A high end Buckhead Men's clothing store was hit by a brazen booster who stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise by simply walking out of the store with the items.

Moda 404 owner Lee Brockwell told the Atlanta Journal she spent more than an hour chatting with the outgoing customer who seemed to want to spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes. But when she turned her back for a minute, the man brazenly walked behind the counter, picked up 3 bags of merchandise and strolled out of the store in broad daylight.

Brockwell said the man's $4,300 take included a couple pairs of pants, jeans, shirts, a pair of sunglasses and several pairs of shoes worth $200 to $600 each.

Another customer spotted a grey Audi parked outside the store with the motor running. But the customer wasn't sure if that was the getaway vehicle.

If you recognize the man, call the Crime Stoppers Atlanta Tipline at (404) 577-8477. Watch the surveillance video after the break.

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Adoptive mother Sandra Bullock should be commended for taking little Louis Bardo to the park. Most wealthy adoptive mothers let their nannies take the youngsters to the park so they don't have to hear the shrieking and crying when it's time to leave.

Oprah Winfrey, whose failing OWN Network is hemorrhaging money, held hands with actor Sean Penn at a refugee camp in Haiti earlier today. The talk show queen is in storm ravaged Haiti filming a TV special highlighting the humanitarian efforts by celebrities such as Sean Penn. His non-profit organization provides assistance to people displaced by the 2010 earthquake. Another narcissist who is in Haiti is Kim Kardashian. But it isn't clear if Kim made it past the airport. We haven't seen a single picture of her in Haiti. Hopefully, Oprah will have some footage of Kim getting hands on in Haiti, and if she really wants to score points, she will talk about how Wyclef Jean stole over $1 million in donations for his own benefit.

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

Local "celebrity attorney" Phaedra Parks represented one of her clients in court on a drug charge in last night's episode of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'. Afterwards, in the parking lot, the enterprising young man peeled a couple of Gs off of a thick wad of cash and handed the money to Phaedra who quickly tucked the cash into her purse. I tried to reach my own attorney last night to ask her if accepting drug money on camera was legal. Maybe she didn't answer her phone because she was laughing so hard.

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... that he is still paying butt model (and popular Houston stripper) Maliah Michel a grip for her "escort" services. Just look at her fake smile and her stiff body language in the above pics taken at her birthday party this past weekend. If you are not a student of body language, you should try and study the art pronto. It will save you men a lot of time, money and trouble in the long run, and give you the ability to read a chick's agenda before she even opens her mouth.

We're told that Maliah's bills are still being paid by her Dallas boyfriend -- the one who owns the strip club where she puts in work. And, they say he regularly pimps her out to rappers, such as Drake, with low self esteem who can afford the confidence boosting services that Maliah specializes in.

Loyal reader Junk Male writes:

[Friday] night Maliah Michel Celebrated her Bday at upscale night club in Houston Bambou which is promoted by TheBlackAristocrats.com. She was hugged up with Sean Kingston the entire night only separation between the 2 is when her stripper friends showered her with ones as she did a little strip tease for Sean Kingston.

As she posed for the attached pics, all her friends screamed "AWWWWWWW" MORE PICS OF THE PARTY CAN BE FOUND AT www.TheBlackAristocrats.com

VH1 is really excited about their upcoming Live Stream coverage of 'Basketball Wives' (Miami) promo photo shoot today (starting at 11am ET).

They have to do something to boost interest in the upcoming season since the BBW LA cast blew them out of the water.

VH1 Blogger, Liz Black, spent the day driving all over downtown Miami yesterday visiting with cast members Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Suzie Ketcham, and Tami Roman. She also spent time with Jennifer, Tami, and Suzie at their apartments. Check out the pics after the break!

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Last night, reality TV personality Kandi Burruss held a press event to celebrate the launch of her Kandi Koated Spades (KKS) iPhone/iPad app.

