Dr. Dre is challenging his estranged wife Nicole Threatt Young's demand to see all of his financial records for the past decade.

In a new court filing obtained by The Blast, the hip-hop legend, real name Andre Romelle Young, suggested his financial affairs are none of his ex's business.

Judy Eddy/WENN.com

The Youngs are in the midst of a bitter divorce, as his ex claims the prenuptial agreement she signed before their 1996 wedding is invalid. Nicole alleges he ripped up the pre-nup in front of her, thus nullifying the document. But Dre claims he did no such thing.

Nicole's lawyers subpoenaed the mogul's longtime accountant to get her hands on his business and banking documents - paperwork Dre wants to keep confidential as it contains his "private information" and that of his associates.


In his latest filing, Dre states: "Throughout our marriage, I have maintained separate books and records regarding my separate property and my separate property business entities."

He added: "I object to the production of such documents which contain my private information as well as my confidential business information that involves third parties as well. For example‚ there is no basis for the production of my confidential employee employment records."

Instead, Dre is offering to provide Nicole's attorneys with the former couple's joint tax returns over the past decade.

He also had his accountant make an official declaration to back up the super producer's side of the story regarding the pre-nup and the separate sets of financial records.


It reads in part: "We have maintained separate books and records for (Dre) and each of his separate property business entities for the past two decades. The documents requested span more than a decade and involve at least seven different sets of books and records."

Dre has already agreed to pay spousal support and cover Nicole's living expenses.

A judge has yet to rule on the validity of the pre-nup following their divorce filing in June.