A reader claiming to be Autum Ashante's dad had this to say about my post and your comments) on the black child prodigy who's admission to UConn was revoked for undisclosed reasons.

i wanted to register on your site but i couldn't.your followers are fuck in idiots.. to say my seed is brainwashed...she half white and things of that nature.. we r trying to create change in the way our children are educated and this is what she gets from so called blk folk.

its not enough we have to deal with our white enemies but to read that crap your followers are saying about my daughter is wrong... i want to say more but I'm not.. just know i live 5blks from uconn and we cant afford to pack up and relocate to areas where the blk colleges are located. u want a story... call me 646-334-_____. because right now ur story sucks and it did not help our position and what is we are trying to do for our future and the long term history of our movement... thanks a lot for tearing down the confidence of a 13yr genius...we will prevail!!!!

*Note to media: the email author's identity has not been confirmed

Photo: Myspace

Raised by her militant father to reject America's multicultural values, a 13-year-old child prodigy was just informed that she's not good enough for the first time in her life.

Autum Ashante was only 7 years old when she stood before her middle school audience to recite her poem comparing Christopher Columbus and Charles Darwin to "pirates and vampires" that "robbed Blacks of their identity." Moments before, she had recited the “Black Child’s Pledge” of the Black Panther Party.

“Black lands taken from your hands by vampires with no remorse. They took the gold, the wisdom and all the storytellers. They took the Black women, with the Black man weak. Made to watch as they changed the paradigm of our village... White nationalism is what put you in bondage: pirates and vampires like Columbus, Morgan and Darwin drank the blood of the sheep, trampled all over them with steel, tricks and deceit...”

Some white students walked out, and the NY Post reported that Autum was banned from reciting the poem at any public school.

Autumn’s father, Batin Ashante, a devout follower of the Minister Louis Farrakhan, explained that there had been violent clashes between Black and Latino students at Autum's middle school, and she wanted to give them something to think about "that would stop them from wanting to kill each other.”

Ashante abruptly pulled his daughter out of the public school system and home-schooled her for the next 6 years.

The child prodigy, once dubbed the "racist poet," landed in the headlines again when she was accepted to the mostly white University of Connecticut this year at the tender age of 13.

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Dondria, D. Woods, Demetria McKinney, Ebony Steele, and more speak to teens at 2011 SHOW ME Karma Teen Summit

From press release by AW Media Group:

Show Me the Way Foundation in partnership with Project Karma, Inc, and C.H.O.I.C.E Foundation produced the first 2011 SHOW ME Karma Teen Summit. Held at the state-of-the art facility, Porter Sanford Performance Arts Theatre in Decatur, GA, teens between the ages of 10 - 18 attended the entertaining action-packed one day event that featured informative workshops about financial planning, fitness, sex education, peer pressure, bullying, and more. Attendees enjoyed performances by local acts such as the Radiance Girlz, Hi-Riz, and 3 Girls and A Mic. The attendees also had the opportunity to participate in a group discussion with the 2011 Power Panel about karma and the importance of sowing your seed today to shape your future tomorrow. The 2011 Power Panel included a diverse group of special guests speakers who've made major accomplishments in various industries including entertainment, politics, and entrepreneurship.

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Earlier I told you about Queen Latifah's ex-lover, Jeanette Jenkins, making an exercise DVD with singer Kelly Rowland. According to That B*tch, Jeanette posted stills from her DVD on her facebook page last night. Although the images from the DVD are visually appealing, what's the point of the DVD when we all know Kelly didn't hone her naturally hawt bod from trying Jeanette's exercises?

These celebrity exercise DVDs are entertaining, and they provide something to do while passing the time. But there should be a disclaimer on the packaging that there is no guarantee you will look like Kelly Rowland just by exercising to a DVD.

Actors Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith were just a couple of faces in the crowd at the high school graduation ceremony for their son Trey Smith in Westlake Village, CA yesterday. Also in attendance was Will Smith's ex-wife Sheree Zampino who is the biological mother of Trey Smith. Ice hockey great, Wayne Gretzy's son, Trevor, also graduated. The graduation was held in the city of Westlake Village on June 9, 2011.

