R&B Diva Monica is currently on a plane flying from the west coast to her next promo stop in Oklahoma where she’s performing at Langston University tonight!

Monica’s gold selling CD Still Standing is flying off the shelves, and Mo is in high demand right now.

But she knows how much you guys love her. So before she boarded her flight, Monica logged into the comments section to drop you a note to let you know how much she appreciates you!

ABC Nightline asks the question ‘why can’t successful black women find a man?’ I changed the title to ‘husband’ because most successful black women don’t have trouble finding a man. There are plenty of black men in our community who don’t mind being kept lavishly while spending her money. I can think of a handful of them right off the top of my head.

The problem is that these successful women can’t land a husband because doing so takes a lot more work and effort than they are willing to put out. That’s because most successful black women believe they are above black men. It’s sad but true. Society has devalued black men to the point where our women don’t even respect them any more.

Haven’t you wondered why there is such a proliferation of lesbians in our community within the past two decades?

Last week, ABC gathered together the cream of the crop within the black Entertainment industry to try and tackle the troubling question from the inside.

Maybe you’ve seen them in your neighborhood or at the hair salon, cute little babies and toddlers who seem healthy and normal — until they smile or open their mouths to reveal tiny silver caps covering their front teeth.

Baby bottle tooth decay, or baby dental caries, is a result of mothers putting babies to bed with a bottle (or no-spill cup) full of sugary milk, juices or sodas. The prolonged contact of milk or juice leaves a sticky film on the baby’s teeth all night long.

Bacteria, which is always present in the baby’s mouth, eats the sugar in the film and converts it to acid which then eats away at the enamel on baby’s teeth. The damage progresses through 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 – signs go unnoticed as bacteria decays teeth from inside out
  • Stage 2 – discoloration begins at the gum line and works down the tooth
  • Stage 3 – teeth begins to visibly corrode, fracture and fall out

Again, Stage 1 goes undetected. So by the time the bottle rot has progressed to stage 2, it may be too late to save the teeth. And if your child’s permanent teeth have already grown in (or the baby teeth never fall out, such as in producer Jermaine Dupri’s case) the Dental bills can be very expensive. Some dentists charge $3,000 and up to save your child’s teeth.

Treatment includes painful root canals, extractions and/or the placement of porcelain caps (expensive) or silver caps (cheaper) over the baby’s teeth to save them. Extensive dental treatments could require hospitalization.

Dentists advise mothers with children of teeth bearing age to avoid putting your toddler to bed with a bottle or a no-spill cup filled with anything other than water. If your child fusses and cries, she will eventually the no milk or juice at night rule and you will get a good night’s sleep.

Also, teaching your toddler to brush her teeth after meals is not a bad idea. And give her healthy food to eat such as apples and carrots in place of candy.

You should also cut back on bottled water and give your baby tap water instead since healthy teeth need fluoride to keep them hard and prevent decay.

Take your baby to the dentist as early as age 1 to give your dentist the best chance to diagnose problems early.

More info on the Web

Bottle Rot Syndrome – ePinions

Bottle Rot FAQS – Children’s hospital

Dental Tips for Children

DISCLAIMER: As always, any medical information published on this blog is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with your personal physician or a health care provider.

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Dear Sandra,

I just wanted to let you know that last night– when we realized what you had posted on your blog— we took down our “Party of Five” blog. This makes us heartsick, and we feel really upset about having to do it. There are many, many people who have written to us over the past three years telling us how important and inspiring our blog has been to them in terms of a whole range of things (including a deeper understanding of inter-racial adoption, education regarding Haiti, conscientious parenting, etc.).

White parents adopting black children, especially, have found the Party of Five blog helpful — in terms of raising cultural awareness, helping to educate about black hair, information about confidence-promoting picture books for young black children, etc. It is for all of these reasons that we had kept the Party of Five blog public even when we moved to a private blog in March. Last night, when we saw what you had posted on your blog — you having selectively chosen the most provocative photos of our children and posted them entirely out of context on your own blog — our hearts just sank. Out of all the hundreds and hundreds of beautiful photos of our children that we have posted over the years, you selectively chose the ones that you did. You did not ask for permission to post those photos in the manner that you did, and if you had asked us we would not have allowed for it. We had never heard of your blog before last night… but then we started getting a lot of strange comments coming in on the Party of Five blog… and it didn’t take long for us to trace them back to your blog post. It is probably hard for you to imagine how upset this has made us. As parents, our children and their safety and security and identity are our absolute number one priority in life. We immediately made the decision to pull Party of Five off the internet so that you — or others — will no longer be able to do what you’ve done to our family.

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A day doesn’t go by when without news about young black men being killed or locked up. But here’s some good news out of Chicago: the entire senior class of Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy for Young Men has been accepted to college. You won’t hear about these intelligent young brothas in the mainstream press because it’s not a negative story about black men.

It’s great to see kids like the students of Urban Prep Academy achieving their goals. When I contrast them with a good-for-nothing like Chris Brown who, at age 21, is a convicted felon who can’t pull his pants up, it gives me hope for the future of our kids.

Mayor Richard Daley and Chicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman surprised students at an all-school assembly at Urban Prep Academy for Young Men in Englewood this morning to congratulate them. It’s the first graduating class at Urban Prep since it opened its doors in 2006.

The school enforces a strict uniform of black blazers, khaki pants and red ties — with one exception. After a student receives the news he was accepted into college, he swaps his red tie for a red and gold one at an assembly.

The last 13 students received their college ties today, to thunderous applause.

