Barack Obama woke up early this morning to welcome home the bodies of 18 fallen U.S. soldiers who were killed fighting the war in Afghanistan.

The photo shows Obama standing on a tarmac just before dawn and saluting as servicemen carry their fallen comrades off a transport plane.

More soldiers are dying as Obama continues to drag his feet on making a decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. One high ranking military official quit this week in disgust.

This from Kenny Soloman:

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces of The United States of America has welcomed home 18 of those under his command who have fallen. For that act, reading nothing into it, I say thank you, Sir.

However, I firmly believe the very same commander-in-chief of the armed forces of The United States of America is purposely working towards the defeat of the armed forces of The United States of America and thus the nation and her people.

It is also thoroughly abhorrent to me that the current commander-in-chief of the armed forces of The United States of America is attempting to project an understanding of the honor and gravity involved in what is taking place before him.

The Mudville Gazette noted that "only one of the families allowed the president to use the occasion for his photo-op."

And Hermie added that George Bush never used such a solemn occasion for a photo op in his 8 years in office.

Mack Daddy Joe Jackson showed up to last night's Las Vegas premiere of his late son Michael Jackson's movie "This Is It" with two hawt chicks at his side. Joe proves you're never too old to mack the ladies!

Coincidentally, I received an email today from a loyal reader all the way in Germany who accuses me of age discrimination because I knocked Jay Z for wearing his jeans sagging off his ass at age 40.

Loyal reader Arthur writes, in part:

You, me and Jay-Z have something in common: we are all aging! You don't need to like Jay-Z or his music. But your references to his age - and I noticed that you doing that with few other people as well - is totally unnecessary.

I beg to differ. I think it's totally necessary to question the maturity level of a man (Jigga) who is in a position to influence an entire generation of youth with his words as well as his actions. Can you imagine Joe Jackson dressing like Jay Z?

Somer Renee Thompson's body has been found in a Georgia landfill, according to Florida law enforcement officials.

The 7-year-old went missing on Monday (10/19) as she walked home from school about a mile from her Orange Park, Florida neighborhood. Thompson was arguing with another child when her older sister scolded her. Upset, Thompson walked ahead of the group and was never seen alive again.

Acting on a hunch, Florida investigators followed dump trucks heading for a Georgia landfill on the Florida/Georgia border about 48 miles from where Thompson was last seen.

Investigators found the girl's partially covered body amid the trash and refuse in the landfill. A positive ID was made from the clothes she was wearing and a birthmark.

"I fear for our community until we bring this person in. This is a heinous crime that's been committed," said Sheriff Rick Beseler.

Beseler said breaking the news to the girl's devastated mother was "the hardest phone call I've ever had to make in my life."

"This has been so unreal for the neighborhood," said Sharon Galloway, who lives across the street from the Thompsons. "I just hope they get that son of a gun and tie him up by his short hairs."

Florida police are interviewing 70 registered sex offenders in the Orange Park area.


According to online reports, Kanye West died in a car accident -- at least on

"RIP Kanye West" is the #1 trending topic right now on twitter. Some say Kanye started the trend himself, except that he doesn't have a Twitter page. Others say his beard, dyke Amber Rose started the trend as a way to boost record sales. Except that she doesn't have an album out.

So the only explanation left is that someone started the trending topic to properly bury Knaye's dead career, which is fitting considering he will never work in this business again after showing his azz by grabbing the mic from country music star and actress Taylor Swift during the VMAs last month.

Amber took to Twitter last night to try to save Kaney by starting a trending topic herself titled #longliveKnaye or something like that. Poor thing thinks she's a real celebrity and often forgets that her bald head is only known because of the coattail she's riding on.

Speaking of Amber, she must have threatened her ex-girlfriend Trevon something seriously because home girl refuses to answer any of my emails. Is she that shook or did Amber buy her silence? I guess we'll never know.

They say Ludacris performed and then dipped out. He so manly.

Rap mogul Jay Z, left, performed one tune and dipped out after posing with Young Jeezy. Neither man walked the red carpet.

Fortunately, Tiny & Toya arrived to save the day for BET. LOVE the red hair on Tiny! Tiny read a letter from her incarcerated fiance T.I. after accepting his two awards. They say T.I. is expected to be released from prison within the next couple of months.

