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Lizzo is wary of men who hit on her now that she's famous and paid. She's already made her preferences clear for Caucasian men who look like Liam Hemsworth. But even those ideal men won't have it easy when it comes to dating her.

The "Truth Hurts" singer/rapper admits she "doesn't trust" men who waited until she was rich and famous before approaching her - insisting she's looking for someone who loves her for her, not for her celebrity status.
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"No one tried to holler at me before all this s**t, so if you're trying to holler at me now, I don't trust it," the 31-year-old told Entertainment Tonight. "There's gotta be something real about you, or you gotta be fine as hell, either or.

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"I definitely understand more and more why famous people be f**king, because it's such an interesting world. I think it's hard to understand what it's like to have a connection with somebody outside of all of this s**t," she said.

Lizzo said sliding into her DMs is not going to cut it. She wants a man who wants her for her intellect.

"Famous people connect with millions of people at a time and everybody is in love with them and everybody wants you and everybody wanna smash and everybody wanna be your best friend, so it's really hard to kind of cipher [sic] through the bulls**t and find the real people."