Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is disputing reports that he demoted his star forward Lamar Odom to a lower level team.

Cuban tells TMZ.com that Lamar Odom will rejoin the team after a brief "rehab" stint down with his D-League team. Cuban said the decision was Odom's to make.

Cuban explains, "[Lamar] is doing great. D-League is rehab. [He] needs to get in great shape and then rejoin the Mavs."

He continues, "Know how baseball teams send a guy down to the minor leagues to get some games in and get timing back? Same thing."

"Things are going great. He is working super hard. All is good."

Odom is expected to rejoin the Mavericks when they face Oklahoma City on Monday (Mar. 5).

This is good news for Odom's wife Khloe Kardashian, who never stopped supporting her man. Khloe took to social network Twitter.com last night to rail against blogs who are only focused on spreading false gossip.

According to my very credible west coast source, rap mogul Jay Z is positioning his hawt new artist, Rita Ora, to not only replace former Pop Princess, Rihanna, but also to take on Katy Perry for the Pop/crossover market. That's the same thing he did with Rihanna in 2008 with her hit record "Umbrella".

But now Jay Z has had enough of Rihanna's bizarre online and offline antics. Her reunion with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, was the last straw for Jigga. He has reportedly cut all ties with the troubled singer, except professionally (he still manages her). Poor Rihanna can see the writing on the wall. And that's why she is unraveling faster than a cheap sweater.

Read the email from my insider after the break!

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Yesterday I received an email containing a "pre-bridal" video of 'Basketball Wives' cast member Evelyn Lozada preparing for her manufactured wedding to NFL player Chad Ochocinco this Summer.

I immediately sent the email to the trash bin without viewing the video. But Essence magazine posted the video on the front page of their website, where my good blog friend Gina viewed it.

Gina, owner of Whataboutourdaughters.com, wrote a scathing editorial about Essence magazine's decision to post the video on its front page.

In her post, Gina blasted Essence.com for promoting a "bridal" photo shoot of Evelyn Lozada on the front page of the website. Gina referred to Lozada as "a hyperviolent, Black woman hating, foul mouth scourge." And she asked where was the logic in highlighting the non-black Ms. Lozada on a website whose tag line is "Where Black women come first."

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According to Huffington Post, a writer is so incensed that Rihanna went back to Chris Brown -- he is offering $1,000 to anyone who inflicts serious bodily harm on Brown.

From HuffPo:

Violence never solves anything, but that didn't stop a writer named Kevin Seccia, from offering a $1,000 prize to the first person who beats up Chris Brown.

In a blog post, Seccia wrote that Brown "is a horrible human being," and argues that he doesn't even pretend to be sorry for "brutally assaulting and threatening to kill a woman," and shows no awareness of what he's done. For those reasons he's offering the cash prize to the first person to deliver documented proof that they hit Brown with "at least two solid punches." For legal reasons, Seccia writes that his offer is partially a joke, but he seems serious about wanting some karma to come Brown's way.

Another high-profile hater is country singer Miranda Lambert. She was one of the first to express her disgust at Brown's performance at the Grammys and got caught in a Twitter feud of her own with the 22-year-old R&B singer. Brown responded directly to Lambert with a sarcastic tweet: "Using my name to get publicity? I love it! Perform your heart out! Go buy Miranda Lambert album! So motivational and 'PERFECT'!"

Lambert doesn't seem to want to drop the issue anytime soon. At a concert on Thursday in Amherst, Mass., she spoke out against domestic violence. "I just have to speak my mind, because where I come from, beating up on a woman is never okay. So that's why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun."

Watch wrestler CM Punk's video message to "cowardly little boy" Chris Brown after the break!

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Actress Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving a LA court room after getting a rave review from Judge Stephanie Sautner during her probation progress report hearing this morning. According to TMZ, Sautner proudly announced, "You're in the home stretch!" Lindsay has reportedly credited the judge for using "tough love" saving her acting career.

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Poor Karrueche Tran. The aspiring model got herself mixed up with a narcissist who is now creeping with other women whose F.A.M.E. can boost his failing career. Sound familiar? I tried to warn Karrueche through her closest friends, but she wouldn't listen to them. Now they say she's depressed and taking sedatives to mask her pain, so she can sleep at night.

