Now that Kanye West is cooling his heels in the slammer, NY Mag asks the question, "who is updating Kanye's blog?" I would say Marcus Troy but then Kanye might come find me once he gets out and smash my computer or something.

According to TMZ, Kanye West was just arrested at LAX for "felony vandalism" (he and a bodyguard allegedly smashed the cameras of a pair of paparazzi). Apparently his ghost blogger didn't get the message, though, because posts on his Website went up at 10:45 and 10:55, which would've been approximately the same time he was purportedly smashing cameras and (presumably) being handcuffed. So, either someone else is updating his blog or Kanye's even more talented than we thought! (Source)

Maybe whoever updates Kanye's blog didn't get the message that he was arrested?

Thanks to loyal reader Karen for the tip!

This funny pic comes to us by way of our friends over at You Been Blinded blog:

The latest issue of ESPN the Magazine hits newsstands Friday and will feature Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain in the 0.01 section going head-to-head in football uniforms. Obama is decked out in Chicago Bears gear while McCain wears the uniform of his home state Arizona Cardinals. Charles Gibson is going to referee the game although the McCain camp wanted the Bill O’Reilly-Sean Hannity crew and Barack’s side was hoping for Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. (Source)

I'm glad I missed the VMAs this year. I couldn't listen past the 46 sec. mark of this horrid video. Kanye's straining pipes gave me a headache. What happened to him? He used to be so talented. Now he can't carry Usher's water bottle in the studio.

I am not looking forward to Kanye West's new CD due out around the same time in December that the other wack rapper, Jay Z's coaster is due to flop, er, I mean drop.

According to Rodney Ho of the AJC, TBS has placed an order for episodes of Tyler Perry's new TV series "Meet The Brown's".

TBS was apparently impressed by the success of the 100 episode run of "House of Pain" - which got off to a rocky start because it simply wasn't funny.

For that reason, TBS has ordered only 10 episodes of "Brown" with an option to kill the rest of the contract if the show doesn't garner good ratings out the gate. As with "House" Perry introduces unfamiliar faces in the new sitcom.

From the press release:

“Meet the Browns” stars David Mann as Leroy Brown, a character who earlier this year was featured in Perry’s hit film of the same name. He has also appeared in several episodes of “House of Payne” on TBS. Perry’s new series begins after Brown inherits a dilapidated house from his deceased father.

Angela Bassett, who was in the original film, won’t be joining the new crew. (Source)

Black Barbie Laurie Ann Gibson is having a really bad hair and teeth day. And that outfit... those shoes... my eyes are burning...

No, no, NO! What is wrong with these children today? they don't know how to dress appropriately for any circumstance. This outfit is cool for a teenage boy but on singer Teyana Taylor it looks ridiculous.

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As a grown woman I simply have NO interest in Madden X Boxes or whatever you call those things. So I ignored all the emails containing links to Bow Wow's $100,000 video challenge to fellow rapper The Game.

Now The Game has responded to Bow Wow's "Challenge" by telling him to call Ciara and persuade her to suck off do a LisaRaye on everybody in his camp. Please note that I do not condone disrespect towards women in any form. But since The Game is clearly on his grown man swag in this video response -- and we know he didn't really mean what he said about CiCi -- I decided to post it anyway.

Shout out to for looking out!

DWO = Dancing While Obese can be dangerous for your health and for the safety of others around you.

In this video, a drunk calorically challenged woman tries to do a pole dance without a pole. She ultimately loses her balance and crashes to the floor, nearly wiping out the other party guests who gathered around to watch.

I tried not to laugh, but that was fun-neeee! Hopefully, she's okay. :lol:

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Loyal reader Ni took a swipe at me for exposing her man Kobe's infidelities while in China.

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 17:02
From: ni sk
Subject: FW: Lebron James in Thoughts?!?!

Don't just mention Kobe without saying the rest aren't looking too, be fair about the judgment. Is LeBron Checking this Chicks ASS out or what? He is Pondering really Hard?