"T.I." Harris and his wife Tiny Harris attended his AKOO Clothing And Grand Hustle Entertainment First Annual "A King Of Oneself Brunch" held at the luxury Mansion hotel on Peachtree street in Atlanta on Sunday, Oct.2nd. The occasion was also the celebration of T.I.'s 30th birthday.

"T.I." Harris, his mother, Violeta Morgan, and rapper Nelly attended T.I.'s AKOO Clothing First Annual "A King Of Oneself Brunch" brunch held at the Mansion hotel in Atlanta

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Congratulations to loyal reader BK2ATLMAN!

BK2ATLMAN and a guest will dine with T.I. and other invited guests at the 1st Annual "A King Of Oneself" Brunch hosted by T.I. and Amar'e Stoudemire this Sunday (Oct. 2) at a private location! He will receive a bottle of Ciroc courtesy of Sean "Diddy" Combs. He will also be measured for a special gift from T.I.'s AKOO clothing line. This brunch will be an event that he will never forget!

Special thanks to Grand Hustle, Ciroc, Beats By Dre and MusicbusinessPolitics!

Rapper T.I. was released from an Atlanta halfway house this morning where he finished up a 11 month sentence for violating his probation. T.I. turned 31 last weekend, but he plans a series of parties to celebrate his birthday. The BET Hip Hop awards is also this weekend in Atlanta and there will be parties all over the city. But the biggest tickets in town are the ones to T.I.'s parties.

On Sunday, Oct. 2, T.I. will join his family and friends for a private brunch hosted by T.I. and NY Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire!

The brunch is sponsored by AKOO, Ciroc, Beats by Dre and MusicBusinessPolitics. Sandrarose.com was given two VIP invites for one lucky reader and a guest to attend T.I.'s AKOO brunch on Sunday!

To win the VIP invites, just follow these simple steps:

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  • Leave a comment listing your 5 favorite T.I. songs in this post
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  • The contest ends at 8p.m. tonight (Sept. 29). The winner will be selected using Random.org and announced tomorrow morning (Sept. 30). So you have Friday and Saturday to pick out your outfit!

    Sorry, but this contest is only open to Sandrarose.com readers who are registered on this blog.

    Good luck! :)

    Have you been experiencing headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps or unexplained hair loss lately? It could be the apple juice you're drinking, according to a nationally renowned TV doctor.

    Television host Dr. Mehmet Oz has come under fire by the Food and Drug Administration for his claims that the apple juice we consume is dangerous for our health.

    Dr. Oz announced on his TV show Wednesday that testing by a New Jersey lab found "troubling" levels of arsenic poison in many brands of the apple juice we drink.

    The FDA loudly denied Dr. Oz's claims in press statements, which of course made headlines around the country. The resulting media coverage led some people to wonder if that glass of apple juice they drink every morning could really kill them.

    "There is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices. And the FDA has been testing them for years," the agency said in one press statement.

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    On Saturday Ludacris held his annual private dinner at his Straits restaurant as part of his LudaDay Weekend of festivities. Accompanying him was singer Ciara who dined with singers Estelle and Letoya Luckett; actor Lance Gross and reality tv personalities Meeka Claxton, Tika Sumpter, Keisha Knight Pulliam, and random NBA Players. Photo courtesy of Tami of Talkingwithtami.com blog. Visit her blog for more pics!

    Ludacris and his fiancee Fab partied at Mansion Elan in Atlanta on Friday night. The party was packed to capacity and it was one of the many events featured as part of his LudaDay Weekend festivities.

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    The Internet is buzzing about how Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson went off on a fan who asked her a simple question on the social networking site Twitter.com yesterday.

    A user named @1984Lips4daze posed this question to J-Hud on Twitter: "@IAMJHUD Did you get surgery to assist in your weight loss? Or is it all weight watchers?"

    To which an irate Hudson responded:

    Hudson also tweeted to the same fan: "Thank u for your hate n clearly the gym ain't working for u cuz u look a mess."

    Um, yeah, this is the same Jennifer Hudson who wants us to believe she's a size zero -- all 5 ft 9 of her. I mean, come on, at 5 ft 9 she would have to be a skeleton to wear a size zero. Who is she fooling?

    Hudson's rude treatment of her fan didn't go unnoticed by her other followers who put the Dreamgirls star on full blast on Twitter.

