As predicted, Canadian rapper Drake's debut disc Thank Me Later failed to go gold in its first week out. Though he came in at #1, his sales figures actually fell far below the estimated 492,000 that Hits Daily Double had predicted. According to Soundscan, 'Thank Me' scanned 447,307 units. The over-the-top hype for this project reminds me of the hype surrounding Nas' debut album, Illmatic, which garnered a rare 5 mics from the SOURCE magazine in 1994. It also flopped.

Nick Cannon and Common attended the Integration vs. Brand Interruption event in Cannes, France yesterday. It's too bad Common's movie with Queen Latifah didn't do well at the box office. I actually liked it.

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One of my young Twitter followers asked me to do a post on Disney singing sensation Miley Cyrus. So here it is:

Miley's sexually charged stage antics this past weekend still has soccer moms in an uproar. Soon, Miley will be the richest 18-year-old in the US, and she owns the very lucrative teen market that Britney Spears outgrew.

On June 20, she performed at the 21st Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto wearing a bandana on her head reminiscent of Tupac Shakur's favorite accessory.

She shocked the old folks in the media by wearing stilettos, a barely-there top and daisy dukes while gyrating her hips and crip walking across the stage. Her fans ate it all up. Miley has always been too grown for her age, so why are we acting like we're shocked now?

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From Upscale Hype:

Rihanna was recently spotted in her home country of Barbados wearing a pair of Leopard sunglasses ($50) from New York designer Betsey Johnson. With a lovely retro style design providing the frame shape, these sunglasses feature leopard print on the front with gold-toned detail on the corners and Betsey Johnson’s signature logo along the temple. And for the finishing touch, a pink heart-shaped ornament has been embedded into the temple tips.

Yesterday, I posted the above photo of R&B Diva Monica rocking a fierce pair of gold mirrored aviator hater blockers. My Inbox soon lit up with inquiries about the shades. After an exhaustive search, loyal reader Quin found them and emailed the link to share with my readers.

Carrie Bradshaw and co. have spawned many contentious fashion trends over the years, including Uggs (ugh!). But the bold, gold mirrored aviators that SJP sports in Sex and the City 2 are pure eye candy. A collaboration between the Belgian fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm and the Berlin-based eyewear company MYKITA, the light, sleek, stainless frames were inspired by the Alpine ski racer Franz Klammer’s downhill heroics during the 1976 Winter Olympics. They’re $525 at Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York and

Monica photo by Prince Williams/

This past weekend, the city of Atlanta's nightclub scene belonged to one man: Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment Group, pictured above with rapper Busta Rhymes at compound on Saturday night.

This past weekend can be summed in 4 words: he shut it down!

AG, as he's known to close friends and family, spent over $200K bringing the industry's biggest artists to host parties at four nightclubs in Atlanta.

Check out the Exclusive pictures courtesy of Prince Williams/!

Rapper Ludacris (seen here with his fiancee Eudoxie) hosted a party with R&B Diva Monica at Compound on Saturday night.

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Singer Lauryn Hill channeled Oprah Winfrey at the 2010 Harmony Music Festival in Santa Rosa, California over the weekend. The ex-Fugee singer showed off a new, natural hairdo that probably signals some new direction she's taking in her troubled life. Lauryn once grew dreadlocks during her ganja smoking, rastafari days. Lately she's been rocking an unkempt afro.

Disgraced rapper/producer Kanye West was spotted outside Bar Pitti after dining with friends in New York City on Friday (june 18). Kanye has agreed to perform during the upcoming BET Awards show since no other awards show will have him.

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R&B Diva Monica attended the Magnum Live Large VIP Condom party hosted by Ludacris backstage at the Philips Arena yesterday. Rappers made a big show of snatching up hundreds of magnum condoms. But I hear from local strippers that most of those rappers don't measure up -- if you know what I mean.

Monica looked absolutely fabulous in her all-white ensemble last night!

Mo tweeted a pic of her CL's. Mo's shoe game is ridiculous!

Pseudo-singer Ciara was seen running from the cameras backstage at the Philips Arena yesterday. Maybe because she knew that all the blogs would be talking about her tragic lacefront wig piece on Monday?

