Actors Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith were just a couple of faces in the crowd at the high school graduation ceremony for their son Trey Smith in Westlake Village, CA yesterday. Also in attendance was Will Smith's ex-wife Sheree Zampino who is the biological mother of Trey Smith. Ice hockey great, Wayne Gretzy's son, Trevor, also graduated. The graduation was held in the city of Westlake Village on June 9, 2011.

Sheree did an excellent job raising her son outside of the harsh glare of the spotlight -- no thanks to Will and Jada who tried to force him into the industry at a young age, but he bucked back.

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According to a record label source, the June 24 release date for Beyoncé's '4' album has been pushed back -- but not for the reason you think.

A confidential informant at the record label, who begged to remain anonymous, said Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z sat in on an emergency meeting yesterday with several key execs at Columbia Records to discuss, not only the album's leak, but also the rampant criticism from her gay fans, such as blogger Perez Hilton, who are unhappy with the lack of club music on her new album.

'4' leaked online in its entirety on June 7, three weeks before its scheduled release date. Beyoncé's publicist addressed the leak on Bey's Facebook page on June 9.

"My music was leaked and while this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans," her publicist wrote.

But in reality, Beyoncé and her management team are worried about the lack of gay support for her more mature, ballad-heavy CD. "They're taking the album off the [release list] and retooling it," said my source. "They're going to add 2 more songs with a club beat to send the gays to the dance floor."

My source tells me that the new release date will be announced either today or Monday.

Meanwhile, enjoy the following scans from Beyoncé's Dazed & Confused cover story.

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24-year-old New England Patriot Bret Lockett is the latest professional athlete to pose for Adam Bouska’s NOH8 gay marriage campaign.

The NOH8 campaign posters features gay and bi celebrities and athletes posing with duct tape across their lips in silent protest of Proposition 8, a Constitutional amendment that doesn't recognize gay marriage in California.

Lockett, who claims he had an affair with Kim Kardashian, is also a part-time model and rapper who dropped a forgettable hip hop track last month.

He told gay sports blog Outsports that he posed for the NOH8 campaign because he was bullied in high school.

"It’s a sad thing. And it’s not just being gay. There are kids who kill themselves for being a nerd or being fat. There’s not enough support in life today. We need to start lifting people up instead of trying to bring them down."

The American Cancer Society recommends these basic ingredients for a healthy body and mind. The first step to cooking healthy is to stock your kitchen with a variety of foods that you can throw together for healthy meals in a hurry. Keep these foods on hand for fast meals on busy nights.

In the cupboard

  • Beans: Black, pinto, kidney, chickpeas, lentils, refried
  • Rice: Brown, long-grain, rice mixes
  • Pasta: Whole-wheat spaghetti, fettucini, penne, bowtie, ramen noodles
  • Other grains: Couscous, orzo, cornmeal, whole-wheat crackers, breadsticks, bread crumbs
  • Onions
  • Canned vegetable: Mixed vegetables, green beans, mushrooms
  • Canned and dried fruits: Applesauce, cranberries
  • Soups: Canned soups, broth, and bouillon and dried soup mixes
  • Meats: Canned tuna, salmon, minced clams, and chicken
  • Peanut butter
  • Evaporated milk
  • Vinegars: Cider, red and white wine, balsamic
  • Your favorite herbs and spices
  • Oils: Olive, canola, peanut, and non-fat cooking spray
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    The gay media has a new poster child to generate sympathy for their cause and to further their agenda of promoting gay acceptance.

    His name Kirk Murphy, and he was a successful accountant until he hanged himself in 2003 at age 38.

    Normally when a person commits suicide, it is usually due to depression and despair that has been undiagnosed or untreated for years.

    But nowadays when a gay person commits suicide, the media latches on to the story and repackages it to push their gay social acceptance agenda, as if depression had nothing to do with it. Just this week, a former Duke University and Chicago Bulls basketball star leaped from the roof of the NY athletic club and plunged to his death.

    His name was Tom Emma, 49, and he was not gay that we know of. So the media handled his death differently. A few paragraphs into an article reporting his death comes the words: "Sources told the Daily News that Emma had been depressed."

    Nowhere in the reports on Kirk Murphy's suicide do you see the words "depressed" or "depression." Why? Because it doesn't fit the gay media agenda.

    Even though he died in 2003, Mr. Murphy's family knew that all they had to do was mention the words "anti-gay" and "suicide" in the same sentence and his story would make headlines all over the country.