According to publicist, Saptosa Foster, dozens of press and VIPs -- including Kandi's besties Phaedra Parks (RHOA) and Toya Wright -- packed a private lounge at ATL hotspot Frank Ski's Restaurant.

While Kandi and KKS developers Konsole Kingz (owners Cj Peters and Marcus Matthews) demonstrated the app's features. A few guests had the opportunity to play the app with Kandi, while others played the game on their personal iPhones. Two lucky attendees even walked away with iPads! "Kandi Koated Spades has all of the real action that we use in Spades, like reneging and cutting," said Kandi. "I love this app and I know my hardcore Spades players will too."

Kandi Koated Spades is available on iTunes. Visit http://kkspad.es/qWsdfR to purchase. For information on KKS, visit www.KandiKoatedSpades.com or follow us on Twitter (@kandispades).

Photos: James Pray

All week VH1 has been teasing the Basketball Wives Facebook followers about a special event coming Thursday involving the cast of the 'Basketball Wives' (the boring Miami crew, not the LA cast).

And, maybe due to that fact, VH1 didn't get much of a response to the teasers on facebook.

See what the BIG NEWS is after the break.

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It was one of those astonishing moments when a celebrity is caught on national television like a deer in the proverbial headlights. It occurred when ABC anchor Katie Couric, who was interviewing the cagey singer Beyonce, reached over, and without warning rubbed the baby bump that has been at the center of controversy for months.

Beyonce appeared startled as she reached down reflexively when Katie copped a feel. "I'm sorry, am I allowed to do that?" Katie asked as she snatched her hand back.

When a woman caresses another woman's baby bump, the moment usually passes quickly between the two women.

But Katie's hand returned to groping Beyonce's baby bump a second time -- as if Katie wasn't confident that what she felt the first time was actually a human baby.

It was clear that Katie was performing a tactile examination of Beyonce's baby bump, which was first introduced to the world in September at the MTV VMAs. Prior to that, no one knew the 30-year-old was pregnant.

Judging from Couric's reaction afterwards, it was clear that she still had her doubts that Beyonce's baby bump was real. But Couric never expressed those doubts on the air. We wish we could have been a fly on the wall when Katie told her friends what she really thought about the baby bump!

Watch the interview after the break, courtesy of @Yardieiz4life!

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Talk show Diva Wendy Williams came under fire from fans of "The Kang" T.I. after he appeared on her show Thursday with his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris to promote their new reality TV show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

During the interview, Wendy grilled T.I. on the touchy subjects of his past arrest on drug charges and his incarceration for violating his probation. A tense T.I. repeatedly interrupted Wendy's line of questioning, telling her "Life has moved on." (Watch the video here)

After the show, Wendy uploaded a video to her blog and facebook page giving her unique perspective on the tense verbal exchange between herself and T.I.

"What part of ‘you are an ex-con’ doesn’t he understand?," she said. "I get middle America, he’s trying to change his image. He shoulda thought about that before they arrested them…for real. I like T.I. I like his wife, Tiny. But you can’t have it both ways, sir. You go on 'The View' and other shows and give it up but what is it? I’m too familiar with you so that you don’t want to give it up here?"

But the nervous tension flying between T.I. and Wendy on the set wasn't the only topic of conservation on social networks and the blogs on Thursday.

Sisters in particular bristled when a self-confident T.I. gently told his wife to "pause" as she was about to answer one of Wendy's probing questions.

T.I. hushed his wife because the question involved rapper 50 Cent -- a man -- and T.I. thought that he -- a man -- was better qualified to handle it. No real man would sit quietly while his wife spoke on another man's drama.

It was one of those television moments that lent itself to ridicule and scorn from females on Twitter.com who long ago lost respect for Black men.

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R&B Diva Monica Brown sat down with talk show Diva Wendy Williams yesterday. Mo confirmed she is not currently pregnant, but that she and her husband, Shannon Brown, "practice" getting pregnant "regularly". But Mo added that she and Shannon, who was sitting in the audience, do plan on having kids one day, but they already have 3 boys to raise. Mo talked about her new album, which was pushed back. And she shared photos from her and Shannon's wedding.

