Kendrick Lamar

Rapper-of-the-moment Kendrick Lamar hopes his new $109 Reebok sneakers will promote peace, unity and equality in the world.

The 29-year-old Compton, California native became a “brand ambassador” for the sportswear giant in 2014, and he has used similar ideological guerrilla marketing to sell sneakers to his fans.

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Vine Twitter, which is on its last legs, is shuttering their once popular Vine video app.

“We’ll be working closely with creators to make sure your questions are answered and will work hard to do this the right way,” Twitter’s Vine team wrote in a post on Thursday.

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Gary Wit Da Tea

Radio personality and friend of the blog Gary With Da Tea is launching a new thong underwear line for men.

The 26-year-old Oxford, Texas native is known for his impeccable style and flair for fashion. So his new male-oriented lingerie venture is right up his alley.

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