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Pseudo-singer Ciara was spotted shopping at Intermix yesterday in West Hollywood, California. She shopped with her dog and they both looked very lonely. That's what happens when you're mean and can't keep any friends.

Singer Omarion, right, and he whose name shall not be spoken, were seen entering the Staples center for thaat boring Game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the LA Cry Babies.

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Remember back in the day when little Dondria made a video ordering her Stans to come after me because she didn't like what I wrote about her? The kids were so rude and disruptive that I had to close my registration down. Well, for that reason alone I shouldn't be making this post.

But the Lord moved my heart to forgive Dondria plus the fact that she must now suck up because she needs my exposure. Dondria later removed the video from her YouTube channel. But she has yet to apologize for throwing that tantrum.

So So Def's R&B singer Dondria shot her music video for her second single "Shawty Wus Up" in Atlanta yesterday with rapper Diamond (another disrespectful young'un); singer/songwriter Johnta Austin and music mogul Devyne Stephens.

The low-budget video was directed by G.Visuals and the video's concept is a spin-off of the classic New Edition video "If It Isn't Love." Dondria's long-delayed debut album Dondria vs. Phatfffat hits stores August 3.

Shout out: Saptosa Foster | The 135th Street Agency

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I already know the unfortunate answer to my own question. Some of you will make excuses (the angle of the sun, makeup, etcetera).

But the reality is that she's bleaching. Studies have shown that skin bleaching can be detrimental to our health and can even led to skin disorders including skin cancer.

It really is a shame that Bobbi Kristina feels the media driven pressure to be light skinned with long hair. Any LSLH chick will tell you that life for them is not a bed of roses.

She was such a beautiful little brown skin baby.

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Gawjus rapper Nelly hosted the Key Club industry party at the Gold Room this past Monday. Other celebs in the house included JD, rapper Talib Kweli (LOVE him!), producers Bryan Michael Cox and DJ Toomp, and others

Gawjus singer Kelly Rowland attended a private listening event for her self titled album at Hudson Hall in NYC yesterday. I hope this album finally puts her in the forefront of American music or she might have to go on back to London where she is worshipped.

Star power in the room included Star Jones, left, and Motown Records' president Sylvia Rhone, right.

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Former singer turned DJ Solange Knowles and her man were spotted out & about somewhere this week. Solange is one of those women who should never go without makeup. I see she's still wearing that awful afro wig. I had a contentious email exchange with a woman who was offended that I complimented Kelis' short hair cut but I dissed Solange's short bush. I argued that Kelis' hair was neatly coiffed, while Solange's short hair cut was a complete mess. Wearing our hair 'natural' does not mean keeping it unkempt or never running a comb through it. This is 2010. Why does she look like a cave woman in distress?
Photo source: SJB

After pics of a bloated Whitney Houston hit the net last week, she has kept a low profile. The pics were actually taken last month. Her sudden weight gain may have been the result of powerful steroids to combat a respiratory or autoimmune problem (I'm speculating). Whitney seems to be losing some of that weight in these pics that were taken yesterday as Whitney was leaving her hotel for her Manchester concert in England.

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Normally I post my Best Photoshopped Photos at the end of the year. But while browsing through my archives this week, I realized that I missed 2009. I don't know how that happened -- and nobody reminded me.

My Photoshopping of artists together began as a way of illustrating my posts — and because I couldn’t find decent photos of those artists online. Now it has become sort of a game for my readers to guess which photos are fake. Several of my sharp eyes readers guessed that the above pic of Common and Erykah Badu wasn't what it seemed. I made that one easy for you guys.

No one guessed that this pic of R&B crooners Usher and Jimmy Cozier at a party in New York was fake.

Everyone guessed that this pic of pop singer Rihanna and Teh Ghey rapper Drake wasn't the real mccoy. Lol.

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Star Jones' former husband Al Reynolds helped his bestie Evelyn Lozada of VH1's "Basketball Wives" celebrate the hotness of designer Georgina Goodman at her Dulce Shoe Boutique in Coral Gables. Florida yesterday.