Watch the interview after the break!

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Last night, following 'Love & Hip Hop' episode 3, VH1 aired a sneak peek of T.I.'s new reality series 'T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle', which premieres Monday, Dec. 5.

The series is based on the post-prison life of rapper T.I., and the different hustles that T.I., Tiny and their children have going on. For instance, T.I.'s son Domani, whom he dotes on, is following in his father's footsteps by picking up the mic.

Tiny's friends, who sometimes travel with the couple on the road, provide the necessary drama in the series. But the focus seems to be primarily on cash money, and T.I.'s drive to keep the cash pipelines open now that his legal problems are over.

"No matter how long it took for me to get it right, it never get wrong again," says T.I. emphatically.

He adds: "The most important thing to me in the world: God, family, hustle, in that order."

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In case you missed last night's episode of the partially scripted Bravo Reality TV show, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta,' you can watch the full episode after the break. I didn't watch the program last night, so I can't fill you in on much. All I know is an infamous Atlanta male stripper by the name of "Ri-DICK-ulous" showed up at Kandi's 35th birthday party and turnt it out.

But what is going on with Kim's lips though? Why are they so puffy?

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The Basketball Wives: LA Reunion lived up to its hype last night. Right off the bat, Jackie Christie let the other cast members know that she was the boss!

First, Jackie got into it with Draya, then she and Gloria Govan went at it. “I feel hurt, because you are like my sister, Laura, and Draya I have gotten to know as well, and this is something for you all to talk about and not let us instigate. So relax. Fall the f— back!” she said.

“Stop your talking, it does not make sense!” said Gloria to Jackie. Then she asked where Doug was "So you can tell him what to do!"

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According to media Guru, Jawn Murray, Oprah's struggling OWN Network has ordered up 10 more episodes of its #1 rated show 'Welcome To Sweetie Pies'.

According to STLToday.com, 'Sweeties' averages 388,000 viewers per episode, up 73 percent from a year earlier.

The show follows owner Robbie Montgomery -- a former original back-up singer for Ike & Tina Turner -- as she serves her mother's soul food recipes at her popular St Louis-based "Sweetie Pie's restaurant.

Miss Robbie, who at age 72 has never been married, was in Atlanta yesterday attending the 2011 Soul Train Awards with her family. Her oldest son, Tim, who helps run the business, told blogger Tami of Talkingwithtami.com that he was incarcerated for 10 years and turned his life around when he got out. Tim and his girlfriend, Jenae, have a son who was born prematurely during taping of the show [Thanks, iscream].


Embattled reality star Kim Kardashian is pulling out all the stops to save her career. First she hired a lawyer to muzzle her former publicist, blogger Jonathan Jaxson, who's been spilling all her tea -- and now Kim is allowing her high-powered attorney to reveal confidential client-attorney information to the media.

...Laura Wasser, who reps oodles of celebs, not only filed divorce docs on Kim's behalf, she negotiated her prenup. Wasser tells TMZ, "Our office did indeed negotiate and prepare a prenup for Ms. Kardashian. Given what I know regarding that document, it is not plausible that this marriage was a sham."

Wasser -- who is notorious for not speaking publicly about her cases -- tells us the negotiations were "prolonged" and dealt with financial issues "that go well into the future" -- markers that would not be present if someone intended a short marriage from the get go.

But knowing what we know about narcissists, it is very plausible that Kim wanted the marriage -- and everything that goes along with it -- except for the husband. According to sources, it became apparent to Kim early on that Kris was not going to be the do-boy that she wanted to give her the attention that she craved and shower her with praises all day long, while neglecting his own needs.

Sources tell TMZ that the prenup was exhaustive -- 30 pages, including exhibits, tax returns and other financial documents.


