accident. A car pulled out of a driveway, unexpectedly. I applied the breaks, but there was gravel in the road. I lost control, skid on my side, as the bike drug me down the street. Luckily, I was wearing a helmet and a very thick leather jacket. Walked away without a scratch. The next day, I sold the bike.

  • Lady_Elle

    He died doing what he loved...
    I hate that his passenger was a casualty.

    I lost a childhood friend 2 weeks ago... motocycle accident.
    This friend was a neighborhood HERO!
    Made the front page of the NY Daily News.
    We are heart broken!

  • Parent

    Same. Ole boy ended up having a white t shirt full of my foundation after cus I was holding on for dear life.

  • Capricornlady

    Pray for him and keep the insurance policy premiums paid. Thats all you can do.????

  • Hazel

    When I got married, i couldn't convince my husband to sell his Harley, so i bought him a uber thick Harley leather jacket for Christmas, swore I'd never ride with him, and never have. Fast forward 25 years, he's on his third HOG and he has never had an accident, but I STILL won't ride with him.

  • Parent

    You talking about the basketball coach from Harlem. Damn shame. My condolences. He was a good brother from what I heard.

  • Dollface

    I hope you guys have a EXCELLENT life insurance policy. If you don't, get one NOW!!!

  • ATL White Guy

    I rode motorcycles from the age of 5 and into my 40s. From small dirt bikes to the modern day street bikes and everything in between. At one point I was teaching a motorcycle safety class full of people learning how to ride motorcycles for the first time. One kid was so eager to get his license and buy his first bike. He wanted a Kawasaki 750 Ninja. I told him slow down, start with something smaller for about a year. He passed the class with flying colors, got his license and bought his dream bike the next day, and was killed one day later on the highway on it. I haven't rode since.

  • Dasright

    My husband loved his bike and I always feared this because I felt he drove it too fast . All it took was one accident. He rebuilt his bike and sold it; hasn't been on one since.

  • Yardgirl

    I love your honesty!! This is exactly how I would feel. No m'am pam!

  • JustLookn

    Ohh man, I asked my husband to trade in back towards our SUV. He was little mad, but he did it.

    God bless his family.

  • Nik

    OMG, this is so sad. I remember the Ninjas were THE bike to have.

  • Nik

    Sorry to hear this!


    I read about your friend, so sorry or your loss. :(

  • Thee Jaguar Doll

    RIP Cedric Benson. He's a native from my town of Midland, Texas!

  • davine puddin

    When I was staying at hotel 12 before the stores opened and around same time lil Wayne got into his trouble I saw that cam am for first time and asked the owner about it he replied because he wasnt allowed to have a regular motorcycle for work insurance reasons. I figured he played a professional sport because I would see people ask him for his autograph . My assumption was I thought professional sports athletes wasnt allowed to ride regular motorcycles. RIP to him

  • MJF

    My sister and her boyfriend (at the time) were in a motorcycle crash about 10 years ago, I vowed to never get on one after he lost his entire leg and she ALMOST lost her life. Motorcycles have no protection and I understand that you never know when it's your last day on earth but I try to be as safe as I can. RIP to them.

  • Strappyheels


  • Bree

    This is so sad. They were young. Every time I see things like this, it makes me grateful for life and I try to live each day like it is my last.

    May they rest in peace. And may God be with their families!

  • Nik

    I already don't ever want to get on a bike and this gives me even more pause. I agree; we never know when it's our last day but we sure can try to avoid ushering it in!

  • MJF

    Exactly! I never stepped foot on one, I had an ex with a Harley and he would try hard to get me to ride; I could care less if we were riding in a circle...not doing it!

  • TheOwley

    Awful. RIP to the young man.

  • LoveChild

    RIP. He was swirling and thank God a black woman didn’t die with him.

  • Logan Roberts

    RIP. My ex used to ride bikes and I always used to be so scared for him. I rode with him one time and was like nope this is too scary for me.

  • Maxx

    Yeah my boyfriend said he stopped riding motorcycles after his cousin (who as he puts it ' Was a Beast on the motorcycle) died in his early 30s riding on a bike. It is just not safe...with or without a helmet you are taking a huge risk. The only way I would ride one is through the neighborhood. I don't see how these folks all up on the highway going 60! Hell nahwws

  • Jussjess25

    Rip! But you will not catch me on the back of a motorcycle