Suzie Ketcham, left, of VH1's Basketball Wive's, Al Reynolds and Evelyn Lozada attended Dulce Shoes & VH1's Evelyn Lozada event for designer Georgina Goodman.

Shaniece Lozada, left, and her mom Evelyn. I refuse to believe Shaniece is still in high school.

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Singer Christina Milian was spotted leaving My Studio last night. I will assume that My Studio is a nightclub and not a recording studio.

Sean Combs and his group members Kalenna and Dawn Richard pose for pictures outside London's Southbank TV Studios today after pre-recording an interview and performing their new single "Hello Good Morning" on GMTV. What is that on Sean's feet? I hope those aren't Adidas flip flops with black socks? I could really start feelin' Kalenna if she didn't have all that makeup on. When will black women understand that others would kill for our mocha complexion?

Sean Combs made sure the paparazzi got a close up of Dawn Richard's ho stamp tattoo outside their hotel last night. Is it just me, or did Dawn's butt suddenly go AWOL?

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From Upscale Hype:

R&B singer Usher, who is overseas promoting his album, was seen being mobbed by fans in a Comme des Garcons Homme Plus cardigan ($960) in olive green, and Marc Jacobs M2588 sneakers ($570) in navy. The wool cardigan features plaid panels and multi-colored knit patched pockets. And the Marc Jacobs sneakers showcase zipper detailing running along the sides and around the top. What really sets these sneakers apart is the fact that they can be worn with or without the top portion, or with the tongue flap hanging down.

Loyal reader Melcy wrtes:

Please keep the juicy gossip coming! You are the only blogger that tells it like it is.

P.S.: The fabulous shoes that Kelly is seen wearing on this post, (and that many commenters were asking about) are the Corroded Brass pumps that Nicholas Kirkwood did for the Rodarte sisters' Spring/Summer 2010 collection. They are impossible to get this late in the season.

Actor Shemar Moore was spotted leaving his doctor's office in Beverly Hills today. This makes the second time in recent months that Shemar has been seen leaving a doctor's office. Why would a strapping, seemingly healthy young man like Shemar need to visit the doctor so frequently?

Singer Mario and Amber Rose's side pice Dez showed up at Lil Jon's album release party at Playhouse Hollywood in LA last night. I guess Dez is trying to follow in Amber's footsteps by aligning herself with gay men in the industry that she doesn't have to worry about putting out for? I'm just guessing.

Edited to add this picture of actor Larenz Tate and producer Jermaine Dupri at his Hip Hop Honoree party at the Gold Room on Monday (June 7). More pics in a minute.

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Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's daughter Willow was the topic of discussion on numerous blogs and message boards today. People either love her eclectic sense of style or they hate it.

Personally, I LOVE Willow's style. At the tender age of 9, she has a keener eye for fashion than most women three times her age. Willow's swag is undeniable and she should be applauded for possessing the talent to put together so many different sophisticated looks at such a young age.

I see a career in fashion in this kid's near future.

On the other hand, singer Janelle Monáe is so fashionably impaired that her rider for what she would not wear during the cover shoot for 944 Magazine was pages long. I can just imagine what it said: no color choices and no originality of any kind!

Here's what Janelle said about her "decidedly-masculine, almost androgynous" blank slate look**:

“There are so many ways we can be sexy and confident. I am not faithful to any of the clothes that the world says I have to wear to be more feminine. Strength and femininity come from me, not my clothes.”

**Check out Janelle Monae on the COVER of the Atlanta Edition of 944 Magazine's Summer Music Issue

Ciara attended the LA premiere of The Karate Kid in Westwood, California yesterday.

Ciara showed up at the premiere with her bodyguard, right, who also doubles as her boy toy. That makes for an odd relationship. But Ciara is odd so I guess it works for her.

Will and Jada's son Jaden Smith attended the LA premiere for his movie 'The Karate Kid' yesterday. Mark my words: this little boy will be coming out in a few years. And then you will say 'auntie was right again!' Are little boys supposed to rock cropped silk jackets that look like it came out of his sister's closet? I didn't think so.