Chris jetted Karrueche to Miami for Valentine's Day -- the same day he was seen creeping with Lil Wayne's baby mama, Sarah ViVan, who flew to Los Angeles from Atlanta to "hang out" with CB.

Now Karrueche is the laughing stock of the industry after Rihanna took Chris Brown back -- and totally disrespect his lover on her "Birthday Cake" remix. Sources say Rihanna made CB disrespect Karrueche to force him to prove his love to her -- and CB didn't hesitate.

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A racist ESPN headline has basketball fans outraged this morning. It's little consolation to sports fans that ESPN issued an apology for last night's "Chink in the Armor" Jeremy Lin headline -- what matters is that the headline went up in the first place.

Rob King, ESPN.com's editor-in-chief, tweeted a message about the slip-up.

There's no defense for the indefensible. All we can offer are our apologies, sincere though incalculably inadequate.

But sports fans want heads to roll. ESPN radio sports reporter Nubyjas Wilborn, who is no stranger to controversy himself, tweeted:

"Whomever posted it and the editor who didn't catch it sooner probably will get fired. I hope it's nobody I know."

ESPN has yet to comment on an anchor's use of the same phrase during a segment on the Knicks' loss on SportsCenter last night.


The Chicago Tribune reports that the ESPN employee who wrote the headline has been fired.

Last week, a roar of laughter went up in locker rooms all around the NBA when sports groupie Stiletto Jill broke the news that Chicago Bulls star Carlos Boozer was spraying his hairline on.

But last night, during the Celtics vs Bulls game, there was scant little evidence of spray dye on Boozer's head. Apparently, Boozer washed that dye out of his hair, in favor of a new, not-so-conspicuous technique to reclaim his hairline -- hair tattooing.

You see ladies, men are vainglorious about their hair too -- or lack of hair, as in Boozer's case.

As JD Anderson explains on his blog:

If you’re losing your hair and don’t want to waste your time with silly toupee’s or expensive hair replacement surgery, you can visit one of the HIS (Hair Ink Scalp) Hair Clinics in the US or UK where you can get a procedure performed that will leave you with a permanent buzz cut. Developed by Ian Watson who suffered from alopecia for $3,000 you can have hundreds of hair sized dots placed on your head to make it appear like you have a head full of hair you just don’t like to grow.

Radaronline reports that troubled singer Chris Brown's mom is furious at his latest online antics. Radar Online says Joyce Hawkins is angry that Brown, 22, took to his Twitter page to tell his "Haters" to "f*ck off" after things were seemingly going so well for him.

You're probably asking where his mom has been through all of his past Twitter outbursts? Allegedly, Joyce Brown is "scared" of her son's narcissistic rages, which she has been on the receiving end of.

Meanwhile, “Joyce is absolutely livid that those vile words and rants were posted on Chris’ Twitter page. She isn’t buying his excuse that he didn’t post it and she has told him that it is his Twitter page, and only he should be posting to it, period,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com.

“She feels like people were just waiting for a negative reaction to what others were saying about him. She had begged Chris to just ignore it and she is just beside herself that after such successful performances at the Grammys and winning the award, people are now talking about this Twitter controversy. … It’s time for Chris to grow up, and his mother told him that. Chris is his own worst enemy at times and she constantly worries about how he is going to react to stressful situations.”

Outraged Catholics are calling for a boycott of CBS network following rapper Nicki Minaj's bizarre Grammy Awards performance last night.

The talentless Minaj, 29, arrived at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards dressed in a red satin Versace cape with a Caucasian man dressed as the Pope on her arm. Later in the telecast, Minaj acted like a woman possessed -- performing her single "Roman's Holiday" with bizarre satanic rituals which included levitation and an exorcism onstage before a shocked Grammy audience.

"Nicki’s disturbing performance at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards was a blatant attack on the Catholic church," wrote one outraged blogger.

If the stage was set as a Jewish Holocaust, or a black slavery set or some kind of mockery of Muhammad and Islam glorifying slave owners, there would be outrage. But because its the Catholic church that Minaj is mocking, somehow it’s allowed.

Other blogs are calling for the boycott of CBS and its sponsors, saying the Grammy's are increasingly relying on shock and vulgarity to attract more viewers to the show.

The Catholic League was also not amused by Minaj's performance.