Ask Rayvaughn Hines what college he was accepted to and he’ll answer with a question.

“Do you want me to name them all?”

For the 18-year-old from Back of the Yards, college was merely a concept–never a goal–growing up. Even within the last three years, he questioned if school, let alone college, was for him. Now, the senior is headed to the prestigious Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. next fall.

Hines remembers the moment he put on his red and gold tie.

“I wanted to take my time because I was just so proud of myself,” he said. “I wanted everyone to see me put it on.” Read More…

Photos: Splash News Online

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On Saturday, I accompanied AG Entertainment’s Alex Gidewon to the Sprite Step Off Challenge at the Civic Center. The best part of the evening for me was the car ride there and back. We pulled up to the Civic Center in a CL65 AMG with a turbocharged V12 engine that reached top speeds in 6 seconds. The car took my breath away. All I can say is I want one!

Anyway, step show host Ryan Cameron (WVEE) said “Steppin’ is for erybody.” Well, it’s not for me. I was bored out of my skull for the 50+ minutes that we were there. Back in my college days, steppin’ was an entirely different art form than what you see today. Now it’s more lights, cameras and action than fancy footwork mixed with military precision.

So is it any wonder that an all white girl crew from Arkansas took 1st place in the majority black competition? The women from Zeta Tau Alpha’s Epsilon chapter electrified the crowd with a dazzling step routine that clocked in at just under 9 minutes. They won cash scholarships and other prizes. MTV2 will air the step show at 3 pm on February 28 and March 7.

A college acquaintance of Barack Obama recently sat down for an interview with B-Cast.

John C. Drew, who graduated from Occidental College the year before Obama, described “Barry” Obama as a “pure Marxist” who praised the Soviet Union and insistently argued a communist point of view. “He definitely saw America as the enemy.”

Drew said,

“[Obama] made a very principled, dedicated, impassioned argument that in fact a real revolution was coming. And that, in a sense, we should all get on board and prepare ourselves physically and emotionally for that revolution.”

According to Drew, in 1980 Obama saw America as “the enemy” and he predicted a future where the people would “rise up” and “overthrow the government.”

A CNN poll out today shows that the majority of voters don’t think Obama will be reelected to a 2nd term.

An argument could be made that Obama was a young, impressionable, idealistic college student in 1980. But the facts prove that Obama still embodies the same communist/Marxist ideals that he was so passionate about in his college days.

Couple that with the fact that Obama refuses to release his college transcripts from Occidental which, some say, proves his participation in Marxist groups on campus.

Part 2 of the video after the break

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A second grade teacher was savagely stabbed to death by her boyfriend who, police say, then got into his car and flagged down a patrol officer to turn himself in.

Dana McFarlane, 35, of Snellville is being held at the Henry County jail on a murder charge in the death of his girlfriend Kinaya Schenese Byrd, 34, who was stabbed during a quarrel at her home in Stockbridge.

According to the AJC, Byrd’s father, Richard Byrd was afraid for his daughter’s life after she began seeing the low life. “I had a deep feeling he might hurt her someday,” Richard Byrd said of his only child.

Richard Byrd said a neighbor heard the fight an tried to stop McFarlane. But she was dead before help could arrive.

The pretty future educator taught at River’s Edge Elementary School in Clayton County. Her death comes as a shock to friends, some of whom were classmates of hers at Spelman College.

A “Celebration of Life” service for Kinaya Schenese Byrd will be held at 1 p.m. Friday at St. Paul A.M.E. Church, 1540 Pryor Road Southwest in Atlanta. The wake will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday at Murray Brothers Cascade Chapel, 1199 Utoy Springs Road Southwest in Atlanta.

Thanks to loyal reader Stephanie Vaughn for the tip.

Source: WSB

While I am aware that today’s teenagers are 30 x’s more promiscuous than in my day, I never knew such things as sex hit lists existed. I’m so out of the loop that I didn’t even know pregnant teens attended regular high schools until a few years ago.

According to HipHopUpdate blog, this kid was grounded for 3 months because his sister tattled on him for hiding a six-pack of beer in his room. So he exacted his revenge on her by posting her sex “hit list” online.

This is why I never wanted girl children. I bet her parents thought she was a virgin.

You can see for yourself all the sordid acts she’s planning for your sons in her school. She even put dates next to their names to indicate exactly when the act will go down. There’s a government study that shows 88% of pregnant teenagers got knocked up while on school grounds, which gives a whole new meaning to sex education.

A male cheerleader for the Missouri Tigers got more than he bargained for when he knocked on the door of his next door neighbors and asked them to keep the noise down.

He ended up with a broken nose and a black eye.

The occupants of the apartment were players for the Missouri basketball team who were celebrating a big win over the Pan-American team.

Police arrested seniors Amanda Hanneman and Jessra “The Enforcer” Johnson and charged them with assault and “dynamic disturbance.” The two top scorers for the Lady Tigers were suspended from the team indefinitely.

Police say Missouri senior Justin Short, complained to his female roommate — who was at the party next door — that she and her friends were being too loud. It was then that police say the basketball players started smacking him around.

Witnesses say Short attempted to restrain his roomie, but was then jumped by the other players.

Police described the dispute as more of a brawl, “with at least eight people” trying to break it up and/or get involved in the punching. Coach Cindy Stein has suspended her two players indefinitely, but even without their top two scorers—according to the Missouri Media Guide, Johnson’s nickname is “The Enforcer”—the Tigers still managed to beat Murray State by 39 points on Sunday. Read More…

Meawhile, Hanneman took to her twitter page as if nothing had happened.