Monica looked beautiful in all black.

Monica, left, posed with rapper Trina.

My girl Diamond, right, and her man Lil Scrappy attended the Awards show.

Rapper-turned-director Ice Cube, right, and his handsome sons. Cube won the Icon of Hip Hop Award.

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I like Safire's version better than Michael's remake. Sorry, Mike.

Here's a tidbit of info that you probably didn't know, courtesy of a commenter on YouTube:

Michael wanted to call the victory tour 'this is it', but his brothers didn't want that, so it was? 4 against 1. Michael wanted to call it this is it, because it was going to be the final performances with his brothers. Now he chose this title so that it was sure that he was not going to perform anymore after This is it.

Tameka Foster's ex-husband Ryan Glover, 2nd from right, comforts Ashley "AJ" Jewell's good friend, producer Jazze Pha, far right, as friends look on. Family and friends turned out to say goodbye to Ashley "AJ" Jewell, who passed away from unknown causes last week. The funeral was held at the Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, yesterday.

L to R: April Love, Ed Hartwell, Lisa Wu Hartwell (with back to camera) and Lisa McCall (Kandi Burrus' manager) were among friends and family who attended the funeral of AJ Jewell at Ray of Hope Christian Church yesterday.

Frederick Richardson, the man charged with killing Jewell, was ordered held without bond.

One of several cars carrying Jewell's family pulls into the church. RHOA cast member Kandi Burruss' engagement to Jewell had been a point of contention between Burruss and her mother, who objected to her daughter marrying a man with six children from four different women. Burrus gave a moving eulogy during the service.

Women walk toward the church as a deputy directs traffic. In a recent interview with the AJC, Burruss said she was surprised that the public was so interested in her life with Jewell. Other funeral guests included R&B singer Monica, Usher's estranged wife, Tameka Foster; Jamie Foster Brown (Sister2Sister magazine publisher), RHOA cast members NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak and Dwight Eubanks. Sheree Whitfield was noticeably absent. Old school R&B singer Danny Boy sang.

Michael Jackson's three kids, Prince, Michael Jr. and Paris were spotted on their way to Karate class in Los Angeles yesterday. The kids were accompanied by assorted nannies, cousins and bodyguards. They look so healthy and happy -- unlike when they lived with Michael and he forced them to wear masks in public.

Sporting their karate outfits, Paris Jackson and Blanket Jackson could be seen enthusiastically entering the building ready to punch, kick and elbow, but after an hour or so of butt-kicking, young Blanket was clearly left exhausted as he got a piggyback ride on the way out!

Prince Jackson was also there — though only as an observer, not a participant.

Meanwhile, in the neverending whirlwind of press coming from Michael Jackson siblings, big sis La Toya Jackson says the late pop icon was “like God.”

The 53-year-old star insists MJ had divine qualities because of the way he tried to spread peace and love during his life, which was tragically cut short in June.

Appearing on Britain’s Live From Studio Five, La Toya said: “Michael was very, very special and my mother would always say that, because he was. He was very different. I would always say, ‘He’s not God. But he’s so God-like.’ He really was God-like. He just wanted to spread love and share love and just do everything that was wonderful.” Read More...

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According to a coroner's report, Atlanta club promoter Ashley "AJ" Jewell did not die from a head injury sustained during a fight at a strip club last weekend as had been widely reported.

The coroner's report listed the cause of Jewell's death as undetermined. The autopsy findings led to speculation that Jewell, 34, may have had a pre-existing condition such as a cardiac problem that led to his death.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office is awaiting toxicology reports to determine an exact cause of death.

Witnesses say Jewell, who was part-owner of The Body Tap strip club, was alert and oriented following a fist fight with Body Tap manager Frederick Richardson around 8:30 p.m. Friday. Sources say Body Tap owner Veronica M. Jones transported Jewell to the ER in her personal vehicle. He was later pronounced dead at Piedmont hospital.

Richardson, 45, was hospitalized for several days with broken fingers on his right hand and other unspecified injuries. Upon release from the hospital, he was taken to Fulton County jail and booked on a voluntary manslaughter charge.