“Perhaps the most vulgar was the sexual statement that showed a scantily clad female dancer stretching backwards while an altar boy knelt between her legs in prayer,” Bill Donohue, the president of the Catholic League told CBS New York.

“None of this was by accident, and all of it was approved [by] The Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammys. [Whether] Minaj is possessed is surely an open question, but what is not in doubt is the irresponsibility of The Recording Academy. Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam,” Donohue said.

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Pop icon Madonna is said to be "furious" at singer M.I.A. for stealing the show during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance. Madonna put on an elaborate halftime show for the ages, complete with gladiators and a golden throne. But it was M.I.A.'s middle finger flip everyone talked about for days afterwards.

Madonna called into the 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' show this morning. When she was asked about the controversial hand gesture by M.I.A., Madonna went IN. The superstar called M.I.A.'s stunt "stupid", "childish", and "a juvenile thing to do." She added that M.I.A. was "irrelevant." Madonna has a right to be heated after all that hard work she put in. But the one who should really be mad is Nicki Minaj. Her halftime contribution hasn't been mentioned at all in the press.


Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member NeNe Leakes probably thinks she's a major superstar. Unfortunately, she isn't as far as the paparazzi are concerned. It seems that pseudo-singer-turned reality star Aubrey O'Day is a bigger star than NeNe is -- as evidenced by the fact that the paparazzi didn't even know who NeNe was!

When the paparazzi uploaded last night's photos to the wire service, the captions left out NeNe's name entirely. I wouldn't have known it was NeNe either if I hadn't clicked on the image to see who the tranny was standing next to Aubrey.

Photos: Splash News Online

About 90% of celebrities are narcissists or they have narcissistic tendencies. They believe they are special and that they are entitled to special treatment.

These celebs cloak themselves inside a warm cocoon where they believe they are untouchable. Celebrities and their reps realize that the media is not as gullible as the general public, so they ingratiate themselves to the media (and to certain blogs). They give certain members of the media (and certain bloggers) exclusive access into their world in return for favorable press. This sort of treatment is otherwise known as kissing azz.

When a celebrity grovels before the national media as much as Jay Z does, he or she doesn't expect the media to turn on them and expose their failings.

This is precisely what happened to Jay Z today -- one day after his so-called "historic" performance at Carnegie Hall in NY. The hard working sleuths at The Daily have uncovered shady financial dealings by Jay Z.

The tide has shifted. Who didn't see this coming after Beyonce played the media with her sham of a pregnancy?

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CNN's political analyst Roland Martin came under attack from gay groups after tweeting a wisecrack about British soccer star David Beckham.

Martin, who is very sensitive when he is the subject of gay jokes, took to his Twitter page last night to "live tweet" during the Super Bowl broadcast. His tweets included this one, which his followers took to be an anti-gay slur:

Martin seemed to suggest that his followers "smack the ish out of" any male Super Bowl fan who is "hyped about David Beckham's H&M underwear ad" that was shown during the Super Bowl.

Martin added that "real bruhs" would not purchase underwear advertised by Beckham.

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Some are calling Super Bowl 46 the greatest in Super Bowl history. It was certainly the first Super Bowl in recent memory where the commercials didn't upstage the game on the field. (This year's commercials were too numerous and too boring to remember.)

Super Bowl 46 was the 2nd meeting of the NY Giants and the New England Patriots, and the 2nd time the Giants came out on top. It was also the first (and probably the last) super bowl for hapless wide receiver Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson whose off-the-field antics didn't endear him to NE coach Tom Belichick.

It's almost certain that Belichick will unload Ochocinco after spending $6 million on him in a trade with the Bengals. No team will sign Ochocinco which will give him more time to plan his fake wedding to reality TV star Evelyn Lozada this Summer. Ocho and Evelyn had better take note of the fallout from Kim Kardashian and Kris Humprhies' fake made-for-TV wedding, which didn't go over well with the fans.

Watch the highlights from Super Bowl XLVI after the break!

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That's what many are saying this morning after the NY Giants edged out the odds on favorites New England Patriots to win Super Bowl XLVI 21-17 on Sunday. It was a hard fought battle between two Epic teams that came down to the wire in the final seconds with a Hail Mary heaved into the end zone by NE quarterback Tom Brady, who suffered one of the most humiliating defeats of his career.

But the humiliation began off the field for Brady last week when Tom's egotistical supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen allegedly sent out a "Prayer chain" email to her friends and family begging them to pray for Brady to win the Super Bowl.