It was a night of high fashion and drama as New York City's design mavens and gurus descended on Skylight SOHO to attend the 8th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards last night. Media personality La La Vazquez dragged her husband, Carmelo Anthony to the awards. He had a very annoyed look on his face. Can you imagine how that conversation went when she announced to him that he was going?

La La: "If you don't come with me the blogs will talk about us!!!"
Melo: "SO? Let them bishes talk!"

Designer Rachel Roy posed with Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Anthony.

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The 2nd season of the popular 'Braxton Family Values' reality show premiered last night on WEtv. Grammy award-winning singer Toni Braxton, her mother, Evelyn, and her sisters, Tamar, Towanda, Trina and Traci allow the WEtv cameras to follow them as they go about their daily lives.

In last night's episode, Toni, who moved to LA, and her ex-husband, Keri Lewis, get back together. Tamar is secretly recording her own album apart from the family project. This leads to a heated showdown between Toni, Tamar and Evelyn.

Everyone wonders why Tamar only pecked her husband, Vince Herbert, on the cheek during an intimate moment between the couple. If you're into body language, Tamar's body posture said all you need to know about their relationship. Tamar and Vince most likely have separate bedrooms. That doesn't mean they don't love each other.

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One of the women who accused presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s now works for U.S. President Obama.

You scoffed when I mentioned in this post, dated Oct. 31, that Obama was behind these scandalous allegations.

"Obama???? what makes you think its not his own party???" wrote loyal reader Carmez79 in the comment section. Another loyal reader, Jessie, commented, "I don’t believe for one minute that this revelation came from the Obama camp."

According to the NY Post, Karen Kraushaar, a 55-year-old former journalist who currently works for the Obama administration, was outed yesterday as one of the three women who had filed sexual harassment complaints against Cain.

But wait it gets better.

According to the AP, after she settled her claim against Cain for $35K, Kraushaar then moved on to her next job where she promptly filed yet another complaint with the help of the same lawyer!

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I don't watch this show because it's totally scripted and I can't afford to waste any more brain cells.

But Miss Jia watched the show and here's her recap!

-Nene buys her son a new Charger and pays for it in cash…with a check.

-Nene & Sheree have a confrontation in which Sheree lets her know that she is in NO way a boss until she gets her bottom row fixed

-Phaedra is considering opening up a funeral home

-Kandi is starting her own line of sex toys called Bedroom Kandi that will play exclusive songs when programmed with your itunes!

-Cynthia wants to start a modeling agency and…

-Sweetie (Kim’s assistant) still hasn’t received the memo that they’ve freed the slaves.

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A somber looking Kim Kardashian was spotted at the Australia airport earlier today with her sister, Khloe Kardashian, and brother-in-law, Lamar Odom. I wrote "somber looking" because we know it's all an act.

According to TMZ, Kim is telling friends she is so "distraught" over the divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries that she can't function.

Kim, who traveled to Australia to launch her handbag line one day after filing for divorce, canceled a $150,000 appearance at The Melbourne Cup in Australia yesterday so she could return home early.

Kim's mom, Kris Jenner, made the rounds of talk shows this week hawking her new book. She claims Kim didn't make millions off her wedding. As if to prove the point, Kim and her sister were spotted clutching McDonald's bags as they strolled through the airport.

Kim is telling friends: "I need to take care of me now, and I can't work for awhile."

Presumably, she's halting production of her reality show until she pulls herself together. What a complete fraud she is. I love it when narcissists fail in such spectacular fashion.

Photos: Splash News Online

According to TMZ.com, Toni Braxton's brother-in-law, Vincent Herbert, was released from a NY hospital where he was treated for blood clots in his lungs.

Sandrarose.com broke the story that Vincent was rushed to the hospital two weeks ago after experiencing difficulty breathing. It was determined that the entertainment executive had a condition called Pulmonary embolism, or blood clots in the lungs.

Pulmonary embolism is usually fatal and involves a blood clot (thrombus) traveling from the legs and into the lungs (Deep Vein Thrombosis). People at high risk for DVTs are those who live a sedentary lifestyle, sit for long periods of time at cubicle desks or travel long distances on planes.

