Fashionable singers Christina Milian, right, and Rihanna were spotted dining in separate locations in Los Angeles, yesterday. Rihanna is set to join her pugilistic ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, as they perform during the 2012 Grammy Awards. It's been 3 years since Brown, now 22, beat Rihanna down in a vicious attack that left her permanently scarred emotionally. Fans can't help but notice that Rihanna has not been the same since the savage attack.
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The 3rd Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Music reception was held at Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday. Celebs such as Regina King, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Ne-Yo, and more graced the red carpet!

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Rapper T.I. dressed the NY Giants in looks from his AKOO Winter 2011/2012 Collection. Here's a photo from the shoot. Among the players pictured are: Antrel Rolle, Terrell Thomas, and Kenny Phillips. The NY Giants celebrated their Super Bowl 46 victory over the New England Patriots with a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heros in New York City yesterday. I'll post more pics from the photo shoot when I get them.

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Pseudo singer Ashanti attended the NY premiere of 'Safe House' wearing a Jack Guisso Couture dress yesterday.

The gown is from the Lebanese designer's Couture Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection. Known for his exquisite gowns and sophisticated designs the Lebanese designer knows how to dress the modern woman. Guisso has presented his collections in Paris, Spain and Italy. He offers breath taking evening gowns and chic ready-to-wear dresses with handmade embroidery and top quality fabrics.

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Please note that the following is a positive post...

Jay Z's wife and baby mother, Beyonce, stepped out for the 2nd night in a row wearing a dazzling black dress by designer Monique Lhuillier. Beyonce accessorized her dress with a Chanel purse, Gucci strappy heels, and blue sapphire jewels by Lorraine Schwartz. Some are saying it's still too early for Beyonce to leave a newborn baby at home while she chases the spotlight, but Beyonce is an entertainer first and a mother second.


I almost didn't recognize Oscar contender Viola Davis ('The Help') without her head full of weave. The critically acclaimed actress posed natural for a beautiful cover of the LA Times Magazine. Her dress was designed by one of Michelle Obama's favorite designers, Jason Wu.

I am hoping this signals the beginning of a trend for black woman to return to our beautiful roots again. It's disenchanting to see so many beautiful black women walking around looking like Korean Barbie rejects, wearing the same, lame straight black hairstyle.


VOGUE: On using real-life experience to draw on for her role in the The Help:
VIOLA DAVIS: “I have stories of being spit on. You have to realize I was in a predominantly white culture … And third grade was the worst because every day after school I would wait at the door and the bell would ring. And as soon as the bell rang I ran as fast as I could from the front door to my house, which was at least a mile away, because I would have eight to nine boys with sticks, bricks, anything they could find, who were ready to kill me.”

On what her mother told her about bullying:
“She said, ‘Viola, I want you to take my crochet and needle and you put it in your pocket and if they stop you again you tell them you’re gonna [stab] ‘em.’”

On how her life defined her career:
“Having it hard made me build so much character … You have to actually say, ‘Is the world going to define me or am I going to define myself.’”

Troubled singer Rihanna was spotted stumbling out of the Manor nightclub in West Hollywood last night. The Manor was the same nightclub where her ex-boyfriend was partying with friends after watching the Super Bowl. Once again Rihanna was ignored by Brown and his entourage. RiRi wore a black, leather Chanel cap, a sheer, black bodysuit and blue jeans.

The 23-year-old Bajan beauty drowned her sorrows with bottle after bottle of expensive bubbly, according to witnesses. Rihanna leaned hard on her fiercely protective assistant, Melisssa, as they exited the nightclub. Security had to practically drag the drunken singer through hordes of paparazzi to her car.

Do better, Rihanna!

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Thanks to celebrity photographer Thad McAdams of for these pics from last night's T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle Finale and AKOO Fashion show at Reign. Pictured above are Violeta Morgan (T.I.'s mom), T.I., his wife Tiny Harris, and Tiny's hair stylist Shekinah.

T.I.'s wife Tiny Harris, who has a big announcement to make, likes what she sees on the stage.

Keri Hilson performed during the fashion show, which is part of the final episode of T.I. and Tiny: Family Hustle on VH1.