    Kirk Murphy was an effeminate boy who preferred playing with girls toys and dressing in girls clothing. So, when he was 5, his mother took him to a government-funded program at UCLA to try to cure his effeminate behavior. Dr George Rekers, who founded the program, was an anti-gay activist who was outed by a Miami newspaper last year when he was spotted at the Miami airport with a gay male escort whom he had hired to travel with him.

    Mr. Murphy's siblings blames Dr. Rekers and the UCLA program for their brother's suicide, even though he took his life 33 years after the therapy.

    According to London tabloid the Daily Mail, "Kirk's family believe the therapy directly contributed to his death, and say he was never the same again after the sessions to get rid of his 'sissy' characteristics, which included instructing his father to beat him for feminine traits."

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    Cartoonish rapper Nicki Minaj unleashed her new and improved boobs for the world to see on the MTV Movie Awards last night.

    Of course, these are not the first implants for the 28-year-old "Your Love" singer who is completely fake from the neck down. It's hard to say just how many breast enhancements Nicki has had to go along with her butt shots, nose jobs, cheek and hip implants. But does it matter?

    Yes, say some mothers who are appalled that Nicki was invited to speak to their daughters at a school in Chicago. One mom emailed me to say she wasn't warned that Minaj would make a surprise visit to Collins Academy High School last month.

    "None of the parents received advance warning," she wrote. "I was shocked and appalled that [Nicki Minaj] was the most positive role model the school could invite to speak to our students."

    The mom of a 16-year-old student, said she would have yanked her daughter out of classes if she had known that Nicki would visit the school that day.

    Maybe the teachers used Nicki's visit to teach the kids that the human body is made up of 60% water, but Nicki's body is composed of 60% silicone and other industrial strength lubricants?

    On VH1's new romantic comedy series, Single Ladies, Stacey Dash, 45, plays Val, an Atlanta fashion designer and clothing boutique owner who's looking for a real man to complete her. But in her college days, Val found love in the arms of her roommate, Queen Latifah, who plays herself.

    Latifah's Flavor Unit Entertainment executive produced the scripted 'Single Ladies' series for VH1.

    In the one hour series premiere last week, Val broke up with her shady fiance Quinn, who was cheating on her with Shelly (Lauren London). Val's solution for getting over Quinn is online dating, but she gets more than she bargains for. Keisha (LisaRaye) and Malcolm (D.B. Woodside) take their relationship to the next level with mixed results. Meanwhile, April (Charity Shea), the only 'Single Lady' who is married, gets exposed as the messy mistress to the Atlanta mayor, played by rapper Common.

    Former NBA star Rick Fox, Deion's wife Pilar Sanders and singer Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas also star in this episode. Oh, and, look for random cameo's by local Atlanta celebrities.

    Photo compilation

    R&B singer Rihanna kicked off the North American leg of her Loud tour in Baltimore, MD on Saturday. During the 2-hour show she stripped down to a colorful 2-piece to the delight of her fans. Rihanna's performance of "Skin" drew the loudest screams when she pulled a female fan out of the audience for a risqué lap dance (see the video after the break).

    Rihanna's sexually suggestive lap dance for her appreciative female fan seemed spontaneous and completely arbitrary at first. But according to a loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous, the woman was no random audience member: she was actually part of Rihanna's entourage.

    The reader, who attended Rihanna's Baltimore show at the 1st Mariner Arena on Saturday, said she saw that same blond woman earlier in the day. My reader said she was standing near the loading dock with friends when Rihanna and her crew walked in through the back door for a sound check. She said the blond chick entered through the back door moments later with members of Rihanna's entourage.

    My reader said the woman wasn't seen walking in with Rihanna, but the reader is familiar with Rihanna's road crew, and it was clear to her that the blond chick was with the crew.

    By now, you should know that artists never randomly pull concertgoers onto the stage and make them a part of their act due to insurance regulations. Audience members who are pulled onstage are always carefully hand picked and asked to sign a waiver in case there is an accident.

    Rihanna's Loud Tour stops in Atlanta on July 12 at the Chastain Park Amphitheatre. I already have my tickets.

    Image source: DM

    Video source: MJ

    Twilight fans everywhere swooned, fainted and screamed "I KNEW IT!" when Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson tongued dived down the throat of his sexy co-star Taylor Lautner during the 2011 MTV Movie Awards on Saturday night.