A judge denied bond for Frederick on Monday (10/5) citing "the nature of the crime." But Richardson's attorney, Dennis Scheib, said his client acted in self defense after Jewell pulled a gun on him at the club. Schieb said Jewell twice threatened Richardson with the gun, and later followed him into the parking where he hit Richardson twice.

Scheib said Richardson drove himself to the hospital for treatment of his broken hand. As Richardson was driving out of the parking lot, "A.J. was walking away. He wasn't beaten to death," Scheib said.

Jewell was engaged to reality TV personality and former Xscape member Kandi Burrus until August.


The untimely passing of club promoter Ashley "AJ" Jewell on Friday night from injuries sustained during a fist fight has spawned numerous rumors. One of those rumors has taken on legs of its own.

A source within RHOA cast member Kandi Burruss' camp reached out to today to dispel the rumors that Kandi had adopted her ex-fiance AJ's twin daughters and was raising them in addition to her own daughter.

The source said Kandi never went to court seeking custody of the girls and she was not granted custody or guardianship over the girls. The children's mother is alive and well and lives in Atlanta and loves her daughters.

Kandi seemed to confirm that in this blog post excerpt in which she mentions breaking the news of AJ's death to her daughter Riley:

When I told my daughter Riley she just cried all morning. I didn’t know what to do or to say to make her feel better. I started wondering how his other kids were handling it. That’s one reason why I feel like he was just taken too soon. Now they have no father. That breaks me down inside. They needed more TIME.

Pictured on the left is the woman who sources say Kandi Burruss' ex-fiance Ashley "AJ" Jewell lost his life fighting another man for.

Her name is Veronica M. Jones and she is co-owner of The Body Tap (the club's liquor license is in her name). Club employee
Fredrick Richardson, is (allegedly) the man who police say struck AJ over the head with a liquor bottle during a brawl on Friday night inside the club.

Earlier, I wrote that Richardson was married to Jones. This was incorrect. Another man known as "Cornbread" is Jones' ex-husband, who sources say was also involved in the fight at the club.

Sources say the fight started inside the club and spilled out into the parking lot. Jewell sustained head injuries from blunt force trauma to the brain. He was pronounced dead at Piedmont hospital.

Sources also say Veronica and AJ were involved in a steamy sexual relationship that didn't sit well with "Cornbread."

AJ, a former drug dealer who promoted celebrity events at the club, either bought into the strip club or was in negotiations to buy a percentage of the club. Veronica is pictured with DJ X-Rated, center, (the club's DJ) and one of the club's talent.

Photo by Sandra Rose/

Scroll down for update...

The ex-fiance of RHOA Kandi Burruss was fatally beaten during a brawl outside an Atlanta strip club earlier tonight.

Friends say Ashley "A.J." Jewell, a former drug dealer, was beaten and stomped by a group of men in the parking lot of famed strip club The Body Tap early Saturday morning. He was transported by ambulance to Piedmont hospital where he died from blunt force injuries to the brain.

Police questioned patrons inside the club after the incident but no arrests were made. Contrary to rumors, no guns or knives were involved.

The news of AJ's death spread rapidly through the industry via Twitter and word of mouth. Jewell was very popular within Atlanta's music industry, but he gained exposure on a national level via the reality TV show RHOA as Burruss' fiance who was scorned by her mother for having multiple baby mamas. The couple separated after the premiere of Season 2, but they remained friends.

AJ leaves behind 6 beautiful children.

Update: Sources say AJ was in negotiations to buy The Body Tap when he was killed.


Police have arrested a "person of interest" in the fatal beating of club promoter Ashley "A.J." Jewell last night. Frederick Richardson will be taken into custody when he's released from a local hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained in the "one on one" fight at The Body Tap, a local strip club.

Jewell was a co-owner of the club and promoted celebrity events there.


Photo by Prince Williams/

I just got off the phone with a producer from CNN/HLN who asked if I cared to discuss Nas' ignorant letter to the savages in Chicago on CNN's Headline News today.

She said I would join of panel of such distinguished guests as Jesse Jackson and others. And she asked If I would give my perspective on Nas' ignorant letter from a Hip Hop perspective.

