Lil Wayne Banned from Tonight’s OKC vs Spurs Game

The Internet is buzzing over rapper Lil Wayne’s abrupt announcement that he is banned from the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City tonight where the Thunder will take on the San Antonio Spurs in game 3 of the Western conference NBA finals.

Wayne, 29, is a fixure at NBA games, especially at the New Orleans Saints and the Miami Heat home games (Weezy is from Nola and lives in Miami).

But Wayne won’t be in attendance tonight at the OKC game.

Moments ago Wayne tweeted this:

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Local radio personality stalked by Lisa Turtle Lookalike

First and foremost, stalking is not funny. It is a federal offense in all 50 states and stalkers who are caught in the act can face up to 90 days in jail — or more if they commit bodily harm.

That being said, a local radio personality and blogger is herself the victim of stalking in the form of online death threats, and other threats of bodily harm, all because a Lisa Turtle lookalike accused her of being racist on Facebook.

Anh Vu of BeeHive FM radio took to her blog today to share her harrowing experience as a stalking victim with her readers.

Hey Friends,

After being threatened on my YouTube Channel numerous times by different people, I realized the epidemic of lonely, insecure, angry, bitter people in the world is REAL and not something to be played with. A woman took the time to steal pictures from my Facebook page and stole a clip from one of my YouTube videos and created a 10 min. video about me trying to depict me as a racist towards Black Women. Anyone that knows me personally knows that’s the furthest from the truth so I’m not even
going to dignify that with a response.

This is a picture of the woman that made me a target in her video:

Anyway, this created a frenzy as I’m sure you can imagine other angry women and men came on her page to bash me. The bashing became so bad that people began to threaten to kick my ass if they ever see me out in public to a woman being bold enough to come on my actual YouTube channel and posted a threat to my life.

The reason I’m writing this blog is to help others that have been a target of negative publicity or threats.
Of course I know negative publicity is going to come with the territory but no one should have to put
up with threats!!

You have rights and this is something that you CAN and SHOULD report. Do not let people get away
with the bullying. That’s what bullies do, they try to target those that they feel won’t do anything in


How Not To Send a Cease & Desist Letter

As I’ve told you bloggers in the past, receiving a Cease & Desist/take down order via email is not legal unless a physical copy is also sent via certified mail.

Most celebrities and their high powered legal mouth pieces think you don’t know that. So they’ll try you in the hope that the email by itself will be sufficient enough to scare you into taking the post down fast.

Celebrities with substantial personal wealth at their disposal arrogantly believe that most bloggers are broke and we don’t know our rights. Celebrities think money is power when, in reality, it is not. Knowledge is power, and without it you are defenseless.


Monica Announces Tour With Trey Songz

R&B, which was on life support, just got a much needed shot in the arm with the announcement of a tour featuring two of the biggest R&B acts in music! Mo made the announcement on Atlanta’s Fox 5 news. The official tour doesn’t start until August. But the two singers are doing spot dates right now.

“Kevin Liles Has always been supportive of me and my career for a long time now,” said Mo via cell phone from her custom tour bus on the road last night.

“He actually manages Trey. So he asked would I like to come out on tour and to do some dates prior. I told him I would be honored because what it does is it gives me a chance to gel and learn how to make things work smoothly before the tour actually starts.”

Last night Monica and Trey performed to a packed house in Aiken, S. Carolina and attended an after party in Spartanburg, SC.

Tomorrow’s show is in Elizabeth City, N. Carolina. Monica was really excited to be on the road with Trey. “It’s amazing The energy is incredible!,” said Mo.

Yesterday, Mo tweeted these photos of a brand new $126,000 Porsche Panamera S given to her by her cousin, Polow Da Don, in celebration of the success of her #1 album, Still Standing.

I’m not really a car person. But I will put two new car seats in the back for my boys. It’s a really, really nice car. Polow just wanted to surprise me. It was the best surprise ever! It really made me feel good to know that he thought that much of me. We have a lot of cousins! Our bond is like brother and sister really. The funny things is I didn’t even get to touch it! I had to come to Aiken, so they’re sending it to the rim shop to get some white on white 22-inch rims with with hot pink brake pads. We’re going to keep it girly!


Meet Kanye West’s Ghost Blogger

I know you don’t really believe Kanye West updates his blog several times a day while chasing skirts and displaying his astounding ignorance all over the world? Hopefully you’re not that naive.

Sure Kanye wrote that one outburst on his blog, but no, he doesn’t find all those neat gadgets or post those videos and photos from the road. Someone else does all that for him.

That someone else is Marcus Troy, Kanye’s “Ghost Blogger” – a term Marcus coined to describe the service he provides for a few celebrity blogs. Remember those Huffington Post blogs that were supposedly written by Jermaine Dupri? Come on, you didn’t really think JD had that kind of smarts, did you?

If you ask Marcus whether he ghost writes for Kanye, of course he’ll deny it. Because that’s what ghost writers do: they stay in the cut while giving others the glory.

As Marcus explains it on his own blog:

“In the rap game if you don’t write your own lyrics (like Diddy) you hire a “Ghost Writer” to do your penmanship for you.” The reason why they say “ghost” is because this person’s identity is usually kept private and you can use their material and pass it off as your own and the real writer essentially remains a ghost (unless they get mad, and call you out).

Well, in blogging it’s the same concept. Celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton can travel the country doing guest appearances, radio shows, television interviews and the like all while his blog is being updated 24/7 due to ghosts like Marcus who do all the real work for no credit.

So drop Marcus a line and let him know his work on Kanye’s blog is appreciated. He won’t admit it, but he’ll thank you for it.


5 Tips For Increasing Traffic To Your Blog

Blogs are the fastest growing source of information on the Internet. Every day something like 175,000 new blogs pop up on the net. Every new blog competes for the same traffic as the 25 million other blogs in the blogosphere.

So what sets the big blogs apart from the rest? And why do some blogs get massive amounts of traffic while others hear crickets? The answer is SEO.

Making your website or blog search engine friendly is the key to increasing traffic. SEO means Search Engine Optimization which translates to helping your visitors find you quickly!

Unfortunately, optimizing your site for search engines can be a long and tedious process. There are TONS of SEO tips on Google if you have the time to do the research and apply the information.

Today I’m going to show you 5 non-SEO ways to drive traffic to your blog.

1 – Utilize Your RSS feed

RSS feeds help drive traffic to your blog. An RSS feed should be your main way of promoting your blog to the massses. An RSS feed works by telling the world that you have updated your site. There are many different types of RSS feed services including Technorati and Feedburner.

Your RSS feed link should be prominently displayed at the top or near the top of your blog. Some blog owners use oversized RSS icons to grab their visitor’s attention. The key is to get many visitors to sign up to your feed.

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Blogging Tips: Building traffic using trackbacks and Pings

Do you often see odd looking comments in your comment section and wondered what they were? If you do, it means you are not familiar with trackbacks/pings and you are not taking full advantage of the trackback’s traffic building opportunities.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When I first started this blog, I didn’t know what those odd comments were either. I used to delete them regularly because I thought they were spam. I began allowing trackbacks once I figured out that the blog owners were simply notifying me when they linked to one of my posts.

In my case, new comments are moderated, so all trackbacks/pings must be approved by me. But when comments are not moderated, trackbacks will show up unless the blog owner turns off trackbacks.

Trackbacks are a great way to build traffic through linking. If you use trackbacks the right way, it isn’t necessary to request link exchange links (who looks at Blogrolls anyway?). When you send a trackback to a blog, your link, along with a brief summary of what you wrote will appear in their comment section.

Learn how to trackback after the break…

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