    Tearing a page from the Madonna and Britney Spears book of attention grabbing antics on awards shows, Pattinson told Kristen Stewart that he wasn't interested in kissing her after winning the Best Kiss award.

    "I just think there's someone else in the audience who I think will appreciate it a little more," Pattinson said as he suddenly rushed into the audience and tongue-kissed Taylor Lautner.

    "Oh man, this is silly," Stewart mumbled as the two actors kissed passionately.

    Not to be outdone by Pattinson and Lautner's love throes, singer Justin Timberlake, who just recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel, shocked the audience by firmly cupping his current girlfriend Mila Kunis's breasts onstage.

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    No, not like that! The celebrity fitness trainer and the superstar singer are teaming up to put out an exercise DVD together. Jeanette Jenkins, who recently split from her longtime lover, Queen Latifah, made the announcement on her Twitter page yesterday. The DVD is still in production.

    Joining forces with the sexy Kelly Rowland is a great way to rebound from a devastating breakup -- even if it is just business.

    According to online reports, YouTube rap sensation Kreayshawn's Internet buzz is so loud that mega record labels are taking notice. The baby faced 20-year-old has reportedly landed a $1 million record deal with Sony Music.

    When she's not rapping, the self-proclaimed "occasional lesbian" directs music videos for East Bay rapper Lil B.

    Since her performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas in March, Kreayshawn has had the Internet going nuts. Rumored to have recently signed a $1 million contract with Sony after dropping her new video, 'Gucci Gucci,' which accrued 1.6 million hits on YouTube in two weeks, Kreayshawn is the next logical step for hipster hip-hop fans, following fellow West Coast oddball-indie success stories Odd Future and Lil B. (The Boom Box)

    Earlier this week, Kreayshawn hinted that the Sony deal was on the table:

    "[As far as the deal with Sony] nothing is finalized yet," she told Complex. "We took meetings with every label. They're not the only people we met with. We'll make an announcement when everybody is ready, but right now, that's basically just a rushed ahead rumor. It's not that exciting. Whatever we end up choosing, it's going to be a well-thought out decision." (Complex)

    Remember when lil Tevin Campbell released his bubble gum R&B hit "Tomorrow (A Better You Better Me)" and we all thought he would be the next Michael Jackson? Then he dropped his debut album T.E.V.I.N., which ended all speculation that he was destined to be an icon.

    The album did spawn the hit single "Tell Me What You Want Me To Do", which peaked at #1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

    Just when we thought Tevin would be a two-hit wonder, he came roaring back with his followed up album, I'm Ready, which yielded the romantic ballads, "Can We Talk" and "I'm Ready".

    It looked like Tevin was well on his way to being an R&B success. But like many others before him, Tevin gave in to the temptations of drugs and alcohol, which ravaged his choir boy looks.

    In September 1999, Campbell was arrested for soliciting sex from a male undercover police officer. He pleaded no contest and was ordered to pay a stiff fine and to attend AIDS awareness classes. The court order sparked rumors that he was HIV positive.

    Now 34, Campbell is struggling to resurrect his music and acting careers.

    Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk (1993)

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    As you know by now, entertainment mogul Queen Latifah, 41 and her longtime lover, Jeanette Jenkins, have separated.

    According to a confidential source, Queen Latifah, real name Dana Owens, and the 40-something Jenkins, have a rocky on again, off again relationship. But my source tells me the relationship is definitely off for good this time.

    My source said that Jenkins, an avid fitness buff, was the glue that held the relationship together. But the personal trainer to the stars is a bit anal and something of a perfectionist. For Jenkins failure is never an option, and she could no longer tolerate being with a woman who refused to exercise and eat right.

    "Jeanette is very image and health conscious. She was tired of watching Dana eat, drink and smoke herself to death," said my source. She confirmed that Latifah's ballooning weight and her smoking habit were factors in the break up.

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    According to RapRadar, Hot 97 DJ Mister Cee appeared in New York Criminal Court this morning and pled guilty to public lewdness and exposure. If you recall, back on March 30th, the famed music producer, whose real name is Calvin Lebrun, 42, was arrested for engaging in a lewd sexual act in his car with male prostitute Lawrence Campbell, 20.