When she said I would be on camera in the studio, naturally I declined. The simple fact is I am not uniquely qualified to speak on the subject of Hip Hop. I certainly didn't want to embarrass myself on national TV trying to sound like an expert on Hip Hop when I don't even listen to the garbage on the radio anymore.

But I appreciate CNN/HLN reaching out to me today. It means I'm doing something right! The segment airs at 5:30 p.m. today on Headline News. Be sure to watch!

It sure took long enough: the White House has finally condemned the fatal beating of 16-year-old honor student Derrion Albert last week.

As you know, Barack Obama is flying to Copenhagen tomorrow where he will join Oprah, Michelle Obama and a delegation from Chicago in a bid to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago, as if that city doesn't have enough problems.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Wednesday said the video of teens viciously kicking and striking another teen with splintered railroad ties is among the most shocking anyone can see. He told reporters they should expect an announcement on an administration response to the "heinous crime" soon.

Gibbs says, though, that government cannot regulate what's in people's hearts. He says the White House believes such crimes call for community involvement. Source

Last night Chicago police arrested residents who tore down an Olympic 2016 banner.

Score another one for the me-president. Barack Obama will fly into Copenhagen tomorrow to make a pitch to bring the Olympic games to Chicago in 2016. Obama makes his pitch despite the fact that unemployment in his political hometown is in the double digits and crime is at an all time high. So far there is no word from Obama about the death of Derrion Albert, 16, who was beaten to death last week as he walked home from school.

More children died violent deaths in Chicago this year than in any other city in America.

But all Obama cares about is bringing the Olympics to a city where basic services like water, sanitation and power often don't work. He doesn't care about the children or the residents who don't want the Olympics in their city.

Some residents are so concerned about the burden that the 2016 Olympics will place on the city's budget that they created a web page The sole mission of the website is to support the other cities that are vying for the Olympic games "because we would very much prefer that the Olympics be held somewhere other than Chicago -- anywhere but Chicago."

If Chicago does win the bid there will be plenty of police and National guards on hand to protect the International visitors. That's more than they are willing to do for their own residents.

Mugshots of 3 of the 4 animals charged with first degree murder in connection with Derrion Albert's death. Bailey delivered the knockout blow seen on the video.

Comments Off on FanMAIL: We don’t need fake a** rappers like Nas stepping up to the plate

A few of you emailed me today asking me to post some random letter written by the rapper Nas whose entire career is based on gimmicks and sensationalism.

Here's a man (and I use the term loosely) whose violent lyrics helped contribute to the environment that bred the wild children who opened up another child's head with sticks and laughed while doing it.

And now that his rap career is just about washed up, his sorry azz writes a letter and we're all supposed to forget that this man used a derogatory term to help sell albums.

Loyal reader Shalay writes:

You know normally I don't see eye to eye with you but on Nas what you said was dead right. How can you talk about fighting the wrong war but used the N word as a gimick to shine light on your failing career? We don't need fake ass rappers stepping up the the plate we need PARENTS stepping up to the plate and taking control of their home.

These are not my words, but I can relate. I found this post on AOL Black Voices Entertainment board. You may not agree with the message because your sons wear their pants saggin' and they immerse themselves in that criminal culture called Hip Hop. Or they idolize these thug rappers, who but for the grace of God would be behind bars or dead themselves.

But the reality is that the innocence of youth has been rudely snatched away by the violent and destructive imagery of Hip Hop despite what music mogul Russell Simmons and others who benefit from Hip Hop say.

The death of Derrion Albert..more fruit from the tree of thug worship.

Jay Z, a professed former crack dealer was on Oprah last week. Snoop Dogg is a cultural icon. Tupac is an iconic figure. Need I mention, 50 Cent, the Game, and the whole plethora of drug dealers, rapists, burglars, and other felons that black America worships.

Young black boys want to be them…
Old black men want to reclaim their youth by sagging by them…
Young black women, educated and non educated, want to F them and have babies by them..
Older black women consider them to be “real men”

Thug worship.

Until black America quits worshipping thugs, this violence will not end.

Some of us are still reeling from the images of school children killing one of their own in Chicago last week. 16-year-old Derrion Albert died from brain injuries caused by blunt force trauma to the head after being jumped by other students from his high school. Contrary to numerous erroneous media reports, there was no gang activity involved.