    Isn't it written somewhere into her contract with Weight Watchers that she can't make a public spectacle of herself while representing the brand?

    Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada, stars of VH1's unrealistic reality show "Basketball Wives", were spotted dining in Chicago yesterday. According to LaShonda Matlock of Chicago Now blog, Jennifer got a rude reception from a major league baseball player who probably had no clue who she was:

    Celebrity hotspot Tavern on Rush was the place to be Wednesday evening as multiple celebs were spotted dining at the acclaimed restaurant. VH1 'Basketball Wives' stars Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada were spotted enjoying a lavish meal with drinks at Tavern and were later spotted strolling around the Triangle. My exclusive source states that Williams (who is newly single) tried her best to grab the attention of star 25-year-old NY Yankees player Ivan Nova who was sightseeing in town with his parents. Although the reality star tried her best to woo the player in a pair of barely there jean shorts. The only thing that MLB player gave out was his autograph and a cold shoulder. Ouch!

    Question: has anyone ever seen a photo of Beyoncé with cooking utensils in her hands? How many times have we seen Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z, dining out and stuffing their faces in public places?

    Beyoncé herself admitted she's a "disaster" in the kitchen. In an interview last year, she said she orders the best food from local restaurants whenever she has friends over.

    So why would anyone believe rumors that Beyoncé is releasing a cookbook of all things? It should be obvious that neither one of them knows their way around a kitchen.

    A rep for the star denied the latest ridiculous rumor, telling USA Today that the cookbook rumor is simply "untrue.”

    The aggressive former McDonald's manager who punched out a customer on July 12, was arrested Monday after 2 weeks on the lam.

    When the Cobb County Sheriff's Office obtained a warrant to arrest Tiffany Denise Allen for assault, they couldn't lay hands on her right away. That is because Allen had hastily packed up and fled the area after hearing there was a warrant out for her arrest.

    The fugitive was arrested Monday by Sheriffs in New Hanover County, North Carolina.

    “She was taken to the New Hanover Sheriff’s Department and is currently in their custody,” Nancy Bodiford, Cobb County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, said in an email to the Atlanta Journal Wednesday.

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    An irate McDonald's manager punched a customer in the face during a heated argument over a service dog that the customer brought into the Cobb County restaurant.

    The customer, Jennifer Schwenker, told police that the incident occurred on July 12 at the McDonald's restaurant on Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia.

    Schwenker said she took her autistic twin sons to lunch at the restaurant, along with their service dog.

    The manager, Tiffany Allen, who was off duty (and carrying her toddler), approached Schwenker to tell her that the service dog was not allowed inside the fast food restaurant.

    But Georgia law is clear on service dogs being allowed everywhere in Georgia, including inside restaurants. Schwenker said she informed Allen of the law that's been on the books for years.

    Still, Allen continued to argue with Schwenker, even pursuing her down the hall and into the restroom.

    When Schwenker lost track of one of her twins, she threw down her soda and went to look for him. That's when Allen, who thought Schwenker intentionally splashed her with the soda, placed her child on a counter and chased after Schwenker. Surveillance video shows two of Allen's co-workers attempting to hold Allen back.

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    A man was thrown out of a Pizza Hut restaurant in North Carolina for, of all things, wearing a dress. Maybe it wasn't the ill-fitting dress that got him kicked out of the eatery. Maybe it was the fact that he was standing near the front door and every time someone entered the restaurant, his dress did a Marilyn Monroe and flew up in the air exposing his dingleberries? And who wants to see that while eating pizza with anchovies?

    WALLACE, N.C.–Vishon Murphy ventured to a local Pizza Hut to get some food, but was kicked out because he was wearing a dress.

    According to the Pizza Hut, Murphy was turned away for being “disruptive.”

    “I respect people and their boundaries because I understand that everyone does not like my lifestyle and I show them respect,” said Murphy.

    However, he added “I deserve to be respected, as well.”

    Pizza Hut representatives told reporters that Murphy visited the restaurant three times and did not purchase anything. After customers complained about his appearance, Murphy was asked to leave.

    Some customers, however, believed Murphy had a right to wear whatever he pleased.

    “If I was paying for something then I should be able to go in and sit down. I’m half Scottish and if I wanted to wear a kilt in here I should be able to,” said Greg Lanier, a random customer at the local restaurant.