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Oprah Winfrey bestie Gayle King wants to be up-to-date on the latest slang. On the latest edition of OG Chronicles for Oprah magazine, Oprah and Gayle try to guess the meaning of today's slang words. "Are we still saying 'turnt'? Are we done with that?" says Gayle, 64.

The ladies define slang words such as "lit", "snack", "shade", and "thicc" ("we're both thicc)."

While Gayle makes it her business to stay current with the latest urban trends, Oprah isn't pressed to learn the language of the streets.

"You can't slang-shame me," says Oprah, 65, after saying she doesn't care if she's up-to-date on the latest slang or not.

Caution: If you're at work, make sure you close your office door. This video is hilarious!