The confusion stems from civilized adults trying to make sense of uncivilized behavior.

There's a classic book written in the 1950's called "Lord of the Flies" about a group of British boys stranded on a deserted island in the Atlantic ocean following a plane crash. The adults didn't survive the crash so the children were left to govern themselves. Eventually, in the absence of adult supervision and with no social rules to conform to, they turn on each other like savages.

In this video found on What About Our Daughter's blog, Central City High School Principal Ras Baraka tried to make sense of an off-campus shooting involving a high school student from his Newark, New Jersey school.

"This is not normal!," he tells an audience of the injured student's peers.

"You're living this life like it's normal. This is abnormal to talk about your friends dying, to not be able to walk home safely from school... this is not normal to be wearing t-shirts that say 'Rest in Peace', to be writing 'Rest in Peace' on the wall. This is not normal! Nobody else's children do this!

Sadly, he's right. Only in the black community are our children killing each other off at alarming rates. What's wrong with our people?

At the end of the book "Lord of the Flies," the children who have already killed two of their own, are in the process of killing a third boy when a naval officer lands on the island, interrupting them. The naval officer's ship was attracted to the island by a fire the kids had set.

The officer expressed surprise at the children's behavior, telling them he expected better from them. The officer who was unaware of the two murdered boys assumed the children were playing a game.

His confusion stemmed from a civilized mind trying to make sense of uncivilized behavior.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 3 teens have been charged in the brutal beating death of 16-year-old honor roll student Derrion Albert as he walked home from school through the Roseland neighborhood of far South Side Chicago last Thursday (9/24).

The three teens charged with first-degree murder are Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16, according to the Cook County state's attorney's office. All 3 will be tried as adults.

The three were caught on video wielding 2-by-4 wooden boards which they used to strike Albert repeatedly about the head causing massive head injuries during a melee involving students from Fenger Academy High School. Albert was pronounced dead three hours later at a local hospital.

Four others are being questioned in the assault. Joe Walker, Albert's grandfather who helped raise him from a baby, said police expect to arrest 6 or 7 people in the case.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic violence


It was like a scene straight out of the classic book Lord of the Flies. But instead of British schoolboys descending into savagery and killing each other on a bucolic deserted island, we have Chicago area schoolboys beating 16-year old honor roll student Derrion Albert to death in the South Side Roseland neighborhood last Thursday (9/24).

What's equally as disturbing as watching children turn on children in this video is watching the savagery unfold through the eyes of the nig-norant videographer who reacts gleefully to the senseless violence as if he's watching a video game come to life.

The video shows Derrion in the mix of a street brawl that erupted between dozens of his fellow Christian Fenger Academy High School students as school let out around 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Derrion can be seen at the 45 sec. mark swinging wildly at a teen. As he does so, another teen wearing a red jacket over the same high school uniform as Derrion's, comes up behind him and strikes him over the head with a 2x4 board.

Derrion crumpled to the ground in the parking lot adjacent to a community center in the 300 block of West 111th Street. As he struggled to get to his feet, a younger boy, wearing a dark shirt and Chicago Bulls shorts, dropped him again with a vicious punch to the jaw.

Derrion tries to rise again and stumbles a few yards to a street corner where the young savages realize he's easy prey and set upon him with their fists, feet and boards.

Several youth workers, and a passerby who abandoned his truck in the street, helped drag the mortally wounded boy into the nearby Agape Community Center. Police arrived on the scene seconds later and remained with them until an ambulance arrived.

According to the coroner, Derrion died from massive bleeding in the brain caused by blunt force trauma to the head. Four students in all were injured in the melee.

Monique Bond, Chicago Public Schools spokeswoman, tried to distance Fenger Academy from the violence that claimed the life of one of its students.

According to the Sun-Times, Bond said the school district was told there is possibly a conflict between two gang "factions," but "it has nothing to do with the school."

But clearly the video shows otherwise as most of the participants in the brawl, including the assailants, wore Fenger Academy school uniforms.

Chicago police were questioning several "persons of interest" Sunday night in connection with the fatal beating.