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Singer Kelly Rowland, who is a huge star in London, was snapped arriving at GMTV Studios this morning with her entourage to pre-record her new single 'Commander' Live performance for tomorrow's show. Is Kelly the most beautiful girl in the world?

Ciara and La La Vasquez did lunch at the Newsroom in Los Angeles, Ca as they filmed La La's new reality TV show leading up to her wedding to Carmelo Anthony next month.

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R&B singer Tameka "Tiny" Cottle (Tiny & Toya) attended the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, CA with her fiance T.I. yesterday. Doesn't she look ravishing?! For some reason people think I'm upset with the royal couple for not inviting me to their upcoming nuptials. that could not be further from the truth. Even if I was invited I wouldn't go. But I love how people think they know me based on what I write on my blog, lol.

T.I. cut a dashing figure at the MTV Movie Awards yesterday. Some might say that life behind bars at the federal Penn has changed T.I. and he's not as "hard" as he was before he was locked up. But I think he has matured a lot since going in. T.I. is simply showing signs of growth as a man. Don't look for any similar signs of growth when rapper Lil Wayne is cut loose from prison later this year. That boy is a lost cause.

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Sexy Halle Berry was spotted wearing a black tank top and grey jogging pants while running errands with a gal pal on Saturday (June 5) in Los Angeles.

NBA star LeBron James makes grown men look like little boys. The giant NBA MVP was spotted leaving Boa Steakhouse with music exec Jimmy Iovine (wearing cap) in LA on Friday (June 5).

Pop singer Lady Gaga was seen sporting her second ruined Hermes Birkin bag while running errands in Manhattan. The bag was studded with metal spikes all over! Gaga's first Birkin bag has multiple inscriptions that she collected while touring in Japan.

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Rapper Jay Z and his wife, Burlesque singer Beyonce, attended the the Roland Garros 2010 French Open Tennis Tournament in Paris, France yesterday. I find it interesting that Jay Z can dress age appropriately, and even classy for white folks, but he shows the crack of his azz when he's around his own people.

The Jigga man looks more like Mr. Ed than a camel in this pic.

Rapper Waka Flocka posed with this 2Pac look-a-like at a music festival somewhere over the weekend. Aside from the fact that the 2Pac imitator looks ridiculous as hail, Waka looks like he needs to hit the gym fast.

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R&B crooner Usher was spotted signing autographs outside London's May Fair hotel early this morning. Whoever is styling Usher now is doing a good job. Better than Tameka Foster ever did. I like this inside out sweater with the plaid cut outs. Maybe our friends over at Upscale Hype blog will tell us who made the sweater. Some of you have been emailing me inquiring about Sarah Chapman's fashion blog. Unfortunately, her baby daddy Sean Combs shut down her aspirations to be a fashion blogger. Yes, I too thought she was fiercely independent and answered to no one. But I guess money talks.

Rapper Xibit was spotted attending the 1st game of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers at the Staples Center yesterday. The Lakers tossed the Celtics' salad 102 - 89. Game 2 is on Sunday (June 6) at 8pm EST in Boston.

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Multimedia personality La La Vazquez and her fiance, NBA baller Carmelo Anthony, were spotted out and about last night at NOBU in Los Angeles. La La looks FABulous! Did she lose weight?

La La rocked this hot army green dress from Alice and Olivia. I don't think she's wearing that Magic body suit under that dress unless it's flesh tone.

Carmelo and La La plan to tie the knot next month. They've already begun filming a reality TV series that will culminate with the lavish wedding. That means we wont miss a moment of the sumptuous festivities! Now I don't feel so bad about my wedding invite getting lost in the mail. :)

Thanks to loyal reader Michelle M. for the pics!

Kelly Rowland and David Banner attended the VH1 Hip Honors in NYC yesterday. Several notable Hip Hop artists stayed away, including Plies, Young Jeezy, Jay Z and Ludacris who all had prior commitments. Lil Wayne couldn't make it because he's currently making windows at Rikers Island. David Banner is the most intellectual rapper in Hip Hop IMO.

Chilli (TLC), left, and actress Lauren London

Rappers Bow Wow, left, and T.I. bond backstage before the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Show

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