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Rap mogul T.I., center, was spotted at Reign nightclub yesterday doing a walk through for his upcoming AKOO fashion show hosted by T.I. and Kevin Hart. That's AKOO Creative Director Ralph Reynolds on the far left; T.I.'s mother, and T.I.'s sons Domani and Messiah on the right. If you follow Grand Hustle general manager Hannah Kang on, then you were probably one of the hundred or so hopefuls who showed up yesterday to audition for the AKOO fashion show, which is tomorrow. The walk through was filmed by VH1 camera crew for the final episode of T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle.
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Remember when troubled singer Chris Brown made the tasteless decision to wear that mink backpack to an industry event? Well, the British version of GQ magazine named Brown the worst dressed male in the world.

GQ even put together a slideshow of Brown's fashion choices that is truly laughable! It probably doesn't help that Brown wears his pants off his butt like a 2-year-old with a loaded diaper.

For someone who seems to have so much disposable income - he boasts on one track about spending "15 grand on a phone" and charged over $500 for meet-and-greets on his last tour - Brown seems utterly adverse to investing in tailoring, combining the worst excesses of XXL sizing with a penchant for deeply unflattering costumes.

Brown's emotions are very fragile right now. I wonder how he's taking the news? The last time his personal style was attacked, he took to his Twitter page to rage about it:

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Whenever rapper T.I. hits the scene he's going to be sharp in anything he wears. We often receive emails from readers asking about T.I.'s gear. T.I. attended Dwyane Wade’s 30th birthday bash at Setal Hotel in Miami Sunday night. According to style connoisseur, Allen over at Upscale Hype, the 'Family Hustle' star wore a black Oakland Raiders cap, Dita Mach-One sunglasses ($700), a black wax coated denim jacket, grey cargo pants, and a pair of Nike Air Yeezy black/pink sneakers, first released in 2009 with a retail price of $79. Now they retail for $215.

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Rap mogul T.I., real name Clifford Harris, Jr., 30, and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, 35, were photographed leaving Prime Italian restaurant holding hands after dinner in Miami yesterday. T.I. and Tiny dressed casually in warm ups -- T.I. in NIKE, and Tiny in Gucci from head to toe. Don't they look cute together?

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Luxury brand Louis Vuitton is quick to sue anyone who misuses their brand. LVMH legal department has filed lawsuits against major corporations such as Hyundai (for infringing on its brand in a car commercial); and Warner Brothers (for using a fake bag in the movie Hangover 2).

Now LV has set their sights on celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith for wearing clothing using the fake Louis Vuitton monogram.

Celebrities are known for hiring tailors to construct clothing using famous, but fake brand names. Now Louis Vuitton is cracking down on the brand thieves.

This week, Bieber, 18, wore a jacket to the Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas that caught the eye of fashionistas who thought the jacket was custom made by the iconic brand. But a rep in the LV corporate office told us exclusively: "The jacket Bieber is wearing is a cheap knockoff of the Louis Vuitton brand." The rep pointed out the red LEVI's tag on the jacket pocket as proof that the jacket is a counterfeit.

In an exclusive statement, the LV rep said:

"Anything unauthentic, whether worn by a famous individual or not, is seriously frowned upon."

Calls to Justin and Jaden's reps were not immediately returned.

Rev. Run's daughter Angela Simmons didn't care how she looked when she took her dog for a walk in Beverly Hills, on Monday. The 24-year-old entrepreneur struggles to stay relevant after her reality TV show was cancelled.

Now that TV mogul Raven-Symoné, 26, has dropped all that weight she doesn't care how she dresses either. The former child star who is worth millions wore red satin shorts with a black jacket and black hooker boots while on a stroll in Beverly Hills. That's her mother, Lydia Pearman in the green khakis. I don't know who the distinguished gentleman is with them, but he looks like a throwback from the psychedelic sixties. By the way, Lydia and Raven-Symoné's dad, Chris, divorced while Raven was in her teens.

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Media mogul Queen Latifah attended the World Premiere of her gospel movie 'Joyful Noise' at Grauman's Chinese theater in Hollywood, CA yesterday.

The Queen wore Sutra 18k blackened gold, black jade, rough diamond and multicolored Sapphire earrings (price upon request). Michelle Obama, Sofia Vergara and Carrie Underwood are just a few fans of Sutra Jewels! More info is available at their website