Source: 1, 2

Pic and caption from Getty Images:

Casandra Pertusio from Florida shows her Michael Jackson tattoo as she starts a three day wait in the line to buy tickets to the Michael Jackson film at the LA Live theater in Los Angeles on September 24, 2009. The movie titled 'This Is It' will open in most countries around the world on October 28 for a limited two-week run. The film is being culled from more than 100 hours of rehearsal footage shot between April and June in Los Angeles, where Jackson prepared for his comeback before dying suddenly on June 25 at age 50.

From news:

Channel 4 has learned that Kings Island has dropped plans to include celebrity skeletons as part of a Halloween display.

Skeletons dressed and positioned to resemble ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair and his mistress were part of the display. A promo video for the "Halloween Haunt" shows McNair sitting up on a couch with [Sahel] Kazemi lying across his lap. There is a hole in the top of McNair's football helmet.

E-mails flooded Channel 4's inbox expressing a distaste for the display. Channel 4 e-mailed the park and received an answer late Wednesday.

"When the gates open for the start of our Halloween Haunt event on Friday," said park spokesman Don Helbig, "park visitors will not find a depiction of Steve McNair in any scenes."

Thursday, the park released another statement, saying, "Kings Island has removed the celebrity scene from its Halloween Haunt event. We were not intending to be distasteful, and we apologize if we offended anyone."
Kazemi fatally shot McNair before killing herself July 4 in Nashville.

Other celebrities included in the display were Michael Jackson in pajamas, Health Ledger with pill bottles and Sonny Bono on skis.

Thanks to loyal reader Jennifer for the tip.

The 27-year-old girlfriend of Michael Jackson's personal physician will testify before a California grand jury this week.

The LA County District Attorney's office have targeted Dr. Conrad Murray, 56, the last person to see Jackson alive before he suffered a cardiac arrest on June 25th.

Nicole Alvarez, who has a baby by Jackson's former cardiologist will be asked to give testimony, but the grand jury will not determined if Murray should be charged with a crime "at this time."

This Summer, prosecutors searched the apartment where Alvarez lives with the couple's infant son, but she was not forthcoming with detectives, according to the LA Times.

Dr. Murray is still married to his wife, Blanche, and has fathered six children with different women.

A bruised and bewildered Mesac Damas is seen in this photo taken at the Port-au-Prince police station yesterday in Haiti.

As he was escorted down a hallway to his cell, he shouted "I don’t want no pain, no suffering."

According to the Miami Herald, Damas, 33, was taken into custody yesterday afternoon (9/21) by the Haitian National police who found him hiding in a home next to the hotel where he was staying. Damas reportedly told police “I was going to turn myself in. You see I’ve got my suit on and everything,” and he told a reporter he returned to the island nation "mostly to say goodbye to my family.”

Damas fled to his native Haiti one day before Naples, Florida police found his wife Guerline, 32, and their five children dead in their home on Saturday (9/19). Family members say their throats had been slit.

Haiti police didn't say how they located Damas, or what his movements were between Friday and yesterday when he was caught. There also was no word on whether family members in Haiti helped harbor the fugitive who has not been charged in the murders.

Guerline Damas' family had put up a $10,000 reward for information on Damas' whereabouts.

The Damas's lived together for 10 years and were married two years ago. Friends and family said the couple had a history of domestic violence and Damas was once arrested for domestic abuse.

Naples police are working with the FBI and Haitian authorities to extradite Damas back to the U.S.


Roads are closed all over the Metro Atlanta area as torrential rains and flood waters leave four people dead, including a toddler. Another line of storms is expected to move through the area later today.

Photos and Captions from

Tanqueray Clark, 31, right, and Tony Cameron, 53, remove some of Clark's more expensive belongings from his home. Cameron, who once looked at owning the house with his wife, saw the house submerged in water while he was driving home and says he just couldn't stop. Clark, who has owned this home for two years, calls the flooding an "act of God." He did not know Cameron before today. ELISSA EUBANKS, EEUBANKS@AJC.COM

Tanqueray Clark removes some belongings from his Atlanta home. He was being helped by Tony Cameron, a stranger who had once looked at owning Clark's house. ELISSA EUBANKS, EEUBANKS@AJC.COM

Cars make their way through a flooded downtown connector on Monday afternoon. GEORGIA DOT

A home in the 2400 block of Brooks Drive in Austell is submerged in flood water Monday. Most of metro Atlanta was under a flash flood warning Monday morning after a foot or more of rain flooded homes, businesses and roadways. Emergency personnel in at least two counties were busy rescuing residents from high water before daybreak Monday. JOHN SPINK / JSPINK@AJC.COM


Scroll down for update...