How embarrassing for Brady -- and for Gisele, who actually believed that God had nothing better to do than fix the outcome of a football game.

Didn't she learn anything from Tim Tebow's blow out loss to these same New England Patriots just two weeks ago?

Gisele Bundchen is clearly a typical Narcissist who believes she is more worthy in the eyes of the Lord than any other NFL wife. If Brady had managed to eke out a win over the Giants, Gisele surely would have accepted some of the credit for the win.

Even after her husband's humiliating loss, Gisele continued to embarrass him -- and the Patriots wide receivers.

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In Monday's special episode of VH1's reality series 'Love and Hip Hop' titled "Reality Check," Yandy Smith, aka Don King, confirms our suspicions that she was paid to "play a role" and stir up drama on the show.

Yandy sits down with the show's messy producer Mona Scott Young to explain the conflict between herself and Jim Jones' fiery fiancee, Chrissy Lampkin.

Apparently it was Chrissy's idea to bring Yandy on the show originally. But tempers flared behind the scenes when Chrissy found out that Scott expanded Yandy's "role" -- giving Yandy more screen time than her.

"You were funny, you were charismatic, we wanted to see more of Yandy," says Scott justifying why she expanded Yandy's role.

Scott and Yandy illustrate the sneaky, shady back room dealings that go on between certain reality show cast members who kiss the producer's ass to get more valuable screen time.

As a result, there will be no Love & Hip Hop Reunion show because Chrissy and Yandy hate each other too much to be in the same room together.

The following video clip includes a rant by Chrissy toward Yandy who must have forgotten whose coattail she rode in on.

"B*tch, you on MY show!" says an angry Chrissy.

Watch the clip after the break!

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Today's story on celebrity gossip site TMZ.com about 'Basketball Wives' cast member Jennifer Williams feuding with Evelyn Lozada's assistant, Nia Crooks (right), jarred my memory about an interesting email I received last year.

In her email my loyal reader, who identified herself as "Patricia," claimed to have had a torrid love affair with the still-married Williams.

Patricia wrote that she met Williams 3 years ago at the Miami Club where she earned a modest living as an exotic dancer. She said JW took an instant liking to her because she reminded JW of "a younger version" of herself.

Patricia said the two women exchanged phone numbers and JW called her just a few hours later to make sure she "got home safely." Patricia recalled how JW "wined and dined" her at fancy restaurants. Their friendship quickly blossomed into something "more meaningful," Patricia wrote.

Patricia, who admits she is bisexual, described sex with JW as "intense" but infrequent. She wrote that she and Williams, who assumed the more dominant role, argued often and Williams seemed to be obsessed with exerting complete control over her.

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Remember when troubled singer Chris Brown made the tasteless decision to wear that mink backpack to an industry event? Well, the British version of GQ magazine named Brown the worst dressed male in the world.

GQ even put together a slideshow of Brown's fashion choices that is truly laughable! It probably doesn't help that Brown wears his pants off his butt like a 2-year-old with a loaded diaper.

For someone who seems to have so much disposable income - he boasts on one track about spending "15 grand on a phone" and charged over $500 for meet-and-greets on his last tour - Brown seems utterly adverse to investing in tailoring, combining the worst excesses of XXL sizing with a penchant for deeply unflattering costumes.

Brown's emotions are very fragile right now. I wonder how he's taking the news? The last time his personal style was attacked, he took to his Twitter page to rage about it:

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Last night, while watching a rerun of the popular hit sitcom 'Girlfriends,' I was surprised to see words such as "bitch" and "damn" were censored by the cable network. 10 years ago, when 'Girlfriends' was a hit, profanity on the show was the norm. I thought it would only get worse over the years as morality continued its decline in America.

But today, cable networks are taking a stand against indecency, and gossip blog TMZ.com reports that BET has banned the woefully misogynistic music video "Stupid Hoe" by misguided rapper Nicki Minaj.

Why the sudden shift in morality by BET and other cable networks after all these years?

From TMZ:

We spoke with a rep for BET who wouldn't specify exactly why the network has banned the video -- simply saying BET will not be broadcasting it.

But sources at the company tell us, the ban was put in place because the video's just too explicit for TV.

