Actor Ice-T, and his lovely wife, Coco, attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada on Monday. The couple have their own reality show, Ice and Coco, which airs Sundays at 10:30/9:30c on E!


Singer Jordin Sparks was seen leaving ABC studios in New York City yesterday. Jordin is definitely winning right now: she looks great AND she can sing.

As you know, Jennifer Hudson fell ill with severe stomach pains while performing on ABC's Good Morning America Summer Concert Series on Friday. She was rushed to a NYC hospital where she was reportedly treated for food poisoning and released a few hours later.

It wasn't long before rumors began swirling that the 29-year-old Oscar winner was actually experiencing complications from a gastric lap-band procedure she underwent in 2009.

Yesterday evening, someone from Jennifer's camp left this comment on my blog:

TheVoiceOfReason says:


I have read all the garbage and now will insert a few facts.

Star Jones, with all her lies, has ruined massive weight loss for all Black women. Lap Band Surgery is the first thing out of haters mouths when a woman of color loses a large amount of weight, not so fast.

The Facts: Jennifer’s weight loss journey lasted 20 months (not 3 or 6) and it began days after her son’s birth in August of 2009. Her journey began by walking several miles a day and totally changing her eating habits. For a year she ate nothing but baked chicken or fish with brown rice and veggies and lost only about 20 pounds or so. Racked with frustration Jenn switched over to Weight Watchers which taught her portion control and the right combinations of food. WW in tandem with a 5-6 day a week workout routine caused the pounds to fall off. Jennifer does not eat tiny bites, she eats a full meal 5 times or so a day. She did not have Lap Band or any other type of weight loss surgey, period.

Anyone can do what she did, it just takes patience and discipline.

When travelling, as she often does, she tends to eat either restaurant or hotel room service food. Bottom line, her breakfast did not sit too well with her on Friday the 10th. Bad food coupled with singing and gyrating around the GMA stage just stirred up the gastric acids in her stomach causing intense cramping sending her to the ER. End of story.

Just because Star Jones lied does not mean that every Black woman lies about her weight loss journey. And do you really believe that Weight Watchers would open themselves to possible lawsuits of false advertising for Jennifer Hudson? I think not.

June 11, 2011 at 9:22 pm

If you've been wondering who influences the fashion tastes of the NBA's Big Three, Amar'e Stoudemire, LeBron James and Chris Bosh; meet their stylist, Rachel Johnson.

Johnson is a six-foot tall sista who parlayed her impeccable style and taste into a successful career as a personal shopper to celebs, such as Jamie Foxx, Puffy, Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo and the Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire.

A quick Google search reveals that Johnson, 36, has put in her time picking out ties and matching socks for her friends and well-heeled clients:

After over a decade of working on countless photo shoots, videos, commercials and red carpet appearances, Rachel launched the Thomas Faison Agency with the goal to provide stylistic freedom for just about anyone who seeks it. She and her accomplished team of wardrobe visionaries “view style as intensely personal and a reflection of the individual.” Source

In this video, Rachel gives you an insider's peek into the closet of the Miami Heat's LeBron James. Watch as LeBron, who always has to have everyone's attention focused on him, interrupts Rachel repeatedly as she explains her styling techniques. Narcissists are annoying

Follow Rachel on Twitter @LovingRachel.

Kim Kardashian's little sis, Khloé breaks her silence on the "sad" rumors that Kim Kardashian cheated on her fiance, Kris Humphries.

But despite receiving a cease & desist letter from Kim's lawyers, Lockett tells that he has emails, text messages and cell phone photos that proves he was intimate with Kim before she announced her engagement to Humphries.

He has yet to produce the evidence.

In an interview with E! News, Khloé slammed New England Patriot Brett Lockett's wild claims that he cheated with Kim while she was dating Humphries.

"I have…honestly... never heard of him. I think [he's], crazy," Khloé told E! News' Michael Yo at Forbes' Celebrity 100 celebration last night. "I don't even know if you know this story," she asked her husband, Lamar Odom, who responded, "No," and shook his head.

"It's so weird that people these days can just say, like complete strangers, 'Oh my god, he's been seeing her for five months,' and this and that, he's crazy," Khloé said. "I think it's's sad."

Sadder still: "I think he really believes that he's been with her."

Celebrity blogger @Freshalina, owner of blog, said this about fading rapper Soulja Boy's attack on bloggers and his sad attempts to comeback from hip hop's graveyard of obscurity:

Still unwilling to take the hint his last album’s sales figures tried to send him, Soulja Boy has released a new video for the song, “Conceited.”