Loyal reader KaraZ wrote in about the events that led up to the brutal Damas family murders. In her email, she compares child killer Mesac Damas' stormy relationship with his deceased wife Guerline to Chris Brown and Rihanna's turbulent relationship.

Hello Sandra,

Can you please update the story about the Mesac murders. I just read the comments and your readers haven't heard enough about the story and think this is a man who got fed up with life & not being able to provide for his family. This is NOT the case. This man was a classic abuser and decided to kill his family. I rarely agree with you on things, but when I read this story first over the weekend, I immediately thought of the Rihanna battering by Chris Brown story.

I kept thinking this is where their story would have ended up if they weren't both famous. Look at the ages of Damas couple, they stated their relationship in their late teens/early twenties; same age as Rihanna & Chris. I remember how many of your readers gave him a pass because it was young love... see where young love got Guerline Damas? Please update your story.



They caught the murdering dog in Haiti. Now it’s just a matter of how fast they can process the extradition papers and get him back here to fry.

John Stossel, co-anchor of ABC's 20/20 compares ObamaCare to Canada's free health care system where patients wait months to be seen for treatment.

He points out that when American actress Natasha Richardson fell and hit her head on a ski slope outside Montreal earlier this year, the closest hospital with the scanning equipment needed to diagnose her brain injury was hundreds of miles away.

Sadly, there weren't any helicopters to fly her to a hospital because under Canada's free health system, there isn't enough money to buy these lifesaving, big ticket items.

So, like the Canadians who don't get access to timely medical attention - she died.

The same will happen to Americans if ObamaCare passes -- unless you're wealthy enough to be seen by a doctor right away.

Stossel exposes the truth behind Barack Obama's claims that his health care system will save money over the next 10 years. That is impossible. There simply aren't enough doctors, hospitals or funding to cover all 300 million Americans AND the 19 million illegal aliens already in this country that Obama wants to give amnesty to.

Does Serena know this bish? A fan wipes down rapper Common during his set at the Hennessy event at Velvet Room Saturday night.

Pseudo-singer Amerie performed at velvet Room on Saturday night.

Boyz II Men performed live at the Velvet Room. The audience blacked out when the Boyz came out onstage.

Tameka Foster ex-Glover, ex-Raymond was all up in the VIP like she's a celebrity

The VIP at Velvet Room was full of wanna-be celebs like RHOA cast member Sheree Whitfield, who plays a fashion designer on TV. Sheree just got in from NYC where she debuted her fashion line far away from the Fashion Week Bryant Park tents location where the real designers strutted their stuff.

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Police in Naples, Florida found six people dead in a home, including 5 young children, after responding to a missing person's report on Saturday (9/19).

Mesac Damas, 33, the husband of the deceased woman and the father of the 5 children, is being sought for questioning. According to online reports, Damas boarded a flight early Friday morning bound for Haiti.

The suspect's father Jean Damas Sr., called police to say Damas telephoned his brother in Haiti where he has other family members. Capt. Chris Roberts of the Naples police dept. said local authorities are working with Haitian officials to extradite Damas from Haiti, but any extradition would take time.

A family member told the media the children's throats were slit. The bodies of Guerline Damas, her 3 boys and 2 girls were found around 6:30 p.m. Saturday in an apartment in a gated community in the 800 block of Hampton Circle in North Naples.

School officials left an automated message on the couple's voicemail after it was discovered that the three boys were absent from school on Friday.

A family member filed a missing person's report Friday after Guerline Damas failed to show up to work at Publix.

On Friday morning, store employees reached her husband on his cell phone. Mesac told them his wife was sick and on the way to the hospital.

Police believe Damas was at Miami International airport when he took that call. By 10 a.m. that morning, Damas was on a flight to Haiti.

Last week, Damas updated his Facebook account with the words, "Good people do not go to heaven, only sinners do! Thank you God I am going to heaven."

Source: 1 and 2