The song lyrics alone are bad enough -- repeating the phrase "stupid h*e" dozens of times -- but the video itself is damn raunchy too, showing several nearly naked female figures. Normally this is where we'd post the video ... but in this case, just Google it.

It's pretty great -- especially if you like Nicki's butt in a thong.

Quick: who won the 2011 US X-Factor?

I watched bits and pieces of the woefully boring US X-Factor reality show, and the worst part of the show were the judges. A judge is supposed to remain neutral and unbiased. How can a judge make an unbiased decision when he or she is emotionally involved to the point of breaking down in tears?

The glaring flaws of the judge's panel drew widespread criticism from the media - especially after Nicole Scherzinger's fake sobbing during the Top 5 performances show in December. In fact, Nicole's "performance" was so bad that enraged viewers slammed her on Twitter.com, and even threatened her life.

Judge Paula Abdul was universally hated for telling Scherzinger to let the public make the decision whether to send 13-year-old Rachel Crow home.

It was clear that something had to be done about the celebrity judges.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Simon Cowell has fired judges Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and the horrible suck-up Steve Jones.

Recording exec LA Reid's job might also be on the chopping block. THR reports that "a source close to LA Reid says the fourth member of the X Factor panel has not been informed of any change to his status as judge."

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Last night on 'Braxton Family Values,' the sisters meet with their therapist Dr. Sherry to discuss their emotional conflicts with each other. Toni Braxton irked her sister Traci's Soul by suggesting that Traci lose "20 to 30 lbs now. And stop thinking that her tummy sticking out like that is hot, 'cause it's not."

Toni added: "You're too cute of a girl not to care about... to let herself go like that." Toni also said Traci's tummy wasn't always like that "so that lets me think she's comfortable."

The nerve of Toni to decide when another woman is comfortable with her body when Toni is sooo uncomfortable in her own skin!

Toni was extremely insensitive to suggest that her sister Traci lose weight to fit Toni's jacked up standard of beauty. Toni, with 20 lbs of weave on her head and a face that is surgically altered beyond recognition, is not so perfect herself! Isn't it funny that people who think they are so perfect always see their flaws in others but not in themselves?

Clearly, Traci is happy and comfortable with her weight -- which upsets her sisters who hate the fact that Traci accepts her beauty. Traci probably has no problems keeping a man, unlike her thin sisters who think they're so perfect.

I realize that this is just a reality show, but Toni irked me with that comment. I'm shocked that Towanda (the more level headed sister) didn't speak up for Traci. And what kind of therapist is Dr. Sherry to day Toni was "just being honest"?

Dr. Sherry should have turned that mirror back toward Toni so she could see the hurt in herself. Because only hurt people hurt others.

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Rapper-turned-comedian Snoop Dogg gives sound advice to hopeless romantic Kris Humphries, who followed his heart -- and not his brains -- when he married narcissist Kim Kardashian in a made-for-TV wedding last year.

It's not entirely Kris' fault. It's a holdover from evolutionary days that some men lose all common sense when they are in the presence of a pretty woman.

In another video making the rounds on the Internet yesterday, rapper Young Jeezy, weighed in by saying he would rather die than marry a Kardashian. We're sure he meant Kim, not Khloe.

Apparently Halle Berry's nanny doesn't have good karma because a judge today tossed out her restraining order petition against Gabriel Aubry.

As you know, Alliance Kamdem, 29, took out a police report last week accusing Aubry, 35, of "ongoing" verbal and physical abuse towards her. Kamdem claims Aubry hurled racial epithets at her and shoved her into a door while she was holding Nahla last Wednesday.

In her petition, Kamdem cited another alleged incident in June in which she claims Gabriel violently pushed her out a door.

According to celebrity gossip website, TMZ.com, Kamdem "also said Gabriel didn't like her from the moment she began her duties as a nanny last June. She claims Gabriel said, "You are a spy," and "Nahla doesn't like you, she doesn't want you here."

She said that while she was performing her nanny duties on the set of Halle's movie in Spain, Aubry "would walk over and violently grab/take Nahla away from me."

But the judge wasn't convinced. He called Kamdem's accusations "insufficient and speculative" -- and he advised her to take the matter up in family court. The judge rejected her claims probably because what Kamdem was saying didn't make sense without Aubry's side of the story.

Kamdem has since quit her position as Halle's nanny.

