Wesley Snipes has revealed plans to launch his own all-female action movie franchise.

The Blade actor, 58, revealed his new all-female project, Indigo, which he described as "Foxy Brown meets Mission: Impossible." He's currently searching for fresh talent to lead the cast.

"We are doing a global virtual casting," Snipes said in a recent podcast. "We have a body movement specialist, where we would take them through a training program, bringing grand masters from various disciplines like martial arts, dance, cinematography, directing; all of the things that go into the qualities that you need to become an action star."

Tony Forte/WENN

Snipes is sure there is an audience of males eager for movies featuring a kickass crew of sexy women similar to Charlie's Angels.

"We are looking for new talent and want to discover a new female action star, a woman of color, and a bunch of her girlfriends who do their La Femme Nikita thing."

Snipes has abandoned plans to return to the big screen as Blade. Instead, he plans to revamp Blade into a female action star.

"It's the next Blade 4 kind of stuff that we didn't do with Marvel - we're doing it ourselves. We have all of that Blade-esque mixed, hybrid type of action content," he said.