Vincent is the husband of Toni's sister, Tamar Braxton, star of "Braxton Family Values".

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Sensing that her days as a reality TV fraud might be drawing to an end, 'Basketball Wives' cast member, Evelyn Lozada, suckered Lil Wayne into signing her to a six-figure book and film deal.

Never mind that Lozada has no prior experience writing books or developing films (we're talking about syrup-swigging Lil Wayne here).

According to Sports Super Groupie, Stiletto Jill,

First up for release, The Wives Association. This is the book Evelyn mentioned she was working on a few months ago. The plan is to release the book and then develop it for the “Big Screen”.

The book series to be co-authored by novelist and former Law & Order: Criminal Intent writer Courtney Parker. The books will be loosely based on Lozada’s life, using the alter ego Eve Inez-Landon to fictionalize the true stories she has learned from years of dating professional athletes. “The stories that you hear—what goes on in these relationships, and just being in that circle—I decided to let everyone experience a piece of it for themselves by writing this series of juicy novels,” Lozada said.

“By partnering with Baby and Cash Money Content, we have the potential to turn these ‘novels’ into a full-fledged brand,” Lozada explains. “Everything Baby and CMC touches turns to gold, and our brands together will be magical.”

Maybe I can meet with Lil Wayne over a bottle of coke and syrup and convince him to sign me to his label as A&R?

VIBE magazine's ex-president Keith Clinkscales is being sued by a former ESPN colleague who claims he pleasured himself while sitting next to her on a plane. And here I thought Keith was gay all these years.

A former ESPN executive is suing a one-time colleague over allegations he fondled himself underneath an iPad while sitting next to sportscaster Erin Andrews on a flight.

Keith Clinkscales claims the suggestion he masturbated in front of the ESPN and Good Morning America reporter is a 'flat-out lie' spread by Joan Lynch, an executive producer he fired.

The 47-year-old ex-Vibe magazine president filed a defamation lawsuit in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday, which accused Mrs Lynch, 36, of having a partly racial motive for the accusation.

Mr Clinkscales, who left his role as ESPN's head of content development when it was announced last month that the group was disbanding, also claims Mrs Lynch was annoyed because he was promoted over her.

Once dubbed 'the boy wonder of black magazine publishing' by The Washington Post, Mr Clinkscales became chief operating officer of the hip-hop bible Vibe aged 29 before becoming a senior vice president at ESPN in 2007.

In her executive producer role, Mrs Lynch most notably headed the development of the Emmy-nominated documentary series '30 for 30'.

Radio & TV Talk blogger, Rodney Ho, has the rundown on the fourth season of the fully scripted 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' on Bravo. Season 4 debuts Sunday (Nov. 6) at 9 p.m.

Most of the stuff Rodney covers you already know, such as Kandi starting a sex toy line (a portion of the profits, if there are any, goes to Bravo). You also know that resident big mouth NeNe Leakes agreed to pretend she's divorcing from her husband, Greg (though they were spotted together all Summer long).

Kim Zolciak pulled a Kim Kardashian by marrying a goofy professional athlete, getting pregnant and moving in with him. Marlo Hampton, the larcenous girlfriend of New Orleans Saints player Charles Grant, failed to spark any interest from screen test groups so she was dropped from the cast.

NeNe is still arguing with Sheree Whitfield, who is still fronting like she's a fashion designer with no clothing line.

One thing we didn't know is that the flaming Dwight Eubanks is gone. According to Rodney, the sickly looking Eubanks is:

...effectively replaced by Miss Lawrence as the resident gay hairdresser. Lawrence is working with Kandi on his music though the song we hear seems ill-suited for his voice.

Watch the video sneak preview after the break!

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Earlier this week, I told you that Tamar and Trina Braxton would participate in a live Ustream chat session with you guys. That was incorrect. Towanda and Trina are the sisters who will be participating in the live chat next Wednesday, Oct, 26, so mark your calendars. The Ustream video will be posted here on Sandrarose.com and the ladies will respond to comments that you write in that post. My apologies for the misinformation.