TMZ.com reports that Halle Berry, 45, has arrived at court for her showdown with baby daddy Gabe Aubry, 35.

As you know, Halle's nanny quit last week after Gabe flew into a rage and slammed her against a door -- while she was holding Nahla in her arms.

A previous court order stipulated that a nanny must be present at all times while Aubry has custody of Nahla. But Aubry kept Nahla out of school last week without informing the nanny who went to the school to pick her up.

A police report was filed by the nanny accusing Aubry of assault.

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Rumors started last week that ex lovers Rihanna and Chris Brown were seeing each other again, but the rumors are not true. Brown and his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, were spotted leaving the Greystone Manor separately, and at different times, after a night of partying.

Chris Brown left the club through the front door and climbed into his Range Rover with his girlfriend, KT, and some friends, while Rihanna, looking desperate and lonely, left through a side door and got into a waiting SUV with a bodyguard. My sources tell me Rihanna and CB didn't speak to each other. The media insists on putting these troubled kids back together, but the truth is they are just friends.

Meanwhile, Rihanna was spotted looking wasted as she arrived at LAX airport from Hawaii where she was spotted smoking pounds of weed and drinking to drunken excess. Rihanna looked terrible and we're all worried for her. The way Rihanna looks now, even Chris Brown doesn't want her.

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Yesterday, one of my Twitter.com followers informed me that comedienne Roseanne Barr went IN on Beyonce and President Obama for disrespecting Etta James while she was alive. It seems Miss Barr took offense to Obama giving Beyonce the honor of performing Etta's classic "At Last" for his first dance.

Miss James herself expressed outrage at the snub. Particularly since Beyonce did such a horrible job of singing. Everyone agreed that Miss James would have done the song more justice than fame whore Beyonce.

But Roseanne Barr settled the score for Etta on Saturday when she tweeted:

"i have not listened to anything beyonce or jay z has said or recorded since they did that to Etta. Their arrogance was disgusting."

Roseanne also dissed Beyonce's singing, her lacefronts and her fake azz all in one classic tweet!

Naturally, Beyonce's deranged Stans, who have nothing else to do with their boring lives, came for Miss Barr on Twitter with all the ferocity and venom of a pitbull with rabies.

And Roseanne pushed back!

She didn't mince her words either! She let those fools have it with blasts from both barrels of her B*tch Be Gone shotgun! I wish I could have gotten in on the fun on Saturday. But it's never too late to show Beyonce's Stans for the desperate, lonely, psycho losers that they all are.

After the break, I have compiled more of my favorite Roseanne Barr tweets for your entertainment pleasure. Enjoy! :D

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Now I can see why Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard went ballistic on his crazy baby mama and took her to court. She is very disrespectful! No man -- not even Superman -- would be happy with the idea of his seed in bed with another man.

Royce Reed had the Internet buzzing yesterday when she tweeted the above photo of her current man, Dezmon Briscoe, wide receiver for the Tampa Buccaneers, curled up in bed with her son, Braylon Howard.

Even if Royce is crazy -- Dezmon should know better than to disrespect another man like that. I'm sure Braylon has his own bed to sleep in. And even if Dezmon does occasionally curl up with the kid, he shouldn't let his girl tweet photos of him. Am I wrong?

Dwight Howard and Braylon when he was a baby.

Last night I was unwinding on social networking website Twitter.com when I decided to have a little fun with reality TV personality, Evelyn Lozada. You see, me, Evelyn and her (very annoying) publicist were cool back when nobody ever heard of her.

It was me who they came to to put out the first rumors about her and Chad Ochocinco being in a relationship. At the time when I started the rumor about them dating, they had only seen each other once (she lived in Florida and Chad was on the west coast filming his show).

Then we fell out over another issue that I won't get into.

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In last night's episode of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes and her business partner, John, meet again to discuss a lounge she's planning on opening in Atlanta. After the meeting, John presents NeNe with another expensive pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. In return, NeNe quickly pecks John on the cheek.

As a former stripper, NeNe knows that a quick peck on the cheek does not suffice -- especially when she have just received a very expensive gift. A peck on the lips would have been a more appropriate response for such an expensive gift.

When a baller gives a woman an expensive gift in public, he is doing it for show (to get attention). So he's looking for a response that is equally as showy as the gift. (In his mind) a quick peck on the lips is a worthy response.

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