    In the police report, the arresting officer wrote that he observed defendant Campbell manipulating defendant Lebrun’s “exposed, naked, and erect penis” in a public place where he might “readily be observed.” And that Campbell’s mouth and lips were firmly attached to Lebrun’s penis “in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex.”

    When the news first broke, Mister Cee created a Twitter account to vigorously defend his questionable manhood. Other deejays, who have had their manhoods questioned in the past -- such as Funkmaster Flex -- joined rap artists in support of the married father of four.

    In the end, the evidence was just too overwhelming.


    Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex admitted he was wrong on his blog today:

    When the rumors orginally started to circulate, I was led to believe they weren’t true so I said what I did in support of our friend and colleague. But here at IFWT we do report the news so…
    Regardless of Mister Cee pleading guilty, he is a friend and family member of ours.

    Originally posted on June 1, 2011 @ 4:16 p.m.

    R&B singer Rihanna's constant companion, Melissa Forde, is urging her bestie to tear down the walls she's erected around her fragile heart. There are very few people that the rebellious Rihanna will listen to. Melissa is one of them.

    It's clear that the "S&M" singer is an emotional wreck after the severe beating she suffered at the hands of former boyfriend Chris Brown. But in the aftermath of her disastrous past relationships, Melissa is the one she turns to keep her emotionally balanced.

    Rihanna desperately wants to be in love. But due to her personality disorder, she has difficulty choosing the proper mate. The problem is, Rihanna craves the attention that only a troubled, emotionally unavailable man can give her.

    Still, Melissa only wants what's best for her friend -- even if that means dating the wrong men until Mr. Right comes along.

    Melissa is also encouraging the sensitive singer to stop showing her immaturity by reacting to insults from fans on social networking sites. Mel understands that Rihanna thrives on negativity, but she knows it's not healthy for her.

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    Socialite Amber Rose and her weed head, rapper boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa, raided each other's closets for something to wear to Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood last night. Amber found one of Wiz's beaded necklaces which she wore as a Cleopatra style headpiece. And Khalifa wore one of Amber's skirts as a head scarf.

    Actress and voiceover artist Regina King attended The Paley Center for Media's Evening with "Southland" at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills yesterday. Regina King is a rarity in Hollywood: a beautiful brown skinned woman who has it all. She currently enjoys a long term relationship with Cosby kid Malcolm Jamal Warner, and she's the voice of Riley on the animated TV series 'The Boondocks.'

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    Socialite Kim Kardashian and her fiance Kris Humphries attended their first event together since announcing their upcoming nuptials. The happy couple attended the Amber Fashion Show held at the Meridien Beach Plaza in Monte Carlo, Monaco yesterday.

    Word coming out of R&B singer Rihanna's camp is that she's feeling a little flustered about her upcoming hosting gig at the new Vision nightclub and lounge Grand Opening in midtown Atlanta in July. I'm told she's nervous about hosting such an Epic event. She needn't be worried; I'm sure she will do a great job. The new Vision nightclub is the crown jewel of AG Entertainment's expanding portfolio. The nightclub and adjoining lounge will feature state of the art lighting and a sound system that rivals Las Vegas show venues! Requests for tickets are pouring in from as far away as NY and LA! If you know Alex or Elsa Gidewon, get on their guest lists now. Don't wait until tickets go on sale next month. Keep it right here on for more details on the new Vision grand opening!

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    Queen Latifah's ex-lover, Jeanette Jenkins, was spotted on the set of Tia and Tamera Mowry's new reality show filming in Los Angeles. According to my source, who is close to Jenkins' camp, Jeanette and Latifah remain cordial to each other despite the recent break up. Jeanette has been in Atlanta filming the 'Single Ladies' set to premiere on VH1 starring LisaRaye and Stacey Dash, while Latifah has been in New York doing promo and marketing for her new clothing line on HSN.

    Latifah's production company filmed the 'Single Ladies' reality show in Atlanta earlier last year and earlier this year. My source tells me that Latifah and Jenkins "rode in the same car together" to the set of SL one day last month. The source confirmed that Latifah and Jeanette had an "on again, off again relationship." But now it's definitely off again.

    The source also told me that both Jeanette and Latifah's names are on the lease of a home the two women formerly shared in Malibu, California.

    Tia and Tamera's show, on the Style Network, has been in production since April. Tia stars in BET's 'The Game', which was picked up for a 5th season. 'The Game' begins shooting again in early Fall of this year.

