Photo may have been deleted

The 28-year-old Maryland woman who claims to be Jay-Z''s illegitimate firstborn daughter is seen posing in throwback photos with her real father over the years.

La'Teasha Macer claims she confirmed a DNA match to Jay-Z's grandmother through a DNA submission to Which only proves she might be related to someone on Jay-Z's grandmother's side -- not necessarily to Jay-Z himself.

Macer claims the 51-year-old rap mogul knocked up her mother during the peak of his rap career when he would have been around 23 years old.

Internet sleuths uncovered photos of Macer posing with her real father, Bobby, whose name is on her birth certificate. The pair bear a strong resemblance to each other and she looks more like him than Jay-Z.

Macer is luckier than most who grew up not knowing their biological fathers. It seems she had a loving father at every crucial stage of her life.

Photo may have been deleted

Macer has been making the rounds of YouTube channels, staking her claim to Jay-Z's fortune.

But her mother never pursued child support or paternity while she was young. It's highly unusual for a Black woman to leave money on the table in this day and age.

Macer herself apparently didn't retain an attorney to secure her claim to Jay-Z's estate before she turned 18.

Photo may have been deleted

The rapper has vigorously denied Macer's claims to his inner circle, particularly to his long-suffering wife, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, and his business associates who don't want to be entangled in a potential scandal.

Friends urge the promiscuous rapper to take a paternity test to prevent La'Teasha from making a career out of being "Jay-Z's first daughter."

Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, married Beyonce in 2008. They share three minor children. Jay-Z reportedly has two adult sons from previous sexual liaisons.

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