Sheree did an excellent job raising her son outside of the harsh glare of the spotlight -- no thanks to Will and Jada who tried to force him into the industry at a young age, but he bucked back.

Photos: Splash News Online

The gay media has a new poster child to generate sympathy for their cause and to further their agenda of promoting gay acceptance.

His name Kirk Murphy, and he was a successful accountant until he hanged himself in 2003 at age 38.

Normally when a person commits suicide, it is usually due to depression and despair that has been undiagnosed or untreated for years.

But nowadays when a gay person commits suicide, the media latches on to the story and repackages it to push their gay social acceptance agenda, as if depression had nothing to do with it. Just this week, a former Duke University and Chicago Bulls basketball star leaped from the roof of the NY athletic club and plunged to his death.

His name was Tom Emma, 49, and he was not gay that we know of. So the media handled his death differently. A few paragraphs into an article reporting his death comes the words: "Sources told the Daily News that Emma had been depressed."

Nowhere in the reports on Kirk Murphy's suicide do you see the words "depressed" or "depression." Why? Because it doesn't fit the gay media agenda.

Even though he died in 2003, Mr. Murphy's family knew that all they had to do was mention the words "anti-gay" and "suicide" in the same sentence and his story would make headlines all over the country.

Kirk Murphy was an effeminate boy who preferred playing with girls toys and dressing in girls clothing. So, when he was 5, his mother took him to a government-funded program at UCLA to try to cure his effeminate behavior. Dr George Rekers, who founded the program, was an anti-gay activist who was outed by a Miami newspaper last year when he was spotted at the Miami airport with a gay male escort whom he had hired to travel with him.

Mr. Murphy's siblings blames Dr. Rekers and the UCLA program for their brother's suicide, even though he took his life 33 years after the therapy.

According to London tabloid the Daily Mail, "Kirk's family believe the therapy directly contributed to his death, and say he was never the same again after the sessions to get rid of his 'sissy' characteristics, which included instructing his father to beat him for feminine traits."

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Cartoonish rapper Nicki Minaj unleashed her new and improved boobs for the world to see on the MTV Movie Awards last night.

Of course, these are not the first implants for the 28-year-old "Your Love" singer who is completely fake from the neck down. It's hard to say just how many breast enhancements Nicki has had to go along with her butt shots, nose jobs, cheek and hip implants. But does it matter?

Yes, say some mothers who are appalled that Nicki was invited to speak to their daughters at a school in Chicago. One mom emailed me to say she wasn't warned that Minaj would make a surprise visit to Collins Academy High School last month.

"None of the parents received advance warning," she wrote. "I was shocked and appalled that [Nicki Minaj] was the most positive role model the school could invite to speak to our students."

The mom of a 16-year-old student, said she would have yanked her daughter out of classes if she had known that Nicki would visit the school that day.

Maybe the teachers used Nicki's visit to teach the kids that the human body is made up of 60% water, but Nicki's body is composed of 60% silicone and other industrial strength lubricants?

Keenan Cahill is the 15-year-old who gained YouTube fame by uploading videos of himself sort of, kind of lip-syncing to popular tunes.

Today, Keenan met up with R&B singer Ciara in New York's Time Square to raise awareness for teen pregnancy. Together, they performed a memorable rendition of Diana Ross and The Supremes' classic hit "Can't Hurry Love".

Pictures courtesy of JD over at The Life Files industry blog.

Singer Ciara just tweeted this pic of herself rocking a pair of Air Jordan Retro 9's at the Hill Street Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta this morning.

Later this afternoon she's off to the 2nd Annual Sprite Step Off Challenge at the Fox Theater in midtown. The step show starts at 5p.m.

I attended this same event last year at the Atlanta Civic Center. If you recall, controversy raged when the 1st prize of $100,000 in scholarships was awarded to the all-white Epsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha out of Arkansas.