Sounding like a Kappa with Down syndrome, Diamond’s new sponsor boasts, “I look so good, I look so pretty. I’m conceited.” If that hook wasn’t cliché-ridden enough for you, Soulja Boy proceeds to snatch T-Pain’s now discarded vocoder to rinse and repeat his narcissistic lines.

As for that fuck bloggers line and threats of getting robbed, Sheree Whitfield trying to school somebody on the repo man sounds more believable.

Perhaps DeAndre is feeling himself ‘cause he knows Remy Ma’s last parole hearing was unsuccessful so she can’t pistol whip him for jocking her swag.

Embattled New York Congressman Anthony Weiner will be cleaning out his Washington office any day now.

An uncensored photo of Mr. Weiner's uncensored weiner made its way to today.'s owner Andrew Breitbart, who broke the original Weinergate scandal, showed the image of Weiner's genitals on his phone to a radio show host who then took a picture and uploaded it to Twitter.

This new humiliating news comes just a couple of days after he tearfully confessed to exchanging sexually graphic photos of himself with SIX young women online.

Weiner's wife of 11 months, Huma Abedin, flew off to Libya last night with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So thankfully, she was spared the humiliation. is a family-oriented blog, and therefore we won't post the picture here. But has the uncensored photo if you know where to look.

...he's dropping the 'T' from his famous moniker. Going forward, the former rapper-turned-actor wants you to call him simply "Ice".

Ice and his buxom wife of ten years, Coco, have a new reality show that premieres this Sunday on E! Entertainment titled "Ice Loves Coco". In an interview with E! Online for the new series, Ice explains how he met Coco, whose only requirement was that her man be nice. He said he told her, "If you take the 'N' off nice you get Ice, baby."

"Ice Loves Coco" premieres this Sunday, June 12 @ 10:30/9:30c.

On VH1's new romantic comedy series, Single Ladies, Stacey Dash, 45, plays Val, an Atlanta fashion designer and clothing boutique owner who's looking for a real man to complete her. But in her college days, Val found love in the arms of her roommate, Queen Latifah, who plays herself.

Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment executive produced the scripted 'Single Ladies' series for VH1.

In the one hour series premiere last week, Val broke up with her shady fiance Quinn, who was cheating on her with Shelly (Lauren London). Val's solution for getting over Quinn is online dating, but she gets more than she bargains for. Keisha (LisaRaye) and Malcolm (D.B. Woodside) take their relationship to the next level with mixed results. Meanwhile, April (Charity Shea), the only 'Single Lady' who is married, gets exposed as the messy mistress to the Atlanta mayor, played by rapper Common.

Former NBA star Rick Fox, Deion's wife Pilar Sanders and singer Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas also star in this episode. Oh, and, look for random cameo's by local Atlanta celebrities.

Photo compilation

No, not like that! The celebrity fitness trainer and the superstar singer are teaming up to put out an exercise DVD together. Jeanette Jenkins, who recently split from her longtime lover, Queen Latifah, made the announcement on her Twitter page yesterday. The DVD is still in production.

Joining forces with the sexy Kelly Rowland is a great way to rebound from a devastating breakup -- even if it is just business.

Former US boxer Mike Tyson with his wife, Lakiha, dances the Latin music "Cha Cha Cha" for the Top Argentine TV show "Dancing for a Dream" in Argentina yesterday. Aw, they make a beautiful couple.

According to loyal reader Michelle M., Carmelo Anthony was honored last night by the Fresh Air Fund gala hosted by Ann Curry. He received the prestigious American Heroes Award for his work and charitable contributions to the community and mostly to inner city kids. Over the years, Carmelo has given millions of dollars back to the community. Nice to see him recognize for such a great cause. He definitely was the star of the night!

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As you know by now, entertainment mogul Queen Latifah, 41 and her longtime lover, Jeanette Jenkins, have separated.

According to a confidential source, Queen Latifah, real name Dana Owens, and the 40-something Jenkins, have a rocky on again, off again relationship. But my source tells me the relationship is definitely off for good this time.

My source said that Jenkins, an avid fitness buff, was the glue that held the relationship together. But the personal trainer to the stars is a bit anal and something of a perfectionist. For Jenkins failure is never an option, and she could no longer tolerate being with a woman who refused to exercise and eat right.

"Jeanette is very image and health conscious. She was tired of watching Dana eat, drink and smoke herself to death," said my source. She confirmed that Latifah's ballooning weight and her smoking habit were factors in the break up.

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