Little Boy Who Became the Face of Hurricane Katrina is Now a Drag Queen

Charles Arianna Evans

The 9-year-old boy who became the face of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina is now a transsexual.

Among the thousands of New Orleans residents who were trapped inside the Superdome by Katrina’s surging floodwaters was little Charles Evans, who rode out the storm with his great-grandmother, Ophelia.

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TV’s Judge Joe Brown Begins Serving 5-Day Jail Sentence

Judge Joe Brown

Judge Joe Brown is on the other side of the law for the first time in his illustrious 40-year career as an attorney and judge.

Brown, 68, turned himself in on Thursday to begin serving his 5-day sentence for contempt of court after his motion for an appeal was denied.

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Medical Minute: Oral Candidiasis (Oral Thrush)

Amber Rose

Socialite Amber Rose sparked concern on social media when she posted this photo of herself and Instagram model Lira Galore on Instagram.

Amber’s alert followers noticed Amber and Lira had a white coating on their tongues. Amber’s followers suspected a yeast infection might be the cause.

Many of Amber’s followers suggested tongue scrapers or a trip to the doctor (considering her unhealthy sexual lifestyle)

Needless to say, Amber deleted the photo.

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Monica Hosts Code Red Album Listening Party in Atlanta

Monica and Jeezy

R&B singer Monica Brown, 34, hosted her Code Red album listening party at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta yesterday. Mo poses above with rap mogul Jeezy.
Photos by Prince Williams/

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Virginia TV Gunman Decorated His Refrigerator With His Headshots

Vester Flanagan

The man who executed 2 Virginia journalists on live TV was a mentally unbalanced narcissist who decorated his refrigerator with pictures of himself.

Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, shot and killed former co-workers, WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27 in cold blood during a live TV news broadcast early Wednesday morning.

He later turned the gun on himself following a brief police chase on I-66.

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Amber Rose Launches Eyeglasses Collection

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna

Unemployed socialites Blac Chyna, left, and Amber Rose launched Amber’s new eyeglass collection just in time to promote their new reality TV series on MTV. Like everything else Amber Rose touches, this too shall fail. Amber stays losing.

There is an unconfirmed rumor that socialite Kim Kardashian is attempting to stop Chyna Rose’s reality show from happening.

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Russell Wilson Claims Drinking Water Healed His Head Injury

Ciara and Russell Wilson

NFL quarterback Russell Wilson is the laughing stock of the NFL.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback made bizarre claims that he cured his head injury by drinking bottled water.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) frowns upon such shenanigans.

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RIP Darryl “Chocolate Thunder” Dawkins

Darryl Dawkins

NBA legend Daryl Dawkins passed away today at the age of 58. Pennsylvania radio station WFMZ confirmed the news.

An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death.

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