    Rihanna performed her hit singles "S&M" and "Only Girl in the World" live on NBC's "Today" show in Rockefeller Plaza. As I told you earlier Rihanna, will host the grand opening of the new Vision nightclub in Atlanta in July.

    Keep it right here on for more details on this historic event! The new Vision will be the crown jewel of nightclubs in the South. And, of course, your favorite blogger (and 2 lucky readers) will be in the house!

    Peep video of Rihanna's performance after the break!

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    Disgraced New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Bishop Eddie Long has one thing in common with the late Michael Jackson: he paid serious bucks to make his sexual indiscretions go away quietly.

    According to online reports, Long settled out of court with his 4 male accusers, who were teenagers of legal age when he plied them with cash and gifts in exchange for sex. Maurice Robinson, 21, Anthony Flagg, 22, Jamal Parris and another man, claimed the Bishop "coerced" and "enticed" them with exotic trips, clothing and cars. In one case, he paid the young man's college tuition.

    Barbara Marschalk, who represents New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy, said she anticipates " the lawsuits will be dismissed, with prejudice, by close of business tomorrow."

    Long was a fierce opponent of gay marriage and often preached anti-gay sermons from the pulpit. All the while a fire burned inside him that only the touch of young boys could extinguish.

    Long vigorously denied the allegations when the news broke last September. Throughout the ordeal the Bishop's long suffering wife and their four grown children stood beside him. Their support never wavered.

    V-103 Morning Show co-host Frank Ski, a longtime member of New Birth, called an Atlanta blogger to show his support for his pastor, and to dispute allegations that his show was biased.

    There are unconfirmed rumors that Long paid each man $1.5 million and an apology behind closed doors. But according to media personality Star Jones, who was in Atlanta yesterday, the terms of the settlement have not been made public.

    So, in other words, don't believe the rumors.

    According to Rod 2.0 (via Andre Allen), former CLiK model Maurice Murrell passed away Tuesday night of undisclosed causes.

    Maurice was one of the first cover models of the re-launched CLIK in January 2006. That cover launched a career in modeling and film. The New Jersey- and New York City-based model appeared in numerous magazines, calendars, two coffee table books and the cover of Lee Hayes' Flesh to Flesh anthology. Mo also appeared in the film Finding Me and its new sequel Finding Me: Truth. Besides the CLIK cover, Maurice Murrell will be emembered by a generation of young gay men for his role in the film Finding Me and its new sequel Finding Me: Truth directed by Roger S. Omeus.

    R.I.P. to that young man. And, don't forget to wrap it up kids.

    Socialite Amber Rose shares the split covers of the June/July issue of VIBE magazine with rapper Rick Ross. Inside, she reluctantly acknowledges that her fleeting fame is due to the fact that her former sponsor, Kanye West, saved her and transported her from the seedy strip clubs to the red carpets of the world.

    Still, she seems bothered (and a bit ungrateful) that all people ever want to talk about is what Yeezy taught her.

    “What am I supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and die ‘cause I’m not with Kanye anymore? Am I supposed to go back to the strip club and not take these opportunities that I have?”

    “Kanye would always tell be how beautiful I was and that I was going to be iconic. He always said that, ‘Baby, you are iconic. You don’t understand what you have. I didn’t. I didn’t understand it.”

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    Whether you love or hate Lady Gaga, you can't deny her influence in today's popular culture. She is the reigning #1 pop star in the world at least until Ciara scores that #1 hit song that's been eluding her since, like, forever. Gaga displayed her goodies in New York City last night as she got into her limo outside her hotel. Earlier in the day she appeared on the 'Dave Letterman Show'. Fans seeking to download Gaga's current album, Born This Way, for just .99 cents overwhelmed Amazon's robust servers on Monday. The lucky thousands who were able to download the mp3 could also register for 20 gigs of free cloud storage that came with the album.

    Photos: Splash News Online

    R&B singer Rihanna, 23, tried to recreate that same spark that Britney Spears and Madonna brought to the MTV Awards by kissing on the lips. But Brit foiled Rihanna's plans by turning her cheek at the last minute!

    No matter what she did, Rihanna was unable to create any excitement during the 2011 Billboard Music Awards last night in Las Vegas. Her sex-charged performance of "S&M" with Britney Spears fell flat.

    Nicki Minaj's performance of "Super Bass" also fell flat. Is it possible that audiences are beginning to tune out these mass produced, canned and vacuum packed artists?