The white girls killed it at the majority black competition last year. They electrified the crowd with a dazzling step routine that clocked in at just under 9 minutes. But almost immediately after this video hit the 'nets, accusations of "the fix was in!" began sounding from HBCUs across the country.

Black sorors complained bitterly that MTV (and their sponsor, Coca Cola which distributes Sprite) wanted a step crew winner that was more in line with their targeted demographic.

So what if the white women stole parts of their routines from black step crews? The truth is that the all-black Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha from Indiana University (who came in 2nd last year) should have stepped their game up a notch instead of acting like it was a dance competition.

The Zeta Tau Alpha girls should have been the sole winners because they stayed true to the historical black traditions of intricate stepping, call and response.

Well, to quiet the uproar (and to appease the media who began making inquiries), Coca-Cola announced that due to a "scoring discrepancy," both the The Zeta Tau Alpha girls (white) and the Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha step crew (black), would be recognized as co-winners.

Naturally the outrage and indignation was split along racial lines, with white college students yelling racism right along with the HBCUs. Coca Cola's excuses about scoring discrepancies fell on deaf ears.

"Why won’t they let YT be great!!!!!! I swear black people won’t let white people have anything," was just one of the sampling of comments left on an all-white message board.

Probably due to the 2010 controversy, this year's competition at the Fox Theater has been scaled down.

Instead of V-103's Ryan Cameron hosting (as he did last year) -- they have someone named DJ Rock-T of the Tavis Smiley Show handling the hosting duties.

Ciara will perform during the competition. Lots of tickets are still available at $20.

When Barack Obama was elected president, I was hoping that he would pass a bill forcing all potential parents to take mandatory tests to prove they are competent to raise human beings, but I guess not.

A hoodrat who embarrassed her own child by sending her to school with Jolly Rancher candies in her hair is now upset because a teacher posted pics of the hood hairstyle on Facebook.

The mom, Lucinda Williams, claims her daughter begged her to tie the candies onto the ends of her braids for picture day at school.

You decide who is in the wrong: the mama for making her kid the laughing stock of the school, or the teacher for doing what anyone else would have done under the circumstances.

Ukailya Lofton, a student at Overton Elementary School in Chicago, turned up for her school photo on picture day with Jolly Rancher candies tied to her braids after she had seen the style in a magazine.

Her computer teacher asked her to pose for a photo with her braids hanging round her face and told her: 'My husband is not going to believe this.'

That night she posted the cell-phone pictures on her Facebook page with the message: 'Right! This is for picture day.'
Another parent whose child is the teacher's friend on Facebook let Ukailya's mother Lucinda Williams know that the girl's photo was on the teacher's page and people were mocking the hairstyle.

The comments that appeared on the teacher's Facebook page said things like: 'I laughed so hard my contact popped out', 'yeah this is foolishness' and 'If you are going to make your child look ridiculous the least you could do is make them matching.'

When a furious Ms Williams notified the school, the teacher removed the photo and apologised but Ukailya's mother is demanding she apologise directly to her daughter.

She told the Chicago Tribune: 'What bothers me is that she still hasn't apologized to my baby. No child should have to go to school to be bullied by their teacher.

'She wasn't even suspended, and an apology is not enough.'

Actress/singer Raven-Symone, 25, posed with Steve Harvey, a guest, and gospel singer Yolanda Adams after speaking with high school students during "Disney's Dreamers Academy" sponsored by Essence Magazine at Disney's Epcot Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida yesterday.

Raven, whose personal net worth is close to a billion dollars, told the kids that she cut her hair because her hairline was ate up. Hopefully, she will lead the charge against weave and hair extensions that has robbed our black women of their beauty and elegance.

"Disney's Dreamers Academy" is a career enrichment event at Walt Disney World that features four days of activities geared toward high school students. Local celebrity blogger Tami of Talking With Tami, took her son to the event. Tami provided this video of Raven discussing her new ABC TV show coming out called, "The Great State of Georgia". So watch your local listings for that!