From a press release:

Gearing up for the anticipated second season of WE tv's hit show BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES, the Braxtons made several appearances in Atlanta this week that included a stop at Spelman College's Homecoming and an intimate dinner with local press. On Wed, Tamar, Trina, Towanda and Traci (Toni was in LA filming) screened the new season's premiere episode for 300 Spelman students and participated in a lively Q&A that ended in a brief a capella song by the Braxtons.

Then last night, new ATL hotspot Frank Ski's Restaurant played host to a private dinner with the Braxtons which included an episode screening and Q&A. Attendees - which included everyone from CNN, Associated Press, CBS Radio, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11Alive, Bossip to Jezebel/The Atlantan, JUICY, StraightfromtheA and many more - enjoyed calamari, fish tacos, short ribs and red velvet cupcakes. The Braxton sisters along with Mom Evelyn (aka "Miss E") were all smiles and laughs as they dished on life after the first season, their love lives, upcoming album projects and that feisty Tamar! As Miss E put it, "You'll have to watch and see what happens!"

The new season of BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES premieres Thurs, Nov. 10 at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv. Visit the show at http://www.wetv.com/shows/braxton-family-values.

Photos: James Pray

Former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, right, and socialite Paris Hilton were both spotted out & about wearing Rachel Zoe's Ali Wrap Cape. The camel wool crepe Cape with rich black leather trim was part of Zoe's first clothing line that launched earlier this year. The cape, which retailed for $695, quickly sold out everywhere.

Hilton, 30, paired her Rachel Zoe cape coat with black leather pants and thigh high Christian Louboutin boots. While Heigl, 32, kept it simple, pairing hers with a canary yellow ruffled shirt, black shorts and animal print booties.

So who wore it worse?

Photos: Splash News and INF PHOTO

"Basketball Wives: LA" cast member Gloria Govan recaps BBW LA, episode 8, in case you missed it.

Regarding Jackie Christie's apparent obsession with all things Draya, Gloria writes:

It’s nice to see Jackie, who has been in the game for so long, take Draya under her wing and show her the ropes in terms of business. But things take an UGLY turn when Jackie’s gossiping becomes tiresome. Her constant rant about Laura is becoming overwhelming. Why she doesn’t just approach her and talk to her about it is immature and childish. Their problems could have been solved ages ago if Jackie would tell Laura how her feelings were hurt, but instead she dances around it and vents to everyone else.

While Gloria and Matt Barnes are in the Bay area for their sons' Christening, Gloria muses about getting married to the Lakers bench player. But she wisely decides to wait until he's done sowing his wild oats. Back in LA, Govan dons sexy lingerie for a photo shoot, and Matt is so turned on he takes a bite out of her butt cheek.

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Rapper T.I., more commonly known as "Tip" to his friends and family, visited the ladies of The View yesterday while in New York on a book tour. T.I talked about his post-prison life and his book, Power & Beauty, which hit store shelves yesterday.

The interview went about as you might have expected:

SHERRI SHEPHERD: "In 2007, you spent 7 months in prison for buying machine guns. Then you were released. Then 9 months later you were sent back to prison for another 10 months, because it was reports that there was..."
T.I.: "Eleven..."

SHERRI SHEPHERD: "11 months... it was reports that there was ecstasy in the car that you were driving."
T.I.: "Yup."

SHERRI SHEPHERD: "What happened then?"
T.I.: "What happened? Well, uh, I was pulled over and ecstasy was found in the car I was driving."

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Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles was among the well-heeled celebs attending Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research's Angel Ball 2011 at Cipriani on Wall Street last night in NYC. Solange looked like an Angel herself in a pearl white, one sleeved frock. Solange also rocked her custom made lacefront afro wig that Diana Ross would be proud of.

Solange attended the Ball with her mom Tina, who most likely designed her stunning dress.

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