    Top Artist of the Year: Eminem
    Top Album Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift
    Digital Artist of the Year: Justin Bieber
    Top Female Artist of the Year: Rihanna
    Top Male Artist of the Year: Eminem
    Viral Innovator of the Year: Cee Lo Green
    Radio Artist of the Year: Rihanna
    Fan Favourite of the Year: Justin Bieber
    Icon Award: Neil Diamond
    Millennium Artist Award: Beyonce
    Top New Artist: Justin Bieber
    Top Rap Artist: Eminem
    Top Pop Artist: Lady Gaga
    Top R&B Artist: Usher
    Top Country Artist: Taylor Swift
    Top Latin Artist: Shakira
    Top Dance Artist: Lady Gaga

    Photos: Getty Images via Daily Mail

    The 2011 Billboard Music Awards took place last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Singer Justin Bieber and rapper Eminem (who was a no-show) were the evening's big winners taking home 6 awards each with the 38-year-old rapper taking the top honor for artist of the year. Teen heartthrob Justin and his girlfriend Selena Gomez kissed passionately after he accepted his 2nd award.

    Bieber, 17, won awards for top pop album, streaming artist and song, as well as social and digital media artist, according to Reuters.

    Her star has faded but Rihanna can't be touched when her makeup is flawless and her hair is on point. Rihanna's ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty to beating the breaks off her in 2009, didn't attend the awards.

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    There's no doubt that musician Kanye West loves fancy clothes, fast cars and fast men. Yeezy also LOVES to make a Grand entrance.

    Earlier this week, Kanye showed out in a chauffeur driven white convertible Maybach Landaulet Sedan at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in France.

    And yesterday, he arrived in style in a silver Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss roadster with a retail value of over $1 million!

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    Former Xscape member Kandi Burruss celebrated her 35th birthday with friends and family at Straits Restaurant on Tuesday (May 17). L-R: Local rapper Rasheeda, Kandi, Tiny, Antonia Carter, hair stylist Derek J.
    Photos by

    Kandi and daughter Riley, 8

    L-R: Ludacris' publicist Jamal Coleman; event planner Nicole Garner, and Taiye Samuel

    Click Link for More Pics

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    Troubled musician Kanye West and a male friend were spotted visiting tennis legend Boris Becker on his yacht in Antibes, France yesterday. Kanye greeted Boris and his wife, and he made small talk with a striking brunette. There was no sight of the mystery blond that Kanye was kissing on a balcony in Cannes in pictures that had tongues wagging earlier this week. One thing we do know: she isn't swimwear model Kate Upton.

    Recording artist Keri Hilson performed live during the BMI Pop Music Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California yesterday. Keri needs a hit song to keep up with the Jordin Sparks' and the Ciaras. She can only stand on red carpets looking pretty for so long before the paparazzi get bored with her.
    Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images North America

    Kanye's ex-beard Amber Rose was spotted wearing red contacts in London today. The ex-stripper is having difficulty keeping the spotlight aimed on her for longer than a minute. Her romance with smoked out rapper Wiz Khalifa isn't bringing her the attention she had hoped for. So my spies tell me that the enterprising opportunist has her sights set on someone else who has the juice to keep her 15 minute clock running smoothly (no, it isn't Kanye).

    Photos: Splash News Online

    Remember when Bishop Eddie Long told his congregation that he had 5 rocks and he hadn't thrown one yet? Well, he just heaved one, according to the Atlanta Journal.

    The AJC reports that the judge overseeing the Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal case has set a trial for late Summer. The news indicates that settlement negotiations that have been ongoing for months have broken down and the case will go to trial.

    This is actually good news for Long and his dwindling flock over at New Birth Missionary Baptist church, which was once 25,000 members strong.

    Long found himself embroiled in a sex scandal late last year when a young man alleged that Long coerced him and other young men into sexual relationships with him in exchange for clothing, cars and trips.

    The pastor has long maintained that he gave the four male plaintiffs gifts, including cars, clothes and assistance with rent, but he denied that the endowments were in exchange for sex.

    When the news first broke last November, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and the LongFellows Youth Academy filed responses saying they could not confirm or deny whether sexual misconduct took place.

    But Long's attorneys pointed out that there was no law against having sex with consenting adults.

    All of the plaintiffs admitted in news broadcasts and in court documents that they were fully grown men when the consenting sexual acts took place.