Photos by Handout/Getty Images North America and Talking With Tami

First it was black people, and now the fawning celebrities have turned their backs on U.S. President Barack Obama. Actor Matt Damon is at the forefront of celebrities voicing their opinions on Obama's dismal track record of keeping his promises.

"I no longer hope for audacity," said Damon, who was one of the President's earliest and best-known celebrity supporters during his 2008 campaign. Damon expressed his disappointment in the way the country was being run on CNN's Piers Morgan Show on Mar. 3.

He also slammed the President for failing to follow through on many of his campaign promises, particularly on education.

"I really think he misinterpreted his mandate and has doubled down on a lot of things. The idea that we're testing kids and we're tying teachers salaries to how kids are performing on tests, that kind of mechanized thinking has nothing to do with higher order. We're training them, not teaching them."

Other A-list celebs who threw their full support behind Obama in 2008 are now speaking out against his policies.

Barbra Streisand told Larry King last year that she thought the President should have been more aggressive on certain issues, like overturning the 'don't ask, don't tell' ban on gay people serving in the military.

Even though the measure was eventually overturned, Glee's Jane Lynch criticised Obama's handling of gay rights issues in general, calling him a "huge disappointment".

"We thought the great hope of Obama was going to magically change all that," she said. "He's just nicely walking the middle."

Obama can't please everyone, but he should at least try and appease the people who helped him win the election.

I'm so tired of seeing Willow Smith all over the blogs. Okay, the 10-year-old had a cute, catchy single with "Whip My Hair" last year. But now she's doing magazine covers. music videos and movies -- all while admitting she can't multiply or subtract.

In the latest issue of Teen Vogue magazine, on stands now, Willow says, “I used to go on tour with my mom and dad and see what they were doing, and I’d tell them, ‘Oh, I wanna do that, I wanna do that."

How many kids aspire to grow up and be whatever their mommy and daddy does for a living? Most adults encourage their offspring to get an education first. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are raising their kids backwards!

Every time Willow gives an interview there's a blizzard of red flags indicating future problems for the child prodigy. Here's an example of Willow's parents pushing the child towards failure:

"Whenever I don’t feel like working, they say, ‘You don’t want that career? You have to work hard. They think I should keep working harder and harder.”

Hello? She's only 10!! This is what happens when narcissists are allowed to raise children. Luckily, Tron's mother saved him from a similar fate.

The British school system is introducing a new "gay curriculum" incorporating homosexual lifestyle lessons for thousands of school children from Kindergarten to grade school.

The Telegraph UK has more details:

The initiative will be officially launched next month at the start of “LGBT History Month” — an initiative to encourage teaching about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues.

The lesson plans, spread across the curriculum, will be offered to all schools, which can choose whether or not to make use of them.

But critics last night called the initiative a poor use of public money which could distract from the teaching of “core” subjects.

Among the suggestions are:

Maths — teaching statistics through census findings about the number of homosexuals in the population, and using gay characters in scenarios for maths problems;

Design and technology — encouraging pupils to make symbols linked to the gay rights movement;

Science – studying animal species where the male takes a leading role in raising young, such as emperor penguins and sea horses, and staging class discussions on different family structures, including same-sex parents.

Remember when I wrote about Kate Gosselin snapping on one of her kids and beating the child in front of paparazzi? Well, 2 of her brats have now been expelled from their private school and are being home schooled, according to online reports.

Naturally, mama Gosselin denies that her precious babies were expelled.

"The school would never use that word," Gosselin, 35, assured People.com after news of two of her 6-year-old sextuplets supposedly being expelled. "[The school] did not feel like they could meet their needs anymore, so it was decided they should leave, for now."

That's a nice way of saying that Alexis and Collin are special needs children.

Kate tells People.com that the children are experiencing personal problems stemming from their parents' divorce.

"They've been the ones to verbalize the most that they miss Daddy. I could see that they're the ones struggling the most," she said of Alexis and Collin.