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Thanks to ICEDDOTCOM for sending over this video link which is supposedly a "sneak peak" at a "new" reality show featuring Dwight Eubanks, the flamboyant hair dresser and owner of The Purple Door Salon in Atlanta.

Dwight is best known for dishing advice to NeNe on Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta.

This video was posted up on YouTube way back in July. It is now November and we have not heard a peep about this show, meaning the show wasn't picked up by any of the major cable networks.

I can see why after watching this video.

There's something to be said for subtlety. If you know you're fabulous, you really don't have to go that extra mile to prove it. Others around you will see it and know it with very little effort on your part.

Ninja Cat

I'm a cat lover even though I don't own one. Cats are so adorable! If it weren't for all the cat hair shedding everywhere, I wouldn't mind buying one.

In the first video (my favorite), watch as the Ninja cat creeps closer without seeming to move a whisker. :)

Fat Cat vs. Small Box

I realize this is kinda old, but I just received the video two days ago and forgot to put it up. Shout out to Angela Yee for the link!

I hear CiCi is very stressed out these days, what with producer Jazze Pha on the verge of winning a major lawsuit against her and Sony BMG for breach of contract. Then there's that other lawsuit I told you about that will follow soon after this current lawsuit ends.

Jazze and Ciara have been battling it out in Fulton County Superior court for two years now! CiCi loses regardless of the outcome of the case because she's paying a grip to attorney Charles Mathis for thousands of billable hours to represent her.

I hear Ciara is telling friends that Jazze Pha owes her money, but if that's the case why is he suing her and not the other way around? Those lies will catch up to you CiCi.

I have two friends who attend the gym where CiCi works out in midtown Atlanta. They each saw her working out this week and they both say she has lost weight and is too skinny. Sounds like she needs to be working out at Denny's or Chick Filet lifting a fish sandwich! :)

Worrying will do that to a woman who doesn't handle her business right, personally or professionally.

When Jazze Pha is finished taking Ciara to the cleaners, she might not have any scrilla left over to put gas in 50 Cent's Phantom.

I have a friend down at the courthouse who's filling me in on the details of Jazze Pha's case against Ciara. So I'll let you know the outcome!

I would thank a certain blogger for helping me research this case, but she doesn't want her name involved in any negativity. She's good peoples! :)


A few of my loyal readers commented about this video yesterday but I didn't get the chance to watch it until today. I've never heard of Chelsea, but she is very funny. She's naturally hilarious meaning, unlike D.L. Hughley, she doesn't have to convince us that she's funny.

I do have one question though: why is it that T.I.'s Southern accent virtually disappears when he's talking to white people? He's not the only one either. A lot of these rappers suddenly get proper and downright respectful when they're in the company of white folks. Should we be offended by that?

Some of you may be too young to remember the hit 1975 TV series "Welcome Back Kotter".

This is the show that launched the careers of John Travolta, who played the impossibly cute class clown Vinnie Barbarino, and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, who played sexy hs basketball star Freddie 'Boom Boom' Washington.

Of course none of these actors were young enough to be high school students. But nobody cared. The show was good, clean, wholesome fun.

Hilton-Jacobs, Robert Hegyes (Juan Epstein) and Ron Palillo (Arnold Horshack) attended the Chiller Theatre Expo at the Hilton Parsippany Hotel on Friday, October 24, 2008 in Parsippany, New Jersey.

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Black talk radio is still buzzing about the coon-tastic antics of comedian D.L. Hughley on his CNN "news" show this past weekend.

When CNN announced a new program hosted by the black stand up comedian (who isn't even funny), what did you think the show would be about? Did you honestly think D.L. was hosting a news program on CNN? Lol.

D.L. Hughley moved up quickly through the ranks of black comedians to achieve national fame by cooning. He is hilarious to them, but not to most of us who don't get that type of dry humor.

By hiring Hughley, CNN hopes to recreate the success of Dave Chapelle's groundbreaking show. But unlike Chappelle, who used comedy to highlight the disparity between African-Americans and whites, Hughley is just a coon in a puppet show.

As one radio caller said on WAOK this morning, don't stop at blaming CNN for using our people to humiliate us -- blame BET, black radio and Hip Hop also. If you're going to complain about the coonery on CNN, then you must also complain about the ongoing coonery and misogyny on BET in music videos and Hip Hop music on urban radio.

Up 'till now, I've managed to ignore the recent juvenile antics of the one-hit wonder Soulja Boy.

The rapper had his one hit with "Crunk That" and now he's desperate to stay in the game after dropping a string of terrible singles.

The boy spends his days shooting YouTube videos bragging about mundane stuff like how much money he has, how many cars he drives, how big his crib is, and who he beat in XBox. Real yawn inspiring stuff.

Now that his river of money has slowed to a trickle, Soulja Boy's accountant dropped the news on him that he's going to have to cut back on some of his frivolous expenditures.

So Soulja Boy fired his non-essential entourage, hangers on, weed carriers and DJ SouthanBred, who was making a name for himself by outshining Soulja Boy at his own shows.

DJ SouthanBred wasn't happy about getting cut. So he throws dirt all over Soulja Boy and his remaining weed carriers in this video.

But wait, it doesn't stop there: another disgruntled member of Soulja Boy's crew who was fired for stealing (allegedly) also released a video dissing Soulja Boy.

And as SB's career goes down in flames, he released a video of his own dissing both of his former employees! LOL. This is pure comedy! :)

Watch the videos below:

The 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards returned to Atlanta this past weekend. Along with the show came the usual rumors and salacious g'wans on. But the biggest buzz surrounded the replacement of host Katt Williams with rapper T-Pain.

Well, BET posted their version of what happened on the website, but as I told you, I heard a different story.

I heard there was a big blow up between Williams and a BET staffer. I also heard there was some furniture moving in Katt's dressing room. But I refrained from posting the version of events that I heard because we bloggers don't have to tell everything.

And no, it's not because BET pays a nice sum for that vertical ad on the right side of my blog either. I just think some things should be held in the strictest confidence. Especially when it pertains to business.

But the flamboyant hostess-ess of V-103's Girl Talk, Miss Sophia, heard the same version that I heard, so I'ma let her tell it:

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