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CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta urged colleague Chris Cuomo to stop giving constant updates about his coronavirus diagnosis, telling him "It's OK to take a day off."

Cuomo announced that he tested positive for the coronavirus, saying he was self-quarantining away from his family in the basement of his home.

But Gupta and others are wary of Cuomo's constant updates about his physical condition.

"This was significant for you, Chris, Gupta said with compassion after Cuomo, 49, claimed he hallucinated and chipped a tooth while experiencing chills from a high fever.

"I'm just going to say, as well, you know, we talk about abdication of duty. I don't want to abdicate my duty when I... I know you're a warrior but you're allowed to take a day off," said Gupta.

"We love you. We think about you and it's OK to, you know... I know you're dreaming about this stuff. You're fully engaged but it's OK to take a day off."

Fellow anchor Don Lemon broke down in tears while discussing Cuomo's alleged diagnosis Tuesday night.

And Fox News anchors Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity sent well wishes to their competitor on Tuesday.